Non-Traditional Voters are Moving to Trump in Big Numbers

There is a ‘punk rock’ icon from the 1970s named Johnny Rotten (his real name is John Lydon) who played in the famous Sex Pistols band. He is British but became a US citizen in 2013. He announced recently that he is going to vote for president Trump. When millions of people see this all over the world, it may come as a shock and they may re-think their own political views.

This is not a fluke. recently attended a ‘stand-out’ where we waved Trump banners and signs by a busy roadside. One of the attendees was a well-known wild-and-crazy artist from my area, someone whom I never would have expected to see there. The stand-out was held in a town in Massachusetts and the positive response from passing motorists was tremendous, even in this ultra-liberal state. has been saying for years that president Trump is vastly more popular than the media will admit, that he is holding his ‘base’ voters from 2016 and adding millions more and that he is going to win a resounding victory on November 3. Many polls back me up including the famous and reliable Primary Model, which has properly predicted virtually every US presidential election since 1912.

At the same time Fake News media polls say that Trump can’t win, but they were totally wrong in 2016. For instance, the revered political prognosticator Larry Sabato, who is a favorite on cable TV news, predicted that Hillary would win 325 electoral votes. Instead Trump got 304 and Hillary got 227.

The conservative radio host Glenn Beck was an anti-Trumper in 2016. He is totally pro-Trump in 2020. The conservative radio host Michael Berry, whose nationally-syndicated program originates in Houston, was an anti-Trumper in 2016. He is pro-Trump today. The internet commentator Tim Pool was a liberal Democrat up until last Spring. He is pro-Trump today. The list goes on and on.

In other words, it is becoming “cool” to support president Trump. He is the anti-establishment candidate this year. Tens of millions of voters are seeing Trump as the answer to our problems and seeing Swamp Dwellers like Joe Biden as the problem.

When president Trump said in the first debate that he had accomplished more in 47 months than Biden has done in 47 years in Washington, that hit home with millions of people. That statement is called ‘a zinger’, a well-planned phrase intended to stick in the minds of debate viewers.

In her vice presidential debate Democrat Kamala Harris came off as unlikable, arrogant and condescending as 50 millions voters watched. She also was a poor debater. In contrast vice president Mike Pence came off as likeable, informed and cool. You can rest assured that that debate alone shifted a lot of voters to Trump-Pence when normally the vice presidential debate is considered of little political importance.

President Trump is attracting Democrats, gays, hispanics, anti-communist latinos, blacks, independents, artists, musicians, Asians, Obama’s half-brother, poets, working people, poor people and others who might not traditionally be thought of as Republicans, much less pro-Trumpers. is even acquainted with a Jewish couple who I long thought were far-left Democrats but they are both pro-Trump.

To top it off, the urban riots certainly have shifted millions of frightened voters toward law-and-order Trump, including hundreds of thousands of police officers and their families who may have voted Democrat for decades.

There also are millions of secret Trump supporters who will not attend a rally, admit their support for the president or put a sign in their yard, but who will vote for president Trump on November 3. They are part of what is called The Silent Majority.

In short, president Trump is The Man of the Hour just at the right time. He is peaking just as the election is approaching. This is a common occurrence, like a political dam breaking as election day nears.

Even Hollywood comedians like Ricky Jervais and Saturday Night Live host Bill Burr have come out openly against the politically-correct Democrat Cancel Culture while the liberal commentator Bill Maher, who detests Trump, has been openly critical of Democrats.

Bold Republican congressional candidates like Kimberly Klacik in Baltimore, who is black, are taking on entrenched Democrats with powerful ads that ask blacks why they continue to vote for the same people who have been in office as their cities have spiraled down into ruin over the last 50 years.

Meanwhile the people who hate president Trump are angry and off-putting. They write letters to the newspaper and comments on the internet in the most negative terms. They are obsessed with president Trump in a very alarming way psychologically.

They are scowling, manipulative ‘hippies’ from the 1960s who now run our media and our corporations; demented actors like Robert DeNiro; corrupt old-fashioned labor union hacks who are still living in the 1950s when they had enormous power; abrasive, privileged feminists like Rosie O’Donnell and Joy Behar; pampered college professors who know nothing about living in the real world; braying black-power goons like Maxine Waters, who lives in a $6 million mansion that is not even in the poor congressional district that she represents in Washington; and other people who thrive on negativity.

But negativity does not win elections. Hillary tried it and failed.

The political dynamic is shifting. More and more people are boarding the Trump Train. This is why you see throngs of people nationwide who have gone out to attend Trump rallies or otherwise supported the president in car caravans, stand-outs and boat parades. There recently was a massive car caravan in Florida of anti-communist, pro-Trump latinos. This should frighten Democrats to death.

These people are having a great time at these rallies; the excitement is real and palpable. The events are happy and upbeat. Contrast that with ‘black lives matter’ and the riots, which are dark and destructive.

When a massive TRUMP sign was installed on a hillside near Los Angeles that looked like the famous HOLLYWOOD sign erected in 1923, you know that something new is going on. In its brief life, the TRUMP sign got worldwide attention. This sign showed that even creative people who we normally associate with Democrats have shifted sides. They are not the staid old Republicans of the past.

All over the internet conservatives are doing the most original and impactful work, like making fun of Democrats in funny memes. Meanwhile leftist hiss and scowl without one trace of humor.

Biden supporters may put up a small campaign sign in their yard since that is easy to do – often someone else puts the sign up for them. But they won’t lift a finger otherwise. When Biden campaigns in person, nobody even shows up. The energy is nil.

