Here’s How Democrats Will Try (and Fail) to Steal the Election

Democrats are already talking openly about how they hope to steal the November election. They know that Trump is going to win and so they must lay the groundwork to try and steal it. One of the main ways that they plan to do this is to continue counting mail-in ballots long after election day. This will allow them to find out how many ballots they need to win a state and to then produce them by fraud.

For instance, if Trump wins New Hampshire by 40,000 votes on election day then Democrats know that they would have to “find” more than 40,000 Biden votes to win the state.

They would do this through the counting of mail-in ballots through fraud well after election day. They would set this up by stealing tens of thousands of blank ballots before the election and then making them out for Biden and mailing them in late. That is why they want the deadline to go beyond election day – so that they can find out the margin and know exactly how many votes they need to come up with.

The liberal Axios website asked Facebook mega-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg: “You said on election day it’s over, but it well might not be, right?”

Zuckerberg replied: “I think the dynamic that you’re talking about is really important, which is that we may not know the final result on election night.”

“One of the things that I think we and other media need to start doing is preparing the American people that there’s nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days, or even weeks to make sure that all of the votes are counted. In fact, that might be important to make sure that this is a legitimate and fair election.”

So they are saying outright that they are not going to have the votes counted on election day. This worked like a charm in November 2018. There were five US House seats in a conservative part of California that were held by Republicans. Each Republican was shown to be winning re-election on election night, but as days passed, every one of the Republicans eventually lost as the fake ballots turned up in just enough numbers for the Democrat to win.

Michigan’s Democrat secretary of state got in on the action. She said that her state’s full results for the November 3 presidential election could take a week for a final tally.

“We should be prepared for this to be closer to an election week as opposed to an election day,” Jocelyn Benson said. “The bottom line is we are not going to have the full results and a counting of all of our ballots on election night. We already know that. We’ve asked the legislature to make changes to the laws to give us more ability to be prepared and count those ballots more efficiently.”

Watch for more of this. In other words, this is just another tactic by Democrats to move the election farther and farther from the traditional system where you vote on election day and have the results that night. That is why Democrats want mail-in voting – so that they can say that all of the ballots have not come in yet if they need more votes. They will certainly get some of their corrupt friends at the post office to say days after election day, “Look, we found more ballots! That is our mistake! We are so sorry! They must be counted!”

There are more and more Democrats talking about this plot. But believes that it will not work, that president Trump and Republicans are going to win such a big victory that the cheat tactics cannot cover it since the fraud only works with small numbers of ballots.

And Democrats had better not rely too much on mail-in voting. KTLA reports:

Piles of mail were found in two separate locations in Glendale Thursday morning, including one incident where a rented truck was captured on surveillance video dumping bags of unopened letters and packages in the parking lot of a business.

The first incident was reported at 7:30 a.m., in the 1000 block of Allen Avenue, according to Glendale Police Department Sgt. Christian Hauptmann.

Roughly two hours later, police received another call regarding dumped mail, this time behind a business in the 1600 block of Glenoaks Boulevard, according to Hauptmann.

It was the second reported incident — outside 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics — where surveillance video captured the moment a rented truck dumped bags of unopened mail and took off.

Remember The Golden Rule: Republicans and conservatives are going to vote mostly in person, not by mail. Democrat voters are going to rely much more on mail-in ballots.

Democrats have other fraud tactics that they have been promoting like ‘ranked choice voting’, where you don’t vote for Candidate A or Candidate B, but you vote in your order of preference from among all the candidate including third-party candidates and fringe candidates. Here is how TIME magazine describes it:

Ranked-choice voting is an electoral system that allows people to vote for multiple candidates, in order of preference. Instead of just choosing who you want to win, you fill out the ballot saying who is your first choice, second choice, or third choice (or more as needed) for each position.

The candidate with the majority (more than 50%) of first-choice votes wins outright. If no candidate gets a majority of first-choice votes, then it triggers a new counting process. The candidate who did the worst is eliminated, and that candidate’s voters’ ballots are redistributed to their second-choice pick. In other words, if you ranked a losing candidate as your first choice, and the candidate is eliminated, then your vote still counts: it just moves to your second-choice candidate. That process continues until there is a candidate who has the majority of votes.

Can you believe this stuff? Crooked California also has a “jungle primary” system where the top two vote-getters in a primary run against each other in the general election. This means that two Democrats could end up running in the general election if a Republican does not do well enough in the primary.

