Trump Turns Virus on its Head/ Trump’s “Dragon Energy” Shows / Politics Ruins Basketball predicted that president Trump would defeat and debunk the China virus, and he is on his way to doing so. On Monday afternoon, October 5, he tweeted:

I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!

This is precisely what the Democrats feared; that this fighter of a president would take this virus setback and turn it into a plus.

And so he is. He is showing that at age 74 that he has fought this virus off, and that it is much less severe than the Fake News media have made it out to be. And that Americans should not be consumed with fear as the media want us to be.

This is a fantastic strategy, and it is typical Trump. He can turn any situation around to his advantage.

Go Trump!

Trump’s ‘Dragon Energy’ Shows

Donald Trump is having the most amazing presidency ever. He is confounding every expectation. He is recovering from a China virus infection at age 74 that has killed tens of thousands of Americans.

If this does not demonstrate his ‘dragon energy’, then nothing does. He is expected to be back at the White House soon after a few nights in the hospital with a virus that would have finished off a lesser man.

As he rebounds from the virus, Fake News media hacks are asking every leading question possible of Trump’s doctors, as if to disbelieve that he is recovering. They simply cannot stand the sound of the doctor’s voice describing how well the president is doing.

And in their dreams the president is not recovering. These media skunks are promoting the idea that there must a be a cover-up about the president’s health while they express not one iota of concern over Joe Biden’s failing mental acuity.

President Trump’s quick recovery is a body-blow to the media narrative that this virus is killing everything in its path. It is not. In fact, here is an article from The Gateway Pundit explaining how us ‘virus skeptics’ were vastly more correct about this disease than all of the “experts”.

Meanwhile Americans are showing their ongoing love and support for for this president, including a get-well rally outside the Walter Reed hospital and a huge car rally in midtown New York City where Donald Trump got only 9.7% of the vote in 2016. As he emerges from his health interlude, his supporters appreciate him even more than they did before, which already was huge.

Who was Walter Reed? Wikipedia reports:

Major Walter Reed, M.D., U.S. Army (September 13, 1851 – November 22, 1902), was a U.S. Army physician who in 1901, led the team that confirmed the theory of the Cuban doctor Carlos Finlay that yellow fever is transmitted by a particular mosquito species, rather than by direct contact. This insight gave impetus to the new fields of epidemiology and biomedicine, and most immediately allowed the resumption and completion of work on the Panama Canal (1904–1914) by the United States. Reed followed work started by Carlos Finlay and directed by George Miller Sternberg, who has been called the “first U.S. bacteriologist”.

Republicans should be learning a lesson from an outspoken fighter like Trump who comes up with win after win after win, even when he is sick. And you can be sure that future Republican presidential candidates will be the ones who are willing to exhibit Trump’s ‘dragon energy’ and hit back hard at opponents rather than taking punches like Mitt Romney and John McCain did. Establishment Republican US senator Bob Dole lost in a pathetic campaign against incumbent Democrat president Bill Clinton in 1996.

The two most successful Republican political leaders in the past 50 years have been president Donald Trump and president Ronald Reagan (in office from 1981 to 1989). They both were conservatives who were disliked and even detested by the Republican Establishment in Washington but went on to do great things.

The Republican Establishment was best represented by globalist president George W. Bush (in office from 2001 to 2009) who had one of the most disastrous presidencies in history. Not only did he instigate the catastrophic Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but he presided over the 9/11 attacks and a financial collapse at the end of his presidency in 2008. He also elevated a weak and vacillating John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

One Republican whom you should watch for a possible presidential run in 2024 is US senator Josh Hawley of Missouri. This guy is not only smart as heck – he was previously the attorney general of Missouri – but he is showing strong traces of Trump’s combative nature. Hawley is a graduate of Stanford University and Yale Law School. In one instance, PJ Media reported:

On Wednesday, the Senate held a hearing on Crossfire Hurricane and the corruption in the highest levels of the FBI. That probe led to the Russia collusion investigation into the president based on a fake dossier and a falsified FISA warrant. Through it all, former FBI Director James Comey was a slippery son-of-a-gun who had more memory lapses than Bill Clinton trying to remember what the word “is” is. That is, until Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) took the microphone and tore him apart like a young Perry Mason with better hair.

Great. Hawley is a fighter. Here is The Daily Caller reporting on Hawley being confident and commanding:

Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley said Wednesday that packing the courts and abolishing the Senate filibuster is “about contempt for voters” and “would be a huge mistake.”

