Economy Soars 34%/ Democrats Ignore China’s Virus Guilt

The Gateway Pundit reports about annual US economic growth (GDP):

The Atlanta Federal Reserve is estimating that the 3rd Quarter of 2020 recorded the largest quarterly GDP increase in US history. Current estimates show the US GDP increased by 34% for the quarter.

Every week the Atlanta FED has increased its estimate for GDP growth in the 3rd Quarter. With housing starts at such a robust increase, the FED recently updated their estimates to a 34% increase from the 2nd Quarter:

This is great news. Meanwhile the Democrats and the Fake News media skunks said that the economy would never improve until 2021 at the earliest, if ever. Yet it started rebounding back in May. Look a this from CNN:

The American economy just got a shocking piece of good news: The job market may be recovering well ahead of schedule.

The US unemployment rate surprisingly fell to 13.3% in May, as the economy gained 2.5 million jobs.

It was the largest monthly gain in new jobs since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started tracking the data series in 1939.

In June, it got even better. reported:

Nonfarm payrolls soared by 4.8 million in June and the unemployment rate fell to 11.1% as the U.S. continued its reopening from the coronavirus pandemic, the Labor Department said Thursday.

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been expecting a 2.9 million increase and a jobless rate of 12.4%. The report was released a day earlier than usual due to the July Fourth holiday.

The jobs growth marked a big leap from the 2.7 million in May, which was revised up by 190,000. The June total is easily the largest single-month gain in U.S. history.

The reason for these surges is that president Trump strengthened the underlying economy before the virus hit and so the economy is prepared to take off. If Hillary had been elected in 2016 the economy would never recover. She would have kept the economy locked down with high taxes and ‘greenie’ laws and regulations that would have prevented it from escaping the Obama Depression of 2009 to 2017. The virus then would have killed it off.

Unfortunately the September jobs report showed just 661,000 new jobs. And the reason that all of these numbers are not significantly better is that Democrat governors are keeping their states locked down severely including big states like California, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

These governors are doing this intentionally to harm the national economy in order to make president Trump look bad. They are ruining their own states’ economies – and tens of millions of Americans’ lives – for political gain. Our economy would be significantly back to normal without these governors’ malicious actions. These governors are sick people.

Democrats Ignore China’s Virus Guilt

Perhaps you have noticed that Democrats never mention China’s guilt over the virus. This is happening after China gave us the virus in an intentional act, but since Democrats are in bed with China they keep silent over this historic travesty.

Many top Democrats, including Joe Biden, have significant financial ties to China. One of the worst skunks is US senator Dianne Feinstein of California, who has extensive ties to China through her wealthy husband. Feinstein even had a Chinese-American chauffeur when she was a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and even its chairman from 2009 to 2015. The New York Post reported:

Aside from gathering technology secrets, Chinese officials have also long been focused on collecting intelligence on internal American political affairs.

In 2018, Politico reported at the time, a well-placed staffer in Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s California office was recruited by the Chinese government to report back about US politics.

Feinstein (D-Calif.) employed the Chinese spy for nearly two decades as her chauffeur, a gofer in her office and a liaison to the Asian American community, the San Francisco Chronicle reported at the time.

The paper reported that the man even attended Chinese consulate functions for the California senator.

In short, Feinstein may have committed treason if she was careless with intelligence information.

Democrats love China because China has the second largest economy in the world with an estimated $12 trillion annual GDP (pre-virus). The US is #1 with $22 trillion (pre-virus). The communist party in China controls most of that $12 trillion and hands out money to people all over the globe who will cover for China, including Americans like Feinstein and Biden.

You can rest assured that “conservatives” like commentators George Will and Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post may well be being paid off by China to slam Trump. They could be getting millions or tens of millions of dollars.

Today the Democrat/media narrative is to always blame president Trump for the virus and to blame him for getting it himself. Many of the media outlets carrying this narrative are probably getting financial support from China since these outlets are suffering these days and need cash badly. This includes newspapers, TV news outlets and internet sources that never criticize China for anything, but that despise president Trump.

So the question remains: How did all of these top Republicans, including the president and top White House staff, get the virus while no top Democrats have contracted it? After all, we have heard zero reports of infections among Schumer, Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, AOC, their staffs, or the Obamas or Joe Biden and his staff. And there are strict screening procedures for anyone entering the White House.

