Fake Polls 2016 & Today/ Kamala Harris’ Radical Muslim Ties

The pathological hatred of president Trump is an intentional incitement. It is being fomented by a few dozen very wealthy and powerful people in New York, Washington, Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

These people know well that those who are attracted to the Democrat party and to socialism and communism are by nature emotional people. And thus they are easily incited to rage through the media.

It is hate, hate, hate against not only president Trump but against all conservatives. That is why there is so much violence against conservatives, like the home in Seattle that was riddled with bullets after it flew a flag in support of law enforcement. Or two separate Trump supporters murdered in recent weeks, one in Denver and one in Portland.

This is why the crusade against president Trump only mentions hatred of Trump but never any love for Biden, much less for America. This hatred is the most animating emotion in America today and it is why our nation is so divided. Nikitas3.com does not remember 1% of this amount of hatred directed at Obama by conservatives.

Then these same angry media skunks run polls saying that president Trump is hopelessly behind Joe Biden in the polls and will lose the election. But these are Fake News media polls intended to make all Republicans look bad. Here are how several of these fake polls were all wrong in 2016:

*There is a revered political prognosticator named Charlie Cook, publisher of the Cook Political Report, who tweeted in October 2016: “Take a close look at the new Fox News poll released tonight. This race is OVER.” referring to the Fox News poll showing Hillary Clinton far ahead of Donald Trump. These exact same words were uttered by so-called political expert Bob Beckel and by other talking heads in the media.

OK, totally wrong. Now here is Cook August 28, 2020:

I think about the story in the context of this election, but not in a way that compares Trump to the king. Rather, I think about it in terms of the political analysts, pollsters, and pundits who refuse to state publicly what the data plainly show: that it is very, very unlikely Trump will win 270 electoral votes and the election.

Notice how he is not so sure this time and has softened his language. This is because he needs to salvage some credibility after he was drubbed over his 2016 prediction.

*There is a famous political forecaster named Nate Silver who is adored by Democrats. His website is called FiveThirtyEight, which is the total number of electoral votes up for grabs in a presidential election. The Daily Wire reported:

On Election Day 2016, at 10:41 a.m., pollster Nate Silver posted a story on his website, FiveThirtyEight.

“Final Election Update: There’s A Wide Range Of Outcomes, And Most Of Them Come Up Clinton,” said his headline.

“[Hillary] Clinton is a 71 percent favorite to win the election according to our polls-only model and a 72 percent favorite according to our polls-plus model. (The models are essentially the same at this point, so they show about the same forecast.) This reflects a meaningful improvement for Clinton in the past 48 hours as the news cycle has taken a final half-twist in her favor. Her chances have increased from about 65 percent,” he wrote.

Silver said his “forecast has Clinton favored in states and congressional districts totaling 323 electoral votes, including all the states President Obama won in 2012 except Ohio and Iowa, but adding North Carolina.” He hedged his bet, saying Hillary could lose North Carolina or Florida especially, so “the average number of electoral votes we forecast for Clinton is 302.”

But Donald Trump got 304 electoral votes and Hillary got 227 (total 531). Seven rogue electors did not vote for the candidate that they were supposed to.

*The New York Times reported on October 18, 2016:

Good morning on this, the 21st day before Election Day. Hillary Clinton’s chances (of winning the White House) reached 91 percent last night — their highest point yet in this election cycle. The latest rise comes from gains in Arizona and Georgia, as well as hints of further weakness in typically safe red states like Alaska and Utah.

Note: Hillary lost all four states along with the presidency.

*Here is The Hill website reporting on October 20, 2016 about another revered election guru:

Political analyst Larry Sabato on Thursday said Hillary Clinton could win more than 350 electoral votes — a statement that shocked a CNN anchor.

Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is “very unlikely” to win the presidential race.

“We now have Hillary Clinton at her peak for the year, at 352 electoral votes,” Sabato said Thursday on CNN of the Democratic nominee.

He suggested that, no matter what happens through the rest of October and beginning of November, Clinton has the U.S. presidency in the bag.

So how do these ‘experts’ get it so wrong? Answer: They are Democrats disguised as experts and they always want Democrats to win and so they always believe stories that say that Democrats are winning. They believe media polls like ABC, CNN, Washington Post, etc. that are rigged to always make Democrats look good. These polls do this mainly by polling many more Democrats than Republicans.

There are two other factors at work that make Trump hard to poll accurately – Trump supporters don’t like pollsters calling them; they consider these polls to be arms of the media, which they detest. On the other hand, Democrats would be thrilled to think that they participated in an ABC poll.

And Trump supporters often will not admit that they support the president. They are afraid to do so. Thus there is a big ‘hidden vote’ for the president. And these media skunks are ignoring this ‘hidden vote’ again in 2020 as they did in 2016.

Another factor in 2020 is the hysteria over Trump. The media have simply bumped up their numbers for Biden to higher levels than ever to try and depress Trump supporters.

But these rigged polls backfired in 2016. Hillary was so confident that she was going to win after believing all of the Fake News polls that she didn’t bother campaigning. Nikitas3.com believes that Biden is falling into the same trap in 2020.

It is also important to remember that these national polls are meaningless. The only really important polls are state polls, for instance that might show president Trump leading in Michigan or Wisconsin, both of which he won in 2016 after a Republican presidential candidate had not won either since 1988 and 1984 respectively.

President Trump is now making a play for the electoral votes in Minnesota. The last time a Republican won Minnesota was way back in 1972 and Richard Nixon. This strident liberalism sounds odd for a Midwestern farming state like Minnesota, but left-wing Minneapolis has a dominant effect on the state.

