How & Why President Trump Will Win Re-election believes that president Trump is headed for re-election, possibly/probably in a landslide victory. Here are the reasons that I believe that this is true:

*President Trump is the incumbent. This is always a big advantage in any presidential election. He has all of the trappings of the presidency to help him. He has the “bully pulpit” of the White House to speak from. He appears to be in control. When he pulls up to these airport rallies in Air Force One, it is a spectacular sight.

As president he is constantly in the news, giving press conferences and interviews, calling in to radio and TV programs, making peace deals, talking with foreign leaders, or introducing his new Supreme Court choice. He even had been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize. Wow.

*His opponent Joe Biden is the weakest presidential candidate in American history. Biden’s son Hunter is one of the sleaziest characters in American political history.

*The Fake News media polls that show Biden leading were spectacularly wrong about Hillary winning in 2016 and are surely wrong again this year.

*The Rasmussen poll, which is known for accuracy, recently had president Trump at an astounding 53% approval. Obama was re-elected easily in 2012 with a 46% approval in Rasmussen.

*Americans are sick and tired of the Trump haters and the Trump-hating media. This will result in a large number of sympathy votes for the president on November 3.

*Trump has an America First policy. This comes in contrast to the globalist policies of the last 30 years that have hollowed out our economy, particularly in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan. Tens of millions of white working-class voters have shifted to Republican under Trump as he works to bring jobs back to the US.

*Trump is vigorous. He always looks great. He never looks tired. He is like the Energizer Bunny. He always dresses sharply in his trademark blue suit, crisp white shirt and colored ties.

*President Trump is a political magician. He has done things that nobody ever thought possible. He will do it again on November 3.

*Trump is physically commanding. He is tall and strong. This makes a subliminal impact on voters compared to a pale, thin and weak Joe Biden.

*President Trump has a great vice president in Mike Pence, who draws big crowds in his own right, and who is a straight shooter who plays by the rules and always makes the president look good.

*President Trump connects with the American people. He is funny and can talk extemporaneously for long periods. He is the kind of guy who people relate to, who they would “want to have a beer with”, as the old expression goes. People who meet him think that Trump is very kind and outgoing, not phony like Bill Clinton.

*President Trump is running a positive campaign. Democrats are running a negative campaign against the president. Positive campaigns always do better.

*He is not afraid of the media. He will talk to the media at any time. Trump is a masterful communicator. Americans like this sense of openness and accessibility after Obama and Bush, who generally hid from the media.

*Trump voters express more “enthusiasm” for him than we have ever seen before for an American president. And ‘enthusiasm’ is an acknowledged political phenomenon that wins elections. The boat parades, car caravans and street rallies on behalf of the president – where he is not even in attendance – are a result of a unique personal enthusiasm among voters for Trump.

On the other hand, there is zero enthusiasm for Biden. When he makes personal appearances, there is hardly ever anyone there to meet him except for the press.

*President Trump’s children are great. They are hard-working, disciplined, attractive, well-spoken and may get elected president someday themselves. Mrs. Trump is the most beautiful First Lady ever.

*Trump is indestructible. The Fake News media and the Democrats have thrown everything they have at him and it has all bounced off, like Superman. No other person could put up with this kind of relentless assault.

*Trump is unique. There never has been and never will be another leader like him anywhere at any time.

*He has been very successful in keeping his promises and implementing his agenda. Voters like a man who keeps his word, especially since politicians so often are deceitful.

*He did a great job on the economy until the China virus wrecked everything. But he has been warning about China for decades and he will build the economy back up now that the virus is fading.

*He negotiated better trade deals with the whole world in order to stop the world from ripping off the US. Americans know this and appreciate it.

*He is getting illegal immigration under control and will have 500 miles of border wall built by the end of 2020. He did this even with total Democrat opposition. The border wall is another promise kept.

*Polls and surveys show that he is keeping his 63 million ‘base’ voters from 2016 unified behind him despite intense media efforts to separate them from the president.

*He is attracting millions of Republicans and conservative voters, including pro-life voters, to his side who did not vote for him in 2016. Back then, they did not know what to make of Trump and many considered him to be un-serious. They know better today.

*He is attracting millions of black and latino voters who did not vote for him in 2016. This is a result of the great work that he did on the economy. He is also explaining to them that a job is the best way to advance and that government handouts do not work in improving lives.

*Political analysts say that 15% of Bernie Sanders supporters are going to vote for Trump, for two reasons – they are angry as hell with the Democrat party for screwing Bernie in 2016 and in 2020; and Trump is an economic nationalist who stands for working-class Americans, and so does Bernie.

*The riots in our cities are pushing millions of voters to law-and-order Trump. This is a big electoral shift that is going on behind the scenes and that the media are ignoring.

*Trump has kept the US military out of wars. In fact he is doing everything in his power to bring more and more of our troops home from Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

*The mail-in balloting that Democrats want is going to backfire. Mail-in ballots have high rates of rejection for not being filled out properly. One recent news report said that mail-in ballots from black voters, who strongly support Democrats, are twice as likely as those of white voters to be rejected for being improperly filled out. Meanwhile Republicans and conservatives are vowing to vote in-person at the polls.

*The China virus is going to play a significant role on election day. We know that Democrats are vastly more afraid of the virus that conservatives and Republicans are. This means that Democrats are less likely to go out to the polls to vote in-person on election day for fear of the virus.

*And lastly and crucially, God is on Trump’s side. He is considered to be the most pro-Christian president in the last 100 years and he is doing the Lord’s work. He is doing his best to bring jobs back for all Americans. He is fighting corruption in Washington. He is cracking down on child sex abuse, child pornographers and human trafficking. Top leftist figures like Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein have fallen during the Trump presidency. And when Trump is re-elected, more and more Deep State and media figures are going to fall. You just watch. That is why they want him out so badly.

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