The answer is that Chinese agents in the US, including Americans inside the White House, have probably spread the virus among president Trump and his staff. The media are blaming president Trump for not wearing a mask, but CNN reported on March 31:

World Health Organization officials Monday said they still recommend people not wear face masks unless they are sick with Covid-19 or caring for someone who is sick.

Meanwhile reported on July 16:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, says he doesn’t regret advising Americans against wearing masks early on in the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview with CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell published in InStyle, Fauci defended his credibility and decision-making in response to recent attempts from the White House to undermine and sideline him.

OK, so there you go – masks don’t even necessarily work. Then we should all remember this story from on March 15, 2020 about how the virus almost entered the White House with a Chinese agent:

Hours after it happened on Saturday, White House correspondents were still discussing intently what several called “the incident:” a Chinese correspondent from the state-run CGTN television network was the lone reporter barred from a White House briefing on that afternoon after he was found to be running a high temperature.

This looks like China’s first attempt to spread the virus to the White House.

We all remember the leaks from the White House in the first two years of the Trump presidency. Those leaks came from anti-Trump moles on the White House staff. So believes that there very well could be “virus moles” to spread the virus around to the president and his staff. Don’t think so? Think again. This is evil communist China we are talking about and its wicked friends in the Democrat party.

Update: Dr. Dean Fanelli, a pharmaceutical expert said in an interview recently that only 60% to 70% of Americans might need to get vaccinated to stop the virus with “herd immunity”. This is good news for those of us who do not want the vaccine. We’ll just sit it out.

It is amazing to watch the Democrats behave in the face of the virus. We all remember governor Cuomo in New York state, who issued an executive order that forced nursing homes to accept infected patients, spreading the virus like wildfire and killing as many as 11,000 elderly New Yorkers. Like a classic socialist who never takes responsibility for his horrible judgment, Cuomo is simply denying that the deaths ever happened. Rick Moran at PJ Media reported:

‘It Never Happened’ Cuomo Says About Causing COVID Nursing Home Deaths

Governor Andrew Cuomo has a very faulty memory. Perhaps it’s age. We old folks can be quite forgetful at times.

But this is recent history. Cuomo’s order to place coronavirus patients in nursing homes cost the lives of at least 6,500 people. But for the life of him, he doesn’t remember it that way.

New York Post:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo denied this week that his state Health Department’s controversial March 25 order saying nursing homes could not bar admission or readmission to a resident based on a positive COVID-19 test had anything to do with the over 6,500 deaths in those facilities related to the virus.

“That’s not why they lost a loved one in a nursing home. Your question — the premise of your question is just actually wrong. People were lost in nursing homes, were lost because that’s where the virus preys.”

Here’s a question for you, Andy. How did the virus get in nursing homes in the first place? Is the virus a thinking predator that knows vulnerable seniors live in nursing homes and “preys” on them there?

Blame it on staffers whose infections magically transported from nursing home to nursing home.

“The virus preys on senior citizens,” insisted Cuomo, reprimanding a Finger Lakes News Radio reporter during a phone conference call with other members of the media on Wednesday.

“There’s a whole report done with data. The way the virus got into nursing homes was from two possible carriers — before we even knew about it,” continued the governor, ignoring the seeming impossibility of infected staffers at one nursing home having any impact on all the others.

You’d think at this point Cuomo would stop digging and fess up. Instead, the hole he started got considerably deeper.

Cuomo is even writing a book about his handling of the virus crisis in which he will never mention the nursing homes. After all, Cuomo wants to run for president and he knows that the nursing home scandal is going to be his major downfall.

Trump Immigration Policies Working like a Charm

Fox News reported:

Hundreds of Honduran migrants bound for the U.S. were bused back to their homeland by Saturday morning after illegally entering Guatemala.

The group of mostly young men and some small children were met by a large roadblock of Guatemalan authorities after the country’s President Alejandro Giammattei promised Thursday to detain and return anyone who entered illegally.

“We will not allow any foreigner who has used illegal means to enter the country, to think that they have the right to come and infect us [with coronavirus] and put us at serious risk,” Giammattei said in a broadcast address to the nation.

Giammattei is a conservative and is helping president Trump control illegal immigration into the US. So with the cooperation of Mexican and Central American leaders, along with The Wall being built on the Mexican border, president Trump is finally controlling illegal immigration. This will help him to get re-elected on November 3.

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