Debates Turn Election Topsy-Turvy/ Michigan Governor Kidnap Plot… Debunked?

It is 2020 and thus the presidential debates are like no other, just like everything else in this disastrous and strange year. was looking forward to the first presidential debate when I was certain that Donald Trump would nuke Joe Biden. I knew that Trump was well versed in dealing with his political adversaries and that Joe Biden would certainly screw up.

Well, we all know what happened. Trump got too aggressive and it cost him the debate even though Biden was terrible in his performance. Trump’s confrontational style drew all of the attention.

Total viewership of the debate on TV and the internet was reported at 73 million, and so is disappointed that Trump blew a golden opportunity to talk directly to millions of undecided voters and convince them calmly of his superior ideas without the media filter that always twists Trump’s words.

There were two more debates scheduled for October 15 and October 22, but president Trump has opted out of the October 15 matchup since the Commission on Presidential Debates changed it to a virtual format. Biden demanded this after Trump tested positive for the China virus.

But Trump said he would be tested repeatedly to make sure that he could not transmit the virus. And then he said that he would not participate in a virtual debate, that it contravenes the purpose and spirit of a debate. At the same time we conservatives know that a virtual debate would allow Biden to cheat and Trump knows this too.

The president has said since then that he would participate in the October 22 debate and a possibly re-scheduled second debate on October 29. Let us hope that both debates come off live and in person. believes that Trump will be able to re-gain the upper hand, that the two debates will be widely watched, maybe even more than the first.

After the first debate disappointment we Trumpsters got a huge gift in the vice presidential debate, which are generally staid affairs that attract little media attention. In that debate a calm and rational Mike Pence obliterated a shrill, cold, obfuscating and unlikable Kamala Harris. This female could not debate on the high-school level. She was terrible. Political pollster Frank Luntz said that undecided voters he surveyed found Harris to be “arrogant and condescending”.

Pence totally destroyed Harris over everything from Biden’s plagiarism to packing the Supreme Court. It showed an aggressive side to Mike Pence and presented him in a new light, as a fighter who could very well carry on the Trump legacy, although with his subdued Indiana style (Pence has served as governor of Indiana).

This debate was watched by 51 million viewers and thus it walked back some of the harm that president Trump did to himself in the first debate. It also assured Americans that Pence is a calm and strong VP who is fully capable of being president.

So now we will have one more, and perhaps two more presidential debates if Biden does not chicken out again. And it is obvious why Biden is frightened of president Trump even if he tests negative for the virus. While president Trump has weathered the virus without harm, Biden would probably die if he got it and so he is frightened and adamant. And the Commission on Presidential Debates was only too happy to accommodate Biden by calling for the virtual debate.

Second, Biden wants to limit his public exposure so as to limit the damage that he does to himself with his big mouth, particularly in front of tens of millions of people. believes that one or both of the two remaining presidential debates will help Trump to recover as long as he behaves himself. If these debates get 50 million or 60 million or more viewers – the second and third presidential debates usually get smaller audiences than the first – and if Trump is calm and focused like Pence was, then Trump will be able to recover most of the ground that he lost in the first debate.

Michigan Gov. Cries about Kidnap Plot

An alleged kidnapping plot was uncovered that targeted Democrat Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. The plotters allegedly planned to take her from her vacation home in northern Michigan on Birch Lake.

The plotters allegedly hatched the plan after Whitmer angered millions of Michiganders by locking down the state severely over the China virus.

The reason that uses the word “allegedly” is that this plot may be nothing like it is being reported. First, it may be totally fabricated like the Trump-Russia hoax was. It may have been concocted to gain sympathy for Whitmer and Democrats after her popularity has gone down the drain.

Or it may be just a minor plot hatched by a few extremists that had zero chance of succeeding. These types of plots are uncovered every day in America, but this one may be being blown out of proportion to portray anti-Democrat, anti-Whitmer figures in a bad light, particularly in Michigan which is a crucial electoral state.

This plot came out after Whitmer has suffered political body blows not only over the virus lockdown but recently over her nursing home policy that reportedly led to thousands of deaths in Michigan, just as New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s policy led to as many as 11,000 deaths in that state’s nursing homes.

