Trump Curse Strikes Again/ Virus Infections Fall/ Greek Church Rising on 9/11 Site

First, here is a quick word about China. Massive floods have hit China this Summer and these floods are a result of high rainfall, which is normal in China in Summertime. But it has snowed repeatedly in China this Summer which debunks the ‘global warming’ canard. It is also a known fact that cool air does not hold moisture as well as warm air does, and thus that cool air produces more rain than usual. Thus ‘global cooling’ is contributing strongly to China’s weather woes this Summer.

Virus Infections Falling

UPI reported:

For the second day in a row, researchers say new COVID-19 cases in the United States have numbered under 50,000.

About 45,400 new cases were recorded Monday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, the first time since late June with two straight days under 50,000. There were about 47,500 on Sunday. U.S. cases averaged about 60,000 per day in July.

The university has recorded 4.718 million U.S. cases since the pandemic began and 155,400 deaths.

This is good news, that infection numbers are falling. And remember – these are infection numbers, not death numbers.

Meanwhile the death numbers are being grossly exaggerated. The original estimate was 2.2 million deaths. Meanwhile there are many stories on the internet about heart attack deaths and suicide deaths being reported as virus deaths. Or hospitals reporting other deaths as virus deaths in order to get more money under Medicare and other government payments. In addition, many people have the virus when they die of other things like stroke, cancer etc., but are counted as virus deaths. calculates that the real number of deaths directly attributable to the virus in non-elderly people who do not have serious health conditions is under 20,000. After all, even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that virus infections may be ten times what they are reported to be, and so obviously even the “experts” don’t know what is really going on. So is as qualified as they are to comment on the numbers.

Remember the reality of the virus: It is not nearly as serious as the media claim. It is simply a tool being used by the media to harm Trump. The media want to report as many deaths and infections as possible in order to control us through fear, i.e., just like ‘global warming’.

Update: Pennsylvania virus deaths fall. Breitbart News reports:

The state of Pennsylvania reported at least 500 deaths from the Wuhan coronavirus in the month of July, according to PA Department of Health data.

(July’s) total is a 53.5009% decrease from the 1,114 deaths reported in June, according to these same archives. On average (in June), the state saw roughly 37.13 deaths per day.

Trump Curse Strikes Again as Ellen DeGeneres Sinks

There is a Trump Curse that is very real. It happens to people who go against the president or are part of the anti-Trump left. It has struck many national media figures since president Trump took office like Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein; Today show host Matt Lauer; Charlie Rose of CBS; MSNBC host Chris Matthews; and others. These are people who wanted to bring down Trump, but instead they themselves have fallen.

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a close friend of Bill Clinton, is dead and his alleged comrade-in-rape Ghislaine Maxwell is in prison. The Trump Curse took down Hillary Clinton in 2016 and by association Bill Clinton. And the Curse may not be done with Bill either.

Countless media commentators have lost their credibility after being wrong, wrong, wrong about Trump like Rachel Maddow at MSNBC and others at CNN, The New York Times, etc. Even so-called “conservatives” like Bill Kristol, who became an anti-Trumper, saw his publication, The Weekly Standard, close its doors. believes that many anti-Trumpers have simply clammed up, and for good reason. They know that there is indeed a Trump Curse. They are not going to take their chances that the Curse hits them like it hit comedienne Kathy Griffin after she held up a fake severed and bloody head of the president. Her career then went into a tailspin.

Perhaps you have noticed that loudmouth anti-Trumpers like Rosie O’Donnell and actor Jim Carrey have been quiet recently. Because they have seen what the Curse can do. It may already have struck them in ways that we do not know about.

This all shows what happens when The Swamp, which centers on New York, Washington and Hollywood, gets drained on behalf of ‘We the People’, i.e., the corrupt elites go down while us “common folks” rise up and seize the day.

It also shows that president Trump has powers way beyond what a normal person has. had long believed that Trump is a supernatural figure who has “nine lives” like a cat does, and that he will win re-election easily using these powers.

This is why so many people on the left despise and fear the president. They know that he brought something to the White House that is very dangerous to them, something unreal and unspoken. Lena Dunham, for instance, is a New York City writer/actress and notorious Trump hater who has suffered very badly from the Chinese virus. Meanwhile Trump and his family have all remained healthy.

There is a New Jersey federal judge named Esther Salas, who was appointed by Obama. Salas’ son was murdered recently, and the judge’s husband was badly injured. The evil deed was done by a lawyer with a grudge against Salas. And now she wants greater privacy protections for judges. The Blaze reported:

Judge Salas went on to argue for greater privacy protections for jurists, explaining that (the killer) was allegedly able to obtain an entire “dossier” on her family, not only learning their address but where they went to church and other details of their lives.

