Black Murders Little White Boy/ City Slicker Trump Captures Farm Vote / NY MAGA Bakery Protest

A black in North Carolina held a gun up to the head of a 5-year-old white boy and shot and killed the boy. The national Fake News media have ignored the story of the death of Cannon Hinnant. If the races had been reversed there would be national coverage of the story, and riots in the streets.

Cannon was an innocent child. Meanwhile the blacks have rioted all over America after a police officer in Minneapolis was alleged to have killed a black serial criminal named George Floyd after a long confrontation with the criminal.

So an innocent white kid did nothing to the black killer. But the criminal black thug named George Floyd resisted arrest by a Minneapolis police officer and his body showed ample evidence of illegal drug use.

There are tens of thousands of cases of blacks killing white people without provocation, like the elderly white couple gunned down while visiting their son’s grave in a Delaware cemetery on May 8. The national media ignored that story too. Or the young white mother killed by a black for saying that “All lives matter…”

In fact these are racist crimes targeting people for being white. The black crime and murder rate against whites is astronomical compared to vice versa. Yet we are told over and over that America is a racist country that victimizes blacks.

Meanwhile the media are reporting that they have no motive for the killing of Cannon Hinnant. So let tell you the motive – the black killer is yet another anti-white racist who took pleasure in the execution-style killing of a young white boy, in front of his sisters and his father. It is despicable. He did this after absorbing decades of anti-white propaganda from the left.

Let’s make Cannon’s death a rallying cry for white people who have been victimized by blacks! But we won’t loot and burn. We will express our outrage peacefully, since we are law-abiding conservatives…

***************** CANNON’S LIFE MATTERS! ******************************

City Slicker Trump Captures Farm Vote

President Trump, born and bred in New York, is the epitome of a city slicker who earned his fortune among the skyscrapers and black-tie dinners and cocktail parties of Manhattan but who is overwhelmingly popular in rural and small-town America. At the same time he is generally despised by the people among whom he lived – and partied – his whole working life.

A truck driver phoned into a radio program recently and said that he has seen countless Trump campaign yard signs, flags and bumper stickers – and virtually none for Biden – in his travels all over rural America. On the other hand, in Trump’s own home city of New York in the 2016 presidential election:

In Bronx County (Bronx, part of New York City) Trump got just 9.5% of the vote.
In Kings County (Brooklyn, part of New York City) he got just 17.5% of the vote
In New York County (Manhattan, the main part of New York City) where Trump made his fortune and his reputation over a 50-year career and lived in a skyscraper named after himself, he got just 9.7% of the vote.
In Queens County (Queens, part of New York City, where Trump was born and raised) he got just 21.7% of the vote.
Interestingly on Staten Island, the one conservative part of New York City, Trump got 57% of the vote.

Meanwhile look at these rural counties in Kansas:

Barber County, Trump got 82% of the vote.
Cheyenne County, Trump got 83%.
Gove County, Trump got 85%.
Scott County, Trump got 85%.

Nowhere in Kansas did Hillary get less than 10% of the vote. So Hillary did better in rural conservative places, where she has spent no time, than Trump did in some parts of his own home city of New York where he lived for 69 years until January 2017.

Trump captured rural and small-town America, and continues to do so, by reflecting their values of hard work, common sense, respect for the law, and patriotism.

Hard work: Rural Americans are hard working and self reliant. They reject the idea that you should get something for doing nothing, i.e., the Welfare State. They know that you don’t get a crop without tilling the soil and planting the seeds.

When he was running briefly for president as a Democrat, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg was shown in an old video disparaging farmers. This did not go over well in rural America and it showed ignorance and arrogance about rural people among elitist urban dwellers.

On the other hand, Trump reflects the farmer’s values. In the dog-eat-dog world of real estate, Trump has succeeded by working had constructing quality buildings. Real estate is really more like the old-fashioned business tycoons of the past who made things like cars, steel, farm equipment and railroads. Trump is 74 years old and is worth $5 billion from real estate.

