Polls Disappear/ Democrats Lose Control of their Mobs

After president Trump and Republicans got a big post-convention “bounce” in the polls following the Republican National Convention, Rasmussen Reports, a national polling organization, noted that the following news organizations did not issue any post-convention polls:

Fox News
USA Today/Suffolk

The reason is that the polls are showing a huge shift in favor of Trump and the Fake News media do not want to report it.

Meanwhile a leftist website called Axios is already predicting a landslide win for president Trump on election day, as Nikitas3.com has been doing for months and as more and more Democrats are doing. But Axios is also warning that the real results won’t come in for weeks due to mail-in voting. This shows that Democrats and the media are already expecting a big Trump win and so are warning Democrats to cheat many times over for Biden to have any hope of winning.

Trump Confronts Dems as They Lose Control of Mobs

The fringe mobs who are torching and looting our cities are literally controlling the national news narrative and the Democrat party.

Meanwhile Nikitas3.com predicts that president Trump is going to win re-election easily because the Democrats have totally lost control, not only of their cities and the mobs but of their own agenda. The mobs are now controlling the national anti-Trump narrative, and polls show that Americans are disgusted and terrified of this agenda and the mobs.

Democrats originally thought that the riots would hurt president Trump, but in fact the riots are hurting Democrats very badly. That is why Democrats suddenly stopped ignoring the riots and started blaming Trump for the riots in an attempt to salvage themselves. This shows Democrats in a total panic about their failed strategy.

Initially Democrat mayors like Wheeler in Portland, Durkan in Seattle and Lesbian Lightfoot in Chicago encouraged the looters and rioters as part of the Democrat plan. But that all changed after the polls turned against Democrats and after rioters turned on the mayors themselves and attacked their homes.

In Portland, Wheeler saw his own apartment building attacked and burned by the same mobs who have been attacking the federal courthouse and the police. The looters apparently don’t think that Wheeler is radical enough and so now they are after him too. Which just goes to prove a point that Nikitas3.com has stressed for decades – that liberals try to consume their enemies and then they always consume themselves.

These riots are the most disastrous situation that Nikitas3.com has ever seen in American politics but fortunately it is turning on the Democrats. Nikitas3.com predicts that the state of Oregon will vote for a Republican – president Trump – in the Electoral College in November for the first time in decades. It will be a backlash against the Democrat governor and Portland mayor who have allowed the riots to fester in the state’s largest city. We could also see the same in Washington state.

Perhaps you have noticed that there is calm in the ‘red’ (conservative) states but not in the “blue” states and cities. If president Trump could wave a magic wand, he would have National Guard troops out in every city and the rioting would end. This is why it is so important for Trump to win. He is our only backstop against a constant state of rioting, which is what the radicals have planned.

In most presidential elections there is an ‘October Surprise’, an event that happens in October that is intended to shift the election. Nikitas3.com wonders if Trump’s “surprise” will be to send US Army troops to these cities to quell the violence. He can do this legally under the Insurrection Act of 1807 and the mayors and governors cannot stop him.

It’s clear what is going on; the Democrats have failed miserably in lying to us about something before our very eyes like the riots. Nikitas3.com predicts that millions of voters have fled the Democrat party over the riots alone.

President Trump visited the riot-ravaged city of Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday, September 1. The Democrat governor of Wisconsin had warned Trump not to visit, and for good reason. The president is going to win over the people of Kenosha by standing for law and order after the Democrat governor is held responsible for not stopping the riots until after major destruction occurred.

Kenosha is a city on Lake Michigan, which is one of the Great Lakes. Kenosha is just 66 miles due north of downtown Chicago and is considered a Chicago suburb. It was once a union-strong manufacturing city and is a liberal part of Wisconsin. Today it has 100,000 residents. It is described by Wikipedia like this:

Between 1902 and 1988, Kenosha produced millions of automobiles and trucks including makes and models such as Jeffery, Rambler, Nash, Hudson, LaFayette, and American Motors Corporation (AMC). In May 1954, Nash acquired Detroit-based Hudson and the new firm was named American Motors Corporation. A 47-acre west side park and an elementary school are named for Charles W. Nash

Kenosha … is today a bedroom community because of the ease of access to the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor. According to county statistics, 49% of Kenosha’s workforce commutes outside of Kenosha County to their positions. Many travel northward towards Milwaukee or south into the Chicago area.

Nikitas3.com believes that Kenosha will swing significantly to president Trump in November and that the Democrat governor of Wisconsin knows it. Nikitas3.com believes that the riots will help Trump to win Wisconsin’s electoral votes again, this time by a much wider margin than 2016. The riots only stopped after the Wisconsin governor allowed the president to send National Guard troops to Kenosha.

In his visit to Kenosha, the president had attorney general William Barr in tow. This is significant. Let us hope that Barr is going to crack down on the rioters with federal actions.

The president was met by enthusiastic pro-Trump crowds during his visit. Right Side Broadcasting, a relatively new outfit, put the Trump visit on YouTube and got 33,525 views. NBC News got 13,727 views.This shows how the internet is changing the political landscape.

In his community roundtable after viewing the destruction in Kenosha by car, president Trump addressed the issues, with no mask by the way. Good. We conservatives are the anti-mask party. He even suggested that all of the participants in the roundtable could remove their masks if they wanted, and every one of them did.

The people of Kenosha were very grateful for the National Guard coming to the city. President Trump warned about the “dangerous anti-police rhetoric” and assured the people of Kenosha that he will help them to rebuild. While the Trump haters said that the president’s visit would cause problems and division, that was the opposite of the truth.

Trump spoke highly of the police. The president noted a huge crowd, including blacks and hispanics, that greeted him as a messenger of safety and security. President Trump promised $1 million federal dollars for the Kenosha police and $4 million for businesses to rebuild. A total of 25 businesses were destroyed.

Homeland Security chief Chad Wolf also expressed support for the police and for law and order.

Trump talked about the growing federal effort against ‘antifa’ and other criminal mobs like ‘black lives matter’. This is certainly good news for the people of Kenosha, of Wisconsin and of all America. Trump said that the federal Operation Legend has cut the murder rate in Chicago in half.

US senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin described how “nice” the people of Wisconsin are. That is true. They are great Midwestern folks with good spirits.

All in all, Trump’s visit was reassuring to the people of Kenosha and Wisconsin and is helping them heal. God bless president Trump for his calm voice and strong message.

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