A Fantastic GOP Convention / Pro-Police Signs, Rallies Grow

The Republican National Convention kicked off Monday, August 23 with surprise after surprise. One was reported by The Hill website:

C-SPAN’s livestream of the first night of the Republican National Convention has attracted nearly 440,000 views, marking a substantial increase over the start of the Democratic National Convention, which drew 76,000 views.

Amazing, and that was just C-Span. Obviously the total viewership is huge, and this number is really no surprise at all. We know that Republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters are vastly more enthusiastic about the election than Democrats and Biden supporters. This viewership number should be very troubling to Democrats.

But it is the superior tone that is defining the GOP convention which has been a technical masterpiece, a full-course gourmet meal compared to the Democrats’ shake-n-bake convention. Its elegant production values may even shape future conventions.

The Democrats featured every speaker virtually and it looked like a Zoom convention done on webcams. The Republicans were smart. They had speaker after speaker appearing on a stage in an elaborate setting with flags everywhere. In case you are wondering where the Republicans were speaking from – it looks like a Classical Greek temple inside with huge columns and ornate vaulted ceilings – it is a place called The Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC. And you can rent it for your own event.

The speakers at the Democrat convention were shrill and negative on America. One even had been involved in a murder. The Republican speakers were optimistic, rational, dignified, well-spoken and dressed for success. President Trump made several appearances from the White House during the first and second nights, which is unheard of for a convention. Usually the nominee only appears and speaks on the last evening of the convention. Trump will make appearances on night three as well as four for his speech.

Expect president Trump’s speech to be hard-hitting, historic, eloquent and moving. He is going to highlight his accomplishments and savage the Democrats for the violence in our streets. The speech will be the beginning of the end for Biden and the Democrats.

Some of the fantastic speakers at the GOP event were Sean Parnell, an Afghan war veteran and candidate for Congress; Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was killed in the Parkland high school shootings; Nikki Haley, who is definitely presidential material; Kimberly Guilfoyle, who could be a future presidential candidate; Vernon Jones, a black Democrat-turned-Republican; Maximo Alvarez, a Cuban exile who has built a successful life in America; First Lady Melania Trump, who is always inspiring; and Natalie Harp, a cancer sufferer who is alive only because president Trump signed an executive order that gave her the “right to try” an experimental drug that saved her life.

Jon Ponder also spoke. He is a black man who was jailed for bank robbery. He turned his life around and turned to God. He established Hope for Prisoners, which president Trump has spoken to personally. Ponder and the FBI agent who arrested him, Richard Beasley, appeared with president Trump on night #2 of the convention.

President Trump even officially pardoned Ponder during the broadcast. It was wonderful.

Jason Joyce, a Maine lobster fisherman, talked about how Trump has helped his business. Ditto dairy farmer Cris Peterson. Nick Sandmann spoke eloquently about his being targeted by the media. He is the Covington Catholic student who was slandered over his conservative beliefs. Former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi savaged Biden’s corruption regarding Ukraine and China.

Mike Pence then did an inspiring segment from Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace highlighting six American success stories.

During one segment, the president presided over a naturalization ceremony in the White House. That was a master stroke, to highlight legal immigration. The participants came from Bolivia, Sudan, Ghana, Lebanon and India.

We could go on and on. This convention has been totally professional and uplifting. Now just imagine that Trump were a Democrat and Biden were a Republican. The media would rightly be making a totally hopeless prognosis for Biden. They would consider him to be a joke. But since he is a Democrat they are doing everything in their power to prop him up, even after the disastrous Democrat convention.

Trump has many advantages going into this election, one of the most important of which is his incumbency. He is using his office and the White House to great effect for his re-election and his convention appearances. He dominates every news cycle while Biden hides in his house. If you believes polls that show that Biden is going to win, you are in for a big surprise in November.

Pro-Police Signs are Going Up

After several months of rioting and looting and ‘black lives matter’ yard signs going up everywhere, Nikitas3.com has seen something infinitely better. “We Support the Police” signs are popping up in yards in my town and probably across the country. We can expect these signs to sprout by the millions all over America. Great. Just in time for the election.

