Always Listen to Conservatives, Never to Maniacs like RFK Jr.

Here is a report from a website called after the May 16, 2012 suicide of the wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr:

Another source, close to Robert (F. Kennedy Jr.) tells "Mary was in a very dark place recently. Robert tried to help her all he could but it was difficult (for) him to be around her. Robert is committed to his sobriety but Mary had chosen a whole different path to take."

Look at that line, ‘Robert is committed to his sobriety’. So obviously Kennedy has been a long-time drunk which the Idiot Media have dutifully covered up. Kennedy also was a heroin addict in his youth and has been a lifelong philanderer.

You can tell there is something wrong with Kennedy, the way his voice wavers. And now we know why – it’s the alcohol.

Yet Mr. Big Environmentalist Kennedy keeps telling us all about ‘global warming’ and feeding us all the rest of his environmental lies.

This guy probably has a brain like oatmeal. And we know that he is a malicious, controlling maniac, like all of the Kennedys. Why should we believe anything he says?

We never, ever should.

Look at this from the New York Post on May 27, 2012 to give you more of a clue who Kennedy is (italics added for emphasis):

Robert Kennedy Jr., who has spent the last week and a half publicly absolving himself of any responsibility for the suicide of his estranged wife, Mary, has been a coarse, entitled womanizer for decades, according to a former family intimate who fended him off.

Patricia Lawford Stewart, who was married to former Kennedy in-law Peter Lawford, reached out to The Post after last week’s funeral for Mary, appalled — but not surprised — by the Kennedy clan’s insistence that Mary was a lifelong depressive and alcoholic.

…Robert, according to Robert’s eulogy, was just a good husband who tried so hard to help, not the boozy ex-heroin addict who publicly ran around on his wife, cut her off financially and took custody of their children, thereby demolishing every aspect of her life and identity.

“The Kennedy family is on damage control 24/7,” Stewart says. “They were ruinous to my husband, and they have harassed me for the last 28 years. I’m 54 years old, and I can’t deal with this crap anymore.”

Stewart first met the young RFK Jr. in 1976, when he showed up on the Lawfords’ doorstep in LA unannounced, having been kicked out by his widowed mother, Ethel. He was wearing his late father’s suit, rumpled. Robert sat on the sofa, and they made small talk for a few minutes while Peter was in the shower.

“Then he said, ‘I wish you weren’t married to my uncle — I’d like to f— you right here on the couch,’ ” Stewart says. “That was a shocker. I knew him for four minutes.”

This is the Kennedy clan in action, friends – arrogant, antisocial psychopaths. And as it turns out Kennedy and his wife needed the police to intervene in a domestic dispute one year before her suicide.

And all this is just what we know. Imagine what we don’t know. About all of the Kennedys. The media have been covering up Kennedy dirt for 80 years now.

People magazine recently had a big front-cover photo of the smiling RFK Jr. family from several years before the suicide. This is what the media sycophants have been feeding us about the Kennedys for decades, that they’re just a happy-go-lucky Irish bunch who have just suffered so much tragedy.

Now look at all the drunk, drugged out nuts in Follywood and in the entertainment industry who all love the Kennedys and who repeat the liberal Democrat mantra over and over as dictated by people like Kennedy. Even Kennedy himself is now dating a Follywood airhead.

Why should we listen to any of these people? They have no independent means of judging what is right and wrong, or true and untrue. They are ignorant, often with brain damage from the drugs and alcohol and depression.

What does Kennedy really know about the environment? Let’s have a real debate with him out in the open rather than listen to him talk in press releases or to selected audiences who praise him to the heavens but never really reflect on whether the things he says are true or valid.

Meanwhile we conservatives offer rationality and common sense every day, and Kennedy and his media friends smear us no end. And that is why America is in the condition it is in.

Kennedy said this to the crowd at a Live Earth concert in 2007:

"Get rid of all these rotten politicians that we have in Washington, who are nothing more than corporate toadies for companies like Exxon and Southern Company. These villainous companies that consistently put their private financial interest ahead of American interest and ahead of the interest of all of humanity. This is treason. And we need to start treating them as traitors."

Is this guy serious? “Traitors”? This is the most dangerous, demagogic language imaginable coming from someone who probably has 30% of the brain cells he had when he was a child. And we are supposed to listen to his rantings?

Hey friends, Exxon has provided America with energy for more than a century. The Kennedy family has produced not one single kilowatt of energy in its entire existence.

People like Kennedy have ruined America. And that is how liberalism operates – it takes people, often famous people, who don’t know anything and don’t have any rationality and it feeds them propaganda and then they re-broadcast it word for word.

Why do you think that so many of these college professors do everything they can to keep any hint of conservatism off the campus.

It is because they must indoctrinate their students and never allow them to hear a conservative opinion because conservatism makes sense and liberals do not.

Many times I have debated liberals and it is surprising how often they agree with me or admit that I am right.

But then they go back into the liberal shell where they are not even allowed to hear or say or think anything conservative because demagogues like Kennedy keep the lies and the hatred coming. And so they fall back into their old way of thinking.

Indeed the liberals operate on emotion. If you ever listen to a high school kid talking about environmentalism, for example, it is all unhinged emotion. They simply repeat something that Al Gore says, or something that they read in an enviro pamphlet or that Kennedy said, without ever thinking about it or about the people who said it.

Then when you offer them a rational conservative counterpoint they often will be confounded. Because they never have heard an opinion that makes sense before.

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