Democrats Panic as Trump Landslide Takes Shape

The calm, inspiring, uplifting and beautifully-produced Republican National Convention could not have contrasted more sharply than it did with the Democrats’ angry and negative podcast-quality convention.

The climax of the Republican event was president Trump’s fiery acceptance speech with the White House looming as a dignified backdrop and fireworks at the Washington Monument.

The reaction to that speech was an anti-Trump mob in the streets that swarmed attendees as they departed the White House. Senator Rand Paul said that he could have been killed if the police had not protected him.

And this, friends, sums up the 2020 presidential election. It is organization, order, peace and decorum versus chaos, violence, threats, negativity and disarray.

The Democrats are in a total 200% panic as polls swing strongly to Trump. They saw what happened in the last two weeks. They saw dignified, well-dressed speakers at the Republican event telling their inspiring personal stories and their hopes for a better future as opposed to Democrat speakers like the creepy singer Billie Eilish looking literally like she had come out of a horror film and a female named Donna Hylton who had been in jail 26 years for second-degree murder.

Wow. President Trump and vice president Pence used their convention speeches to call for law and order as Democrat cities are allowed to burn and riot. The president’s approach would obviously be more appealing to The Silent Majority that is going to elect the president.

Polls for president Trump and for Republicans are surging all over the nation after the Republican convention while Democrats got no traditional ‘bounce’ in the polls from their convention. This is another bad omen for Democrats.

This is happening as enthusiasm for Trump goes through the roof while black support for the Trump ticket goes sky-high, up to 36% in one poll (Trump got 8% of the black vote in 2016). You can rest assured that blacks are going to support law-and-order Trump even more after these riots and after calls from the hard left to defund the police, which blacks strongly oppose.

In Spring 2020, the conservative Tories in Britain wiped out the Labour party in the national elections after Labour went far to the left. is predicting the same thing in the US.

Here is The Daily Caller reporting about left-wing filmmaker and activist Michael Moore, who lives in Michigan and who warned about Trump’s victory in 2016. Moore spoke after polls earlier in the Summer showed Biden with a wide lead:

Michael Moore asked people if they “are ready for a Trump victory” after the president closed the gap against Joe Biden in a new Michigan poll.

“Sorry to have to provide the reality check again, but when CNN polled registered voters in August in just the swing states, Biden and Trump were in a virtual tie,” the 66-year-old filmmaker captioned his Friday post on Instagram, along with a screenshot of the results of a poll showing Biden with 49% and Trump with 48%.

“In Minnesota, it’s 47-47,” he added. “In Michigan, where Biden had a big lead, Trump has closed the gap to 4 points. Are you ready for a Trump victory?”

Moore continued, “Are you mentally prepared to be outsmarted by Trump again? Do you find comfort in your certainty that there is no way Trump can win? Are you content with the trust you’ve placed in the DNC to pull this off?”

The documentary filmmaker went on to explain how the “Biden campaign just announced he’ll be visiting a number of states— but not Michigan. Sound familiar? I’m warning you almost 10 weeks in advance.”

Moore noted how the “enthusiasm level for the 60 million in Trump’s base is OFF THE CHARTS” while “not so much” for the Democratic presidential nominee.

On Friday, a Michigan Statewide Presidential poll conducted by the Republican-leaning Trafalgar Group found the president has closed the gap. After speaking to 1048 respondents, 46.6% of likely general election voters support Biden, compared to 45.2% for Trump. The margin of error for the August 2020 poll is 2.98%.

OK, this stuff is all over the internet in state after state and it is following a pattern where Republicans like Trump in 2016, George HW Bush in 1988 and Ronald Reagan in 1980 were dismissed as losers but then started to surge in the polls as Labor Day approached. All three won significant victories in November.

The big difference between Reagan and Trump is that the swing to Trump in 2020 is much more pronounced and earlier than the Reagan or Bush surges. This is nothing but bad news for Democrats. Even black Republican John James, who is running for the US Senate seat in Michigan, has jumped in the polls. That seat was expected to remain “safe Democrat”. theorizes that Michigan Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer’s severe lockdown of the state is going to help Republicans all over Michigan like James, and help Trump to win Michigan too (again, like he did in 2016).

