How Democrats Move Into & Ruin Conservative States

First, here is a quick word about the two “town hall” programs with president Trump and Biden on Thursday, October 15.

Some viewers across the country reported that the NBC feed was garbled or had technical difficulties at the beginning of the program with president Trump.

This would be no surprise; it sounds like intentional media sabotage. NBC would certainly want to harm Trump’s viewership by cutting off the program right at the beginning when people are just tuning in. It would have been local affiliates that would have done this so that it did not appear like a national conspiracy from NBC in New York.

It also has been reported that in some parts of the country that the town hall appeared on MSNBC, and not NBC, and so non-cable viewers would not be able to see it. This also would have been a local decision.

How Democrats Move Into, Ruin Conservative States

New Hampshire was known for decades as a conservative state in liberal New England. Back in the late 1970s, when lived in Vermont for a brief period, the liberals in Vermont made endless fun of New Hampshire.

Yet tens of thousands of Democrats from other parts of New England, and other parts of the country, have since moved to New Hampshire because it has a great economy. Why? Because it is conservative.

New Hampshire has no state sales tax. It has no state income tax. It has a fiercely independent can-do spirit. You can see women riding Harley-Davidsons without helmets, just like their boyfriends. The state motto is ‘Live Free or Die’. Wow.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire today has two far-left Democrat US senators and two left-wing Democrat congresspeople. In other words, its entire congressional contingent is ultra-liberal Democrat. Both US senators were born out-of-state. Only the governor today is a Republican; Chris Sununu was born in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has become liberal because economic success brings in the riff-raff. Democrats have been moving to New Hampshire for decades, usually from next-door Massachusetts where Democrats have ruined that state. They move to NH to escape liberalism and then bring their destructive politics with them. They are part of a web of activists who move to conservative states, agitate politically, run for office and take over the state.

Update from Just the News:

The New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper has endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for the 2020 election contest, marking the outlet’s first endorsement of a Democratic presidential candidate in more than 100 years.

This shows how liberals corrupt the states that they move into.

We also have seen this in Virginia. Today it has a far-left governor and two far-left US senators. It voted for Obama twice and for Hillary Clinton. Yet Virginia was a reliably “red” state for many decades; even as recently as 2004 it voted for George W Bush for president. But it has flipped largely for two reasons:

*It has an expanding upper-income population in the Northern Virginia suburbs that works in Washington, DC in the federal government bureaucracy. These people are generally far-left Democrats and have plenty of money to contribute to Democrat candidates and causes.

*It has an expanding overall population of very liberal people who have fled failed liberal states like New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut. They have brought their politics with them to Virginia, and they are often activists.

This is how Democrats destroy conservative states after destroying their own liberal states. They did it starting in the 1970s to conservative Oregon and Washington state with immigration from militant California. That is how Portland has become a radical hotbed. Seattle too. saw this in Vermont, which for the first 200 years of America was a conservative state. It was one of only two states that voted against Roosevelt in 1936. But starting in the 1950s and 1960s, three things happened that drew “flatlanders” from places like New York and Boston and flipped the state to crazy liberal that has given us Bernie Sanders.

First was the birth and growth of the ski industry after World War II; second was the ‘back to the land’ movement of the “hippies” of the 1960s; and third came upper-income college-educated architects, businesspeople, retirees, etc., who moved to Vermont for the quality of life in its small towns but who often had city business connections in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, etc.

Today we have the case of Montana. It has been a pretty reliably “red” presidential state since its statehood in 1889. Montana is an attractive place today due to its conservative policies and lifestyle, like New Hampshire is. But Montana today has high-speed internet, FedEx, and road and air connections to the rest of the US and the whole world. So it is no longer the isolated outpost that it was in its early days and is attractive to more and more people who are not the rough’n’ready folks (conservatives) who built the state.

Over the last 40 years, this has attracted liberal trash from failed left-wing places like California – including many Hollywood actors who have homes there – New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

After the liberals settle in Montana they elect Democrats like sitting governor Steve Bullock and left-wing US senator Jon Tester, often by very small margins.

There is a Montana US Senate race this year that pits incumbent Republican senator Steve Daines against Bullock, who ran briefly for president in 2020. He obviously ran for president un-seriously to set up his US Senate campaign.

Bullock is so far to the left that he has publicly endorsed packing the Supreme Court to undo the conservative majority that has been attained legally under president Trump. If Bullock wins this Senate race, which is possible but not likely, it will be a bad sign for the future of Montana. The website called The Hill reported:

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) raised $26.8 million in the third quarter of the year for his bid to unseat Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.), making him the latest Democratic Senate candidate to set a fundraising record in his state.

Bullock’s third quarter fundraising haul is more than three times the roughly $7.8 million he raised in the second quarter, and it represents a new high raised by a candidate in a statewide race in Montana in a single three-month period.

His campaign said that 96 percent of donations over the course of the quarter were less than $200, with an average contribution size of $38.74.

“Our campaign is powered by individuals, not corporations, because Governor Bullock is running to give Montana a Senator who puts us first — not out-of-state special interests,” Bullock’s campaign manager Megan Simpson said in a statement.

Woah… $26.8 million is an astronomical amount for Montana. And the reason that it is happening is that liberals from all over the country are trying to elect Bullock and are contributing to his campaign. It is perfectly legal for people from other states to donate to political candidates.

A lot of Bullock money is coming from California, which has 41 million people, or 40 times as many people as Montana. So there are plenty of people in California who can contribute even small amounts to Bullock and overwhelm Montana with their money. Other outside leftist groups like ActBlue are pumping in money too.

The same type of political shift to the left is happening in our corporations. They are traditionally conservative, capitalist entities yet they are often populated and even run by far-left radicals like Bezos and Zuckerberg.

This happens because corporations are great places to work with excellent pay, benefits and opportunities. They are like conservative states – great places to be. And the people who go to work in corporations today virtually all graduated from our colleges and universities where they have been indoctrinated since the 1960s by radical socialist ideology. Thus they bring that ideology to work with them and change the culture of the corporations.

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