Trump is on a Huge Roll, Headed for Re-election

On October 23, drove from my home in Massachusetts to nearby Keene, New Hampshire, a small city in the southwest corner of the state. It is a very liberal town in a somewhat conservative state since Keene has a state college.

I waved a Trump banner at a busy traffic intersection to show support for the president. I went to New Hampshire because I enjoy standing up for the president and because Trump can win New Hampshire this time – he lost it by just 3,000 votes in 2016 – but is not likely to win Massachusetts. Still I “stand out” at roadside rallies for the president even in Massachusetts regularly just to show the flag, so to speak.

In Keene, I got tons of support from passing motorists – horns honking and thumbs-up. So anecdotally I would say that Trump is in a strong position to win New Hampshire’s four electoral votes this time. Some people even thanked me for standing out.

Trump supporters were universally upbeat and smiling but on the other hand the psychotic Trump haters screamed epithets like “I hope you die!” One young female shouted “I’m going to get an abortion and you’re going to love it!”

These people are sick and angry, but then again we have seen them acting out this way in riots and looting and in physical attacks on conservatives and cops, including murders. The local Republican office in Keene said that Trump yard signs disappear repeatedly. This is a well-known tactic by people who know that they cannot win elections legally, just like Democrats want to “pack” the Supreme Court after president Trump has legally appointed two conservative justices with a third confirmation coming.

Leftists are so unhinged that the militant Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez actually complained on Twitter that president Trump had referred to her in his debate with Biden as “AOC” when millions of people have been calling her that over the last year without any protest from her.

After Trump’s fantastic debate showing on October 22, I believe that the president is on a roll to re-election. His debate performance, which was reportedly viewed by 63 million Americans, was classic Trump. He was searing in his laser-like attacks on Biden (“Who built the cages, Joe?” he asked about the ‘cages’ where illegal border crossers were held, which were built under Obama-Biden.).

He asked Biden point-blank why he had been hiding in his basement and not campaigning; why Biden had not solved the problems he talks about when has been in Washington for 47 years. He spoke about Biden’s corruption involving his son with China, Russia and Ukraine in calm and measured tones. He warned voters that Biden plans to shut down the fossil-fuel industry, which Biden amazingly said that he would do. This quote alone will kill Biden’s chances of winning Pennsylvania, which has big natural gas and coal industries. (The Biden campaign is furiously backpedaling on this statement.)

On the other hand, Biden looked pale and weak in the debate, gave hackneyed responses to question and barbs from Trump, and he resorted to desperate ad hominem attacks like calling Trump a racist and claiming that he took money from Russia, which has been disproven. Biden fell back on his old phrase “C’mon…” eight times. This looked bad, as if he were gasping for political air or stalling for time.

One snap internet poll said that 74% of participants thought that Trump had won the debate. This is not at all surprising to

Trump’s performance was in marked contrast to the first debate when he was abrasive and lost the audience with his constant interruptions. was sure that Trump would win the first debate unless he did what he did, but then he did it – like he did it in the first debate with Hillary in 2016. And it was costly both times in the court of public opinion.

In the second debate with Biden, he was classic Trump – smooth, smart and calm – and he won it big-time. One pollster named Frank Luntz, who conducts in-person focus groups, found that 7 out of 8 undecided voters said after watching the debate that they would vote for Trump. This is a highly significant number for the president and it shows that this debate really mattered.

After the debate, Trump pulled in a record fundraising haul of $26 million, showing that his performance had energized Republicans and conservatives.

This is all part of a pattern demonstrating that president Trump is on a political roll and headed for re-election, which has predicted since the beginning of 2020. believes that Trump already has the votes to win, and that undecided voters are down to a small percentage – recent surveys show that 2% to 8% of voters are undecided. And if accurate, Luntz’s survey shows that these undecideds will shift overwhelmingly towards Trump rather than Biden as the election nears.

Even for people who don’t like the president, there is an old adage that you go with “the devil you know versus the devil you don’t know.” And while Trump is no devil, the adage applies. To add to the equation, voters who go into election day undecided are more than likely to vote naturally for the incumbent.

