No ‘Enthusiasm’ for Biden/ Dems Won’t Condemn ‘antifa’ / Beirut Blast Could be Terrorism

Only 136 people tuned in on the internet to watch the Biden campaign unveil its latino agenda. Meanwhile president Trump was ridiculed when he did not fill the arena at a June 20 campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma yet 14 MILLION people watched the rally on the internet or on TV.

We know that political “enthusiasm” wins elections. And has been saying for months that Trump has massive “enthusiasm” and Biden has none and that this fact will play a major role in Trump winning re-election.

Meanwhile Biden has announced officially that he will not travel to Milwaukee to the Democrat convention to accept the nomination for president. Why? Because Biden is terrified of the Chinese virus, that’s why. He is old and frail and the virus would probably kill him. That is why he almost never leaves his house. Meanwhile Trump has never expressed any fear of the virus. So Trump looks infinitely more strong and more fearless than Biden, which is a big plus for his re-election.

Biden is so wacky that he recently asked a black reporter, “Are you a junkie?” after the reporter asked him if he had taken a cognitive test to study his mental abilities. This shows that Biden cannot control what comes out of this mouth. This is going to doom Biden in his debates with president Trump.

Democrats Won’t Condemn ‘antifa’ Terrorists

In a Senate hearing about domestic ‘antifa’ terrorism in places like Portland, Oregon, US senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas accused Democrats of refusing to condemn ‘antifa’. Far-left Democrat US senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii walked out of the hearing after claiming about Cruz, “So, how many times have I had to say that we all should be denouncing violent extremists of every stripe.”

Well, “should be denouncing” is not denouncing. And cannot remember a single Democrat over the last few months denouncing riots, arson, looting or terrorism. Hirono then acted like a typical Democrat by walking out of the hearing like an angry little girl.

She said, “…I hope this is the end of this hearing, Mr. Chairman, and that we don’t have to listen to any more of your rhetorical speeches. Thank you very much. I’m leaving.”

Cruz then replied: “Well I appreciate the, as always, kind of uplifting words of Senator Hirono. And I would also note that throughout her remarks she still did not say a negative word about antifa nor has any Democrat here.”

He urged her again to denounce the leftist extremist group. “You’re welcome to say something negative about antifa right now,” Cruz said as she left the hearing.

Remember the Golden Rule: Democrats have yet to condemn the rioters and domestic terrorists and they never will. Because Democrats support the terrorists. And this is going to win the election for president Trump. believes that an overwhelming majority of American voters is opposed to and deeply disturbed by the rioters and that this will be reflected in the presidential vote in November.

Goya Foods are Great…

The CEO of Goya Foods Robert Unanue praised president Trump at a White House meeting and then refused to back down when he was criticized. So Democrats launched a boycott of Goya and we conservatives mounted a “buycott” in return, in which we have gone out of our way to buy Goya products. started buying Goya products two weeks ago, and let me tell you, Goya is fantastic. They offer beans and other hispanic staples, but they also have amazing juices (pear, pineapple, guava, etc.); coconut milk (which is out of this world); olives (some of the best you will ever get in a jar); seasonings, and more.

Check out the Goya foods in your local store or online. You will be pleasantly surprised and you will put them on your list every week. I sure have.

Beirut is Devastated by Massive Explosion sends prayers out to all of the people of Beirut, Lebanon in the aftermath of the August 4 explosion which did massive damage to the entire city.

Beirut has 2.2 million people. Christians make up 42% of the population and muslims make up 52%. They live generally peacefully side by side. Lebanon’s president is a Maronite Christian while its prime minister is a sunni muslim. Beirut was once referred to as The Paris of the Middle East. It was a beautiful city, but has suffered through decades of war and terrorism. Then came August 4 and the city is surely changed forever.

The explosion, which happened in the port area on the Mediterranean Sea west of the city, looked like the biggest non-nuclear man-made blast ever recorded. It was videotaped by many people since it came after a fire at the site had drawn attention to the site. The blast was felt 100 miles away on the Greek island of Cyprus. By its scale, guessed on the first viewing that it could have been a small nuclear blast. It even registered as a 3.3 earthquake.

The port area was devastated totally, which will be a huge blow to Beirut’s already wrecked economy. Entire city blocks, including skyscrapers, had their windows blown out, with apartments, offices and businesses trashed, some buildings collapsed, and balconies hanging off of others. The blast affected structures 3 and 4 miles away. Cars were crushed, flipped and flattened. Here are photos of the damage; they are heartbreaking.

Hospitals were overwhelmed with injured and dying citizens. The blast is reported to have caused $15 billion in damages, but calculates that it could be much more than that.

There reportedly was another small explosion within the city near the prime minister’s residence within a few minutes of the port blast. And both blasts happened as a verdict was coming on the assassination of prime minister Rafic Hariri on February 14, 2005. So it sounds like the port blast was terrorism. But there even is a twist to that theory.

The port blast was alleged to have been the result of the detonation of 2,700 tons of extremely volatile ammonium nitrate (AN) which is a man-made chemical compound used to make fertilizer.

The AN was in a warehouse at the port since 2013. The legal status of the AN was tied up in Lebanese court proceedings after it reportedly was removed from a Russian ship that had put in at Beirut for repairs. Lebanon’s director of customs is said to have repeatedly sent letters to government officials warning that the AN was the equivalent of “a floating bomb,” but the warnings went unheeded.

