Good News: Riots Mean the End of Democrat Party Power

The riots afflicting US cities this Summer seem to be a harbinger of a dark future. But in fact there are bright days ahead since the riots probably spell the permanent end of Democrat party power, perhaps sooner rather than later.

In national elections in Britain last Spring, the Tories (conservatives) totally wiped out the Labour party (liberals). This happened after Labour went way too far to the left. predicted the same thing here in the US even before the riots. But with the looting and arson added to the equation, I am predicting a drubbing for the Democrat party in November that it will never recover from. predicts that 7 million to 10 million Democrats and Independents are going to vote for law-and-order Trump. These voters may not have done so except for the riots, looting and violence. This would give the president a big victory in the popular vote as well as the Electoral College (he won 57% of the electoral votes in 2016).

The Trump campaign is taking full advantage of the riots to paint the Democrats as the lunatic party. There are hard-hitting Trump ads tying Democrats to the violence, like pictures of burning buildings and Joe Biden kneeling in solidarity with ‘black lives matter’.

Contrast this with the sunny Trump boat parades and this approach is going to be extremely effective. A vast majority of Americans are terrified and angry about these riots and wants them to end. And these Americans see president Trump as the only elected official who is willing and able to do it.

On the other hand, Democrat district attorneys across the US are simply neglecting to prosecute the rioters while Trump is pointing out over and over that the riots are happening in “Democrat-controlled cities”.

There are other stories developing. A black in Minnesota who was locked up on an assault charge was bailed out of jail by a defense fund set up by leftists and actively supported by Democrat vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and staffers for Biden. After being freed, the black went on to kick a man in the head and inflict brain damage.

This type of story worked very well once before. In 1988, Republicans who were backing presidential candidate George HW Bush made their famous ‘Willie Horton ad’ in which an ornery-looking black named Willie Horton, a jailed convicted murderer, raped a white woman and stabbed her partner while Horton was furloughed from prison.

Furloughed from prison? Did you hear that correctly? Yep, he got a vacation from prison under a Massachusetts program in place when 1988 Democrat presidential candidate Michael Dukakis was governor. Bush went on to bury Dukakis in the 1988 general election by winning 40 states and 79% of the electoral votes. That ad played a significant role in Bush’s victory, and there were not even any riots back then. believes that this is about to happen again and that it will not be just a landslide victory for president Trump but a rout of Democrats all down the ticket from US Senate and US House races to governors to state house and state senate races, and on to other races down to sheriff and mayor. After Obama’s election in 2008, Democrats lost 1,200 seats nationwide.

Here is a telling story from Delaware Online:

For the second consecutive presidential election cycle, the Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Delaware’s FOP followed its union lead by voting to endorse President Trump, state President Fred Calhoun said.

OK, so this is the FOP in Delaware, a state that Joe Biden represented in the US Senate for 36 years before becoming vice president in January 2009. Cops all over Delaware are going to vote for Trump. Can Trump win the electoral votes in strongly Democratic Delaware? He sure can. He would need to flip 25,000 votes, or 6% of the vote, from Democrat to Republican based on 2016 numbers. believes that this is absolutely possible.

Here is WFIE reporting from Evansville, Indiana:

Headline: Sheriff Wedding switches to Republican Party

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding is switching political parties.

The announcement was made Thursday outside White Stallion Energy.

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch were in attendance at the event.

Sheriff Wedding says the switch is to make a statement against what is going on nationally with civil unrest and negative attitudes towards law enforcement. He admitted that this will likely ruffle some feathers, but believes his track record in working with both Democrat and Republican leaders in the county will allow him to maintain those relationships despite the switch.

After the announcement, Wedding told us he feels the Democratic Party has lost its way.

Here is Courier Press:

Posey County (Indiana) Sheriff Tom Latham, who was elected to the office in 2018 as a Democrat, has switched to the Republican Party, citing national platform issues.

Latham said in a Facebook post that he believes Democratic rhetoric in response to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota — who died as a police officer knelt on his neck for nearly 9 minutes — has gone too far.

And when the sheriff switches, many others do too. These stories are all over the internet and these are just the tip of the iceberg. Police officers and their families and supporters all over the US are switching to Republican. This issue alone probably means millions of votes for president Trump and other Republicans. There are an estimated 800,000 to 900,000 officers nationwide and many of them were staunch Democrats since they are public employees and many of them are unionized. But no more.

This surge in party switching is a manifestation of a tidal shift in the American electorate not only from the riots, but from the hard leftward turn of the Democrat party since Obama. Here is The Gateway Pundit reporting about a traditionally Democrat stronghold in Northern Minnesota:

Following the historic Republican National Convention six Democrat mayors in Minnesota’s Iron Range today endorsed President Donald J. Trump for president.

There was a massive crowd waiting for Vice President Mike Pence on Friday on his visit to Minnesota.

These stories go on and on. Americans feel betrayed by the Democrats. They do not understand how Democrat mayors can allow their own cities to burn but the reason is clear – these mayors are literally insane.

Yall Politics reported:

Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Lucian Smith was joined by Governor Tate Reeves, Congressman Michael Guest, Treasurer David McRae, Speaker Philip Gunn, Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann and many others to welcome eight individuals to the Republican party.

“Over the last two and a half years we have had a relentless focus on switching conservative Democrats over to the Republican party,” said Lucian Smith. “They recognize increasingly that there is only one party that represents the conservative values of our state and that is the Republican party.”

“The Mississippi Republican Party is the Party that is building success for Mississippi by grounding government in the principles of liberty,” Governor Tate Reeves said. “These men and women on the frontlines of local government understand that and know a brighter future cannot be achieved by less freedom and more government. I’m pleased to welcome them to the MSGOP and look forward to their continued service to their fellow Mississippians.”

‘antifa’ Thug Identified

The Gateway Pundit reports about an ‘antifa’ thug:

The man who attempted to kill conservative activist Shane Moon … has been identified by witnesses as Black Lives Matter activist Robbie Smith.

Smith’s social media lists him as owning or working at CamCuts Barber Shop in Burton, Washington. Gateway Pundit called them to confirm his employment, but they were closed. We will update this if more information becomes available.

The alleged attacker’s social media is littered with support for Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and cop killer Christopher Dorner, who he described as a “real hero.”

Sources told Law Enforcement Today on Sunday that the attacker’s identity is known to police, but that he is still at large. They additionally reported he is a patched member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, in addition to any ties he may have to ‘antifa’.

Smith tried to kill Moon by hitting him with his truck. Moon is recovering, but they got Smith’s license plate number and he is on the run.

He will be apprehended soon. Guaranteed. The good guys are winning.

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