Why Trump Will Win/ Fla. Looking Great for Prez/ Media Gloss Over French Terror

First, here is a quick word about mail-in voting:

It is turning into a disaster. After Democrats thought that it would save them through their usual fraud, there is a lot of bad news about it – ballots found in the trash all over the country; ballots stained with hand sanitizer; wrong ballots mailed out; ballots rejected for being improperly filled out (which is the biggest problem of all), etc.

This is important because we know that president Trump has urged his voters not to vote by mail, and most Trump supporters are planning to vote in person. Thus any problems with mail-in ballots are going to fall disproportionately on Biden. They also are going to fall disproportionately on all Democrat candidates including US Senate, US House and others all the way down the ballot.

At the same time, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled Friday that absentee ballots must arrive by election day, November 3, to be counted — overturning a lower court decision that had extended the deadline by 14 days. This is a good anti-fraud measure.

So don’t despair too much about mail-in voting. Democrats have guessed wrong again.

Why Are Media Predicting a Biden Rout?

The Fake News media polls are predicting a big Biden victory just like they predicted a big Hillary victory in 2016. They are doing this for three reasons:

*They want Biden to win.

*They want us to think that Biden is a shoo-in and to discourage Trump supporters. They do this to Republicans in every election.

*But there may be a more sinister reason – that when Trump wins then the violent people in ‘antifa’ and ‘black lives matter’ will say, “Hey, wait! Biden was supposed to win easily! This election was stolen!” And then they may riot and Democrats and the Fake News media will tell us that we should have expected trouble because the election was stolen.

Meanwhile Nikitas3.com believes that Joe Biden may skip out on the October 22 debate with president Trump. Why? Because Biden knows that the Hunter Biden email scandal is really bad news, that it is growing and that the only opportunity that president Trump will have to get this message out directly to the American people is through the debate.

Thus Old Joe may take a risk – cancel the debate, give a fake excuse (like his fear of the China virus) and pray that the media can cover up for him since it will be much worse for him to show up and allow the president to bring up his corrupt son Hunter in front of 50 millions viewers.

Biden is starting to get very testy about the growing Hunter Biden scandal. A reporter asked him, “Mr. Biden, what is your response to the New York Post story about your son, sir?”

Biden snapped back, “I know you’d ask it. I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.”

Yet these are the kinds of questions president Trump gets every minute of every day, except that there is no scandal around Trump like there is around Biden.

You can rest assured that top Democrats are panicking big-time about the Hunter Biden deal. It is developing into a major scandal just in time for election day.

Nikitas3.com also wonders why Joe Biden is suddenly making campaign appearances when he hid out in his basement until now.

The reason may be that the Biden campaign has internal polls (polls conducted by the campaign that are not public) showing Trump doing great. And so they realize that the Biden Basement strategy was failing. After all, Hillary tried the Basement strategy in 2016 and she lost. And these Biden campaign hacks are haunted by that and are all too aware that this could be a repeat.

Meanwhile top Trump operative Corey Lewandowski said optimistically about Trump internal polls:

… our polls today internally and even in Real Clear Politics are better today than they were four years ago… And you know Sean when we looked at the battleground states, when we looked at Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, we look where those numbers were. And four years ago Donald Trump was down by a larger margin to Hillary Clinton than he is today to Joe Biden. And today the Trafalgar Poll in Michigan showed Donald Trump with a lead. It is the first time in five years that he’s been a candidate that he’s had a lead in Michigan. He won that state four years ago by 10,704 votes. He’s going to win it by a bigger margin this time.

… we’ve got four or five different opportunities in front of us. And it’s an opportunity, a much broader field than we had four years ago. Look, we’re going to win in Arizona. As Republicans we have a voter registration advantage component in this. The Democrats aren’t talking about Texas anymore. The state of Ohio, and I shouldn’t have to say this on live TV. It’s out of play for the Democrats because all of the work and the jobs and the manufacturing that has come back there because of this president’s policies. The great white whale for Republicans has always been the state of Pennsylvania. But that’s where we are. We are not only competing in Pennsylvania we’re competing in the state of Minnesota where no Republican has won since Richard Nixon’s reelection in 1972. Donald Trump lost that state by about 45,000 votes last cycle, about a point-and-a-half. That state is trending Republican. And because of the work that he is able to do up there those people ought to come home. And Donald Trump is going to be the first president in about 50 years to win Minnesota as a Republican.

