Trump Will Win Pennsylvania Again/ Another Mail-in Vote Fiasco

First here is a quick word about the Republican National Convention that starts Monday evening, August 24:

After the Democrat gloom-fest last week, we can expect the Republicans to counter with an upbeat convention. Rather than highlight everything that is wrong with America like the Democrats did – racism,’climate change’, police brutality, income inequality, hatred of the president – Republicans are going to smartly accentuate the positive and the patriotic.

It has been said that you can’t win an election just by being negative on your opponent. A candidate should criticize his/her opponent, of course, but also must offer his/her own positive agenda so that voters have something to vote for, rather than against.

Democrats went all negative at their convention. But then again, they have gone all negative on president Trump for four years. It has not worked but they still have not learned their lesson. predicts that Republicans will be positive about America and about their agenda and also will point to the negative and angry agenda of Democrats. That is a winning combination.

In addition, president Trump is expected to make video appearances on all four nights of the convention rather than just appearing on the fourth night for his acceptance speech. This is a great tactic for this media-savvy president. Expect him to be upbeat and to tout his record of achievement on all four nights.

The viewership numbers for the Democrat convention were terrible thanks to their gloomy presentation. We can expect the Republicans to do vastly better by being positive.

Meanwhile two female Biden supporters stole the MAGA hat off the head of a 7-year-old Trump supporter in Wilmington, Delaware. Both females have been arrested. Will the victim (named Riley, who did not suffer any physical injury) speak to the Republican convention? He might. He should be showcased as yet another victim of liberal derangement and another reason why Democrats should be voted out of office on every level.

Trump Will Win Pennsylvania Electoral Votes Again predicts that president Trump will win the 20 electoral votes in Pennsylvania again in 2020 like he did in 2016 but by a much larger margin this time. Those 20 electoral votes are a crucial haul in a crucial state for anyone who wants to win the White House.

In 2016 Trump won Pennsylvania by 54,000 votes out of more than 6 million cast, or by a margin of .72%, which is very small. Before 2016 Pennsylvania had not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988 (George HW Bush).

Trump will win re-election and win Pennsylvania because he is a fighter. He loves being president, he loves winning, he knows how to win, and he wants to do well for the country for another four years. And it shows.

On the other hand, one recent poll showed that independent voters showed less than 40% approval, and in some cases far less, for Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. This type of poll result is going to kill the Biden campaign in that independent voters are necessary to win.

This all points to a significant Trump victory. And if Trump wins big, then his “coat-tails” will bring along hundreds of downticket Republicans running for US Senate, US House, state senate and house races, and others all the way down to county sheriffs, mayors and city council members.

It could become a Republican rout, just like the Tories (conservatives) in liberal Britain totally routed the Labour party in national elections last Spring. Why? Because Labour went too far to the left just as Democrats are doing today in the US.

President Trump is truly a fighter. He is not slacking off like Mitt Romney or John McCain did, losing in the process. He is fighting today in late August as if it were the day before the election. He is not waiting for Labor Day to start campaigning. He has been all over the country – Iowa, Minnesota, Arizona, Pennsylvania, etc.

On the other hand Joe Biden has not been outside of his house or outside of Delaware since March except for one short trip to next-door Pennsylvania and a few other brief forays. The reason is simple: Biden is old and frail and is terrified of the China virus. If he catches it, he will probably die.

This is shocking. Voters are not going to elect someone who is not leaving his house to campaign. Democrats and their media cronies are trying to act like this is not true, but they are deluding themselves.

Hillary Clinton did the same in 2016. She was so sure that she had the election in the bag that she did not even campaign for much of the Autumn season. Conservatives kept saying, “Where’s Hillary?” Meanwhile Trump was packing arenas with 20,000 cheering fans at a pop. Still the ‘experts’ did not see Trump’s win coming.

Trump surely misses his big rallies but the enthusiasm is still there. Trump supporters are lining the streets wherever he goes and even holding massive boat flotillas to support their man. One recent flotilla in Florida may have broken a world record for its size. Biden could never get 10% of the enthusiasm that Trump is getting.

