WHO: Lockdowns Bad/ Huge Florida Trump Rally/ Patriot Murdered in Denver

After recommending the lockdown of the world’s economy and destroying billions of people’s lives, particularly among the poorest, the World Health Organization says that these strict quarantines may not be needed.

And this, friends, is what you get from a global government agency. It is pure ignorance, incompetence, political bias, chaos and destruction. A website called BGR reported:

After months of warning of the necessity of coronavirus lockdowns as a means of getting the COVID-19 pandemic under control, the World Health Organization has apparently had a change of heart.

Lockdowns, one WHO official said in a recent interview, have done incalculable damage on their own and should really be avoided.

The right way to combat the coronavirus pandemic, this interview continued, is a target mix of measures that include individual behaviors like mask-wearing and social-distancing.

As recently as July, the World Health Organization was still scaring people around the world — who’d either just started coming out of months-long, localized coronavirus lockdowns or whose communities were about to clamp down for the first time — by saying that “total lockdown” might be needed to nip the COVID-19 pandemic in the bud in some places.

Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of WHO’s Health Emergencies Program, said as much during a press conference in early July. “We all want to avoid whole countries going back into total lockdown,” he said. “That is not a desire that anybody has. But there may be situations in which that is the only option.” The WHO was warning countries at that point that they should only very “slowly” come out of any coronavirus lockdown they’d imposed, and that every nation around the world needed to answer the “fundamental question” for itself as to when and how (and whether) there might be a need for another future lockdown period. “Once lockdowns were ended, there was always the risk that the disease could bounce back,” Ryan continued during the press conference.

Now? Well, suffice it to say the WHO’s new position on lockdowns as a means of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic is quite different — and will come as cold comfort to anyone who was lucky enough to have avoided the virus but whose life has been wrecked by the ensuing lockdowns and their follow-on effects. Not only is the WHO now sounding a warning about the negative effects associated with too-harsh lockdowns, which have wrecked businesses and livelihoods in countless cities, states, and countries — but a WHO official in a new interview is actively recommending against them.

Dr. David Nabarro, a “special envoy” of the WHO’s director-general, said in an interview with the British magazine The Spectator that restrictions like lockdowns should really only be a last resort — if even that.

Naturally Nikitas3.com has been correct about this virus and these lockdowns from the start, saying that Democrats in the US have totally mishandled it, and intentionally done so in order to destroy the US economy. Meanwhile the same Democrats never mention that the virus came from ugly communist China, which is a country that is enriching the same Democrats with its huge economy – about half the size of the US economy.

Meanwhile The Washington Times reports:

About 15,000 scientists and doctors worldwide have signed a newly created document urging an end to pandemic lockdowns, arguing that the policies aimed at curtailing the novel coronavirus have produced “devastating” effects on public health.

The Great Barrington Declaration, which was released Tuesday and continues to gather signatures, was spearheaded by doctors from Harvard, Stanford and Oxford University.

“As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection,” said the declaration.

The document argued for allowing most people to “live their lives normally to build up immunity through natural infection,” while improving safeguards for the elderly and others at greater risk of death from COVID-19.

“Coming from both the left and right, and around the world, we have devoted our careers to protecting people,” said the declaration. “Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health.”

They include “lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health—leading to greater excess mortality in years to come.”

The three lead signatories, who authored the declaration in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, are Harvard professor of medicine Dr. Martin Kulldorf; Oxford epidemiologist Dr. Sunetra Gupta, and Stanford Medical School professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya.

As of Thursday afternoon, the document had been signed by nearly 5,000 medical and public-health scientists; nearly 10,000 medical practitioners, and more than 128,000 “members of the general public,” according to a tally on the website.

Interestingly there is growing evidence that fear of the virus is going to help to defeat Joe Biden. As Nikitas3.com predicted weeks ago, the mail-in ballots that Democrats have been promoting as a remedy for in-person voting and virus exposure is turning out to be a disaster for Democrat vote totals. Here is just the latest case. The Daily Caller reported:

Election officials in Sacramento, California, are asking voters to stop sanitizing their ballots after some were damaged by hand sanitizer and, in one case, a microwave.

Sacramento County officials said they have seen a number of voters coming into their offices to replace ballots they attempted to sanitize to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to KCRA. Sacramento County Public Information Officer Janna Haynes told the Daily Caller that this ruined ballots.

“In one case, the registrar says that someone even microwaved their ballot in an attempt to get rid of any germs,” according to KCRA anchor Walter Makaula.

Over 100 ballots were damaged by hand sanitizer, officials told KCRA.

This is the latest fiasco tied to mail-in ballots, and this is 100 ballots in one place. Multiply it all over the country and you have a major problem.

But the main problem is that Democrats are vastly more afraid of the virus than Republicans and are vastly more likely to use mail-in ballots. And those ballots are being lost, stolen, thrown in the trash and worst of all rejected not only for being smeared by hand sanitizer, but mostly for being improperly filled out. Mail-in ballots historically have a high rate of rejection, and the rejection rate for black mail-in voters is reported to be two to four times as high as for white voters. This is going to cut into Democrat vote totals big-time.

All in all, the mail-in ballots that Democrats were planning to use to steal the election are backfiring. And it gets worse. Nikitas3.com predicts that Democrats who intended to go the polls to vote are going to stay home in significant numbers for fear of the virus. Meanwhile Trumpsters are planning to vote in-person so that their votes get counted. And they aren’t afraid of the virus, just as our president was not.