After the debate, Rasmussen Reports, which is known for accuracy, got an astronomical poll result of 46% of blacks supporting Trump after Trump declared during the debate that he has done more for blacks in 4 years than Biden has done in his whole career.

Since Trump got 8% of the black vote in 2016 and still won, he will win in a landslide if he gets just 10% or 12%. If he gets 15% or more, the Democrat party might as well close up shop. Another black rapper named Waka Flocka Flame has even joined the Trump train. This is turning into a major trend after mega-famous rappers Kanye West, Ice Cube and 50 Cent announced their support for the president.

Update: Even the black Trump-hating CNN anchor Van Jones said:

“Donald Trump… he has done good stuff for the black community. Opportunity Zone stuff, black college stuff, I worked with him on criminal stuff, I saw Donald Trump have African American people, formally incarcerated, in the White House, embraced them, treated them well. There is a side to Donald Trump that I think he does not get enough credit for.”

This nationwide movement towards president Trump has been evolving. Throughout the Spring and Summer, Fake News media polls, which are rigged against Trump, have been showing the president way down and likely to lose. never believed these polls. They were totally wrong about Trump in 2016. Why believe them in 2020?

Now even the Fake News polls are showing Trump surging, particularly in the battleground states. And still these polls are conducted with a built-in bias. has a formula – that you should add 5 to 10 points for Trump to most media polls (CNN, NPR, New York Times, NBC, etc.) or university polls (Siena, Monmouth, Emerson, etc.) to get the truth.

The Real Clear Politics website, which averages national polls, showed Biden up by 7.9 points as of October 23, although in the vastly more important battleground state polls Biden is only up by 3.8 points – which is within the margin of error, which generally hovers around four points. When you factor in the bonus of 5 to 10 points for Trump, the president looks to be in great shape.

At the same time the media are totally ignoring the historically accurate Primary Model projection of a major Trump victory.

This Trump surge also happened as the election approached in 2016 and you can rest assured that Democrats are panicking this time around while they were cavalier back then. Reports from inside Democrat circles are reporting major signs of desperation. After all, when Joe Biden says that he is going to shut down the oil industry, it is time to panic. And this is why they are keeping him in his house; he say the stupidest things.

Here is a funny side note: Conservatives, including president Trump, have been slamming Biden for hiding “in his basement”. While he is obviously in his palatial house in Wilmington, Delaware, this reference to the basement is very demeaning to Biden and harmful to his image, and intentionally so.

These Democrats are not dumb about politics. They get candidates like Obama elected all the time. But when they see these numbers changing and these huge rallies for Trump and none for Biden, and while they dismissed this Trump “enthusiasm” in 2016, they are extremely nervous this time around. has said many times that I am glad that I am not supporting Biden with the campaign turning like this.

All polls are showing Trump surging. This is usually what happens as election day nears – polls tighten and reality sets in. Even the rigged polls start to show the race tightening. After all, even the fakers in the media need to save face after they lost it all in 2016.

We should never forget revered prognosticator Larry Sabato predicting that Hillary would win 350 electoral votes. But she only got 227 while Trump got 304. Or the New York Times predicting that Hillary had a 91% chance of winning.

All polls today are reflecting big gains for Trump among independents, Democrats, blacks, hispanics, gays and even… get ready for this… muslim-Americans.

Meanwhile a shift by Never Trumper conservatives and Republicans from 2016 toward Trump in 2020 is a big plus for the president. Major Never Trump media figures like Ben Shapiro and radio hosts Glenn Beck and Michael Berry, are in the tank for the president this time around. This is going to shift many votes to the president since these people have huge audiences.

Pollster Luntz offered a dire picture of the polling industry if it is wrong again about Trump. He said:

“I hate to acknowledge it, because that’s my industry — at least partially — but the public will have no faith. No confidence. Right now, the biggest issue is the trust deficit. Pollsters did not do a good job in 2016. So, if Donald Trump surprises people (in 2020) … my profession is done.”

Wow. Kaboom.

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