Polls Swing Strongly to Trump/ Silent Majority Set to Pounce

There have been major swings in the polls to president Trump after the Republican convention. This is no surprise. Anyone with half a brain knows that the Republicans creamed the Democrats in terms of style, content and class at their convention.

This poll swing is called a “convention bounce”. Normally both parties get a bounce after their respective convention, but the Democrats got none at all. This is certainly sending shockwaves through the Democrat party.

This is happening precisely as support for the Democrat party plummets as the riots continue in Democrat-run cities. When president Trump visits Kenosha, Wisconsin on September 1 he is going to egg on a growing campaign against the Democrat governor of Wisconsin for allowing the riots to go wild without calling in the National Guard in sufficient strength to stop them.

This campaign is almost certainly going to result in a recall effort to push the governor out of office. Nikitas3.com believes that the former Republican governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker will run and will win the seat.

A recent Zogby poll, which is known for accuracy, put Trump’s support among blacks at 20%. This comes after an NAACP poll put it at 21% and a Rasmussen poll put it at 36%. So something big is going on with the black vote. It is not just a statistical quirk.

Trump won with 8% of the black vote in 2016. If he gets just 10% or 12% in November, he will win in a landslide. If he gets 15% or more, the Democrats may as well close up shop because this will represent a permanent realignment of black voters.

Donald Trump won 30 states in 2016 and 57% of the electoral votes. Nikitas3.com predicts that he will win 33 to 37 states in November, including Minnesota which has not voted for a Republican in a presidential election since 1972. Trump almost won Minnesota in 2016 and if he wins it in November then it will be another major blow to the Democrats. It will mean another significant shift in the electorate.

Six mayors from so-called Iron Range communities in Northern Minnesota, a Democrat stronghold for decades, all said that they are supporting Trump.

The Real Clear Politics average of all of the polls has swung significantly in Trump’s direction over the last few days, and this includes the Fake News media polls that are rigged against the president to begin with.

All of these stories combined are setting off panic in the Democrat party. Democrats realize that the riots have screwed them. This is why Biden rushed out to do a campaign speech in Pittsburgh. But it is too little too late. Too many factors have been swinging toward Trump for far too long.

Update: Biden’s speech was a disaster. He could not get his thoughts straight. After his speech he ran away from the podium and answered no questions. There were a few hundred supporters – maybe less – outside the speech looking like they had zero enthusiasm for Sleepy Joe. Meanwhile Trump was getting 20,000 at his rallies.

The second great part of the election story is this: If and when Trump wins a significant victory, his “coat tails” are going to bring along hundreds of downticket Republican candidates from US Senate and US House to state house and senate races and even to county and local races. This will run a bulldozer over the Democrats.

God bless president Trump. Let’s bury the Democrats for good in November. Here are four other factors running in Trump’s favor:

*Many colleges are being disrupted because of the China virus. This means that their well-oiled machine that gets liberal students to the polls in college towns will not work as well as normal.

*Fear of the virus will cause big decreases in Democrat voter turnout on election day in cities. This will significantly cut into Biden’s vote and into the Democrat vote for other races as well, like US Senate and US House. Meanwhile conservatives are much less afraid of the virus and are vastly more enthusiastic about getting out to vote for the president.

*If the rioters disrupt the cities on election day, which Nikitas3.com believes they will, then that too will cause a big drop in voter turnout, which is very bad for Democrats.

*Voters in states with Democrat governors who have locked down their states severely for the China virus are going to swing to president Trump in large numbers since Trump wants the economy opened.

In Britain, the Tories (conservatives) wiped out the Labour party in elections last Spring. Nikitas3.com predicts the same for the US in November.

Now here is good news about a sad subject: Oregon police have a suspect in the murder of a pro-police, pro-Trump Patriot Prayer group member by an ‘antifa’ thug. That patriot was Jay Bishop also known as Jay Danielson. May God rest his soul.

The suspect is Michael Forest Reinoehl who has described himself as “100% ANTIFA all the way”.

Amazingly Reinhoel was singled out by internet sleuths who linked videos and photos of Reinoehl to the murder. It is amazing what these internet people are doing through pictures taken at the riots.

Let us pray that if Reinhoel is guilty that he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by the Trump Justice Department and serves a life jail sentence. The death penalty sounds even better to Nikitas3.com.