On August 20, the day that Joe Biden was preparing to accept the Democrat nomination for president, Trump campaigned in Pennsylvania where Biden was born (in Scranton) and which Biden seems to think belongs to him. Trump took Biden on squarely, saying:

“Tonight, Joe Biden will speak at the Democrat Convention—and I am sure he will remind us that he was born in Scranton. But here’s what Joe Biden WON’T tell you: he left Scranton 70 years ago and he has spent the last half century in Washington selling you out and ripping you off!”

“Joe Biden has spent 5 decades in Washington betraying the people of Scranton. Joe Biden is no friend of Pennsylvania – he is your worst nightmare.”

“Biden supported every single globalist attack Pennsylvania workers – NAFTA, China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, TPP, Korea, the Paris Climate Accord, and the so-called Clean Power Plan. Pennsylvania lost 1 in 3 manufacturing jobs after NAFTA and China’s entry into the WTO—courtesy of Joe Biden.”

This is in-your-face stuff. This is the kind of rhetoric that wins elections. Trump added:

“I put (Pennsylvania) miners back to work. I approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. America is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas on earth…”

“To protect our steel workers, I placed tariffs on nations that were dumping cheap foreign steel. Within months, steel imports dropped by 26 percent—and American steel production surged by over 18 million tons. Biden abandoned the steel the industry – we SAVED the steel industry.”

These are direct, hard-hitting appeals to white working-class and middle-class voters in rural and small-town Pennsylvania and in the suburbs who often voted Democrat in the past but who put Trump over the top in 2016. And considering that Biden and his running mate both want to end “fracking” for natural gas, that is not going to go over well in Pennsylvania, which has a huge natural gas industry. reported:

President Donald Trump is smart to take his reelection fight to Pennsylvania, where the oil and gas industry has fueled job growth— and where Democratic opposition to fracking could sink the party in November, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., said Thursday.

In an interview on Newsmax TV’s “Stinchfield” show, Reschenthaler predicted Pennsylvania voters will stand with Trump.

”Pennsylvania …might be Joe Biden’s home in Scranton, but it’s going to be home to another 20 electoral votes for President Trump come this fall,” he said.

“We have over 600,000 jobs that are tied to the oil and gas industry. We get cheap abundant natural gas, we get lower energy bills because of this industry.”

“We are able to control our destiny on the foreign stage,” he added. “We can send liquefied natural gas in the port in Philadelphia… but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to ban fracking. They’ll lose Pennsylvania.” believes that four other major factors will help Trump to win the electoral votes in Pennsylvania decisively:

*President Trump has high levels of approval among blacks as a result of his work on the economy and defending the police. Most blacks do NOT want the police de-funded. Even small voter defections among large black populations in three Pennsylvania cities – Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and the state capital of Harrisburg – will help Trump to take the state’s electoral votes, believes.

*The virus crisis will dampen voter turnout in the cities where Biden is strongest. Democrats are terrified of the virus after their Fake News media cronies have been over-emphasizing it for months. Meanwhile Trump voters are much less afraid of the virus and are highly “enthusiastic” about the president and will go out to vote for him no matter what happens. Trump voters also generally live in less-crowded areas where the virus seems less threatening.

*The stringent lockdown of the Pennsylvania economy by its Democrat governor has turned many residents against the Democrats.

*If the rioters and thugs turn out in the cities to disrupt election day, which believes they will, then many urban dwellers, who are overwhelmingly Democrat, will be afraid to go out and vote. Thus Democrat candidates would lose hundreds of thousands or even millions of votes nationwide. This will harm the Democrat ticket from the presidency on down to mayors and city councils.

