Trump Rallies Flourish; Biden Doesn’t Even Want to Win

While there was concern that Trump rallies might be a thing of the past because of the China virus, they are going strong all over America. In fact they have expanded in a significant way.

The rallies where the president himself speaks may be smaller but they are still going full steam ahead. They are held at airports, outdoors, with a few thousand people versus 20,000 at the arena rallies downtown in cities. But the airport rallies attract big crowds outside the airport and big crowds watching on the internet. And they are getting just as much local and regional media attention as the arena rallies, and that is the key point of such rallies – to draw media focus to the president in specific states and markets.

When Trump campaigned at the airport in Reno, Nevada, the broadcast view of the rally showed a large, enthusiastic crowd of several thousand people standing in front of the president. He then instructed the media to turn their cameras to the side and the rear and to show the full crowd, including behind the cameras. And the crowd was absolutely huge, much larger than even expected. They chanted “USA! USA!” and held up their signs in wild enthusiasm, some saying PEACEFUL PROTESTER to mock the media coverage of the riots as “mostly peaceful protests”.

Meanwhile Biden hides in his house in Delaware and can barely do an internet interview without screwing up. When he visited Wisconsin, there was one single guy standing by the road with a hand-made sign that said, “Uncle Joe”. It looked so sad. Meanwhile thousands lined the Wisconsin roads for the president’s visit.

But these Trump airport rallies are just the tip of the iceberg. This Summer we started to see local and regional Trump rallies where the president himself does not appear. The scope and scale of these rallies is a totally new phenomenon that we have never seen before in American history. And you can rest assured that they are just as effective as the rallies where the president appears. In fact they are more effective since there are so many of them; the president himself could never do them all.

Even in my liberal Massachusetts town we are holding weekly Trump “stand out” rallies with banners and American flags at a busy intersection. We get a huge amount of support from passers-by. We will hold these stand outs every week until election day, sometimes twice a week. Democrats never expected this. We recently held a pro-police, pro-Trump highway caravan that was very well attended and that roared through six separate towns. A second caravan is coming up soon. recently went to New Hampshire and held a Trump banner at a busy traffic circle on the highway outside the small city of Keene. I was alone but the reception was over the top. I will be back up there on election day, and maybe once before then.

These Trump rallies are going on all over the US, and particularly on weekends. The boat parades this Summer were amazing, some with thousands of boats. They easily broke the world record for boat parades; one was reported to have had 3,000 to 4,000 boats. A huge boat parade was held in liberal Mystic, Connecticut on September 13. Expect boat parades to continue throughout the Autumn in the Southern states.

And with the election season in full swing, there is a new phenomenon emerging – huge pro-Trump, pro-America, pro-police car/truck/motorcycle caravans on the highways.

There was one caravan in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, September 12 on the I-75 highway that runs past the city. Caravan participants went up and down the highway for hours. There were reported to be more than 1,000 vehicles with Trump banners, American flags and pro-police flags on every vehicle and horns honking for the entire event. An event like this creates a huge amount of ‘buzz’ among local people, on top of the media coverage that they get. And their sheer size guarantees media coverage. They cannot be ignored, and newscasts need material like this to fill up their time.

In Michigan, patriots hosted a September 12 rally in Sterling Heights to pay tribute to the victims of 9/11 and to honor first responders; 10,000 came out to show their support for the president too. One video of the event showed an estimated 1,500 Bikers for Trump riding through the center of the rally.

These rallies are impressive sights. There even was a huge caravan that drove right into downtown Portland, Oregon to show that the people of Oregon are not lunatics like a few hundred screwballs in Portland. These caravans are happening all over the US.

These rallies and caravans are growing in intensity and this is called political “enthusiasm”. This is an acknowledged political phenomenon and explains why president Trump is going to win in November. Meanwhile Joe Biden is barely even showing his face and there are zero rallies for him. believes that Biden actually has given up on winning the White House and that top Democrats like Obama, Pelosi, Sanders and Schumer also have given up on Biden but will never admit it. Who could possibly be optimistic about Biden when he does not even leave his house? Who could be optimistic about Biden after the Democrats’ horrendous convention?

Biden looks pathetic. He is too tired to campaign. A candidate must look like he/she wants to win in order to do so. And the Trump campaign has done a great job of painting Biden as having dementia and not leaving his “basement”. These are very powerful memes for Trump to use.

Meanwhile president Trump is campaigning all across the nation looking sharp and alert. He is funny and expressive in his rallies. He looks fantastic and he certainly feels that way. The crowds love seeing him in person and when he rolls up at an airport rally in Air Force One, it is a thrilling spectacle to behold. It is a vastly impressive sight with Air Force One as a backdrop.

The people of, say, Minnesota or Michigan, certainly can tell the difference between an enthusiastic campaigner and a dud. Biden has appeared at two tiny and lackluster rallies. On the other hand president Trump seems enthusiastic and happy to be there. There is a huge difference in perception. Trump crowds are now chanting “We love you!” to the president. That is having a big impact on voters after the media have shown nothing but hatred for the president.

Indeed believes that Biden has given up on winning. He knows that he is far out-campaigned by the president, that he can never catch up. The day after he made just two brief appearances on 9/11, he canceled all events. His lack of energy has been on display for months. If Biden were a Republican he would be declared dead and gone by the media. believes that top Democrats in Washington have given up on Biden too. Oh, they have their fake polls showing Biden winning, but we have seen the same Fake News for decades. We saw it in 2016 when there were none of these huge caravans for Trump, and yet he still won.

These Democrats have spent their entire lives in politics and they know the truth. They see the Trump rallies and caravans. They see the enthusiasm for Trump. They know that The Silent Majority is silent no more and is supporting the president. They know that Biden looks absolutely awful in contrast. And believes that privately they all have thrown in the towel.

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