Democrats are in total panic mode. They know that Joe Biden is crippled. They know that the debates are coming up, in which Trump is going to crush Biden. They have seen the massive enthusiasm for Trump in boat parades and rallies while Biden hides in his basement and announces that he finally is going to campaign in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota… after Labor Day… since he obviously need to nap until then.

Meanwhile president Trump held a campaign rally in New Hampshire the day after he was up until well after midnight giving his acceptance speech and celebrating the successful conclusion of the Republican National Convention. At the rally Trump looked and sounded vigorous and ready to take the fight to November. Trump is not waiting until Labor Day to campaign, as candidates traditionally have done.

The Trump rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on August 28 drew 45,734 viewers on just one small internet network called Right Side Broadcasting. But when the Biden campaign announced its latino outreach initiative, it got 211 internet views.

Stunning. Amazing. Meanwhile Joe Biden looks like a frail old man who is afraid to leave his house because of the virus. And this is the difference between a sinking campaign and a rising campaign. has been predicting without hesitation a Trump victory, and even a Trump landslide, since the beginning of 2020. And now it appears to be taking form.

This election would have gone toward Trump anyway, but now the riots that are plaguing cities like Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, New York and Chicago are simply burying the Democrats. predicts that fear over the riots is going to put Oregon and Minnesota and maybe the state of Washington in the Trump column in November (see below). These are allegedly liberal states not won by a Republican presidential candidate in decades.

At the same time, Trump is hitting the law-and-order issue hard. At his New Hampshire rally he talked about the harassment and threats aimed at attendees of his White House acceptance speech the night before.

“The mayor (of Washington, DC) should be ashamed for that kind of display of incompetence,” Trump said about the mob that should have been kept away from the speech attendees. “It’s happening all over when you have Democrat-run cities.”

We have mountains of video evidence of what the anti-Trumpers are doing in our cities. It is going to appear in ad after ad after ad during the Autumn election season. It already is. And this is simply going to reinforce what voters already know – that the Democrats are the party of chaos, and this chaos frightens most Americans, including tens of millions of independents and Democrats.

Will Trump Win Oregon, Washington Electoral Votes? predicts that president Trump will win an easy re-election, including the Electoral College votes in Washington state and Oregon. These are two states which have voted Democrat in presidential elections for decades.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton won Oregon by 11 points and Washington state by 17 points. But believes that hundreds of thousands of independent and Democrats voters in both states, who have been swinging the states to the Democrats for decades, are going to move to Trump as rioters have looted and burned their largest cities of Seattle and Portland. Both cities have far-left Democrat mayors, and both states have far-left Democrat governors, while president Trump is making this urban chaos a major issue in his re-election.

Oregon and Washington are examples of once-conservative states that have drifted further and further to the left in recent decades, starting in the 1970s. You have to go back to 1984 for the last time that a Republican – incumbent president Ronald Reagan – won either state’s Electoral College votes.

There already is talk about recall elections against the leftist mayor of Seattle. This may spread to include the Democrat governors of Washington, Michigan and Oregon, and the Democrat mayors of Portland and Boise, Idaho and Minneapolis. This all will redound to the benefit of president Trump even if there are not formal recall elections. The anger of voters is never going to be recalled.

In Oregon, there has been uninterrupted rioting in Portland since late May. This is certainly deeply disturbing to many Oregonians who have voted Democrat for many years and even decades but who have watched the destruction of downtown Portland in horror by communist mobs like ‘antifa’ and another groups called “black lives matter”.

At the same time, there is a significant congressional race brewing that will probably bring president Trump to Oregon for a rally that could help to tip the state. In the 4th congressional district, in the largely rural southwestern and coastal part of Oregon, the seat has been held by a leftist Democrat for decades. Unfortunately the district includes the college towns of Eugene and Corvallis, which have helped to assure that the seat is held by a Democrat.

But a strong Republican challenger has emerged this year. His name is Alek Skarlatos and he is a former US Army National Guard soldier who, along with fellow Americans Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, stopped a terrorist gunman from attacking a French train in August 2015. Skarlatos received international attention for the feat and was awarded France’s highest decoration, Knights of the Legion of Honour (Chevaliers de la Légion d’honneur) for his heroism.

