Hunter Biden Scandal Widens/ Trump Enthusiasm vs. None for Biden

While Democrats have done everything in their power to shift attention from the Hunter Biden scandal, it is getting worse and worse. The Trump campaign has Hunter’s actual laptop computer; there is no denying what is on it including emails and photos. On the other hand, Democrats said for years that president Trump had colluded with Russia but they could not produce one single email, photograph or ledger page to show how what happened.

This is good news for president Trump and you can rest assured that there is much more to come out of Hunter’s laptop as the election approaches. President Trump has referred to it as “the laptop from hell”.

This scandal appears to be much worse than just financial corruption. Here is Rudy Giuliani talking about Hunter Biden’s email about sexting naked with a 14-year-old girl while smoking crack:

Well, here is a very, very sensitive one. It’s a text message to his father in which he says the following. In which he says the following, and he’s discussing his sister-in-law who for quite some time was his lover. And he says, “She told my therapist I was sexually inappropriate.” This would be with an unnamed 14-year-old girl. When she says I face-timed naked with the unnamed 14-year-old girl. And the reason she can’t have her out to see me is because I walk around naked smoking crack talking Tom Girls(?) on Face time. When she was pressed she said the unnamed 14-year-old-girl never said anything like that but the bottom line is that I created and caused a very unsafe environment for the kids.

This is criminal stuff. And there is worse to come. Giuliani also has claimed there are numerous pictures of underage girls on the Hunter Biden hard drive. And after Joe Biden’s sick behavior with little girls on the Creepy Joe Biden videos on YouTube, this takes on added significance. Stay tuned!

In reference to Hunter telling his father about smoking crack around the minor child, Joe Biden was obligated by law to notify officials after learning of Hunter Biden’s naked crack smoking around the kids. Giuliani said:

Notice at the end he denies that he exposed himself to his children, he admits that he was a danger to the children. That right there triggered his (Joe Biden’s) responsibility. Right there. The man is telling you I’m a danger to children. You know he’s a crack addict. You gotta know he’s smoking crack around them. You’ve got to know that. I’ve got so many photos that he was smoking crack in the house. So even if you get away from the sexual part you got the fact that he’s a habitual crack user. By the way, so was the sister-in-law. So these kids are in a terrible environment… …The law is clear as a bell that (Joe Biden) should have reported it.

But here’s the most important part about the financial corruption. There are references to “the big guy” in Hunter Biden emails involving financial disbursements from foreign agents. This apparently refers to payoffs to “the big guy” who is allegedly Joe Biden. Giuliani said that an anonymous source is ready to go public that “the big guy” is indeed Joe Biden. Giuliani said:

We’ve identified “The Big Guy” several ways. One, right after that text message (from Hunter about 14-year-old girls and crack) there’s another message on keys to an office they’re going to share with the Chinese communists. And the first key they’re going to ask for is for Joe Biden, the “big guy.” Number 2, There’s an anonymous source that has told FOX News that the “big guy” is definitively Joe Biden. He’s one of the people involved in the deal. I know his name. I’m not at liberty to tell you. But I’m told in a day or two he’s going to go public… All I can tell you is if you looked at the photographs on this hard drive and you didn’t go to the police, well if you’re a law enforcement officer you’d be guilty of a felony. If you were just a normal citizen you’d be a horrible human being. There are numerous pictures here of girls who are being, well, they shouldn’t be there. If the Delaware police don’t do anything about this it would be a tragic thing.

Update: Bretibart News reports about Giuliani’s anonymous source:

A whistleblower CEO and Biden insider, Tony Bobulinski, released a public statement on Wednesday evening backing up the reporting of the New York Post from last week and claiming that he personally witnessed Democrat presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden discussing business deals with his son, Hunter Biden.

Trump Enthusiasm vs. None for Biden said for many years before president Trump was elected that the Republican party needed to go out into suburbs, small towns and rural areas and sign up millions of conservative white people to vote who were not engaged in the political process. This would assure more Republican/conservative victories going into the future.

But president Trump’s candidacy in 2016 effectively did this; millions of white voters came out to vote for the president who had never voted before or had not voted in a long time. And since then Trump apparently has induced millions of white people, and others too including blacks and latinos, to engage in the political process.

The Trump campaign does in-person surveys of people who attend the president’s rallies. These surveys are done face-to-face and are infinitely more accurate than polls are. These surveys find that Democrats and independents are highly represented among the Trump voter base that goes to rallies. Trump rallies generally draw 20% or more Democrats and a like number of independents too. The New American reported back in January:

The 90-minute Trump campaign rally held in Toledo, Ohio, on January 9 continued a trend that had held firmly in recent months — 42.8 percent of the 22,927 people attending the event were either a Democrat or an Independent. Broken down, 21.9 percent were Democrats and 20.9 percent of attendees identified as Independents.