And don’t forget this crucial factoid: Political analysts believe that president Trump will get 15% of the votes of Bernie Sanders supporters. This is likely because Trump is an economic nationalist who stands for the American working class as Sanders does too.

It gets better for the president. While Democrats have touted the youth vote, it is not majority Democrat any more. Young people are not at all excited about frail, old Joe Biden or his ideas. They like Trump’s vigor and ideas and his sense of command and humor.

Here are excerpts from an interesting article in The American Conservative about young people in so-called Generation Z (25 years old or younger):

Younger generations are actually embracing traditional conservative values more than people realize.

According to a study released this month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sexual intercourse among high school students has decreased in the United States by quite a bit. Among males, 43.2 percent of high schoolers surveyed admitted to having sexual intercourse, while 39.2 percent of females answered the same. While that may seem high, it’s a stark decrease from 2005, when 47.9 percent of males and 45.7 percent of females admitted to having sex. And it’s an even bigger dip from the more than 50 percent that the CDC counted in 1995. According to a 1998 Los Angeles Timesarticle, high school sex started to rise in the ‘70s, hit its peak in the ‘80s, then began to slowly decrease in the ‘90s.

A study last year also showed a decrease in marijuana and alcohol use among teens despite many states pushing for the legalization of marijuana. Instead of hitting the bong or grabbing a drink, some kids are going to church instead. According to a 2016 study, 41 percent of Generation Z, the cohort after Millennials, said they attend weekly church services. That’s compared to 18 percent of Millennials who said they went to church at that age, 21 percent of Generation X, and 26 percent of Boomers, a huge shift.

About 40 percent of Generation Z high school seniors disagreed that men should be breadwinners and women homemakers, compared to more than 60 percent in the mid-’90s.

Business Insider also points out that Gen Z has a stronger entrepreneurial spirit than previous cohorts, and shows signs of being more fiscally responsible. According to one study by a British brand consultancy called The Gild, Gen Z in the UK is exhibiting more socially conservative views than prior generations.

… And while many don’t see Millennials as very conservative, they are actually more conservative than Boomers and Gen Xers were when they were growing up. Considering that the latter two generations both got more conservative as they aged, if Millennials and Gen Z do the same, we could see a strong revival of conservative values.

This counters the conventional wisdom that society is on an unstoppable drift towards libertinism and progressivism. Could this be because we’re now tasting the rotten fruit of second-wave feminism, the sexual revolution, and left-wing economics? While the “free love” movement certainly had its immediate pleasures, they were obtained at the expense of the future. Promiscuity trivialized sex and led to rampant hedonism. Hence the expansion of unwed motherhood and divorce, which causes all manner of problems, including increased crime.

The United States isn’t the only place where we’re seeing a shift in political and cultural thought. Looking at Europe, far-right and nationalist groups are gaining power, a reaction against the European Union and its forced open borders and multiculturalism.

Enough said. All good news.

California Electric Utility Blamed for Fire… Again

Most Americans have not been following the California forest fires closely, but there is something noteworthy going on.

We know for certain that these forests would not be burning up if they were properly “managed”. This means that loggers thin out the overgrown trees, clear the underbrush and cut fire breaks that will stop the spread of fires. This is particularly important where the forests are very dry like they are in California.

Forest management is a refined and precise science. It works well where it is properly applied. But environmentalists in California have been denying forest management by keeping loggers out of the forest for many decades. The result is intense wildfires.

Then the ‘greenies’ blame the California electric utility, Pacific Gas & Electric, for many of the fires. They have been after PG&E since the 1960s in an attempt to kill the company and take it over and use its power lines to distribute wind and solar power while shutting down nuclear and coal-fired plants.

Here is a perfect example. Fox News recently reported:

Investigators in California probing the cause of a recent wildfire that killed four people have taken possession of equipment belonging to Pacific Gas and Electric, the utility said Friday.

In a filing with the California Public Utilities Commission, PG&E said investigators with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) have taken some of its equipment as part of the ongoing investigation into the Zogg Fire.

“PG&E does not have access to any evidence collected by CAL FIRE,” the company said in its filing. “CAL FIRE has not issued a determination as to cause. PG&E is cooperating with CAL FIRE in its investigation.”

The Zogg Fire erupted in Shasta County on Sept. 27 as high winds were impacting the region, quickly growing into a blaze that has consumed at least 56,338 acres.

We have seen this story over and over, that PG&E caused the fire, that PG&E is evil. Again and again. Yet the lack of forest management is really the culprit in these fires. Forest management would stop fires even when they may be caused by careless campers or a lightning strike.

Meanwhile environmentalists are blaming ‘climate change’ for the rolling blackouts in California this Summer. They say that record heat put a strain on the power grid and that that heat is a result of ‘global warming’.

But the earth has been heating up and cooling down naturally for thousands of years. During the Medieval Warm Period from 900 AD to 1300 AD the global climate was much hotter than today, and that happened long before the burning of oil, coal and natural gas.

This was a full 400 years of really hot climate and it was followed by more than 500 years of really cold climate. Today we are in a moderately warm period and have been since about 1850.

On the other hand, New England had the coldest, snowiest Winter in 100 years in 2018 while Calumet, Michigan got 25 feet of snow in 2020.

At the same time, we know that California’s increasing dependence on windmills and solar panels has really caused the power shortages. These ‘green’ energy sources are replacing reliable nuclear and coal-fired power plants with intermittent and unreliable windmills and solar panels.

In the Northeastern US, solar panels only produce power for 1,000 hours per year while there are 8,760 hours in a year. frequently has seen mountaintop windmills near my home that are not spinning, yet we need power 24 hours a day.

We should be managing forests and building nuclear and coal-fired plants if we really want to stop fires and keep our energy supply up to date.

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