If you are still nervous about president Trump’s chances of winning on November 3, here is a great way to think about it:

When Donald Trump came down the escalator and announced his candidacy in June 2015, the media and Democrats laughed at him.

When he started campaigning for the nomination, they said he was a joke and could never beat Jeb Bush.

When he won the nomination, they said that Hillary would crush him in the general election.

As election day approached, they said that he would lose so badly that he would bring down the Republican-controlled House and Senate with him. Yet both the House and Senate remained Republican when Trump won in 2016.

Going into the first few months of the Trump presidency, they said that he would be out of office by June 2017 in a scandal.

They said he could never improve the economy and bring back manufacturing jobs, but he did.

They said he could never control illegal immigration or build the Mexican border wall but he has done both.

They said that he colluded with Russia and would be removed from office when he was found guilty, but he wasn’t removed because he didn’t collude.

In the 2018 mid-term elections, they predicted that Republicans would lose a large number of US Senate seats and majority control of the Senate. It didn’t happen.

They never, ever in a million years predicted that president Trump would get three Supreme Court appointments in his first term, which no president has ever done before. But he has done so.

They said that he could never wipe out ISIS in the Middle East, but he has done so without losing a single American soldier’s life (the attacks were done from the air with precision weapons).

When he got sick with the China virus, they said he would die, but he rebounded in one day.

And now that he is running for re-election, they are saying that he can’t possibly win. But we know that he will win because president Donald J. Trump has beaten the odds over and over and over. This president is Superman. Don’t ever underestimate his super powers.

Notes on US Senate Races

Republican US senator Joni Ernst of Iowa is facing a challenge from Democrat Theresa Greenfield, who has admitted in a video to supporting ‘black lives matter’.

“Yeah,” Greenfield said in a video shot in Des Moines by a group called Accuracy in Media while shaking her head ‘yes’ when asked if she supported BLM.

“I don’t know if there’s any reason it doesn’t appear on the website,” she said when asked why the words “black lives matter” did not appear on her campaign’s website. “Let me take a look at it, ’cause I talk about it all the time.”

This is good news for senator Ernst. Iowa is a relatively conservative state.

In Arizona, a campaign staffer for far-left Democrat US Senate candidate Mark Kelly described police as “worthless f***ing pigs” in an internet post. The staffer has not been fired.

This is not going to go over well with voters in Arizona. Meanwhile The New York Post reported:

Republican voter registration is surging in Florida, narrowing a historical Democratic advantage in the swing state ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

In August, Republicans added a GOP record of about 58,000 new voters, Politico reported, or 41 percent more than new Democrats in Florida.

“Florida looking good!” President Trump tweeted Thursday morning after the story was published.

Polls suggest that Trump dramatically increased his support among Florida Latinos as he denounces Latin American socialism…

Will Trump Win Oregon, Washington Electoral Votes?

Nikitas3.com predicts that president Trump will win an easy re-election, including the Electoral College votes in Washington state and Oregon. These are two states which have voted Democrat in presidential elections for decades.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton won Oregon by 11 points and Washington state by 17 points. But Nikitas3.com believes that hundreds of thousands of independent and Democrats voters in both states, who have been swinging the states to the Democrats for decades, are going to move to Trump as rioters have looted and burned their largest cities of Seattle and Portland. Both cities have far-left Democrat mayors, and both states have far-left Democrat governors, while president Trump is making this urban chaos a major issue in his re-election.

Oregon and Washington are examples of once-conservative states that have drifted further and further to the left in recent decades, starting in the 1970s. You have to go back to 1984 for the last time that a Republican – incumbent president Ronald Reagan – won either state’s Electoral College votes.

