Conservative Star Rises in Md./ Red States Lead Economic Recovery/ Hollywood Flips?

Kimberly Klacik is an attractive young black woman who is running as a Republican in the black inner city of Baltimore for the 7th Maryland US Congress district. This sounds like a hopeless task in Democrat-dominated Baltimore but Klacik’s bold campaign ad has gone viral across the internet, with more than 10 million views.

The ad and the media coverage of it is a sign of something bigger. It has helped Klacik to raise $2 million for her campaign and to raise her profile to a national level. President Trump has even recognized her efforts. She is going to speak at the Republican convention.

This new conservative star is shown in the ad walking down the desolate streets of inner-city Baltimore in a red dress and red high-heeled shoes through ruined neighborhoods that are filled with crime, alcoholism, drug abuse and murder. She says that Democrats have run the city for 53 years and asks the black audience why they are continuing to vote Democrat. “Black people don’t have to vote Democrat…” she says. “Its 2020. Name a blue (Democrat-run) city where black people’s lives have gotten better. Try. I’ll wait…” she adds, tauntingly.

This is a great ad. It was made with the help of the conservative group Turning Point USA. And you have to wonder what prompted Klacik to run for Congress with such a confrontational ad and with such a political mountain to climb. And the answer is: President Donald J. Trump did.

No, he did not force her to run for Congress or to make the ad. He set the example, that Republicans no longer have to cede 92% of the black vote, as Trump got only 8% of the black vote in 2016. But a recent Rasmussen poll, a poll known for accuracy, said that Trump has 36% approval among blacks.

Trump has done this not by pandering or handing out cash in welfare payments, but by pointing out the truth and setting an example. He has asked blacks why they continue to vote Democrat as their cities deteriorate, while the Trump economy pre-virus was booming and providing jobs and opportunity for all. Blacks were clearly thankful for something new. Trump also supports opportunity zones in black neighborhoods, and supports the police while one recent poll shows that African-Americans oppose police de-funding by a whopping 81%.

If a strong conservative leader like president Trump draws just 12% or 15% of the black vote in November, then the whole dynamic of American elections would change. If he gets 20% or more, the Democrat party might as well close up shop.

Black Democrat political leaders are living high on the public dime with constant media adulation as black Americans suffer in poverty under decades of unchallenged Democrat rule. They suffer wrecked neighborhoods, rampant crime and horrible public schools controlled by Democrats and the teacher unions. Trump and Klacik are simply pointing out that that must change.

Klacik is Democrats’ worst nightmare. Democrats fear that an outspoken Kimberly Klacik-type figure here, there and everywhere popping up in cities across the country, will shift the electoral dynamic considerably. It already is happening; a conservative black named Joe Collins is challenging black loudmouth Maxine Waters in her California district. Another outspoken and well-spoken black conservative Candace Owens said that she may run for Congress or even for US Senate.

And this is just the beginning. predicts that Klacik will become a leading figure in the black conservative movement.

After black rapper Kanye West broke with the Democrats and has gone to the conservative Christian side, there is cause for concern among Establishment Democrat black leaders. Ice Cube, another famous black rapper, took to Twitter to blast Democrats for advocating the “the same old” ideas. He said in a video:

“So over the last four days, the Democratic national party held their convention. A lot of people getting up there, talking, everybody really eating it up. What I didn’t hear is what’s in it for us? What’s in it for the black community, besides the same old thing we’ve been getting from these parties? What’s in it for us? For real.”

If more of these black rappers and celebrities jump ship then it could become a domino effect with ramifications that will be felt for decades. Thus it is clear that president Trump has unleashed another force that contravenes the smug ideology of the Washington Swamp and the Democrats, that could lead to a permanent re-shaping of the US electorate.

Enthusiasm for Trump Remains Sky-High

On the weekend of August 22-23 there were two more huge Trump boat parades, one in ultra-liberal Rhode Island, reportedly with more than 1,000 boats, and the other on the St. Clair River in Michigan with hundreds of boats. All of the boats featured Trump flags and banners. These flotillas are signs of “enthusiasm” for the president and it is a known fact that “enthusiasm” wins elections. There are no such signs of enthusiasm for Biden.

Not only do these parades include large numbers of boats, but pro-Trump crowds are gathering on the shore to join in. expects these parades and other forms of “enthusiasm” like road rallies to continue throughout the Autumn election season. In the area where lives in liberal Massachusetts, there was a pro-police road rally with a great turnout of cars and many motorcyclists on August 15, with another rally expected soon.

So while leftists riot, loot and burn, Trump supporters peacefully wave American flags and cheer their candidate and the police. It is obvious which is more popular with American voters.

Red States Lead Economic Recovery from China Virus

The economy is rebounding strongly from the virus-induced downturn brought to us by communist China. The stock market has rebounded to its record highs of early 2020, after falling nearly 30%. Job creation has been strong in May, June and July (8 million jobs total) after severe losses.

This sharp recovery could be expected since president Trump created the strongest underlying economy in American history, although the rebound was not expected until Autumn or early 2021 at the earliest.

Naturally the economy is only running at half-speed. Big states like California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina and others are all still hobbled from stringent lockdowns ordered by their Democrat governors. If these states were more opened up, we would have a much stronger recovery.

