Prediction: US Senate Will Remain GOP/ DOJ Targets Google predicts that the US Senate will remain majority Republican after the November 3 ballots are counted. Here’s why:

Republicans currently hold 53 Senate seats. Democrats hold only 45 seats and two seats are Independent (total 47) but the Independents always vote Democrat. Total is 100 seats.

So therefore Democrats/Independents must take four US Senate seats from Republicans in order to get to 51 seats and majority control. But this is unlikely to happen for several reasons:

*There is a Senate seat in conservative Alabama that is currently held by a Democrat who won it in a ‘special’ election in December 2017 only after the Republican candidate named Roy Moore was smeared in a Kavanaugh-like campaign and lost.

Since that seat is expected to certainly go Republican on November 3 with conservative Republican Tommy Tuberville, it means that Democrats really need to take five seats away from Republicans to take majority control.

*But is also predicting another important Republican Senate victory. Black conservative Republican US Senate candidate from Michigan John James, a military veteran and businessman, is ahead in some polls in his effort to take a Democrat seat from one-term incumbent Gary Peters. This has come as a big shock to Democrats.

But it should not be so shocking. James was unknown when he ran for US Senate in 2018 against three-term Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow and lost by only 6.5 points. That set off alarm bells in the Democrat party. predicts that James will win the seat on November 3 based on his great character and pro-Trump agenda, but also on statewide anger at Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer for her severe lockdown of the state in the virus crisis. Whitmer is absolutely despised by millions of Michiganders, including Democrats and independents. believes that these Michiganders will express that anger by voting not only for president Trump but for James.

James is also getting major support from two very popular Michigan-born rock stars, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, who both love Michigan and live there full time.

If James wins, that would mean that Democrats would have to take six seats from Republicans, which does not consider to be likely. And thus the Senate should remain in Republican majority control when 2021 rolls around.

Two other races may flip from Democrat to Republican:

*In Minnesota sitting Democrat US senator Tina Smith was picked to fill the seat vacated by Democrat Al Franken who resigned in a sex misconduct scandal in early 2018.

Conservative Republican Jason Lewis could win the seat. Former congressman and talk-show host Lewis could win in a state whose biggest city of Minneapolis was rocked by riots last Summer. Those riots certainly shook up the normally liberal/Democrat tilt of the state. President Trump came close to winning the electoral votes in Minnesota in 2016 after no Republican had done so since 1972. Trump is looking to win Minnesota in 2020. believes that he will do so and will bring Lewis along with him on his ‘coat tails’.

Update: A recent poll shows the Lewis-Smith race to be very close, along with the Trump-Biden race. Thus Minnesota appears to be shifting to the right.

*Another potential Democrat-to-Republican flip is in the Senate race in New Mexico where long-serving Democrat Tom Udall is retiring. The race pits Democrat congressman Ben Ray Lujan against Republican former meteorologist Mark Ronchetti who is well-known for his work on the Albuquerque CBS station.

While Fake News media polls give Lujan a 9 point lead, believes that a solid victory by president Trump on the presidential level could bring along Ronchetti, who is a good conservative. And in light of the Summer riots across America, Ronchetti’s message of law-and-order is going to resonate even in a relatively liberal state like New Mexico, which is dominated by liberal Albuquerque.

Update: The Washington Times reports:

White House officials said Saturday that mail-in balloting and early voting totals in Michigan show that 41 percent of the 1.4 million votes so far were cast by Republicans, and 39 percent by Democrats. Another 20 percent of the vote was by independents.

This is not a poll. This is an actual ballot count and it shows that Republican “enthusiasm” is strong in Michigan which is good for the president and for John James.

Update: A famous black rapper named 50 Cent has endorsed president Trump. This is part of a trend among blacks and black celebrities for Trump. This is great news for John James too. 50 Cent tweeted of Joe Biden’s tax plan, “Yeah, i don’t want to be 20cent…” Hilarious.

Update: Just to show you how wrong the polls were and often are, Reuters reported in 2016:

With 11 days to go before the U.S. presidential election, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leads Republican Donald Trump by 15 percentage points among early voters surveyed in the past two weeks, according to the Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project.

Right, and guess who got elected president. Hint: It wasn’t Hillary.

Update: Of the 4,300 colleges and universities in the US, campuses nationwide are empty, locked down or in hibernation mode from the virus. This means that Democrat voter recruitment through campus agitators is going to be way down in 2020. This is a big blow to Democrat candidates nationwide.

Update: Political strategist Tom Del Beccaro writes about two great signs for president Trump’s re-election in important states:

1. Pennsylvania Voter Registration

American presidential elections are decided by the Electoral College as President Trump and Joe Biden both know.

In 2016, Pennsylvania and its 20 Electoral College votes were key to President Trump’s victory. He won Pennsylvania by a slim 44,292 votes out of nearly 6 million. That November, the Democrats had nearly a 900,000 voter registration advantage over the Republicans. That number is now down to a 700,000 registration advantage and has narrowed by 100,000 in the last year.

2. Florida, too.

In 2008, Democrats held nearly a 700,000 voter registration advantage and Barack Obama carried the state by 236,148 votes. By 2012 that advantage slipped to 558,272 registrations and Obama won there by 74,309 votes.

In 2016, Democrats had a 327,483 registration advantage and Trump carried the state by 112,991 votes.

Now the Democrats’ voter registration advantage is down nearly 200,000 to just a 134,242 lead, which Politico called a “historic low.”

Obviously, the movement towards Republicans bodes well for the president.

Again, these are actual numbers, not polls or projections.

Justice Department Finally Taking Action against Google

Great news. reported:

The Justice Department is expected to file a lawsuit Tuesday alleging that Google has been abusing its online dominance in online search to stifle competition and harm consumers, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press.

The litigation marks the government’s most significant act to protect competition since its groundbreaking case against Microsoft more than 20 years ago. The suit could be an opening salvo ahead of other major government antitrust actions, given ongoing investigations of major tech companies including Apple, Amazon and Facebook at both the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission.

Google controls about 90% of global web searches. The company has been bracing for the government’s action and is expected to fiercely oppose any attempt to force it to spin off its services into separate businesses.

It’s about time. We have broken up companies like Standard Oil and Bell Telephone, while Google has an outrageous monopoly too. It is time to break up Google. It should have been broken up years ago.

Google’s CEO is a guy named Sundar Pinchai, who was born in India. In case you don’t know, an overwhelming majority of Indian immigrants to America are on the far-left politically like Pichai is.

The reason is simple: When India declared its independence from Britain in 1947, it wanted to distance itself from Europe, the US and capitalism. And thus India allied itself with the Soviet Union and adopted a communist-like economy.

This economy produced decades of poverty and stagnation. India’s gargantuan government bureaucracy became infamous. And the people who benefited most from this system were the privileged political, cultural, media and economic elites way over on the far left, like Democrats in America.

The children of these elites are the ones who have immigrated most to the US in the last 30 years. And these children like Pichai (age 48) are leftists just like their parents.

Fortunately for India, it started adopting capitalist economic reforms in 1991 and since then 300 million Indians have risen out of poverty. Wow. Amazing. Works every time.

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