2020 Looks Just Like 2016/ Debunk ‘Global Warming’ Easily

There are notable similarities between the 2016 presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and the 2020 race with Joe Biden.

Nikitas3.com therefore is predicting a similar outcome, but with Trump winning by a significantly bigger margin this year than he did in 2016 when he won 57% of the electoral votes and 30 states.

Here are the similarities:

*Trump ran against Democrat Establishment candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Biden in 2020.

*Both times Hillary and Biden pushed aside a challenge from the radical Bernie Sanders.

*Both times Trump got far too aggressive in the first debate and was declared the loser.

*Both times the media reported that Trump cannot possibly win.

*Hillary ran on hating Trump and Biden is doing the same.

*Both times the polls tightened as the election approached, as they usually do. They showed Trump surging in 2016 and also in 2020.

*Biden and Hillary obviously both suffer from major health problems and thus both of them reduced their campaigning to almost nothing during the crucial election season. They were so over-confident because of the fake polls that they did not think that they needed to campaign.

*Both Democrat candidates have appeared outwardly to be confident of victory. But Nikitas3.com believes that the Biden people are terrified about a repeat of a Trump victory and are not taking the polls seriously. They see too many parallels to 2016.

*Trump is campaigning vigorously and is drawing huge crowds. Neither Biden nor Hillary have been able to attract any crowds at all.

*In both campaigns, the media have hated Trump viciously, but it is actually worse in 2020 if you can believe that that is possible.

*Obama campaigned for Hillary in 2016 and she lost. He is now campaigning for Biden but Obama’s appearances are drawing pathetic crowds, just a handful of people at one Philadelphia event. This must be very embarrassing to Obama and is a harbinger of a Biden loss.

*Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore warned in 2016 that Trump was going to win, and he is warning the same this year.

*Hollywood celebrities said in 2016 that they would leave the country if Trump won, but just a few of them are saying the same thing today. They don’t want to get burned again.

*But here is the big difference: In 2016 Democrats and the media laughed at Trump all the way up until election day. But they are not laughing today. None of them. In fact Democrats and their media cronies are utterly terrified that Biden is going to lose. Don’t doubt it.

That is why they are keeping him off the campaign trail and he won’t return anytime before the election. Because every time that Biden opens his mouth, he screws up, like in the online fundraising event when he said that he was running against George W. