Trump Will Defeat, Debunk China Virus/ Boeing Flees Seattle cannot think of a single Democrat who has contracted the China virus, but many Republicans who have. Is this true, or are the Fake News media simply refusing to report on infected Democrats? Who knows. But something very disturbing is definitely going on. On March 15, 2020, reported:

Hours after it happened on Saturday, White House correspondents were still discussing intently what several called “the incident:” a Chinese correspondent from the state-run CGTN television network was the lone reporter barred from a White House briefing on that afternoon after he was found to be running a high temperature.

The taking of temperatures for reporters as a requirement to enter the briefing as well as the refusal of admission for the Chinese correspondent made as much news as anything said at the briefing by with Vice President Mike Pence and the Coronavirus Task Force—a briefing which President Trump made a short appearance.

So it looks like China is trying to intentionally spread the virus in specific places like the White House, just as China intentionally infected the whole world. Because communist China is the most evil nation on earth.

In another suspicious case, there was a virus outbreak at a South Dakota meat processing plant just 6 days after the state’s conservative Republican governor Kristi Noem announced that she would keep her state open last April. That sure sounds like it could have been an intentional infection to embarrass governor Noem.

Is there an effort by China to direct the virus wherever they want? Are they selectively sending infected agents around the US, or using some other tactic, to destabilize us? On the other hand, there were no reported outbreaks at the protests last Summer. So either the infected agents were not at the protests; the media refused to report on infections; or there were no infections and the virus is much less virulent than the media are reporting. All in all, believes that there is something very disturbing going on.

Now president Trump has contracted the virus and is doing well. His doctors said on Sunday morning, October 4 that the president is doing fine. He may even be discharged from the hospital on Monday morning. And predicts that Trump will not only defeat the virus, but debunk it.

After all, we know that the virus is contagious and dangerous to some people, like old people with bad health conditions. But we also know that the virus is much less dangerous than we are being led to believe. Since president Trump is 74, he might seem like he is vulnerable, but he is a very healthy 74 and thus he is recovering. If Biden got the virus, he would surely die since he is so frail. That’s why Biden is hiding in his basement instead of campaigning. believes that Democrats and their media friends are doing everything in their power to make the virus look more dangerous than it really is in order to instill fear in Americans, destroy our economy and harm president Trump politically.

But this all is going to backfire. also believes that president Trump is going to not only personally defeat the virus – he is showing little ill effect – but that he will debunk its seriousness. When America sees the president go back to work soon, they will think, “The president is OK and he is 74 years old. I think we are being too fearful of the virus…”

Don’t forget the Golden Rule: President Trump always defies the odds and does things that nobody believes are possible.

Studies show that many Americans believe that the virus always kills people who contract it. This demonstrates how the media campaign to instill fear of the virus has worked.

Meanwhile, Trump has been working like a maniac every day since he was elected. He is like the Energizer Bunny and has been that way his whole life. He should take some time to rest. He deserves it. It is surprising that he hasn’t got sick before like most people would at his age and with his schedule.

We need to stop fearing this virus while dealing realistically with it. And while the Fake News media are telling us how dangerous the virus is, they are significantly downplaying the severe economic damage being done by the lockdowns and the fear itself, which means that “the cure (the economic lockdown) is worse than the disease (the virus itself)”. believes that the virus will help president Trump to get re-elected in one very significant way: Since leftists and Democrats are much more fearful of the virus than conservatives are, they will show up in smaller numbers to vote on election day in crowded polling places in cities, which are centers of Democrat power. At the same time, Trump supporters are vowing to vote no matter what happens.

Boeing Fleeing Seattle

The Boeing Company, founded in 1916 as Pacific Aero Products Co., is one of the leading manufacturers globally of commercial aircraft. Boeing has always been synonymous with the city of Seattle, Washington where it was founded.

But soon it will finish relocating a major part of its business, and 1,000 jobs, to a facility at the airport at Charleston, South Carolina, where it commenced operations in 2010. South Carolina is a “right to work” state that has significantly less labor union power than Washington. This is one of the main reasons why Boeing is moving there. Boeing is tired of the relentless union demands on the company. in Seattle reported about Boeing’s most profitable airplane:

Boeing will relocate all 787 Dreamliner production from Everett (Washington, near Seattle) to South Carolina, the company confirmed Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal first reported the move that would deeply impact the Snohomish County (Washington) economy and region as a whole.

The decision comes as the company responds to the “current global environment” in order to “enhance efficiency and improve performance for the long-term.”

People familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal that the decision to end production of that jetliner in Washington state comes as the “coronavirus pandemic saps demand for aircraft.” reported:

The company began assembling 787-8 and 787-9 airplanes at its Everett site in 2007 and began operations at the (South Carolina) facility as a second final assembly line in 2010. However, Boeing builds the 787-10 only in (South Carolina) — a non-union site. On Thursday the company said production of the smaller 787 models will continue in Everett until the program moves to the previously announced production rate of six airplanes a month in 2021.

Now look at this statement from the far-left radical ‘greenie’ governor of Washington state, Jay Inslee:

“If the Wall Street Journal report is accurate, Boeing would be turning its back on the finest workers and the best place in the world to build airplanes. Washington state has supported the company with a well-trained workforce, a robust supply line, unparalleled infrastructure, world-class research institutions and the best business climate in America. If this report is true, it would force a review of that partnership, including a hard look at the company’s favorable tax treatment.

“While Washington would continue to have more than 70,000 aerospace employees, this move could jeopardize as many as 1,000 Washington jobs.

“We have asked the Boeing Company multiple times what it needs to keep 787 production in Washington. We’ve heard nothing back. Nor have we heard anything about how to restart this work when conditions improve. This move would signal an allegiance to short-term profits and Wall Street – not quality, safety and a vision for the future of the industry.

“Washington state remains the best place in the world to make airplanes. The Boeing Company still has a large presence here, amidst an innovative aerospace sector that includes some of the best workers anywhere and hundreds of businesses that are part of a high-quality supply chain. The future is here.

“I stand ready to work with the Boeing Company to keep production here, and with the workforce to ensure, regardless of outcome, that we keep a strong aerospace sector alive in Washington state.”

Uh, sorry gov, but spare us the crocodile tears. Here are the facts:

Boeing is fleeing the radical Seattle unions that have sucked every penny out of the company that they possibly could over many decades. These unions are totally supported by left-wing Democrat goons like Inslee. Second, Boeing wants to get away from Inslee’s ‘green’ extremism; this guy is a ‘climate’ wacko. Third, Boeing wants to go to business-friendly South Carolina and get away from the anti-business thinking of the far-left Democrats who control much of Washington state. And fourth, the deteriorating situation in Seattle, with riots and police defunding, has certainly contributed to Boeing’s decision to flee.

Meanwhile Boeing will continue much of its production in Everett. Production of the smaller 787 models will continue in Everett until the program moves to the production rate of six planes a month in 2021, when it will move to South Carolina. Everett will continue to build the 737, 747, 767, and 777 airplanes.

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