Election Day Unrest Possible/ Complacency Hurting Biden

Nikitas3.com has suggested that there may be urban unrest on election day itself. The Daily Caller reports:

The (Washington, DC) Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) refused to discuss how it is preparing for potential violence and protests leading up to election day, and D.C. Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser has not responded to requests for comment.

Protests and riots have occurred in major cities across the nation, including Washington, D.C., since George Floyd died while in the custody of former Minneapolis police officers in May.

MPD reportedly spent $130,000 on “less-lethal” munitions and “training kits” on June 1, WUSA reported. MPD Chief Peter Newsham said the purchase was made to prepare for post-election protests and possible riots, though the MPD would not confirm plans to confront post-election demonstrations to the Daily Caller News Foundation Tuesday.

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) spokeswoman Alaina Gertz told the DCNF that “MPD members will provide special attention (increased patrols) to the areas around polling places to ensure that order is maintained.”

Notice that it says that there may be unrest and violence on election day itself (increased patrols around polling places) or “leading up to election day”. This comes on top of suggestions that there might surely be violence if/when Trump wins.

All are possible and this violence would come from the left like ‘black lives matter’ and ‘antifa’. But unfortunately for those on the political left, violence on election day itself would be very bad news for Joe Biden and for all Democrats.

Why? Because this violence would be concentrated in cities where Democrats are strongest. And thus if urban voters stay home in significant numbers out of fear of violence, it is going to hurt Democrat candidates and not Republicans.

The old adage says that “you reap what you sow” and these violent leftists have sown some very bad seeds over the last few months that are going to come back to bite Democrats hard. It already has done so. Nikitas3.com believes that millions of Democrat and independent voters have swung to law-and-order Trump directly as a result of the riots.

Election-day unrest may come on top of urban voters who are fearful of the virus and who won’t go out to vote in the usual numbers. This is more bad news for Democrats. At the same time, Trump voters are vowing to go out and vote in big numbers no matter what. These voters live primarily in suburbs, small towns and rural areas where the virus is much less prevalent and where conservative voters are vastly less afraid of it. There also is no likelihood of violence in those areas.

Obama Gets Pitiful Crowds while Campaigning in Pennsylvania

Barack Obama campaigned for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania on October 21. The crowd was pitifully small in Philadelphia – perhaps 200 people at most. At the same time, Trump supporters gather by the tens of thousands for every one of the president’s rallies in Pennsylvania and in every other state.

This is certainly very disturbing to top Democrat operatives who know the value of political “enthusiasm”.

But the big question is: Why is Obama even in Pennsylvania in the first place? According to the Fake News polls, Pennsylvania, along with rest of America, is in the bag for Biden.

But Nikitas3.com has said for weeks that Democrats themselves don’t believe the polls and are in panic mode behind the scenes over Biden’s horrible campaign. And the fact that Obama is campaigning for Biden in Pennsylvania where Biden was born, and considers to be easily in his camp, is very revealing.

In short, we should never believe these Fake News polls showing Biden way ahead. Nikitas3.com believes that Democrats have ‘internal polls’ (polls within the Biden campaign that are not public) showing Trump surging or ahead all over the country. Thus we should look at the actions of the Democrats when deciding what the truth is. And Obama’s presence in Pennsylvania shows what is really going on.

To add to the Trump surge in Pennsylvania, a Trump rally in Erie, Pennsylvania had a huge video screen showing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris saying that they wanted to ban ‘fracking’ for natural gas, which is a major industry in Pennsylvania. This image is very bad news for Biden and all Democrats in Pennsylvania where ‘fracking’ directly and indirectly provides hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs.

Nikitas3.com has always said that there are unspoken, subliminal signals going out in all political campaigns that have significant effects on the outcome of elections. And that the signals from the Biden camp are very negative, for instance Biden’s mask-wearing and his absence from the campaign trail versus Trump’s vigorous appearance and rallies. This projects a sign of strength for Trump that appeals to voters.

When president Trump contracted the China virus and promptly recovered, that sent a subliminal message to Americans that Trump is hearty and strong. These subliminal signals are vastly more important than Democrats will ever let on.

In another example, a political strategist named Frank Luntz talks to undecided voters in person. He arranges for voters to come to a studio, watch an event like the vice presidential debate with him, and then asks them directly what they thought.

Luntz found that undecided voters did not like Kamala Harris’ personality at all, that they considered her to be “condescending” and “abrasive”. This is another one of those underlying messages that candidates send out that can deeply affect a campaign.

The pitiful crowds – or non-crowds, really – showing up for Biden rallies are devastating optics for his campaign. When there is no enthusiasm for a candidate, it affects his voters. It dampens their spirits in unseen ways, no matter what they say on the outside or no matter what the polls say.

In Philadelphia Obama tried to put a happy face on his appearance. But we can just imagine how troubling it is for an allegedly popular Democrat like Obama – a former president and the head of his party – to appear in a super-liberal city like Philadelphia and have a tiny crowd show up to greet him. In another video from Philadelphia, Obama is seen talking to a group of sidewalk activists, and they don’t seem very much interested in talking to him. It was bizarre. You would think that he would be swarmed with enthusiastic people thrilled to see him.