“First of all, it’s absolutely ridiculous,” Hawley responded. “The vice president should answer the question (about packing the courts), but here’s the deal, Martha. At the end of the day this court packing scheme is about contempt for the voters. It’s about the fact that the Democrats have still not accepted the 2016 election results and I guess haven’t accepted the 2018 election results when the American people sent more Republican senators back to Washington.”

So Hawley is Trumpian in his boldness. Hawley is just one of the many well-qualified candidates whom the Republicans may field in 2024. Meanwhile the Democrats have losers like Joe Biden; the racial fraudster Pocahontas; Cory “Spartacus” Booker; and the communist US senator Bernie Sanders who spent his honeymoon in the communist Soviet Union in 1988 when that country was still a mortal enemy of America.

Political Extremism has Ruined Basketball

President Trump has been the most prominent public figure to speak out against the National Anthem-kneeling tactics of professional athletes. And lo and behold the Trump Curse has blindsided the biggest kneelers of all, the National Basketball Association (NBA) led by kneeler-in-chief LeBron James. Once regarded as a good basketball player, James is now being seen as The Man Who is Personally Destroying the NBA. reported:

The NBA took another (loss) Friday.

Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the (Los Angeles) Lakers and (Miami) Heat utterly collapsed with just 4.5 million (television) viewers. The embarrassing average is down — wait for it — 68% from last year’s Game 2, which featured a team in Canada (the Toronto Raptors).

How bad is the number? It’s the least-watched NBA Finals game on record. Dropping even below Game 1’s 7.41, the lowest-viewed Finals opener in history.

There is no way for the media to spin this positively. Declines of this magnitude are unheard of. Then, factor in the tank-job occurring with the league’s biggest individual and team draw in the Finals (Lebron James) — the NBA is officially a disaster.

A ship doesn’t sink for one reason, but undoubtedly, politics sit atop the historical tank.

After nearly two decades of reinventing the NBA discussion, LeBron is now a detriment to the league’s brand.

With misleading social statements, lying about putting human rights before his brand, bowing to China, refusing to comment on the shooting of two police officers, paying for fines so felons can vote (for Joe Biden), and craving celebrity worship — LeBron now alienates more viewers than he attracts.

The NBA’s new self-inflicted identity is written in ink. Millions of turned-off Americans associate the NBA with radical politics catered to only a minimal number of sports fans.

How much lower can the ratings drop? Find out tomorrow.

That 4.5 million viewers was down from 14 million viewers in 2019 for the same game, and that was with a team from Canada, which would reduce US interest by a significant margin anyway.

After sports fans have been starved of sports during the China virus, you would think that these games would be much higher-rated then ever. But no, they are going in the opposite direction and sinking like a stone in the case of the NBA. And this is not going to change unless the NBA does a complete turnaround next season.

But the chances of that happening are virtually nil, particularly since left-wing race hucksters like LeBron James never admit when they are wrong, and since the NBA no longer cares about American audiences. Their main audience is in China, which would be a great new home for James after he loses all credibility in America.

Please go to China, LeBron, please… They love you as much over there as Americans detest you.

Update: James is definitely on the way down. He has been roundly criticized for playing lousy and then leaving the court 10 seconds before the end of his team’s Game 3 loss. This is classic unsportsmanlike conduct. But what else should we expect. He has poisoned his own well. So let him suffer. He is in a death spiral.

Meanwhile here is part of the reason for the NBA ratings collapse. The Western Journal reported:

A recent poll found that a strong majority of Americans have a favorable view of the police while over half have a negative view of Antifa.

The latest Harvard CAPS-Harris poll of registered voters found that 68 percent of respondents had a favorable view of the police and only 24 percent had an unfavorable view.

Only 14 percent of respondents held a favorable view of antifa while 55 percent held an unfavorable view of the left-wing “anti-fascist” movement.

If this doesn’t explain the fall of the NBA, then nothing does. These radical ‘black lives matter’ and ‘antifa’ groups are the prime drivers behind the National Anthem kneeling and the social justice rantings of James.

At the same time, things keep getting worse and worse for Democrats. We know that Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is going to be confirmed and that there is no Democrat obstruction that can stop it. Meanwhile The New York Post reported about the black Democrat mayor of Rochester, New York, a female named Lovely Warren:

Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley Friday slapped Warren with two campaign finance charges — scheming to defraud in the first degree and an election law violation.

The indictment claims she had donors exceed campaign contribution limits, limited to $8,500 per donor, during Lovely’s successful 2017 re-election bid.

Warren was running a campaign account and a separate political action committee, Warren for a Strong Rochester PAC, both allegedly aiding her re-election.

Poor Democrats. They just can’t win.

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