Huge Trump Rally in Florida

President Trump held his first post-virus rally in Sanford, Florida on Columbus Day. The crowd was totally huge. He looked and sounded fantastic. He appears to have lost a few pounds. This president has not missed a beat and he apparently is going to be doing rallies every day right up until election day.

The rally got 115,719 views on just one website called Right Side Broadcasting. Wow. It appeared that 20,000 people may have attended.

Nikitas3.com has said since the virus diagnosis was announced that it will give the president time to rest. He has been on the go every minute of every day since he was elected. The lull in activity over the last week was probably good for him as we enter the final stretch of the election. It may have given him new energy.

On the other hand, nobody is showing up to see Joe Biden. His speeches are lifeless and there are virtually no people who come out to see him. He hardly even campaigns. He is the opposite of Trump. How could we possibly trust Biden to be president when he is hiding from us and looking pale and frail?

Answer: We can’t. Even worse, Biden appears to be collapsing further into dementia. He said recently that he was running “for US Senate” and could not remember Mitt Romney’s name. And when he appears in the next presidential debate on October 22 let us pray that president Trump gives him plenty of air time to hang himself with his bizarre comments.

Nikitas3.com has said several times that Biden’s virus mask is harming him by cutting off his oxygen supply. I recently was talking to a perfectly healthy guy who said that he almost fainted after wearing a mask for a long period. This story is certainly widespread but is not being reported by the Fake News, mask-loving media.

Nikitas3.com also has said right from the start that Democrats are panicking behind the scenes about this whole situation including Biden’s medical condition. They are seeing a replay of 2016 when Hillary was not campaigning either, expecting to waltz into the Oval Office. And we know what happened there.

These top Democrats in Washington know darned well what it takes to get elected and they know all about political ‘enthusiasm’ – or the lack of it – for Biden. They ignored the Trump rallies in 2016 and got the shock of a lifetime on election day.

Patriot Murdered in Denver

The Fake News media are generally ignoring the murder of a 49-year-old Navy veteran who was shot to death in Denver while participating in a pro-American, pro-police Patriot Muster rally.

Lee Keltner was murdered in a point-blank shooting by a “security guard” who had been hired by the local NBC 9News TV station to protect its reporter and cameraman. They were covering the day’s events in which Patriot Muster was confronted by violent ‘antifa’ and ‘black lives matter’ thugs.

But that “security guard” named Matthew Dolloff was not licensed to do that kind of work and is a registered Democrat who had posted anti-police comments online. How he got hired by the TV station is a mystery, but you can be sure of one thing – that station is going to get sued to high heaven by Keltner’s family. Let us hope that the famous lawyer Lin Wood gets involved with this case. It could cost NBC tens of millions of dollars in damages for negligence. Perhaps it even could shut down the Denver station. Good. The less we have of NBC the better.

Keltner’s son Jay said that his father wasn’t a member of any group and was there “to rally for the police department” as he had done at previous rallies. A friend of Keltner’s described him as “the guy that would give you the shirt off his back.” Lee Keltner was a talented hat-maker who produced amazing cowboy hats.

So we know what really is happening. After ‘antifa’ and ‘black lives matter’ rioters have done billions of dollars in damage to our cities, they are also killing decent people like Lee Keltner and Patriot Prayer participant Jay Danielson in Portland. This is why these groups have become outcasts except among the radical fringe in America.

Don’t expect any national news coverage of this Denver killing. These Fake News media outlets have been covering up for black and leftist crime and corruption for decades. Joe Biden even declared that ‘antifa’ is just “an idea” and not a violent criminal gang.

Nikitas3.com knows about how vile the anti-Trumpers can be. Not only do they post on the internet and write angry letters to the newspapers, but they are obnoxious in person. At ‘stand-out’ rallies that I have attended holding out Trump banners by the roadside, I have witnessed the anger of the Trump haters. They make obscene gestures and shout hysterically at us. On the other hand, Trump supporters are upbeat and they smile.

Americans are spending tens of millions of tax dollars during this election cycle for police to protect us against anti-Trump violence. How will these thugs pay us back? They never will. They are destroyers; we are builders.

May Lee Keltner rest in peace in Heaven… He was a wonderful man. And may his killer burn in hell, which he will.

Basketball TV Ratings Crash

All of the ‘black lives matter’ and social justice messaging in the National Basketball Association is killing the sport. Look at this from Variety: about the championship game for the whole season:

NBC’s regular broadcast of “Sunday Night Football” drew more than twice as many viewers Sunday night as the Los Angeles Lakers championship win over the Miami Heat to clinch the NBA Finals…

The NBA captured an average of 5.5 million viewers, according to early national data from Nielsen, compared with 11.5 million viewers for “Sunday Night Football.” In a more normal year, the NBA Finals would take place in June, not October.

Viewership … fell 57% when compared to the last game of 2019’s NBA finals, which featured the Toronto (Canada) Raptors winning against the Golden State Warriors.

Look at that…. a 57% drop, and that came after the 2019 finals had a Canadian team and thus lower ratings to begin with. In short, the NBA knows that they are losing their sport. They are suddenly vowing to get rid of all of the ‘black lives matter’ nonsense next year. But it is too late. They insulted tens of millions of Americans who are not going to come back to the sport.

By the way, the mastermind behind the NBA’s social justice crusade is black superstar player Lebron James. And insiders in the sport say that James has totally destroyed his legacy as a player with his political antics. Bye, bye, Lebron!!

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