Economy Rebounds Again/ More Virus Testing Fraud/ Liberals Flee Urban ‘Utopias’

The economy added 1.8 million jobs in July even as a second wave of virus cases popped up. This shows how strong the underlying economy is.

The Trump-hating media told us last Spring that the economic recovery might not begin until 2021 if at all. Yet in May, June and July we have seen 8 million jobs added. This is great news.

And if the big states like California, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois weren’t being intentionally locked down hard by their militant Democrat governors, we would have many millions more jobs. But don’t expect that. Democrats are doing everything in their power to make the Trump economy look bad.

More Virus Testing Fraud

Republican Ohio governor Mike DeWine tested negative for the Chinese virus hours after testing positive. The second more sensitive test was administered two separate times. Both tests came back negative.

This is good news for the governor but it is disturbing for us all because it means that millions of “positive” tests may not be positive at all. This is the type of widespread statistical inaccuracy that has been talking about for months, that is giving us a false picture of the severity of the virus crisis.

On the other hand, the Trump-hating actress Alyssa Milano said that she tested negative for the virus three times, but still got it. Thus again we seem to be getting a huge amount of false information about the virus. After all, the virus is totally new and something we have never dealt with before and so we have no established model or statistics to fall back on.

For instance, when US virus infections were reported to have hit 3 million cases earlier this Summer the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that the real number could be as high as 30 million. And this shocking admission comes from the agency that is supposed to be the clearinghouse for information on the virus.

This is very troubling. In short, we don’t know what the heck is really going on. Conservative radio host Glenn Beck tested positive for the virus recently. Beck has had serious health issues for many years and thus is a prime candidate to get waylaid by the virus, yet he was back on the radio sounding fine within a few days. So perhaps the positive test was incorrect to begin with.

But we do know one thing for sure – Democrats and leftists are playing a very dangerous game with this issue. After all, the left-wing Fake News media must do everything possible to cover up the fact that the virus came from China (a leftist-communist country); it got its foothold in the US in New York City (a leftist stronghold in America); and, by not identifying it and acting on it, far-left New York mayor De Blasio and far-left New York governor Cuomo allowed the virus to “break out” of New York and spread all over the US.

Then the government doctor Fauci, who is allegedly the nation’s leading expert on the virus, has repeatedly contradicted himself and been flat out wrong, for instance saying that the virus was not serious and then saying that it is very serious. Or saying that we don’t need masks and then that we do need masks. recommended back in March that president Trump fire Fauci from the White House virus task force. has warned repeatedly that this virus is being totally misreported and overblown in order to hurt president Trump, that it is killing primarily elderly people with underlying health conditions who have not been adequately protected from it. And that we should have been protecting these elderly folks while allowing everyone else much more freedom, i.e., that the quarantines were not necessary.

Even the CDC director Robert Redfield said that the quarantines were not necessary. This is shocking beyond belief considering the damage that the quarantines have done.

So we have locked down the whole country and denied tens of millions of children their schooling while at the same time endangering the elderly. Cuomo signed an executive order forcing nursing homes to accept elderly patients who had been diagnosed with the virus who had been released from hospitals. This spread the virus like wildfire among the elderly and sick and is reported to have caused the deaths of 6,000 elderly New Yorkers.

Meanwhile Cuomo is acting like his executive order never existed and is doing his utmost to change the subject since he wants to run for president in 2024. Good luck with that.

Update: Cuomo announced on August 7 that New York state public schools would open for the Autumn session. He did this for three reasons:

He knows that keeping the schools closed would make him, and all Democrats, very unpopular. He is trying to distract from his nursing home decision. And he is touting New York’s low virus case numbers today, which came as a result of a severe lockdown of the economy that has done tremendous damage.

The wearing of masks has become a major issue. has warned repeatedly that wearing masks to fight the virus is having highly negative effects in that masks cut your oxygen supply; they trap carbon dioxide that you should be expelling into the air, and allowing that CO2 to be re-inhaled, thus further reducing your oxygen intake; and that masks trap germs from inside your body that should be expelled. There are reports of people passing out after prolonged mask use. This is no surprise.

Dentists are reporting something called “mask mouth” in which the use of masks is leading to serious dental problems like decaying teeth, receding gum lines and bad breath. This is no surprise either.

At the same time, we have Democrat governors imposing the most draconian quarantine orders while states like South Dakota, with a conservative Republican governor named Kristi Noem, have not shut down at all and have very low rates of infections and deaths.

These Democrats are ruining millions of small businesses that cannot tolerate such a prolonged shutdown. Restaurants and bars are especially hard hit. This is intentional. Democrats want to kill the entrepreneurial spirit in America as represented by president Trump.

At the same time the Fake News media are playing us all for suckers. They are doing their best to report obsessively on the virus, as if it will never go away. One radio station where lives reports regularly about this restaurant or that business where one single person tested positive for the virus, and that anyone who ate there or shopped there at such-and-such hours should be aware of possible symptoms.

