Poll: Blacks 36% for Trump/ NY Mayor Destroys his Own City

The Rasmussen Reports poll recently put president Trump’s approval rating among blacks at a whopping 36%. Rasmussen is famous for accuracy. Trump got only 8% of the black vote in 2016. If he gets just 10% or 12% in November he will win in a landslide.

If he gets 20%, it will be an earthquake. If he gets 36%, the Democrat party might as well close up shop.

Trump has awakened blacks to the destruction of the left. After he provided the best employment picture for blacks EVER – which the Chinese virus promptly destroyed – blacks are awakening to the corrosive nature of Democrat policies.

At the same time Republicans have been too frightened to take on the issues and tell blacks what the Democrats are really doing. Trump is not afraid.

The destruction of black America has come in these principal areas, all emanating from the Democrat left:

*The destruction of the black family unit and the legitimization of single motherhood. After the ‘hippies’ in the 1960s started impugning the nuclear family with a strong father at the helm, our society began to decline. Today less than 30% of black households have a nuclear family structure.

Single motherhood, which has been promoted for decades by the left, has led to poverty for tens of millions of black women and their children. Single women/mothers also suffer high rates of crime and suffer much greater anxiety without the protection of a man.

And while American taxpayers have filled the void in supporting single black mothers and their children, there still are tens of millions of black kids who never had a strong father to guide them. This had led to a steep decline in manners, behavior and achievement in black America. This has led to decreased opportunities, increased poverty and more incarceration.

*The total failure of public schools in black inner cities. These schools are controlled without challenge by Democrats and the teacher unions. One 2017 study found that ZERO black students were proficient in math in the city of Baltimore. WBFF TV reported:

An alarming discovery coming out of City Schools. Project Baltimore analyzed 2017 state testing data and found one-third of High Schools in Baltimore, last year, had zero students proficient in math.

We cannot expect blacks to advance in the economy if they don’t even have a basic education. And the blame lies squarely with the Democrats who control the schools.

*The shunning of personal responsibility is one of the foundation stones of socialism which says that life is cruel and unfair and that therefore you are not responsible for your life and that the government needs to take care of you.

With this crutch to lean on, blacks have relied on government programs by saying, “My failure is not my fault, it’s Trump’s fault. Therefore it is OK for me to become dependent and act like a jerk”. Blacks then become addicted to dependency, which is easy to do.

*Horrible personal behavior that is excused and exonerated by Democrats. When young black males walk around with their pants hanging down and with their baseball hats on crooked, talking broken English and disrespecting authority and taking drugs and dealing drugs, it creates an atmosphere of chaos and failure. When blacks listen to violent and misogynistic rap music, it is the same. And it is the Democrats who have allowed this bad behavior to flourish. On the other hand, when blacks behave themselves and speak well, they are called Uncle Toms and every other name in the book.

New York Mayor is Intentionally Destroying his Own City

Jennifer Smith at The Daily Mail website in Britain recently reported on the intentional destruction of New York City by its left-wing mayor De Blasio. We would not believe that this was happening if we weren’t seeing it before our own eyes. Here are excerpts from the Daily Mail article with a Nikitas3.com comment after each excerpt:

Smith writes: Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday revealed a plan to buy properties around the city and turn them into permanent affordable housing, after moving more than 10,000 homeless people into hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic and shaming rich residents who have left the city as ‘fair weather friends’.

Nikitas3.com comment: Well, we know that those hotels are going to be destroyed. But that is part of the plan – to destroy as much of the city as possible, just like the communists have done in Venezuela. De Blasio has released thousands of criminals from New York jails in the virus crisis. This is also part of the plan to drive respectable, hard-working people out of the city so that the dirtbags can take over entirely.

Smith writes: Many of New York’s wealthy residents fled months ago – taking their disposable income and their tax dollars with them – and there are fears they may never come back.

Nikitas3.com comment: This has been going on for years and accelerated significantly under De Blasio since he was first elected in 2013. Trump moved his official residence to Florida in 2019. Rich people are fleeing New York City in droves in response to rising taxes and increasing crime. Now with the virus and the riots, the exodus is speeding up significantly.

Smith writes: Crime is on the (rise) but de Blasio has stripped the police force of $1 billion in response to Black Lives Matter protests.

Some retailers and restaurants have been forced to close permanently and those who are hanging on face continuously changing and difficult rules, like having to sell ‘substantial’ amounts of food to customers to avoid crowds gathering.

Nikitas3.com comment: Hundreds of New York restaurants, and maybe more, will never re-open. This is a sign of the end for New York City which has always prided itself on its restaurants. It will never recover unless a real tough-guy reformer is elected mayor in 2021. There are two good possibilities – Donald Trump Jr. may run, or John Catsimatidis, a popular billionaire and radio host, may also run. Either one could win by promising to restore order. Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor in 1993 by promising reforms for a broken city.

Smith writes: De Blasio and Cuomo are enforcing checkpoints to stop tourists from 35 COVID hotspot states from entering the city without quarantining for 14 days too.

Nikitas3.com comment: This is just one more way to make the city seem hostile. This comes after the virus started in New York City, which then exported it to the rest of America as De Blasio told people not to worry about it.

Smith writes: Earlier this year, it emerged that 139 struggling hotels are taking in homeless people to avoid deathly COVID-19 breakouts in shelters. The effort is being mostly paid for by FEMA, but 25 percent of it is coming from the city’s shrinking budget. It brings some cash to the struggling hotels which were decimated by the pandemic.

Through the program, they take $175 per person, per night which – with more than 13,000 homeless currently being housed in hotels – is more than $2.275million, according to anonymous city sources who have been quoted since May.