In this age of domestic terrorism in our American cities, believes that Skarlatos will win the seat as his candidacy contrasts starkly to the riots in Portland and nearby Seattle, and the permissive Democrats who are allowing them.

Prediction: Minnesota Will Vote for Trump predicted in July that Minnesota would vote for president Trump in November after Minnesota has not voted Republican in a presidential election since 1972.

But these riots have changed everything. President Trump came close to winning Minnesota in 2016, losing by only 45,000 votes or .5 points. You have to go all the way back to 1972 to find the last time that Minnesota voted for a Republican presidential candidate.

The riots in Minneapolis shocked Minnesotans to their cores. An estimated 200 businesses were burned and there was $500 million in property damage. This happened after the far-left mayor of Minneapolis allowed the rioting to go on for four nights before finally calling out the National Guard to restore order. The daughter of the left-wing Minnesota governor even was found to have tweeted out sensitive information on the whereabouts of Guard troops, which she obviously got from her father. This information helped the rioters.

After this rioting, law-and-order Trump looks more and more like he will win Minnesota in November. The Trump campaign reported about Democrat strongholds in six of Northern Minnesota’s Iron Range communities:

As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris embrace the socialist agenda of the radical left, Democrats and Democrat communities across America are abandoning their party’s nominee and embracing President Donald J. Trump. As Vice President Pence travels to Duluth, Minnesota today, he promises that the Trump Administration will make every American more prosperous and secure. Voters across the country understand that we need a strong leader like President Trump to rebuild our country. Whether it be leaders in the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party or Mayors from Democrat strongholds, today’s endorsements from Minnesota’s Iron Range highlight the growing support for President Trump’s re-election campaign.

The letter from Mayor Larry Cuffe of Virginia, Minnesota, Mayor John Champa of Chisholm, Minnesota, Mayor Chuck Novak of Ely, Minnesota, Mayor Chris Swanson of Two Harbors, Minnesota, Mayor Robert Vlaisavljevich of Eveleth, Minnesota, and Mayor Andrea Zupancich of Babbitt, Minnesota reads:

“Lifelong politicians like Joe Biden are out of touch with the working class, out of touch with what the country needs, and out of touch with those of us here on the Iron Range and in small towns like ours across our nation. In this election, there is a lot at stake, but the biggest risk is our jobs, our economy, and our way of life. President Trump delivered the best economy in our nation’s history, and President Trump will deliver for us again. He will continue to fight for every American, regardless of party affiliation and continue to stand up for the working class.”

Wow. At the same time we can expect Wisconsin to go for president Trump strongly in November after the riots in Kenosha. Trump won Wisconsin in 2016.

On the other hand, a conservative activist named Scott Presler, who has become a social media influencer by physically cleaning up Democrat-controlled and decaying American cities, has joined forces with Black Voices for Trump to help Kenosha recover from the ‘black lives matter’ riots.

Presler is also registering people to vote. He said, “If American citizens can’t enjoy their cities, then we’ve already lost our freedom. War is where peace needs to be.” Breitbart News reported:

Since his first cleanup in Baltimore in August of 2019, Presler and his volunteers and fellow Trump supporters collected 105 tons of trash in Austin, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles before the New Year arrived.

This year, so far, he has also cleaned up in Portland, Oregon, but it was his trip to San Francisco that put a new spotlight on the blight in one of America’s once shining cities.

“You saw some horrible things in San Francisco,” Breitbart News asked Presler. “Can you share what you saw, because it wasn’t just coke bottles and water bottles.”

“I can just tell you I have been to some of America’s most dirtiest and dangerous cities — I’ve been to Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco — San Francisco was the only city where you had to watch your step because of human excrement,” Presler said.

Black Voices for Trump’s mission detailed on its website reveals why partnering with Presler is a good match:

Empowering the Black community has always been a top priority for Donald J. Trump, even before he became President. Since his inauguration, President Trump has championed policies that have revitalized the Black community. He has done this by creating a more inclusive economy for Black Americans, providing historic funding for our Historical Black Colleges and Universities, expanding school choice, and giving former inmates a second chance to achieve the American Dream.

Which approach looks better to most Americans – Trump and Scott Pressler, or riots and mayhem? The answer is obvious.

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