There already is talk about recall elections against the leftist mayor of Seattle. This may spread to include the Democrat governors of Washington, Michigan and Oregon, and the Democrat mayors of Portland and Boise, Idaho and Minneapolis. This all will redound to the benefit of president Trump even if there are not formal recall elections. The anger of voters is never going to be recalled.

In Oregon, there has been uninterrupted rioting in Portland since late May. This is certainly deeply disturbing to many Oregonians who have voted Democrat for many years and even decades but who have watched the destruction of downtown Portland in horror by communist mobs like ‘antifa’ and another groups called “black lives matter”.

At the same time, there is a significant congressional race brewing that may bring president Trump to Oregon for a rally that could help to tip the state. In the 4th congressional district, in the largely rural southwestern and coastal part of Oregon, the seat has been held by a leftist Democrat for decades. Unfortunately the district includes the college towns of Eugene and Corvallis, and the state capital of Salem, which have helped to assure that the seat is held by a Democrat.

But a strong Republican challenger has emerged this year. His name is Alek Skarlatos and he is a former US Army National Guard soldier who, along with fellow Americans Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, stopped a terrorist gunman from attacking a French train in August 2015. Skarlatos received international attention for the feat and was awarded France’s highest decoration, Knights of the Legion of Honour (Chevaliers de la Légion d’honneur) for his heroism.

In this age of domestic terrorism in our American cities, Nikitas3.com believes that Skarlatos will win the seat as his candidacy contrasts starkly to the riots in Portland and nearby Seattle, and the permissive Democrats who are allowing them.

Update: While Nikitas3.com originally wrote this essay about Alek Skarlatos in August, and cut-and-pasted it on October 17, here is an October 17 update about the race from Fox News confirming my thesis that Skarlatos can win.

Seattle Police Quitting in Droves

Here is a story from Mynorthwest.com that is no surprise:

At least 118 Seattle police officers separated from the department, the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH has confirmed. In September alone, 39 officers left the force when the typical number for that month is between 5 and 7. Even new recruits are leaving.

There are now only about 1,200 officers in service for the entire city, the lowest it’s been in two decades. And even this number is misleading. Many officers are using their accrued sick time as they begin their escape to other agencies or wait for retirement.

The mass exodus of officers started in May with 10 separations, followed by 16 in June, 10 in July, and 14 in August. In September, that number jumped to 39. So far in October, there have been eight separations according to a source, though this is not in the mayor’s report. Police Chief Carmen Best, who resigned this year, is included in the statistics.

This is what you get when you disrespect your own police officers.

Media Cover for French Terror Attack

Here is a story from Fake Fox News that shows how the Fake News media soften stories about muslim terrorism. The headline was:

France attack: Teacher killed in gruesome assault near Paris, terror investigation launched

Initial reports stated that the teacher had been beheaded, but subsequent reports have said that the attacker instead slit the teacher’s throat

So we are supposed to think, “Well that’s good news. He didn’t cut the teacher’s head off. Just slit his throat! Phew…”

Fake Fox then reported:

A police source said that witnesses had heard the attacker shout “Allah Akbar”, or “God is Great,” but police have not verified this account, according to reports. Prosecutors said they were treating the attack as “a murder linked to a terrorist organization.”

Let Nikitas3.com verify the account from 3,000 miles away. The attacker shouted “Allah Akbar…”

Fake Fox then reported:

Initial reports stated that the teacher had been beheaded, but subsequent reports have said that the attacker instead slit the teacher’s throat. Police have yet to verify the state of the victim.

Update: The victim was beheaded. But don’t tell Fake Fox News.

Fake Fox News reported:

The attack is another in a series in Paris connected to issues of the Islamic faith.

Fake Fox cannot bring itself to utter the words “islamic terrorism”.

Fake Fox reported:

In Islam, depcitions (sic) of the prophet are a contentious issue, with many believing it is forbidden.

Yeah, right, “a contentious issue”. Like getting your head cut off.

Conclusion: Fox News has become just another Fake News media outlet. Their conservative days are over. Even president Trump has said this.

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