Yet left-wing Mark Zuckerberg made his money on a single website on the internet called Facebook. He is 36 years old and has a net worth of $95 billion. Mega-billionaire Warren Buffet has a fortune of $72 billion which he got by investing, not by building anything. Thus Trump in many ways has more in common with the farmers than with Silicon Valley or Wall Street.

*Common sense: Trump is a common sense, can-do president. For instance, he has fought for better trade deals with communist China, which he does not trust. He is fighting to bring back jobs from overseas. He believes that it is not sustainable for America to absorb endless numbers of illegal immigrants. He knows that building a wall on the Mexican border is the best way to achieve border control. These are all common-sense approaches that the average farmer or storekeeper in a small town embraces.

*Patriotism: Trump loves America in a way that you will find in rural America. You don’t find farmers burning our flag or kneeling for the National Anthem and president Trump has been adamant that the basketball players and others who kneel for the Anthem are wrong.

Trump’s America First policy appeals to hard-working people who are tired of seeing the United State maligned and taken advantage of. Trump totally supports our military, while millions of military members have emerged proudly from rural and small-town America.

*Trump supports the police and law and order. The people in small-town and rural America respect the police and many are themselves police officers who are well-known and trusted in their communities.

*Trump is skeptical of the know-it-alls in Washington, DC and in governments everywhere. He knows this from his own successful career. He knows that he is vastly smarter than they are and that if you left these bureaucrats in charge of building Trump Tower, that it would still be a hole in the ground, probably filled with trash.

In rural America, the people feel very distant physically and intellectually from Washington and they detest the arrogance of politicians like Pelosi and Schumer. They look at the riots in the cities and wonder how their Democrat mayors are allowing them to happen; it simply does not make sense.

This great urban-rural divide is the reason that the Fake News media and urban voters were so blindsided by Trump’s victory in 2016. Urban people live in an ideological bubble. They think that they are the smartest people in the world and that everyone thinks like they do. So when Trump was elected, they thought to themselves, “How did Trump win? Everyone I know voted for Hillary!” They ignored the fact that there is a world outside of New York.

Note: While Trump lost the electoral votes in the state of New York by 4.5 million to 2.8 million votes, there is talk that 2020 is going to be very different. The New York City riots, the extreme lockdown of the state in the virus crisis, and general unhappiness with the Democrat mayor of New York City and Democrat governor Cuomo are said to be factors that possibly will push the state much closer to Trump than would have been thought possible just four years ago. believes that Trump could even win the state.

Protests about MAGA Hat Cake

We know that Democrats and liberals protest when a bakery will not make a cake for, say, a homosexual wedding. Yet their rage recently was provoked not when a bakery refused to bake a cake but when a bakery made a pro-Trump cake for a customer.

There were protests outside the Coccadotts Cake Shop in Albany, NY after it posted a social media photo of a cake baked into a reproduction of a red Make American Great Again hat. The cake was a custom-order.

And wouldn’t you know it, protesters appeared outside the shop only to be confronted by counter-protesters supporting the bakery.

Coccadotts is more than a local bakery. It has a branch in Myrtle Beach, SC and it has competed three times on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars bake-off, first appearing in 2011.

But to Democrats and the left, there is no free speech anymore, even if a bakery makes a cake that a customer wants. Democrats would probably be angry if a bakery made a cake in the shape of an American flag for a soldier returning from active duty.

Naturally this protest will fail. predicts that Coccadotts will see a surge in new business since the protesters have made it famous, just as Chick-fil-A has become the #3 fast food chain eight years after it was targeted by anti-Christian protesters (the founder of Chick-fil-A was a staunch Baptist Christian and so is today’s CEO).

What is most disturbing about the Coccadotts case is that these protesters are not objecting over a hot-button issue like homosexuality. They are essentially saying that any expression of support for one of two legitimate and legal candidates for president is wrong. And while this feeling always has existed it has never been this open and strident before.

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