Trump came closer in 2016 to winning Minnesota than any Republican had in decades. He lost Minnesota by only 44,000 votes after Obama had beaten Romney by 226,000 votes in 2012. Obama beat McCain by 300,000 votes in 2008.

Nikitas3.com believes that president Trump will win Minnesota this year since huge numbers of Minnesotans are extremely alarmed about the riots in Democrat-controlled Minneapolis. This comes on top of shifts by blacks, hispanics, Democrats, independents and gays toward Trump nationwide. Political experts say that up to 15% of Bernie Sanders will vote for Trump since they both are economic nationalists who favor the working class in America.

In Northern Minnesota, which is a very liberal iron mining region that has been heavily Democrat on account of the unions, six mayors recently announced that they are voting for Trump. Nikitas3.com believes that this region alone will swing Minnesota to the president as miners all over the US see their livelihoods threatened by Democrat-allied environmentalists.

Trump Frees More Hostages

Here is another in a series of stories ignored by the Fake News media. The Trump administration secured the release of two American hostages from Yemen.

“We join all Americans in welcoming their newly regained freedom,” the president tweeted. Fox News reported:

The two Americans, Sandra Loli and Mikael Gidada, and the remains of a third, Bilal Fateen, were released in exchange for the return of about 250 of the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels from Oman, according to the White House.

Oman’s state news said the American captives were flown out of Yemen on an Omani plane. It said 250 “Yemeni brothers” who received treatment in Oman have been returned to Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, on two flights as part of the exchange.

Kieran Ramsey, director of the administration’s hostage recovery cell, said Loli and Gidada would soon be on their way back to the United States.

Kamala Harris Tied to Radical Muslim Group

There is phenomenon in the world called “islamic socialism” or “islamic communism”. It means the cooperation between radical communists and radical muslims. It does not seem real since communists are atheists, but there is a reason for it.

Islam has tried and failed to conquer the world by itself. So has communism. So they have teamed up to work together.

There is another element involved. Religious muslims are very bad at controlling their economies so they allow the communists to do it. And radical communists don’t allow religion in their countries, even though religion has been an important part of human life for thousands of years. So they allow the militant muslims to run the religious aspects of their nations.

President Trump is expected to get as much as 30% of the muslim vote in 2020, up from 13% in 2016. And as expected, highly-educated muslim elites are less likely to vote for Trump. There are roughly 3.3 million muslims in the US, or 1% of the US population. But in muslim-heavy states like Michigan, muslim votes could help Trump to win.

Democrats in America are closely tied to muslims and to international islam. And this has entered into the 2020 election. Adam Kredo at The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s ties to a leading anti-Israel group are generating scrutiny among Jewish voters, particularly in Florida, a perennial swing state populated by a large number of staunchly pro-Israel voters.

As California’s attorney general and then as U.S. senator, Harris forged a relationship with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), one of the nation’s top anti-Israel groups and advocates for boycotts of the Jewish state. CAIR advised Harris on community issues during her time in California politics, and she later offered the group her “gratitude and admiration” in a 2018 personal letter to the group.

Harris’s association with CAIR is drawing scrutiny ahead of the 2020 presidential election. While Jewish voters overwhelmingly lean Democratic, the party’s recent embrace of anti-Israel causes and activists could make the critical voting bloc think twice. Biden has promised to be a mainstream pro-Israel president, but the Democratic Party’s alliance with anti-Israel leaders threatens to pull the candidate leftward, as evidenced by Biden’s campaign pledge to confront Israel over its continued building of Jewish homes in disputed areas. Recent national polls show around 30 percent support for Trump among Jewish voters, a number that ranks on the high end historically. And CAIR’s support for the Democratic ticket could prove to be a lightning rod for team Biden in states such as Florida, local GOP officials say.

“Every Jewish American should be concerned about a potential vice president who aligns herself with groups that support terrorists,” said Randy Fine, a Republican Florida state politician who went toe-to-toe with CAIR on several initiatives. “I don’t think we want people in the White House to invite anti-Semites to have a seat at the table.”

As California’s top cop, Harris partnered with local CAIR officials and relied on them to advise her about community matters. In 2015, for instance, Harris hosted CAIR for an interfaith community event following a deadly terrorist attack in San Bernardino. In 2016, as Harris ran for the Senate, CAIR’s political action committee donated $1,750 to boost her campaign. CAIR PAC also has donated to prominent anti-Israel voices such as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.).

OK, we know where this is going. And then remember that the most radical muslim in the American government is Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minneapolis. Another is Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

Department of Justice May Charge Google

The Axios website reported:

Insiders expect the Justice Department to charge Google with violating antitrust laws this week, in what would be the biggest such action against a U.S. tech company in two decades. But questions still swirl around how broad and tight Justice’s case will be.

Why it matters: The suit against Google will focus on monopolistic behavior, but it’s also likely to be the last chance for the Trump Administration to act against the tech giants it blames for anti-conservative bias before an election that could oust it.

Where it stands: The case is expected to focus on allegations of competitive abuses related to search.

The Justice Department and a group of state attorneys general have also been investigating Google’s advertising business. One remedy proposal under discussion is to require Google to sell off its Chrome browser, Politico reports.

Let us hope that this really happens this time. We have been hearing about it for several years.

Do Virus Masks Work? Probably Not

Breitbart News reported:

An overlooked study published recently by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that cloth face coverings or masks are mostly ineffective in preventing the spread of the Chinese coronavirus as promoted by public health officials.

The researchers found that 71 percent of the case-patients contracted the virus despite reporting “always” wearing a cloth face covering or mask at least 14 days before illness onset, and 14 percent contracted the virus despite reporting “often” wearing one at least 14 days before illness onset.

This is more alarming news, but is no surprise. Nikitas3.com has been critical of masks right from the start.

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