These figures continue a trend stretching back to last October 17, when 21.4 percent at a Trump rally in Dallas were Democrats, with 11 percent being Latino. Twenty-seven percent of those attending a Trump rally in Tupelo, Mississippi, on November 1 were Democrats, with 20 percent being black. At a November 26 Trump rally in Broward, Florida, 24 percent of attendees were Democrats, with 27 percent being Hispanic.

So we have Democrats, independents, blacks, latinos and conservatives and Republicans at the rallies. Gays too. And certainly a few muslims. That is a powerful coalition for re-election. And now word has come out about attendees at three recent Trump rallies that 37.6% and 28.6% of attendees at two Arizona rallies, and 30% of attendees at a Nevada rally did not even vote in 2016.

Wow. This is a crucial number and is a very high number. It means that Trump is engaging millions of new people nationwide in the political process. This is good news for Republican candidates in 2020 and into the future. This means that the Republican/conservative voter base is being greatly expanded.

And as long as Republicans start acting decisively like president Trump is doing, these voters will continue to be engaged. If these Republicans go back to being old-fashioned, do-nothing politicians, then these voters will fall by the wayside.

These new voters are icing on the cake. They are indeed new voters and they come out of the blue. They do not have be fought over or won over in political debate. This is good news for the president’s re-election.

Trump has brought in these voters as a result of political “enthusiasm”. The president is simply exciting people like no other candidate ever in US history. And believes that this enthusiasm is going to win the election for the president since enthusiasm is a known and acknowledged factor in political victory.

His detractors claim that president Trump is developing a cult of personality, and indeed this is true. It is nothing negative or new. Candidates always want to develop their audiences through a personal connection, just like Obama did and like Republican president Ronald Reagan did and like Democrat president John F. Kennedy did.

But Trump has a very special bond with his audiences. The reason is clear: Despite his billions in wealth, he has “the common touch”. He is funny and talkative. He is someone whom you would like to have a beer with. He relates to people. And the reason that this happens is that he comes out a different type of economy than many of today’s billionaires.

Trump comes out of the streets of New York and the rough-and-tumble world of real estate. He owns 31 buildings throughout the world – hotels and other types of high-rise housing. He also owns many golf resorts. This is part of an old-fashioned type of economy where he actually builds things like the industrial tycoons of the past who produced cars, steel or oil.

Today’s left-wing billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, who is worth $100 billion, earned his fortune by building one single website – Facebook. At age 36, Zuckerberg is worth 25 times as much as Trump is worth at age 74. And Zuckerberg is about as appealing to us ‘common folk’ as a computer keyboard is. Have you ever seen anyone say how excited they are to hear about Zuckerberg? No. He is as likeable as cardboard.

So Trump is just different. People who know him say he is a really nice and funny in person, not a stiff like Mitt Romney or George W. Bush or John McCain. met Romney once and he literally looked like he was made of plastic. It was really creepy.

Trump relates to people because he has had to deal with thousands of people in making his buildings over the last 50 years – workers, contractors, unions, bureaucrats, suppliers, architects, etc. He does not sit in his office aloof from the process, like a bank president. Otherwise his company would fail.

And thus he has a different view of the world than, say, George W. Bush, a Republican globalist/elitist who is probably worth only about $35 million, or less than 1% of what Trump is worth.

So president Trump has this cult of personality and this enthusiasm. But that enthusiasm is not manufactured. It comes out of his accomplishments as a president as a tycoon and as a TV personality on The Apprentice TV program.

Voters see the president as someone who offered an agenda in 2016 and then got it done. If he had said that he was going to control illegal immigration or bring jobs back from overseas and then not done it, he would be unpopular.

How many people are enthusiastic about Joe Biden? Does he have a cult of personality?

The answers: None and no. Nobody is showing up to see Biden or Kamala Harris at their campaign appearances. Biden is like a piece of printer paper. He is a bland Washington politician. When president Trump said in the first debate that he, Trump, “has done more in 47 months that Joe Biden has done in 47 years in Washington,” that was accurate.

In other words, Trump’s enthusiasm comes from the way that he gets things done. Americans admire this because Americans like to get things done. We are doers, not talkers, like Europeans are. And this is why the campaign against Trump has been totally negative. The Trump haters have to get our minds off of the president’s accomplishments. On the other hand, there is nothing positive to say about Biden. He has no record of accomplishment.

And this is why believes that Trump will win. President Trump is doing two things – he is savagely criticizing Democrats and Biden. And then on the other hand he is touting his own agenda and accomplishments. This is the way to win – present both sides.

Democrats, on the other hand, think that they can win just by attacking president Trump. But Hillary tried that and lost. Thus Democrats again are not giving voters a reason to vote FOR Biden. And this is no way to win an election.

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