Why are Corporations So Liberal?/ Will Biden Skip the Debates?

Many of you may be wondering how so many of these big corporation have become so liberal, like American Airlines saying that its employees can wear ‘black lives matter’ pins on the job. After all, it seems like corporations should be conservative, pro-American and capitalistic and would want to keep a low profile politically so as not to alienate half of their customers.

So let Nikitas3.com explain it to you in just three sentences: All of the people in leadership positions at big corporations today are college graduates, and they often have advanced business degrees. They came out of the colleges and universities and graduate schools starting in the 1960s and 1970s when leftist political indoctrination began to be heavily impressed on students in every way. Thus many of them have brought their toxic political beliefs with them into the corporate boardroom.

Period. End of story. Now you know…

Will Joe Biden Skip the Presidential Debates?

We all know that Joe Biden is sinking mentally. There was one interview recently where he started breathing heavily and literally looked like he was going to pass out. He rarely travels for campaign appearances except from his home in Delaware to next-door Pennsylvania. Meanwhile president Trump is campaigning all over the country and sounding vigorous, funny, upbeat and totally prepared to speak out on any issue at any time.

Perhaps you recall that Hillary Clinton acted much like Biden. During the 2016 campaign, Nikitas3.com said repeatedly that Hillary had serious health problems and that her lack of activity on the campaign trail was proof. She hardly campaigned and she lost the election largely for that specific reason. However, she did do well in the debates. But Biden appears to be in much worse shape than Hillary since he is 8 years older than Hillary was at the time.

Look at this report from Newsmax.com:

Mike McCormick, who had served as Joe Biden’s White House stenographer, claims the former vice president doesn’t appear to have the same “mental acuity” he had while in office.

McCormick’s comments came in an interview with The Washington Free Beacon posted Tuesday. McCormick worked with Biden from 2011 to 2017.

He claimed it has gotten to a point where he is “not the same Joe Biden.”

“It is a complete difference from what he was in 2017,” McCormick said. “He’s lost a step and he doesn’t seem to have the same mental acuity as he did four years ago.

“He doesn’t have the energy. He doesn’t have the pace of his speaking. He’s a different guy.”

This is obvious to us all. We see it every day in videos on the internet. Thus the question arises whether Biden will try to skip out on the three debates with president Trump, the first of which is scheduled for September 29, which is coming up fast.

It is an extremely tough situation for Biden. If he shows up for the debate and screws up – which seems likely – it will sink his campaign. If he refuses to debate, he loses. So the only hope is that somehow he shows up and does well, which sounds impossible. He can answer a few softball questions from friendly reporters, but a 90-minute debate is much different. It offers plenty of time for Uncle Joe to crash and burn, and you can be sure that Trump is going to taunt Biden endlessly during the debates.

Before every presidential debate supporters of each candidate are usually terrified that their candidate will make a big mistake. But we Trumpsters know that the president is a master communicator and we are not afraid at all. Trump eagerly volunteers to meet with the press and answer questions at every opportunity. He is not going to flame out in a debate against Joe Biden.

Democrats, on the other hand, are certainly terrified of what Biden might do in a debate. You can take that to the bank. They are living in mortal fear of the first debate. Because the minute that Biden confuses the president of China with Winnie-the-Pooh, it will be game over.

Democrats knew that this day was coming and it will be interesting to see what they do as the date nears. Nancy Pelosi suggested that Biden simply refuse to debate. Others have suggested that Biden only agree to debate after the president releases his tax returns (which isn’t going to happen, and so they could then blame Trump for canceling the debates). Another suggestion has been that “fact checkers”, i.e., Democrat operatives, confirm everything that the president says in real time during the debate, but with no such checkers for Biden.

It will be fascinating to watch this story as the days wind down to September 29. Nikitas3.com believes that Biden will find a way to skip the debate and that the media will desperately try to cover up for him. There does not seem to be any alternative at this point.

Update: Nikitas3.com has a theory of how Biden can show up at the debates and cheat: Democrats will get the questions ahead of time from the left-wing debate moderators. They will type the answers into a teleprompter that Biden will read from. But since the debate will probably be ‘virtual’ – in different locations because of fear of the virus – then we might never see the teleprompter and Biden will sound perfectly normal.

But this approach has great peril. Because Biden screws up even when he is reading a teleprompter.

Pelosi Insults Working Americans

On Labor Day, Nancy Pelosi tweeted:

Over generations, working people across America built the middle class and secured progress for hard-working families. House Democrats are unified in our commitment to America’s working families. Happy #LaborDay!

Pelosi has unlimited gall. After her city has descended into a socialist hell – homeless people camped out everywhere, drug addicts sprawled on streets, drug needles and human waste on the sidewalks – and the city has been severely locked down for the China virus, she herself visited a hair salon while the rest of San Francisco cannot do so since the salons are all closed.

And you can rest assured that this type of behavior, and the hypocrisy of her Labor Day tweet, is registering with tens of millions of Americans. Even millions of Democrats are disgusted with Pelosi’s arrogance and are going to vote for president Trump in November. This means that “safe” Democrat politicians like Pelosi are going to face more and more aggressive challenges where none existed before.

President Trump has even suggested the salon owner Erica Kious run against Pelosi in 2022. And don’t think that this does not terrify Polident Pelosi and her Swamp Dweller friends. Republicans are getting bolder and bolder in challenging Democrats right in their own ‘safe’ districts.

After support for president Trump has surged among African-Americans, black Republicans are getting bold. In California a black Republican US military veteran named Joe Collins is challenging black Democrat loudmouth congresswoman Maxine Waters – who has represented her Los Angeles district since 1991 – and Collins is not just running a glamour campaign. He wants to win. And when he gets a solid vote total in November instead of the usual 8% that Republicans get, it is going to scare the hell out of Democrats nationwide.

In Michigan, black US military veteran and businessman John James is running hard against incumbent Democrat US senator Gary Peters. In January 2020, National Review reported:

A new poll out of Michigan shows first-term Democratic senator Gary Peters facing a real challenge in 2020. Peters leads his Republican challenger John James just 44 percent to 40 percent, according to the survey conducted by the Glengariff Group, with 16 percent of voters undecided.

James, a 38-year-old African-American combat veteran and businessman, lost a Senate race to incumbent Debbie Stabenow in the 2018 Democratic wave, but Stabenow’s 6.5-point margin of victory was much smaller than it was in previous races. She won her 2012 race by 21 points and her 2006 race by 16 points. In the 2014 Republican wave, the Democrat, Peters, still managed to win his first Senate race by 13 points.

Nikitas3.com believes that James will win the seat since the Democrat governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer has infuriated millions of Michiganders, including Democrats and Independents, with her stringent China virus lockdown. And while Whitmer is not on the ballot this year, Michiganders can express their contempt for her by voting for president Trump and John James.

Meanwhile one of the hottest new Republican stars is Kimberly Klacik, a gorgeous black 38-year-old political newcomer who is running for a congressional seat in the city of Baltimore, which you would assume is a shoo-in for the Democrat incumbent. But not any more.

Klacik has issued a campaign ad that has swept the internet. She is seen in a red dress and red high-heeled shoes walking the ruined streets of Democrat-run Baltimore and asking why blacks would continue to vote for the same party that has controlled the city for 53 years (Nancy Pelosi’s father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., was mayor of Baltimore from 1947 to 1959).

Nikitas3.com believes that this election is going to mark a seismic shift against the Democrats and toward president Trump, John James, Joe Collins and Kim Klacik on down to local sheriffs and mayors. And that the era of Democrat domination over black Americans is ending.

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