The Oklahoma City bomber of 1995 made a truck bomb out of 6,500 lbs of AN and blew the whole front off of the 8-story Murrah federal building. That blast damaged 324 other buildings and 68 cars. So you can imagine what would happen with the detonation of 2,700 TONS of the material (5.4 million pounds).

The Beirut AN reportedly was detonated by a smaller fire that started near the ship. And the port is reported to be controlled by organized crime and by terrorists, and so the detonation is obviously suspicious.

In other words, the AN was already there. So did anti-Lebanon terrorists know about it and see an opportunity in detonating it?

Nobody knows at this point, but it certainly sounds feasible. Naturally the Fake News global media immediately went into full cover-up mode in trying to divert attention from the fact that it may have been terrorism since the global media adore terrorists. Fake Fox News reported:

Beirut blasts likely accidental – but Hezbollah activities at the port under scrutiny

A series of massive explosions rocked Beirut’s port on Tuesday – a mushroom cloud rising above the widespread destruction that claimed the lives of at least 60 people and wounded hundreds more in the Lebanon capital.

While the cause of the blast has not yet been determined, preliminary assessments – according to intelligence officials in the region and the United States – as of Tuesday afternoon pointed to the disaster as accidental.

Even so, some have not ruled out more sinister origins pertaining to what was going on at the critical port, and what was being stored there.

Fake Fox then reported:

Multiple sources said that much of the operations were under “unofficial” control of Hezbollah and indications have emerged that a fire broke out at an explosives depot inside the facility. Several sources also pointed to organized crime operations run out of the port, primarily controlled by Hezbollah, and that the explosion potentially involved “multiple containers” but was not terror-related.

“There is a possibility that fireworks, petrol and weapons were stored together,” another intelligence source noted. “Officially, the blast happened at the fireworks and petrol warehouse.”

Oh, sure, fireworks and petrol. Meanwhile The Gateway Pundit reported (with confirming video of Netanyahu):

A MASSIVE explosion rocked Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday.

As reported earlier by Cristina Laila The National News Agency reported that the explosion was at a warehouse for firecrackers near the port.

But now there are conflicting reports including a report at Al-Hadeth that claims the massive explosion was a Hezbollah warehouse in Beirut for missiles from Iran.

Now this…

Back in September 2018 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned global leaders at the United Nations that Hezbollah was producing guided missiles at the … location where the explosion occurred on Tuesday.

Benjamin Netanyahu brought maps that disclosed Hezbollah missile stockpiles in areas around the Beirut airport.

Update: Italian explosives expert Danilo Coppe says:

“I don’t think there was that amount of ammonium nitrate [2,750 tons] in the port of Beirut, or that there was a fireworks depot. Judging from the videos, it seems more like an explosion of an armament warehouse…”

“And then the ammonium nitrate, when it detonates, generates an unmistakable yellow cloud…”

“Instead from the videos of the explosion, in addition to the white sphere that is seen to widen, which is air condensation by the sea, you can clearly see a brick orange column tending to dark red, typical of the participation of lithium..”

“… lithium-metal is the propellant for military missiles. I think there were armaments there,”

PJ Media reported about the tragedy of Beirut:

The Lebanese people are desperate. After more than a year of political paralysis, the government finally chose new leadership. There is a financial crisis worse than Venezuela’s: worthless currency, inflation, and massive unemployment are making the lives of Lebanese people miserable.

And now this (the explosion…)

This reporting on the Beirut blast has parallels to the Notre Dame cathedral fire in Paris on April 15, 2019. Within hours of the fire, it was being reported in every single news story that the fire was certainly accidental, but with no evidence or proof whatsoever.

We still do not know what happened at Notre Dame; has found no final report on the fire. This claim of an accident was reported by the leftist global media to cover up for the possibility that muslims started the fire. This was done in order not to make muslims in France look bad. Yet Notre Dame has been mentioned many times by muslim radicals in France as a target for terrorism. believes absolutely that the Notre Dame fire was terrorism, coming as it did during Christian Easter Holy Week. also believed that another fire in July 2020 at the Nantes, France cathedral was arson or terrorism, and not an accident. And lo and behold a Rwandan refugee confessed to starting the fire, which did massive damage to the cathedral’s historic organ.

Naturally the initial reports of the Nantes fire said that the Rwandan, who was acting as a sexton to open and close the church, had been questioned and released. This was part of the global media strategy to take the spotlight off of criminal African refugees who are flooding into France and causing mayhem.

There is another unexplained fire that believes was terrorism. A fire started in the forest near the wilderness city of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada in May 2016. It ended up being the worst fire in Canadian history and destroyed 2,500 homes in Fort McMurray, although the rest of the city was spared. believes that the fire was an attempt by ‘greenie’ terrorists to destroy Fort McMurray, which is the headquarters city for the Canadian oil sands industry, which environmentalists hate. found the final report on the fire and did not find one single word in the report about the origin of the fire, i.e., the possibility of eco-terrorism was never even addressed. This is typical of how the media and governments cover up for leftists, environmentalists and terrorists.

Here’s one more story showing media treachery. The ultra-liberal Miami Herald reported on Twitter:

BREAKING: Three teenagers fleeing police while carrying a semiautomatic gun in a backpack jumped a wall at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, but probably didn’t know that’s where they were, authorities said Wednesday.

So who says that the teenagers did not know that they were at Trump’s home? It sounds like they may have been out to attack Mar-a-Lago. But leave it up to the Fake News media to take it upon themselves to try and distract us from that fact.

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