Trump is Historic Peacemaker / 2020 Election = 1984

President Trump presided on September 15 over the signing of an historic peace deal among Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. The signers were all wearing Western attire – suit and tie. They did not wear masks or use social distancing.

Trump met privately in the White House with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife. Obama had treated Netanyahu very badly.

Trump and Netanyahu are very close friends. President Trump is extremely popular in Israel.

The president is moving toward an overall peace deal that has eluded American leaders for decades. He did it by ignoring the Palestinians, who always blocked peace deals in the past. He went directly to the Arab nations for one reason – these nations want to ally themselves with Israel as a united front against Iran, which they all recognize as the region’s most significant threat.

This agreement is the real deal. Trump went around the Palestinians, but will bring them on board when they see that it will be in their best interest on an historic agreement.

President Trump said that several other Arab countries will come forward soon to make peace with Israel:

These countries are all signing with us. They’ll all be signing with us. I spoke to the King of Saudi Arabia and we had a great conversation and I think positive things will happen there too. He’s a great gentleman. We’ve made tremendous strides and we made peace in the Middle East without blood in the sand… And this is strong peace, really strong peace. And it’s a different way. We went in the back door I call it going in the smart door. And the Palestinians will definitely be a member.

Wow. This is historic and it took The Great Peacemaker Trump to do it.

Friends, this president is amazing. And he should definitely win the Nobel Peace prize this time around. It is undeniable that he is earning it.

Meanwhile Matt Boyle at Breitbart News reported that president Trump is delivering on promises to end the Afghanistan War, where Obama and Biden failed.

Boyle noted ongoing negotiations for peace between the Afghan government and Taliban taking place in Doha, Qatar, facilitated by the Trump administration. Boyle said:

This follows a February 29th agreement between the United States and the Taliban that created the conditions necessary to begin the peace process and the end of the war. In Afghanistan now — which is Americas’s longest war at 19 years — we look at the the polling, the public wants to bring our boys and girls home. They want to end this war, and President Trump promised to do that in the 2016 campaign. Now, he’s delivering on that promise.

This is yet another major breakthrough for the peacemaker Trump. This president is amazing. God bless him and may God protect Donald Trump and his family and all of the members of his administration.

2020 Election = 1984

This presidential election is like 1984. President Trump is running against former vice president Joe Biden while incumbent Republican president Ronald Reagan was running for re-election in 1984 against former vice president Walter Mondale.

The difference is that Mondale was healthy and mentally stable at age 56, while Biden is a doddering 77. Yet Biden is still expected to do better than Mondale.

Reagan was re-elected in a massive landslide, winning 49 states and 98% of the electoral votes (Mondale won only his home state of Minnesota). And while president Trump will not win that kind of landslide due to changes in the electorate, he is going to win a solid victory, predicts.

Reagan had a successful record that nobody could deny. And while Trump has an equally successful record before the China virus, that virus and the riots are obscuring his achievements.

At the same time the Fake News media are vastly more vicious to Trump than they were even to Ronald Reagan, which was vicious. And these media skunks are covering up for Biden much more than we ever thought possible. Ironically those media skunks have much lower approval ratings among the general public today than they did 36 years ago.

But predicts that Trump is going to win decisively for the following reasons:

*Americans know that Biden is slipping mentally and would probably not even serve one term. It will be interesting to see whether Biden shows up at the debates.

*Trump is going to retain his 63 million “base” voters from 2016 and add 5 million to 8 million more voters in November. These added voters will include Democrats and independents who voted for Hillary in 2016, and Republicans and conservatives who did not support Trump the first time around.

*Trump is going to win the 30 states that he won in 2016 (57% of the electoral votes), plus he will probably win Minnesota and New Hampshire (he came very close in both in 2016), and then possibly Oregon, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.

*In one NBC/Marist poll Trump got a whopping 50% support among Florida hispanics versus 32% in 2016. This is a huge improvement and probably is a nationwide figure. We know that Trump’s support among blacks and hispanics is much higher than for any other Republican president, and this could permanently alter the political dynamic in America and will certainly impact the 2020 election.

*The president is actively campaigning almost every day while Biden is hiding in his house. Biden is reported to be terrified of the China virus. When he does campaign, Biden often wears a mask, which is an unappealing image. Trump never wears a mask.

*Trump is going to win the Michigan electoral votes as he did in 2016 but by a vastly bigger margin because the people of Michigan are furious with their Democrat governor over her virus lockdown of the state (ditto Pennsylvania). She is also trying to block Big Ten football. predicts that black Republican US military veteran John James will ride Trump’s coat-tails in Michigan to beat one-term incumbent Democrat US senator Gary Peters in an upset win for Republicans.

President Trump has two major Michigan-based rock stars on his side – Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, who are holding pro-Trump events.

*Enthusiasm for Trump is off the charts while Biden has zero enthusiasm. Left-wing activist and filmmaker Michael Moore, who lives in Michigan, warned that Trump was going to win in 2016 and he is warning the same in 2020, noting the enthusiasm of Trump voters.

*In 1984, Ronald Reagan was seen as a strong law-and-order president who backed the US military wholeheartedly. In these times of riots and civil unrest, Trump is being viewed the same way. This is going to swing the election to Trump in its own right. Americans are frightened about these riots. Fear is a great motivator.

* believes that the Democrat/media crusade for mail-in voting will backfire big time. The reason is this: Mail-in ballots and even absentee mail-in ballots can be tricky to fill out properly and have a vastly higher rejection rate than in-person voting at the polls.

And Democrats are going to have a much higher rate of mail-in voting than Republicans/conservatives because Democrats are much more afraid of the China virus and are going to be more afraid to go out to the polls. On the other hand Republicans/conservatives are planning to vote in-person at the polls so that their vote is not eliminated through the mail-in process.

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