These are factors that will appear not only in Pennsylvania but in other major states like North Carolina, Colorado, Minnesota and Michigan. Meanwhile here is a look at some of the Republicans who should have won the presidency but didn’t because they didn’t have the boldness or the energy of Trump:

First, let us look back to 2012 to see a Republican who could have been easily elected president but who totally blew it. That Republican was Mitt Romney. But if you look at Romney’s life, you would understand how he lost even though the political momentum in Autumn 2012 was going his way to win the White House. But he refused to get tough and caved in to Obama.

Romney had good reason to be a loser. His father George was governor of Michigan and ran for president in 1968. George Romney was bounced out of the campaign after he claimed that the US military had given him “a brainwashing” about the Vietnam War.

Mitt Romney spent his life plotting revenge. He ran for US Senate from Massachusetts against Ted Kennedy in 1994. He lost. He was elected governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and served only one term, after which he quit to run for president. He ran for president in 2008 and lost the nomination to John McCain. He ran for president in 2012 and lost to Obama. So finally he went to Utah and ran for US Senate in 2018 and won. No wonder Romney is angry and has become an anti-Trumper. After all, failure hates success.

Other weakling Republicans who could have won but didn’t were:

*Gerald Ford: He was vice president when president Richard Nixon was forced from office in the Watergate scandal. He then served as president from August 1974 through the election of November 1976 when he lost to Jimmy Carter. He lost the electoral vote to Carter 297 to 240. Ford was a boring, technocratic Washington Establishment Republican who was known for gaffes – like hitting a bystander with a golf ball at a celebrity tournament – and so Americans took a chance on an unknown governor from Georgia. Ford also had pardoned Nixon over Watergate, which made him unpopular.

*George HW Bush: He served as vice president under president Ronald Reagan from 1981 to 1989 and then ran for president in 1988 and won. In 1992, there was common agreement among political pundits that Bush did not seem excited about serving another term. He had none of the energy of president Trump. After all, he had been in Washington for decades. He lost to Democrat Bill Clinton but only after third-party candidate Ross Perot sabotaged Bush by siphoning off large numbers of Bush votes. Perot got a whopping 19% of the popular vote.

*Bob Dole: He was a US senator from Kansas and a Republican stalwart. He won the nomination to run for president in 1996 as the next-in-line candidate who mounted a lackluster campaign. Dole lost the electoral vote to Clinton by a whopping 379 to 159 margin.

*John McCain: He spent his whole life planning to be president. Both his father and grandfather were Navy admirals and so he had a good pedigree. He ran for president twice. In 2000, he lost in the primaries to George W. Bush, who went on to serve two terms in the White House. After McCain won the nomination in 2008 he ran a lousy campaign. He looked like a tired, ugly old white guy running against a younger and more vigorous and more politically-correct Obama. McCain seemed to almost want Obama to beat him.

On the other hand, Donald Trump was elected president on his first try after never being in politics before. He shocked the world. Trump came to the 2016 election with a life full of success in real estate and the media and a degree of panache that nobody had ever seen before. He is always brimming with optimism. That is how he has solved so many ‘insoluble’ problems like the border, the economy, better trade deals and a Middle East peace deal.

Just think – this newcomer Trump, who was considered a joke candidate, was taking on the entire Democrat Establishment, the Clintons and the Washington Establishment and beating them at their own game. This is why they hate him so much.

Mail-in Voting Fraud Exposed Once Again

Here is yet another example of the problem with mail-in voting. Fox News reported:

A judge has ruled that a new election will be held in November for a disputed Paterson City Council seat, just weeks after the race’s apparent winner and a sitting councilman were charged with voter fraud.

Alex Mendez had won a special election on May 12 to fill the seat, but claims of voter fraud were soon raised. An investigation was then launched after the U.S. Postal Service’s law enforcement arm told the state attorney general’s office about hundreds of mail-in ballots located in a mailbox in Paterson, along with more found in nearby Haledon.

Ultimately, the Passaic County Board of Elections decided not to count 800 ballots cast in the race.

Imagine this happening in hundreds of districts across the country. It will be a mess. Fortunately it appears that mail-in voting will only happen in a few liberal states. So Trump can win without those states even being fully counted.

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