These governors are doing everything in their power to thwart the national economy. They think that that will hurt president Trump’s re-election bid, but they are wrong. believes that most voters do not blame Trump for the virus crisis or the economic crisis. Then comes this from

A review of the unemployment rates at the end of July vs. January 2020 and July 2019 show a number of historically red (conservative) states leading the recovery and the historically blue (liberal) states lagging the most, according to a WalletHub study…

The states whose unemployment rates are bouncing back the most amid the global coronavirus pandemic in the top 15 are, per the study:

South Dakota.
North Dakota.

Every one of these states voted for president Trump in 2016 except for Maryland. continued:

The bottom of the barrel on improving unemployment rates include many of the historically blue (liberal) states, including some of the largest states run by Democrat governors amid the global coronavirus pandemic, per WalletHub:

New York.
New Jersey.
New Mexico.
Rhode Island.
South Carolina.

Only three of these states voted for Trump. And we can extend this example to even good times when Democrat-run states underperformed and kept the national economy down.

Hispanics Do Not Support Black Lives Matter

The ‘black lives matter’ movement and its supporters think that most non-white people support the movement. This is untrue. believes that a clear majority of hispanics, Asians and whites oppose BLM and that that majority is growing every day. Hispanics have traditionally disliked or detested blacks and here is one more reason why:

An 80-year-old hispanic man with 16 grandchildren died after being viciously attacked and robbed in a Lancaster, California, grocery store bathroom in July. The man eventually died.

The suspect is black and has been arrested. And you can be sure that hispanic support in Southern California for ‘black lives matter’, which already was low, fell significantly after this shocking murder.

Will Donald Trump Jr. run for mayor of New York City?

Will Donald Trump Jr. run for mayor of New York City in the November 2021 election?

He could, and don’t think that he could not get elected. That city is in desperate condition after the lockdown and the riots. believes that voters may elect a tough reform-minded candidate. They did this after the city had sunk into the abyss in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1993, they elected Republican federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani as mayor and he straightened things out very quickly.

There is another possible reform candidate for mayor who may run, and that is billionaire John Catsimatidis. He is a popular radio host and is well liked in the city.

Either Trump Jr. or Catsimatidis would be just what the city needs. There are dire stories coming out of New York about conditions there. Citizens are fleeing by the thousands every week. There is a sense of fear and uncertainty that is far beyond anything ever felt before. They are also feeling severe economic pressures like never before with widespread job losses and sinking real estate values.

The current mayor Bill De Blasio (his real name is Warren Wilhelm) is a far-left figure who is destroying the city intentionally, as socialism is an ideology of destruction. His ideas need to be removed and increasing numbers of New Yorkers agree, even liberals and left-wingers who would never vote anything but Democrat in the past. Suddenly they are thinking in totally new ways.

Will a Hollywood Actress Sink the Democrats?

Normally we think of Hollywood and the Fake News media as being an asset of the Democrat party. But things are changing. Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, a top Democrat donor, is in jail. Other skunks like two top producers at the ‘Ellen’ (DeGeneres) TV show have lost their jobs over abuse, including sexual, of employees. Ellen herself may lose her show after a scandal about her terrible treatment of employees. Major figures like Matt Lauer and Andy Lack at NBC in New York have been sacked. Prairie Home Companion media darling Garrison Keillor has disappeared among charges of sexual harassment.

And then, in stark contrast, there is Hollywood actress Rose McGowan. She is turning on the Democrats like you wouldn’t believe. She recently dropped a huge bomb on the Democrat party. McGowan called out Democrats and their support for rapists and sexual deviants. She tweeted:

I was raped by a TOP Democrat donor (Weinstein). Hillary Clinton shut down NBC’s expose of HW with one call from her spokesperson. I strongly believe Joe Biden is a rapist. DNC had Bill Clinton, serial abuser of young women (Epstein & others) speak. You want me to be pro-Dem.

I know more than you will ever know about their evil. You can hide behind your convenient morality. I won’t.

McGowan got 65,000 Likes for her tweet within just 12 hours. Here is Wikipedia reporting about Weinstein:

In October 2017, following sexual abuse allegations, Weinstein was dismissed from his company and expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. More than 80 women had made allegations against Weinstein by October 31. The allegations sparked the #MeToo social media campaign and many similar sexual abuse allegations against (and dismissals of) powerful men around the world; this phenomenon is referred to as the “Weinstein effect”. Weinstein was arrested and charged with rape in New York in May 2018. He was found guilty of two of five felonies in February 2020, was sentenced to 23 years in prison,and is serving his sentence at Wende Correctional Facility.

McGowan tweeted to anti-Trump actress Patricia Arquette:

Go wear another black dress to an awards show, go make another vacuous speech into an echo chamber of fellow wealthy liberals in Hollywood. My family fought for the Democrats for years, still do. Do not lecture me.

If McGowan becomes active and outspoken in the presidential election this Autumn, or in the future, maybe even run for office, Democrats had better be prepared. The Hollywood machine that favors the Democrats 95% may end up backfiring on them big time in one of the most crucial elections of our time.

Update: Breitbart News reports about Trump-hating director Joss Whedon:

WarnerMedia has launched an investigation into allegations by actors that Justice League director Joss Whedon fostered an abusive work environment, according to IndieWire.

The investigation comes on the heels of last month’s allegations by Ray Fisher — the actor who portrayed Cyborg in the 2017 film — that Whedon’s behavior on the set was “completely unacceptable.”

“Joss Wheadon’s on-set treatment of the cast and crew of Justice League was gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable. He was enabled, in many ways, by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. Accountability>Entertainment,” Fisher said on social media in July.

Perhaps Whedon will soon be gone if the Trump Curse strikes again…

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