In addition, pro-police rallies and car caravans are being held across the US. This is another good sign.

End Homelessness Overnight

The word “homeless” was introduced into our national lexicon around the same time that Ronald Reagan became president in 1981. It was intended to soften the blow of homelessness instead of calling them vagrants or bums or street people. It also coincided with a massive explosion in homelessness that coincided with the Reagan administration.

Democrats and their Fake News media cronies love to blame homelessness on Reagan and Republicans and conservatives, but actually the huge spike in numbers was a direct result of Democrat policies to shut down state mental hospitals in the 1970s. Democrat claimed that the hospitals were cruel and dirty.

And so we have hundreds of thousands of mentally ill homeless on the streets living under much worse conditions than they had in the hospitals.

Many homeless have mental problems while others have drug/alcohol problems. If we re-established state mental hospitals, a large part of the problem would disappear overnight. If we established state hospitals to treat drug and alcohol addiction, that would take another huge chunk of homeless off the street. The rest of the problem would then be manageable.

Swedish Christian Church Vandalized

Breitbart News reported:

Vandals desecrated the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malmö (southern Sweden) seven days in a row this month, breaking windows and demolishing a statue of Jesus.

The attentive folks at L’Observatoire de la Christianophobie reported Monday that for the week ending August 18, the church — located in the district of Västra Skrävlinge — was repeatedly profaned and is now protected by a nightly patrol.

Among the damage, a statue of Jesus was destroyed inside the church building and over the course of the week some 30 church windows were smashed with stones. The perpetrators also hurled other objects into the church through the broken windows.

And wouldn’t you know… Malmo has a big muslim population that was allowed to enter Sweden by the communists and socialists in that country, just as Democrats in the US want our nation overrun by immigrants.

Comedian Goes Bonkers over Insult

There is a left-wing, Trump-hating ‘comedian’ on HBO named John Oliver. He is from Britain and has become just another anti-American immigrant who is obsessed with the president. On one of his programs recently he insulted the city of Danbury, Connecticut, which is near New York City. And in response, the mayor of Danbury named his city’s sewage treatment plant after Oliver. The Guardian reported:

Officials in Danbury, Connecticut, say they will name their sewage plant after the comedian John Oliver, in retaliation for an expletive-filled rant about the city on his HBO show.

Mayor Mark Boughton announced the move on his Facebook page.

“We are going to rename it the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant,” the Republican mayor said. “Why? Because it’s full of crap just like you, John.”

In a recent episode of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the British-born comic explored racial disparities in the jury selection process, citing problems in Hartford and New Britain (Connecticut).

“If you’re going to forget a town in Connecticut,” he said, “why not forget Danbury? Because, and this is true, f*** Danbury!”

Noting Danbury’s “charming railway museum” and its “historic Hearthstone Castle”, he said: “Danbury, Connecticut can eat my whole ass.”

Oliver added that he knew “exactly three things about Danbury. USA Today ranked it the second-best city to live in 2015, it was once the center of the American hat industry and if you’re from there, you have a standing invite to come get a thrashing from John Oliver, children included, f*** you.”

It wasn’t clear what prompted the outburst. Oliver’s agent did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In 2017, Oliver made fun of Boughton and other mayors regarding videos they made seeking to attract Amazon’s second world headquarters. In his video, Boughton asked the home assistant Alexa where the best place for the facility would be, and Alexa said Danbury.

In Boughton’s new video, he also mentions that Amazon has decided to open a distribution facility in his city.

“And, oh by the way, thanks for showing that Amazon video,” Boughton says. “We did get Amazon here in Danbury.”

In response to the naming of the sewer plant, Oliver went nuts like a good leftist who can dish out the insults but cannot take them. He said, “[Expletive] Danbury! Babies, elderly, pets, buildings, all of you can go [expletive] yourselves.”

Elderly and babies? This is a typical thin-skinned socialist coward. Let us hope that hundreds of sewer plants across America are named for Oliver. That will literally drive him crazy… as if he is not nuts already.

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