The Silent Majority is Set to Pounce

There may be a few thousand far-far-left violent ‘black lives matter’ and ‘antifa’ supporters across America, concentrated in cities, who are creating mayhem in the streets. But they pale in comparison to tens of millions of peaceful patriots who love America and wholeheartedly support our police and president Trump.

In other words, there are many more of us as than there are of them. And that is starting to sink in all over the country.

Throughout the Summer there have been boat parades in many states in which boat owners show Trump flags and banners and tout their approval of the president. Several parades appear to have had more than 1,000 boats, which makes for an impressive sight. At the same time, crowds have gathered on nearby shores to cheer on the parades.

There even is a massive Trump boat parade planned on the Potomac River in Washington, DC for Labor Day weekend. That is hardly Trump territory, but it shows how the Trumpsters are taking the fight to the heart of the beast.

The parades are upbeat. Everyone is well behaved, in stark contrast to the riots and looting in our cities.

Trump car caravans are also starting to assemble all across the country, even going into Portland, Oregon. We can expect these caravans to grow in number and size as the election approaches. There also are increasing numbers of pro-police rallies across the country that will grow as election day nears

Nikitas3.com did see one Biden parade. It was made up of three golf carts at an elderly housing complex in Florida with a Biden banner hung on one of the carts.

So friends, we all know what is really going on. The people who built America and who want us to remain strong and free are starting to speak out after our worst Summer ever. And while our message is positive, the message of the rioters is negative and dark. And we all know which message resonates with the vast majority of Americans in these troubling times.

These people make up The Silent Majority, first described by president Richard Nixon in a speech on November 3, 1969. While quiet for most of the year, we have seen The Silent Majority rears up at election time over and over again. It elected Nixon in 1968, re-elected him in 1972, elected Ronald Reagan president in 1980, re-elected him in 1984, elected George HW Bush and George W. Bush, and then in the biggest surprise of all, elected Donald Trump in 2016.

The Silent Majority works hard, plays by the rules, goes to church, cares for its own, cares for others, and pays its taxes. Yet somehow the intellectual classes in the Democrat party think that The Majority is stupid and that these riots are not registering with most Americans, who are too busy working or worrying about the China virus.

They fail to see that The Silent Majority is very smart and attentive and that it is keenly aware of the riots and what they really mean.

The Democrat party always has been the party of intellectuals. It is the party of Harvard and Yale, of the eggheads and theorists and college professors and novelists and artists.

In theory, anything can appear to work; for instance communism is always a theoretical success. It works on paper but in reality it is a system of failure, oppression, poverty and deprivation.

The Democrat party and its intellectual stalwarts hate the middle class. They look down on The Silent Majority. The reason is simple – the middle class is the one group that challenges the power of the intellectuals in academia and in the media who support the Democrat party.

Nikitas3.com heard a journalist speaking recently. He once worked at the Dallas Morning News and said that the newspaper’s editors had more in common with the faculty lounge at Harvard than with the people of Texas who lived within 20 miles of the newspaper’s offices.

You can even go to a rural area of farms and small towns and find that the local newspaper is liberal. In other words, liberals and intellectuals are in love with words while conservatives believe in actions. And that is the difference between the two.

Look at how much support that the Democrat party gets on college campuses – 90% or more of professors are liberal or far-left. One of the intellectual screwballs at CNN recently tweeted out:

“Trump’s efforts to label what is happening in major cities as “riots” speaks at least somewhat to his desperation, politically speaking, at the moment”

And this, friends, is classic intellectual dementia, that you cannot even call a riot a riot when you see it before your very eyes. CNN even referred to “peaceful protests” as it showed a picture of a burning building during a riot.

This is true intellectual dementia. They live in their own world where everything they say is true in their own minds. It harkens back to the investigation into Trump’s non-existent collusion with Russia. Despite two straight years of the Fake News media covering the story, it proved to be totally empty.

Intellectual dementia covers the gamut and is expressed in another conspiracy theory of ‘climate change’, that somehow the climate has never changed before when we know that it has been changing naturally for thousands of years, that it has been both much hotter and much colder than today.

Now the crazies on the left have a new tactic that appeared overnight. They are blaming president Trump for the riots, looting and arson. In their minds, this is a rational conclusion but in reality we know the facts – that the riots are happening in and being allowed to flourish in cities controlled by Democrats. And The Silent Majority knows this and will never be suckered by the left.

We conservatives and our friends in The Silent Majority have the most important asset of all – we have common sense. The intellectuals have none of it. President Trump is standing foursquare against the violence, which is a common sense approach. And that is why he is going to win in November.

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