Sky-High Trump Enthusiasm / More Chinese Expelled

Political ‘enthusiasm’ is a known and acknowledged phenomenon that wins elections. If two candidates are comparable in popularity and stature, the candidate with the most enthusiasm among his followers always seems to win.

And while has said over and over that president Trump has many factors going for him, enthusiasm is one of the most important.

Thousands of his supporters line the roads wherever he goes. Many thousands showed up at the airport at Latrobe, Pennsylvania on September 3 to watch him fly in even though only a select few were allowed into the rally, perhaps 1,000. These people just love to show their enthusiasm for the president. Some of them drove hours just to be part of Trump’s America.

The president earns the enthusiasm and cultivates it. There has never been a political leader like Donald Trump anywhere in the world at any time in history. He is totally unique. He knows how to bond with his followers. sees that support for president Trump is like a family. If you go to a rally, you are among friends. It goes far beyond politics. It is an uplifted emotional state. visited New Hampshire on Saturday, September 5 and held out a Trump banner at a busy traffic circle in the small city of Keene for 4 hours. The positive response I got was amazing even in one of the most liberal parts of the state, where a state college is located.

The people honked their horns and gave thumbs-up by the hundreds. They smiled and seemed to bond with me just for holding a Trump banner. I waved back and was always courteous even though the anti-Trumpers were very nasty.

This was in New Hampshire which the president lost by a small margin in 2016. predicts from the anecdotal enthusiasm that I witnessed that he will win New Hampshire in 2020.

The left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore, who warned his fellow travelers that Trump was going to win in 2016, is predicting another Trump win in November. And one of the words Moore mentioned in his analysis was enthusiasm. He said that the enthusiasm for president Trump is “off the charts”.

He is absolutely correct. Just look at these Trump boat parades with hundreds of boats. One of the biggest was on a lake in… Iowa?! Two of them even are reported to have had more than 1,000 boats. They wave Trump flags and banners. Some even paint their boats with TRUMP 2020 on the side. And they are totally uplifting, law-abiding and fun. Again, it is like a family outing and there is only happiness and love for the president.

Massive boat parades took place on Labor Day weekend in North Carolina, New Jersey, Minnesota, Texas, Missouri and Ohio, two of them reportedly had more than TWO THOUSAND boats. And it is still two months until election day.

Huge Trump boat parade on Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma. More than 2,000 boats! Easily breaking (again) the world record. Another parade in Galveston, Texas. More parades appearing on YouTube every hour. American flags and Trump banners everywhere. Update: Parades in Barnegat Bay, Kentucky Lake, Mississippi River, Canyon Lake, Indian Rock Lake and others… Big crowds on the shore too. St. Croix River in Wisconsin. Big crowds onshore and on the bridge over the river.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources said that 3,000 to 4,000 vessels were at the Trump boat parade on Lake Lanier.

A Portland, Oregon pro-Trump, pro-America car rally had 10,000 people and 3,500 vehicles. It was totally ignored by the Fake News media. predicts that Trump will win Oregon’s electoral votes in 2020.

Meanwhile Biden has ZERO to compare except riots and destruction.

Breitbart News reports about the New Jersey flotilla:

A New Jersey boat parade supporting President Donald Trump, police officers, and veterans is trying to break a world record on Saturday.

“We’re hoping to double our number. Last time was 1,200 [boats], so 2,400 would be nice. Three thousand was our goal, and we’ll see if we meet it,” Chris Molla, organizer of Law Enforcement Officer and Veterans Support Boat Parade, told Fox & Friends Weekend — while driving his boat.

Can you say enthusiasm? And enthusiasm wins elections Watch this incredible New Jersey boat parade Click through it and you can see it in just a few minutes. It is stunning. There was both a huge car rally AND boat parade in Sacramento, California and both were over-the-top enthusiastic and fun.

Contrast that with the riots in Sacramento recently and you have the difference between night (Democrats) and light (Trump). There was a huge Trump flotilla in San Diego. These boat parades are being reported all over the country on Labor Day weekend, so many that they just keep appearing on YouTube from this state and that. There has never been this type of overt public enthusiasm for a presidential candidate this early in the campaign season.

Meanwhile there was a rally for Joe Biden at an elderly housing complex in Florida with just three golf carts and a Biden banner on one of them. At the same time, Biden backers are looting and rioting in cities across America. Which of these looks like a winner?

Neither. Biden is finally venturing out of his basement now that Labor Day is here. And his performance has been dismal. He looks weak and pale. He wears his mask, which makes him look weaker. He speaks in a low monotone as if he is worn out. There is zero excitement.

If Biden’s followers were enthusiastic like Trump’s are and if Trump supporters were as unenthusiastic as Biden’s, the media would be going overboard in saying that Trump can’t win. Democrats are surely terrified of the enthusiasm for Trump.

When Trump showed up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, he was greeted by miles of adoring crowds along the highways. Joe Biden got no crowds and he spent his entire trip to Kenosha in a little church with 10 other people, talking like a withered old man. No energy. No enthusiasm. Trump’s moniker for Biden – Sleepy Joe – is very appropriate.

President Trump also has millions of Americans praying for him. What previous president has had this type of respect and admiration? None. Trump has it all, in so many ways.

More Chinese Being Expelled

Here is good news about Chinese in the US. Breitbart News reported:

The University of North Texas announced this week that it was expelling 15 Chinese scholars over their relationship with China’s Ministry of Education. Many universities and colleges around the nation have cut ties with researchers this year over allegations that they were using their position to funnel taxpayer-funded research to the Chinese government.

According to a report by the College Post, the University of North Texas ended its relationship with a group of scholars from China. Although the university did not explicitly provide a reason for the decision, some suspect the university cut ties over concerns about research theft.

This is great. These people are spies. For decades Chinese communist party members have been coming to America and stealing every technology that they can get their hands on, from universities and private companies. Here is reporting a story that is being repeated all over the US, particularly under president Trump:

The FBI arrested a Raytheon employee last week for taking a work laptop with information about US missile defense systems to China despite his employer’s warnings — and by doing so breaking arms and weapons export laws.

The man was identified as 48-year-old Wei Sun, a resident of Tucson, Arizona.

According to his LinkedIn page, Sun has worked at Raytheon since December 2008, serving as an electrical engineer working on analog circuitry design.

According to court documents, Sun worked inside Raytheon’s military-oriented Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) programs, for which he received clearance to handle classified material labeled as SECRET.

Trump also shut down the Chinese consulate in Houston which was believed to have been a hotbed of Chinese spying. As the embassy was closing, employees were spotted burning documents in the embassy yard. had an acquaintance back in the 1990s who had a firm doing CNC work with the latest technology. He met a “waiter” at a restaurant in my town. The waiter came from China. My acquaintance befriended the waiter and the waiter tried to convince him to move his company to China. Obviously the “waiter” was the son of a communist party official sent to the US to try and get companies to move to China where their technology is stolen.

My acquaintance never moved his company, but he did make two trips to China to check out the possibilities.

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