Yet it is the Trump haters who ‘dox’ conservatives (make public their addresses, phone numbers, etc.) every single day, organizing protests at the private homes of Republicans and conservatives and threatening their families.

Did the Trump Curse hit Salas? Could be.

The Curse already has struck down some of the top government people in Washington who plotted against the president in the Russia collusion hoax – they have lost their jobs like FBI director James Comey and agents Strzok and Page – and they may also be prosecuted.

Then we have the interesting case of Ellen DeGeneres, the lesbian TV talk show hostess. She has not been a vocal anti-Trumper – she has been careful not to speak out forcefully against the president in order to keep up the popularity of her program – but she is part of the Hollywood ‘Swamp’ and she is now paying the price in the era of the Trump Curse.

Members of her staff have reported about DeGeneres’ arrogance and meanness, which is no surprise. Most of these left-wing Hollywood goons are that way. On top of that she allegedly allowed a toxic work environment to flourish among the staff on her program, including sexual harassment of employees by staff bigwigs.

There is talk that DeGeneres’ show may be canceled, that her “brand” has been badly hurt, that her chirpy personality has been exposed as a fraud. We shall see if the Trump Curse strikes again.

Update: the Trump Curse has struck an anti-cop activist. The Blaze reported:

Caleb Reed, a 17-year-old student activist from Mather High School in Chicago, was found shot in the head on Friday.

The teen’s death comes just weeks after he publicly called for the district to remove police from district schools.

Reed, described by the Chicago Sun-Times as a “student leader with a youth activist group,” was discovered on a sidewalk of the West Rogers Park neighborhood in the city.

Pro-Cop Rallies Infiltrated by Anti-Police Activists

On April 15, 2009, the day that the Tea Parties held their first rallies after Obama’s inauguration, attended a rally in Massachusetts.

We were peacefully demonstrating when a car arrived driven by a white male and dropped off three black teenagers who immediately went into our all-white crowd and started shouting “Obama! Obama!” and trying to draw us into fights. We declined to take the bait, but the teenagers were clearly sent there as provocateurs by Democrats.

This is an ongoing tactic of the left. For instance, there have been pro-police rallies across the country recently, and whaddya know, counter-protesters have shown up at all of them. Yet we conservatives do not counter-protest leftist rallies. We hold our own protests.

At a rally in Denver pro-police activists ended up being roughed up by counter protesters. And at pro-police rallies in Albany and Saratoga Springs, New York, counter protesters ended up infiltrating the crowd and seeking to incite trouble so that the rallies could be reported as “turning violent”. This is the main goal of the counter protesters – to produce a negative media story about pro-police rallies.

This is what happened at the famous Charlottesville, Virginia rally of 2017 when peaceful protesters showed up to support a Confederate monument. And rather than hold their own protest at another time, leftists showed up and began taunting the peaceful protesters to seek to stir up trouble.

They were successful and one counter protester was killed in the chaos that followed. That is why the Charlottesville rally has always been remembered as “violent” even though leftists stirred up the chaos in the first place.

Trump Acting on China like had Hoped

President Trump is acting strongly against China in retaliation for the virus epidemic that China gave us. has recommended that all Chinese assets in the US be seized by the government and sold off to the highest bidder. And that appears to be starting to happen as Trump said he is OK with Microsoft or another American tech company buying China-owned social media app TikTok, which Trump is banning.

Trump added that a “large percentage” of the proceeds of the sale should go into the US Treasury.

This is good news. We should seize ALL Chinese assets and sell them off and put the proceeds in the federal treasury to pay back for all of the money that the treasury has had to pay out to stem the problems brought about by the virus. China is reported to own full or partial interest in 2,400 US companies. Their seizure and sale could probably bring in hundreds of billions of dollars. hopes that president Trump continues on this path and then expels all Chinese nationals from the US. After all, every one of them is a communist spy who is here to steal us blind of our newest technology.

Greek Orthodox Church Rising on 9/11 Attack Site

Fox News reported:

As construction resumes on the historic Greek Orthodox church destroyed in the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, faith leaders in charge tell Fox News it will honor the sacred ground on which it stands.

The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Lower Manhattan is being resurrected after nearly 20 years, not just for the church’s flock, but for all to see and reflect…

“It’s going to be a place where people can say, for the next 1,000 years, we will never forget what happened here,” John Catsimatidis, CEO of Gristedes Foods and board member of The Friends of St. Nicholas, which formed in January to get the project back on track after years of scandal and mismanagement, told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

“It’s going to be good for New York. We’re going to have three million visitors a year, and it’s a place for people to come and pray,” Catsimatidis, a billionaire in New York City who had run for mayor, said as he is considering another run.

This is wonderful news. And it is important to remember that Democrats all wanted a muslim mosque to be built on the 9/11 site, like the treasonous beasts that they are.

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