Nikitas3.com comment: Right… De Blasio has nurtured the homeless problem through permissiveness and now he wants the hotels dependent on the payments. This is all very shocking. Homeless mobs are hanging out on the streets of Manhattan. When this happened in the 1980s and 1990s, Giuliani was elected to clean up the city. He did so, but today the city is sliding backwards.

Smith writes: Large numbers of homeless men have been moved into three hotels in New York City’s Upper West Side, much to the dismay of local residents, who have complained of drug use, public urination and cat calling. … Upper West Side residents have reported seeing homeless men around the hotels urinating in public, openly using drugs and passed out on the sidewalk

Nikitas3.com comment: As expected. The Upper West Side is a haven for radical leftists and communists. And now they are complaining. Too bad. This is what they have allowed to happen.

Smith writes: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is begging the wealthy residents who have fled New York City to come back to save the economy whereas de Blasio has called them ‘fair weather friends’ who will be replaced.

There is no hard data yet for exactly how many people have left New York City since the pandemic began, but with the wealthiest one percent paying more than half of the city’s taxes, there is legitimate concern that they may not return.

It would create an even bigger tax vacuum than the $9 billion that are already gone, and the $30 billion projected deficit over the next few years.

Cuomo said earlier this week that he begged the wealthy every day to come back and that he was offering to take them to dinners, buy them drinks and even cook for them.

De Blasio, on the other hand, has called them ‘fair weather friends’ who will easily be replaced.

Nikitas3.com comment: Rich people are fleeing in droves. These Democrats Cuomo and De Blasio are hard-core leftists. Cuomo acknowledges the problem and De Blasio does not. New York has seen a huge surge in crime in recent months, much of it due to a new law that took effect January 1 that eliminated bail for criminals. Cuomo pushed that law through. So Cuomo should not act like he is hurt by the wealthy people fleeing. After all, they are fleeing both De Blasio and Cuomo.

Smith writes: On Friday, after wealthy residents on the Upper West Side took to social media in their droves to complain about homeless people from three of the hotels terrorizing their streets with urinating, loitering and drug-taking, de Blasio said the system was not permanent but would likely continue until there is a vaccine – something that is still months away.

Nikitas3.com comment: Yes, and most of those wealthy residents are rabid Democrats who have never listened as we conservatives warned them that this was going to happen. Too bad. Deal with it.

And this will become permanent. This is what De Blasio wants. This is Venezuela on the Hudson.

Smith writes about one hotel: Local parents are particularly concerned with the ten registered sex offenders that have been accommodated in the Belleclaire as of Thursday, according to the state sex offender registry.

Included in those ten are Luis Martin, 44, who assaulted and raped a woman in 1995, Roland Butler, 62, convicted in 2013 of raping a 16-year-old girl, Eddie Daniel, 59, convicted of abused a 10-year-old in 2011, Jonathan Evans, 29, convicted of abusing a 6-year-old, and Michael Hughes, 55, convicted of possessing child pornography in 2007.

Local residents have reported seeing fights, have been verbally abused or harassed, seen people spitting – despite the ongoing pandemic – and have also seen people looking for, or using drugs.

Nikitas3.com comment: No surprise. Again, this is what we conservatives have been warning about for decades. And we have been maligned and ridiculed relentlessly. And now look at who’s complaining.

Meanwhile a National Public Radio weatherman in Tacoma, Washington was fired from his job for posting on his personal blog photos of the devastation that ‘black lives matter’ protests have done to downtown Seattle, as the mayor stood by and did nothing. The Seattle Times reports:

KNKX Public Radio announced Thursday it was axing its long-running weather segment with meteorologist Cliff Mass after the University of Washington professor wrote a post on his own blog comparing some Seattle protesters to the early Nazi militia known as the Brownshirts.

Mass wrote that “Seattle has had it(s) Kristallnacht and the photos of what occurred during the past weeks are eerily similar to those of 80 years ago.”

Kristallnacht was a pogrom carried out by the Nazis in 1938 that is widely seen as a precursor to the Holocaust, a turning point in Germany when social, political and economic persecution of Jewish people turned physical.

“We abhor the comparison and find it sensationalized and misleading — it does not reflect who we are and what we stand for at KNKX,” the radio station wrote on its website.

Mass, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the UW, said Friday morning that he was “stunned by the reaction. It exploded in a way I was stunned by.”

The same destruction is happening in Chicago, where there was widespread looting on the night of August 9. That looting came in response to police shooting and wounding a YBM (young black male) who was armed and who shot at police. In other words, the bar is lower and lower for mob action. Soon blacks will riot over parking tickets.

Chicago recently had its most violent night in 60 years. It had 16 carjackings in July. One perpetrator was reported to be 10 years old. The city is out of control and everyone knows it.

Meanwhile Fox News reported:

A Minnesota nonprofit that saw a huge windfall in donations during the protests and riots that followed the death of George Floyd in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department reportedly has been putting up money to bail out people charged with serious violent crimes, including sexual assault, attempted murder and murder.

A new FOX 9 report shows that among the people helped by the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) – which received donations from a number of Joe Biden campaign staffers as it saw a $35 million fundraising windfall in the weeks after Floyd’s death – are Darnika Floyd, who was charged with second-degree murder after allegedly stabbing a friend to death, and Christopher Boswell, who is facing charges of sexual assault and kidnapping. The group put up $100,000 on behalf of Floyd and $350,000 on behalf of Boswell.

In response to the revelation, the campaign for President Trump reprised criticism that Biden has been “taken over” by the far left of his party.

These riots in the cities are a huge gift to president Trump’s re-election and will guarantee it. And this information about Biden staffers giving to this bail fund is even more good news for Trump.

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