Prediction of Trump Victory Coming True; Dems Throwing in the Towel?

Since as far back as 2017, has been predicting that president Trump would be re-elected. You may wonder how this could be, but then again I have always had total faith in The Trumpster. After all I wrote way back in January 2011 on the RedState national conservative website that ‘Trump Will be Next US President’. has written dozens of commentaries throughout 2020 saying unequivocally that a Trump victory was coming in November. I have never wavered. I have never allowed the Fake News media to sway my belief. I have never been consumed by doubt or worry. I have consistently predicted a sizable win and even a landslide for Trump. And now we have increasing evidence that Trump is headed for a significant re-election. Here is CNN reporting on August 17:

Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump among registered voters has significantly narrowed since June, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS…

… Overall, 50% of registered voters back the Biden-Harris ticket, while 46% say they support Trump and Pence, right at the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

… Across 15 battleground states, the survey finds Biden has the backing of 49% of registered voters, while Trump lands at 48%.

OK, let’s analyze this. First of all, forget about the national poll showing Biden ahead by 4; that poll is irrelevant even though Biden’s lead is shrinking daily. Look only at the important battleground states where the election will be decided. Trump is only one point down.

Second, this is a Fake News CNN poll which always are rigged to make Trump and other Republicans look bad. They rig the polls, for instance, by polling more Democrats than Republicans. generally adds 5 to 10 points for the Republican candidate to any Fake News media poll like New York Times, ABC, NPR, CBS, etc.

Third, the influential Five Thirty Eight election website called the CNN poll highly inaccurate, yet Five Thirty Eight was totally wrong about 2016.

Thus even a CNN poll shows Trump gaining steam. And with the riots that have been happening since late May, believes that millions of voters are fleeing the Democrats for law-and-order Trump and that these voters are a large part of the poll swing to Trump. This certainly includes a large cohort of women who are terrified of these riots. Then look at this bombshell from CNN:

The movement in the poll among voters nationwide since June is concentrated among men (they split about evenly in June, but now 56% back Trump, 40% Biden),

This is stunning and this is happening since Trump always has had much higher support among men than among women. But 56% to 40% is huge and it will widen as election day approaches. predicts that Trump could get 60% of the men’s vote.

It is important to put these polls in perspective. In short, the only real poll is on election day. All the rest are guessing games, scientific surveys or they are rigged, although some polls like Rasmussen and Zogby have been very accurate.

On the other hand, these “media polls” by media companies like CNN and NBC are not really polls – they are surveys of voters that are rigged to make Trump look bad and to give the media something negative to report on him. And in the Summer before an election, they get away with being wrong since most Americans are on vacation and are not paying close attention.

For instance in Summer 2016 Hillary was reported to be 11 points ahead of Trump. In the Summer of 1980, Republican challenger Ronald Reagan was said to be 20 points behind incumbent Democrat president Jimmy Carter. Reagan went on to win 44 states and 91% of the electoral votes. In Summer 1988, sitting Republican vice president George HW Bush was said to be 10 to 20 points behind challenger Michael Dukakis but Bush won 40 states that November.

Normally the polls start to narrow after Labor Day. But already we are seeing a narrowing in the CNN poll and others. This means something major is going on, just as said it would.

This shift seems to be a convergence of two things – the realization by increasing numbers of voters that Joe Biden is way too old and frail to be president, coupled to the urban riots that are scaring the daylights out of millions of people and pushing them toward Trump our of pure fear. Trump even made a campaign appearance in Minneapolis on August 17 telling voters there that the Democrats had ruined their city.

Meanwhile the Politico website recently ran an article about how Obama thought that Biden was dumb. According to Politico, Obama allegedly told one Democrat during the 2020 primary campaign, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.” This revelation could not come at a worse time for Biden as polls are shifting toward Trump.

This all makes wonder: Why did this Politico story come out on the day that the Democrat convention was starting? Are the Democrats throwing in the towel on Biden? After all, Politico is a very liberal website. Why would they run this story now making Biden look very bad? Why would they note in the story that Biden came in 76th in his class of 85 at Syracuse University law school and was generally laughed at by White House aides and interns during his vice presidency. believes that Trump is going to surge in the Autumn and that the election will be largely decided by October, i.e., we will see undeniable poll swings toward Trump. Democrats may be finally admitting to themselves that Biden is toast. At the same time we should never believe that Kamala Harris takes Biden seriously. This whole campaign is turning into a shipwreck, including the fact that Harris is a cold, unlikable candidate.

In one recent poll, a whopping 56% of respondents said that they did not believe that Biden would even be in office for his full first term, that he would either die or become incapacitated. So we can see why these polls are turning on Ol’ Joe. And after Labor Day we will see them accelerate toward Trump… just as predicted way back in 2011.

Trump is punching hard at the Democrats. reported:

Declaring it’s “crunch time” for the upcoming election, President Donald Trump zeroed in on Midwest battleground states on Monday with a tough, law and order message to counterprogram former Vice President Joe Biden’s show at the Democrats’ national convention.

In Mankato, Minnesota, Trump stepped up his rhetoric against Biden, calling him a “puppet of left-wing extremists trying to erase our borders, eliminate our police, indoctrinate our children, vilify our heroes, take away our energy,” Trump told a crowd of several hundred supporters outside an aircraft hangar. He alleged that Biden a victory would “replace American freedom with left-wing fascism.”

“Fascists. They are fascists,” Trump continued. “Some of them, not all of them, but some of them. But they’re getting closer and closer. We have to win this election. But the proud people of Minnesota will not let this happen.”

Earlier, Trump stopped (at the Minneapolis airport) to hold an event with small business owners whose stores were damaged after violent protests and riots …

“I’m here to help you. We will bring back law and order to your community. We will bring it back and we will bring it back immediately,” Trump told supporters on the airport tarmac.

Notice that Trump is making a play for the electoral votes in Minnesota, which predicted he would do last Spring. Minnesota has not voted for a Republican in a presidential election since 1972(!) but Trump came close in 2016. believes that Trump will go over the top this time. When he goes right into the lion’s den of Minneapolis, you know that he is serious about winning.

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