Trump Strides Boldly Toward November/ Hillary Stokes Election Unrest

First, sends thoughts and prayers out to the people of Lake Charles and other nearby towns in Louisiana after Hurricane Laura slammed the city.

We know that these are tough, resilient Americans and that they will bounce back but that still does not soften the blow of this horrible tragedy. The damage is extensive. It is very sad to see.

Trump Strides Boldly Toward November

President Trump’s masterful convention acceptance speech of August 27 was just the next step in winning the November election, believes.

After the brilliant Republican convention that left the dreary doom-and-gloom Democrats in the dust, Democrats are increasingly seeing the truth – that Trump looks more and more likely to win a resounding victory in November. Democrats did not even get a traditional ‘bounce’ in the polls from their convention, which is another bad omen for them.

The president’s bold speech on Thursday capped a convention that is producing a significant poll surge for Republicans and for the president. In his speech, Trump took no prisoners. He said, “How can the Democrat party seek to lead our country when it spends so much time tearing down our country?”

Wow. The president used the beautifully-lit White House as a backdrop for his speech. This angered the Democrats no end after their amateurish convention presentation that looked more like a Zoom meeting.

Democrats are finally realizing that these riots are harming them badly in the polls. But it is their own fault. This is who they have become as Democrat mayors stand by and watch their own cities burn.

Democrats also are slowly realizing that the US Senate will remain in Republican majority control and that the US House will flip Republican if and when Trump wins a big victory.

Perhaps you noticed that warmonger globalists George W. Bush and Dick Cheney did not address the Republican convention. Why not? Because they are angry that Trump has not started any wars to enrich their friends. And that the Republican party is now The Trump Party and not the Bush party.

God bless America and president Trump…

Hillary Sets the Stage for National Unrest

Hillary Clinton is one of the meanest, most evil, most angry, most deranged figures in America today. She cannot let go of the fact that she lost the 2016 election. What’s worse, she cannot get over the fact that Americans, and even most Democrats, don’t care about her anymore and even consider her to be a burden on the party.

She said recently about the coming election:

“Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances. Because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually, I do believe he will win, if we don’t give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is.”

In other words, she thinks that Biden should not concede even if Trump wins an overwhelming and undeniable victory. This is sick but it is to be expected from the deteriorating minds of the Democrat party.

Hillary is doing something that psychologists call “projecting”. She is “projecting” her own defeat from 2016 onto Biden. She has been thinking since 2016 that she never should have conceded to Trump, that somehow she really won the election.

Thus she is telling Biden that he should never concede; this means that Democrats are planning to turn the nation upside down when Trump wins.

Hillary knows that the mobs are already in the streets and are prepared to break into chaos when Trump wins. We all remember that there were several nights of demonstrations after Trump won in 2016, but that happened before ‘black lives matter’ and ‘antifa’ thugs were rioting in the streets every day.

In 2020, these terrorists are ready to explode and Hillary is egging them on. This is no surprise. We know that the Democrats are literally descending into madness as shown in their attitude towards the riots. They have allowed the riots to flourish and only in the last two days have they started to backpedal and make statements criticizing the riots.

For instance the Democrat Wisconsin governor is suddenly allowing president Trump to send National Guard troops into Kenosha. That happened because he has seen the polls showing that the riots are hammering his party.

Here is one more gem from the Democrats. This is from The Daily Caller:

The Virginia Senate passed a bill during a Virginia General Assembly special session Wednesday that would allow assaulting a police officer to be a misdemeanor (and not a felony) if the person attacked is not injured.

Amazing. And what does Hillary means when she says that “I think (the election) is going to drag out, and eventually, I do believe (Biden) will win…”?

It means that Democrats are planning to try and steal the election, through their usual fraud, of course, but also through mail-in ballots. By “drag out”, Hillary means that Democrats will continue to accept and count mail-in votes after election day, perhaps for weeks, including millions of fraudulent ballots.

They will keep counting until Biden wins. This happened in five separate California US House races in 2018 when the incumbent Republican candidates were winning every seat on election day, but several weeks later every Republican had lost after straggling ballots were “counted”. We can assume that massive fraud occurred in that time.

We can be sure that Democrat voter registrars all over the country are passing out mail-in ballots by the thousands to crooked operatives who will mail them back with fraudulent votes cast for Biden.

Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi has suggested that Biden cancel his three scheduled debates with president Trump. She said, “I don’t think that there should be any debates … I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with (president Trump).”

In short, Democrats know that Biden is mentally depleted and is going to lose and thus they need to use any extra-legal tactic that they can to try and salvage him, like canceling the debates.

For instance Biden claimed that there was no racial unrest during the Obama administration while ignoring riots in Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore and Charlotte, NC.

If Pelosi does not think that anyone is noticing her tactic, here is a blistering tweet from Michael Ahrens at the Republican National Committee:

Democrats’ advice to Joe Biden:

1) Don’t debate.
2) Don’t leave the basement.
3) Don’t concede the election.

Odd way to project confidence in your nominee.

Perfect. Just perfect. We can also expect Trump and the whole conservative internet firmament to jump on this issue in the coming weeks, as has done for months.

Just think – Democrats are the party of Hollywood, the cocktail party elites in Washington and New York, the arts, and the whole Fake News media, all of whom consider themselves to be the smartest people ever. Yet Democrats are falling apart and their election messaging is a disaster. Their convention was a disaster. Their platform is a disaster. Joe Biden is a disaster.

This is happening because Democrats do not listen to “the people”. They listen only to each other and have been doing so for decades. And that is their fatal flaw that president Trump is capitalizing on every day. predicts that the polls and the focus groups will be so decisively favoring Trump by October 1 that Democrats will be throwing in the towel on Biden, but only behind the scenes. They will continue to fight for Biden in public and will show an increasing sense of panic and derangement as the rest of America sees the truth. believes that Democrats are in a complete panic about Biden even today. I had often wondered what they planned to do when they got to this point. I predicted months ago that Dems would seek to avoid the debates as an act of desperation. That time has arrived. What they will try next is anybody’s guess.

Behind closed doors, believes that Democrats are in total disarray, are arguing amongst themselves and that it is getting worse. This could not be happening at a worse time for Biden.

Then when Trump wins in a landslide in November, Democrats and their media cronies will collapse psychologically. These people already are in a state of total mental breakdown that will get vastly worse after Biden loses.

In the national elections in Britain last Spring, the Tories (conservatives) completely wiped out the Labour party (liberals). predicts that this will happen here in November.

Meanwhile president Trump said that he will request that both Biden and himself take drug tests before the debates. Trump believes that Biden gets hyped up on drugs for some of his public appearances.

This sounds like it could be true. After all, we know that Biden is sinking mentally and that he might be using something to keep himself going at crucial times, like for the debates. It could be drugs.

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