This is all being done to keep the public in a state of fear and uncertainty. Yet death numbers are falling while the “second wave” of infections came shortly after the riots and protests that swept the country and that Democrats completely excused.

These media skunks are trying to suppress the story about Democrat Cuomo and his nursing home disaster while focusing intently on infections in Florida, which has a conservative Republican governor. But Florida has only about 25% of the deaths of New York state, and Florida got all of its infections in the first place from people going to Florida from the virus epicenter of New York.

Here is the tally on August 7 about virus infections (not deaths):

1. California: 541,339 cases

2. Florida: 510,389 cases

3. Texas: 483,920 cases

4. New York: 418,928 cases

5. Georgia: 204,895 cases

But we know that many of these cases are certainly false positives, like in the case of the Ohio governor. One reporter analyzed data from Florida and found that hundreds of testing centers were reporting 100% positives, which is totally impossible. In other words, they were reporting all of their positive cases, but none of their negative cases.

Here is the number of deaths for each state on August 7:

1. New York: 32,756 deaths

2. New Jersey: 15,849 deaths

3. California: 10,021 deaths

4. Massachusetts: 8,691 deaths

5. Texas: 8,569 deaths

6. Illinois: 7,791 deaths

7. Florida: 7,747 deaths

OK, so New York has had the most severe lockdown in all of the US along with New Jersey and California yet they have the most deaths. Meanwhile Florida has only 7,747 deaths after governor DeSantis opened up the state’s economy much earlier than other states. New York’s total is four times as high at 32,756.

We also have heard many reports that death numbers are being faked, that tens of thousands of deaths in accidents, heart attacks, suicides, cancer, etc. are being listed as virus deaths in order to make president Trump look bad and/or to get more Medicare reimbursement money from the government. We also know that that tens of thousands of people who died WITH the virus (had the virus when they died but died of something else) are also listed as virus deaths. The third category is people who died as a direct result of the virus. believes from studying information over several months that the number of reported deaths (160,111 as of August 7) is three times the actual number. And we also know that the overwhelming majority of virus deaths are occurring in elderly people who are otherwise sick and dying. One study said that the median age for deaths is a whopping 78 years old.

In short, we don’t really know what it going on, but we can surmise that the virus is probably being massively over-reported. compares it to the hype over ‘rising sea levels’ which is constantly in the news but which is not happening at all. Ditto ‘global warming’.

Yet we have paid an enormous price in these quarantines in lost economic activity and in other social deprivations (school closings, suicides, depression, loneliness, missed medical treatments, etc.)

We also have seen doctors touting the beneficial aspects of hydroxychloroquine after administering it to many virus patients and getting great results. This drug is FDA-approved, has been on the market since 1945 and is considered totally safe. It has been used to treat malaria but also has been found to be effective on the Chinese virus since both involve respiratory infections.

But the media are doing everything they can to suppress information about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine in order to make us feel hopeless and fearful, which is what the media want so that Trump will be defeated. But does not believe that this strategy is working at all, and that Trump is going to win re-election easily.

Update from PJ Media:

Paul Vallone, a Democratic New York City councilman, says he nearly died of COVID-19 earlier this year, but hydroxychloroquine saved his life.

“I couldn’t breathe, very weak, couldn’t get out of bed. My doctor prescribed it. My pharmacy had it. Took it that day and within two to three days I was able to breathe,” Vallone told The New York Post. “Within a week I was back on my feet.”

“We were in panic mode when I went down because I didn’t have a lot of immune response,” he added. “I needed something to stay alive.”

That something was hydroxychloroquine. Vallone said, it “worked for me.”

Paul Vallone wasn’t the only one who became a believer in the anti-malaria drug’s effectiveness in treating COVID. His brother Peter, a former city councilman who currently serves as a civil court judge in Queens, couldn’t deny the drug worked after seeing how it helped his brother.

Meanwhile the virus has had a major impact on cities where mayors have imposed some of the most drastic quarantines, particularly in New York City. The quarantines are the last straw for hundreds of thousands of people who want to leave New York.

New York-based Oz Moving company said that the volume of moves out of the city continues to rise at a “substantial rate” in addition to a dramatic spike in storage requests compared to years past.

Oz has seen an average increase in quote requests of 30% over 2019. By July 15 Oz was booked to capacity for the rest of July and was unable to take on additional jobs.

Roadway Moving said that 2020 is its busiest Summer ever. Company president Ross Sapir said,
“Insanely busy and for the last 3 months we couldn’t keep up with the demand” of people moving out of the city.

This is going to continue and will have a severe negative impact on the cities from which they will never recover. And this comes on top of the riots, which have frightened millions of urban dwellers and is surely causing another wave of departures.

This is all part of a decades-long trend of liberals fleeing liberal cities and states and running at top speed to conservative states in order to have better lives.

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