Low Dem Voter Turnout Coming/ What will ‘October Surprise’ Be?

Nikitas3.com predicts that low Democrat voter turnout will hand an easy re-election to president Trump. Here are the reasons for the low turnout:

*No enthusiasm for Biden. Democrat voters have zero enthusiasm for Joe Biden. He is the most lackluster presidential candidate ever. He is too frail to even campaign. People are not inspired to go out and vote for him if they don’t even see him. On the other hand, Trump supporters are hugely enthusiastic for the president who is actively campaigning every day. Which do you think is going to get better turnout? Even if the weather is rain or even snow on election day, many Biden voters may stay home.

*Fears of the China virus will keep Democrats home. We know that Democrats are vastly more fearful of the China virus than Republicans and conservatives. We can tell that by the way that conservatives don’t use masks whenever possible, like at Trump rallies. We also know that urban streets are more crowded and that urban polling places are usually more crowded and cramped than those in the suburbs, small towns and rural areas where Trump is stronger. So urban voters are more likely to stay home for fear of the virus.

*Urban violence: If the ‘black lives matter’ goons and ‘antifa’ thugs seek to disrupt election day – which Nikitas3.com predicts they will in some places – they will do so in the Democrat-dominated cities. If liberal urban dwellers are afraid of the violence, they will vote in smaller numbers.

*Mail-in voting fail. Democrats had hoped to have nationwide mail-in voting so as to offer them maximum opportunities to cheat. But according to BallotPedia, only five states – Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington – have mail-in voting for the presidential election, where everyone on the voting list gets mailed a ballot, although polls also will be open. This means that the planned Democrat national mail-in fraud cannot work, in which they planned to steal millions of mailed-out ballots nationwide and send them in checked for Biden.

And as Democrats use mail-in ballots or use absentee ballots (another type of mail-in voting, but you must specifically ask for a ballot) out of fear of the virus, those ballots have a vastly higher rejection rate than voting in person. They are harder to fill out properly for the average low-IQ Democrat voter. So that too will cut into Democrat voter turnout.

At the same time, Trump voters are announcing that they are going to go to the polls to vote in person, so that their vote is definitely counted.

*Low black turnout for Sleepy Joe. Blacks are not enthusiastic about Joe Biden. This lack of enthusiasm is going to dampen Democrat voter turnout. On the other hand, a larger-than-ever black vote that is expected for president Trump will further cut into Biden’s vote total. This alone could swing whole states to Trump.

And of course the biggest reason for low Democrat voter turnout is that millions of Democrats and independents all over America are going to vote for president Trump, including record numbers of hispanics. Nikitas3.com estimates that 5 million to 8 million Democrats and independents nationwide who would normally vote Democrat will flip to Trump.

What Will the October Surprise Be?

In most US presidential elections one side or the other drops an October Surprise, and event that is intended to shift the election to their candidate in November. Here is a brief history of modern-day October Surprises:

In 1968, with Democrat Hubert Humphrey trailing Republican Richard Nixon in the polls, then-president Democrat Lyndon Johnson announced on October 31 the suspension of American bombing runs over North Vietnam.

In 1972, secretary of state Henry Kissinger announced that “peace is at hand” in Vietnam at a White House press conference less than two weeks before Election Day. Except that the war would drag on for three more years. But president Richard Nixon still won re-election in a 49-state blowout.

In 1992, Reagan-era secretary of defense Caspar Weinberger was indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice during the Iran-Contra investigation of the mid-1980s a few days before election day. This helped to defeat Republican George HW Bush for re-election, although the charges were seen generally as a political hit job.

In 2000, just days before the election (it was really a November Surprise), a Democrat operative in Maine unearthed a 24-year-old drunk driving charge against Republican candidate George W. Bush, but Bush won the election anyway, although by a tiny margin.

On Friday, October 7, 2016, the Washington Post released a videotape of candidate Trump saying that he as a celebrity could get sex anytime he wanted, and to grab women “by the pu**y”. This was expected to do enormous damage to the Trump campaign, but it apparently did not. Meanwhile the Hillary Clinton campaign was rocked when James Comey announced on October 28, 2016, eleven days before the November 8 election, that he was re-opening an investigation into Hillary’s emails.

And in October 2020 Nikitas3.com guarantees you that Democrats will drop repeated October Surprises against president Trump, while Trump certainly has a few surprises up his sleeve. Let us look at some of the surprises that may occur:

Possible Surprises by Democrats against Trump:

*There already is word that a group of former Trump officials is going to claim all sorts of terrible things in the Trump White House to make the president look bad.

*A female, or multiple females, will announce a lawsuit against the president for some nebulous and unproven sexual assault in the past. This is the Kavanaugh fraud all over again.

*Financial irregularities on Trump’s part will be reported.

*A fake article will claim that Trump disrespected police officers, firefighters, women, blacks, etc.

*A fake ‘second wave’ of China virus infections will be announced by public health officials days before the election.

*News stories will suggest that Trump reacted improperly to the China virus.

And here is one October Surprise that we will not see:

*A foreign nation like China or Iran will launch a provocative military strike that prompts a response from Trump. This would only make Trump look strong and China and Iran want to avoid that.

Here are things that president Trump might do:

*Announce a major breakthrough in a China virus vaccine.

*Announce the indictment of top Deep State figures like Comey, Clapper, Strzok, etc. in the Russia hoax investigation.

*Announce indictment of Hunter Biden over his China/Ukraine corruption.

*Continued strong economic numbers will help the president.

*Announce a major breakthrough in a Middle East peace deal, which may already be negotiated, but is not yet public knowledge.

*Announce that he will deploy 100,000 US Army troops around the US prepared to enter US cities to stop potential riots when he wins the election.

*Reveal a damning videotape of Biden doing something perverted to young girls, like putting his hand on their undeveloped breasts (a video that already exists and has been widely viewed).

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