Obama clearly sees this lack of enthusiasm. After all, he got elected president twice and obviously knows what works and what doesn’t. Nikitas3.com believes that Obama is probably very troubled about this lack of enthusiasm and is re-thinking his strategy. He may very well decide that it is not worth his time to make these appearances for Sleepy Joe. It gets worse for Biden. Newsmax.com reported:

Former President Barack Obama made his first in-person campaign pitch Wednesday for his former vice president, Joe Biden, urging voters in Philadelphia — especially Black men — not to sit out the election and risk reelecting President Donald Trump.

The significance of the roundtable was difficult to miss: The nation’s first Black president urged Black men especially not to give into apathy. The host city, Philadelphia, is among the Democratic bastions in battleground states where Black turnout four years ago fell off from Obama’s 2012 reelection in large enough numbers to flip key states to Trump’s column and deliver him the presidency.

Obama, 59, said he understood young voters’ skepticism and disinterest, recalling his own attitude decades ago. “I’ll confess, when I was 20 years old, I wasn’t all that woke,” he said, adding that young Black men are “not involved because they’re young and they’re distracted.”

This is another sign that Biden is in trouble with a group that should be in the bag for him. Democrats know darned well that old, white Biden has very little appeal to young black voters, and that Trump is reaching out to blacks of every age.

A black radio host named Charlamagne tha God says that Trump is successfully appealing to young blacks. This will probably lead to a significant shift in voters. If some young blacks are voting for Trump while other don’t bother going out to vote for Biden, then that is a significant change in the electorate and a double-whammy for Biden.

This all comes under the heading of “complacency” and it can take many forms. For instance, Hillary Clinton was so sure that she was going to win after reading the fake polls that she didn’t campaign in crucial states and she subsequently lost. This complacency also led many Hillary voters to stay home; they didn’t think that their vote was needed.

Meanwhile there could be major complacency among Democrats in 2020. If Biden voters think that their candidate is going to win easily – as many fake polls suggest – millions of them may neglect to go out to vote. This is why Democrats and Hollywood celebrities are suddenly sending out panicked messages for everyone to go out to vote.

At the same time, Trump voters are enthusiastic and are vowing to go out and vote no matter what happens.

Complacency was shown in another form that hammered the Democrats. Left-wing Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg assumed that Hillary was going to win and so she stayed on the Court even though she was sick. If she had retired when Obama was president there would have been a liberal replacement. But then she died when Trump was president and we are seeing conservative Amy Coney Barrett elevated to the Court to replace Ginsburg.

Romney Did Not Vote for Trump

Famous Republican political jackass Mitt Romney, who is now a US senator from Utah, has said that he did not vote for president Trump when he cast an early ballot recently. Nikitas3.com believes that Romney’s repeated anti-Trump behavior is going to sink him. When he runs for Senate re-election in 2024, Nikitas3.com predicts that he will face a Republican primary opponent and lose, to add to his long list of non-accomplishments. Here are Mitt’s major failures:

They started in 1968 when his father George Romney, who was governor of Michigan where Mitt was born, ran for president and was run out of the campaign for saying that he got “a brainwashing” from the US military over Vietnam.

Mitt moved to Massachusetts and ran for US Senate against Ted Kennedy in 1994 and lost. After he got elected governor of Massachusetts in 2002, he served one term and quit to run for president. He lost the Republican primary in 2008 to McCain and lost the general election in 2012 to Obama.

He then believed that Trump would pick him to be secretary of state, but that did not happen. So he settle for the US Senate where he won a seat in 2018 after carpet-bagging to Utah. Since then he has turned into an anti-Trumper. He even voted for one of the articles of impeachment against the president.

Virus Deaths Appears to be Massively Exaggerated Again

Nikitas3.com has said repeatedly that the China virus deaths, 221,628 listed as of October 22, are massively exaggerated and that the number of virus deaths of healthy people under age 60 is probably less than 10,000. The Gateway Pundit reports:

A recent report in Florida shows that over 40% of the state’s Covid-19 deaths may not merit that classification.

According to Dr. Andrew Bostom at AndrewBostom.org a Florid House of Representatives report covered an investigation of the COVID-19 deaths reported in Florida:

The Florida House investigators stressed that “nearly 60% [8,058/13.920] of the [COVID-19] records classified by the Department of Health,” had “errors,” or were “recorded in a manner inconsistent with state and national guidance.” They also provided evidence, as noted earlier, that ~10% [1,256] of these alleged Covid-19 deaths were misclassified.

I maintain this latter ~10% estimate is far too conservative, and moreover, reflects compliance with the CDC’s April, 2020 Covid-19 death certificate coding guidelines which destroyed the logical firewall between Part 1 “specific cause” of, and Part 2 “contribution(s)” to, individual deaths. Accordingly, to these 1,256 records where Covid-19 is not even listed as the final cause of death, one could add the 175 listing non-Covid-19 immediate and underlying causes, 1,345 occurring in hospice care, and the [3,697-246=] 3451 that somehow classified Covid-19, alone, as both the immediate and underlying cause of death despite acknowledging contributing co-morbidities, or “conditions”. This aggregate mortality total indicates, plausibly, that up to 45% (6,227/13,920) of Florida’s death certificate recorded “Covid-19 deaths” may not merit that classification.

The pro-virus, pro-mask, pro-lockdown media do not want anyone knowing the truth about this virus. Just look at president Trump. The media assumed that he was going to die from the virus but he recovered fully within one day. This was a major blow to the pro-virus Democrats.

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