Other fraud tactics include registering voters automatically when get a driver’s license, which registers illegal aliens to vote when they get licenses; online voter registration, which allows a person to register to vote online without ever going face-to-face with a public official, which encourages fraud; and ‘ballot harvesting’, which allows people to go to the homes of those voting by mail and pick up their ballots in person. Obviously Democrats would go the homes of registered Republicans, pick up their ballots and throw them in the trash.

Note: believes that president Trump should tweet out repeatedly between now and election day that illegal aliens who try to vote will be deported. He should tweet it both in English and Spanish.

Democrats also oppose voter ID laws so that anyone can vote under another person’s name, including people who have died.

Same-day voter registration is another fraud. It allows you to register and vote on the same day without the voter registrar being able to confirm your status. For instance, in New Hampshire in the 2016 election same-day voter registration probably cost incumbent Republican US senator Kelly Ayotte her seat by just 1,017 votes out of 708,281 votes cast (a .2% margin). The Washington Times reported on September 7, 2017:

More than 6,500 people registered to vote in New Hampshire on (election day, Nov. 8, 2016) using out-of-state driver’s licenses, and since then the vast majority have neither obtained an in-state license nor registered a motor vehicle.

Conservatives say the state’s same-day registration is an invitation for fraud because of loose proof-of-residence rules.

… The numbers read this way:

⦁ 6,540 people registered and voted on Nov. 8, based on presenting out-of-state licenses.

⦁ As of Aug. 30, about 15 percent (1,014 of the voters) had been issued New Hampshire driver’s licenses.

⦁ Οf the remaining 5,526, barely more than 200 (3.3 percent) had registered a motor vehicle in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire law gives drivers 60 days upon establishing residence to obtain a state license.

But more than 80 percent of voters who registered on Nov. 8 using out-of-state driver’s licenses, or 5,313 of them, neither had a state license nor registered a motor vehicle almost 10 months later.

In other words fraudsters probably came in (probably young people from next-door Massachusetts where there are many colleges close to New Hampshire), registered in New Hampshire on election day, voted Democrat, and then went home or back to their campus. They were never caught. It would take way too much time and money to prove that they had committed fraud and track them down.

Did Ayotte protest? No, like a good, weak Republican she threw in the towel without a fight. Would a Democrat have protested very loudly, with the national media chiming in? Yes, of course.

In the presidential election in Florida in 2000 Democrat candidate Al Gore’s campaign challenged military votes coming from overseas on the slightest technicalities, disqualifying 1,400 votes, most of which would be expected to go for Republican candidate Gorge W. Bush. The New York Post reported on November 20, 2000:

Al Gore’s team took a hard line on Florida military overseas ballots yesterday and refused to withdraw Democratic challenges that got the votes of hundreds of U.S. troops tossed out – many over technicalities.

“No. All the vote-counting should be done according to the law,” said Gore spokesman Doug Hattaway after about 1,400 overseas ballots were rejected, mostly in Democrat-controlled counties.

The overseas ballots had been expected to go for George W. Bush, and those that did get counted went nearly 2-1 for him – more than tripling his lead over Gore, from 300 to 930 votes.

Democrats use other fraud tactics like suddenly “finding” hundreds of Democrat ballots in the trunk of a car, or in a back room, after the race is very close, which happened in the gubernatorial election in Washington state in 2004 and in the US Senate election in Minnesota in 2008, both of which were won by Democrats by the slimmest of margins.

Here is a gem from The Detroit News about voting in that crooked Democrat-dominated city:

Voting machines in more than one-third of all Detroit precincts registered more votes than they should have during last month’s presidential election, according to Wayne County records prepared at the request of The Detroit News.

Detailed reports from the office of Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett show optical scanners at 248 of the city’s 662 precincts, or 37 percent, tabulated more ballots than the number of voters tallied by workers in the poll books. Voting irregularities in Detroit have spurred plans for an audit by Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson’s office, Elections Director Chris Thomas said Monday.

It never ends with Democrats. Fraud, fraud, fraud. They also use a legal tactic as they did in the Alaska US Senate race in 2008. Long-serving Republican incumbent Ted Stevens was indicted on corruption charges days before the November election. The people of Alaska knew that it was a fraudulent charge and they almost re-elected Stevens anyway, but Stevens ultimately lost by a tiny margin. In other words, the plot worked, but then the case was thrown out of court in Spring 2009. But Stevens never got the chance to run the race over again.

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