Naturally Whitmer blamed president Trump for the plot against her, as Trump is blamed for everything from bad weather to crabgrass. This is intended to hurt the president’s chance to win Michigan’s electoral votes and to hurt the candidacy of Republican US Senate candidate John James, who is surging in his race to unseat an incumbent Democrat. Fox News reported:

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer accused President Trump on Thursday of providing a “rallying cry” to hate groups after the FBI uncovered a plot by individuals connected to an anti-government militia to abduct her ahead of the presidential election.

In her first public comments on the plot, Whitmer thanked the FBI, Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel and state police for “bringing these sick and depraved men to justice.” She argued that Trump has provided tacit support to radical groups by refusing to condemn white supremacy, referencing the president’s comment during last week’s debate that the Proud Boys, a far-right group unaffiliated with the kidnapping plot, should ‘stand back and stand by.’”

A total of 13 men face federal and state charges in connection to the plot to allegedly target Whitmer, local police and the state Capitol. The FBI said the six men charged in federal court had spent months planning and rehearsing a kidnapping in response to Whitmer’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Authorities released mug shots for five of the six individuals being held on federal charges in connection to the kidnapping plot.

OK, so Whitmer is a classic Democrat. Instead of considering how much the people of Michigan hate her over her lockdown and the growing nursing home scandal – and millions of people in Michigan absolutely detest Whitmer – she blames president Trump for the kidnapping plot. This is like the little child blaming his brother for spilling the milk.

Second, there are threats against government officials like Republicans and president Trump every day. But believes that this this one is being publicized nationally in order to make conservatives look bad and to harm Republican candidates in Michigan. The Fake News media have been talking about these “Michigan militias” since the mid-1990s and the Oklahoma City bombing.

On the other hand, when an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter and campaign worker sought and failed to assassinate a group of Republican congressmen at a practice baseball game in Washington, DC on June 14, 2017, the same media immediately went into full defense mode to disassociate the shooter from Sanders, saying that we could not blame poor Bernie for the work of one of his fanatical supporters. Fox New continued about Whitmer:

The six men had consulted and trained with a militia group and conducted rehearsals for the kidnapping as recently as last month, according to an FBI affidavit. Four of the individuals had planned to acquire explosives.

One of the men said Whitmer had “no checks and balances at all” and “uncontrolled power” in Michigan, according to the FBI.

So why should we believe the FBI? They plotted against president Trump. And while Whitmer and her media friends are blaming right-wing groups for the alleged plot, The Gateway Pundit reported:

At least two of the six people indicted on Thursday were not right-wing militia members, Trump supporters, or Proud Boys, as Whitmer irresponsibly represented. According to information coming out on Thursday evening, one of the ring leaders of the plot is a leftist insurrectionist anarchist who hates President Trump. Another, Pete Musico, shares the same philosophy.

It makes you wonder what else do we not know about these Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Ty Garbin, Kaleb Franks, Case Daniel Harris, Brandon Caserta, and others up on state charges in Michigan.

Producer Robby Starbuck, Reddit, and probably 4Chan went to work to trace back the social media breadcrumbs left behind by the feds, who likely “disappeared” most of the social media footprints of the men who’d been charged.

Starbuck found information on two of the men indicted by the feds who appear to be off-the-reservation anarchists who hate both Trump and Whitmer.

Brandon Caserta was found to have a YouTube channel in which he apparently railed against the Trump administration. In one video obtained by Starbuck, he said “Trump is not your friend dude.” He said that Trump was a “tyrant” and the “enemy.”

Another arrested conspirator, according to Starbuck, Pete Musico, shared Caserta’s anti-government and anti-police beliefs.

Participating in the government is participating in “slavery,” according to Caserta in one of the videos uncovered by Starbuck. Notice the leftist anarchist symbol in the background of his videos. The anarchist symbol emerges at antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc™ riots and protests.

So there you go. It will be interesting to find out more about these guys and the real truth about this alleged plot, although that is not going to happen. It has served its political purpose and now will be forgotten.

Update: The website called The Hill reported:

Delaware Gov. John Carney (D) last year signed the pardon of one of the men accused this week of plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), the Delaware News Journal first reported.

Carney in April 2019 signed off on the pardon for Barry Gordon Croft Jr., who faced a series of charges in Delaware during the mid-1990s, including possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, assault and burglary.

So as said when news of this plot broke, there is something very fishy going on.

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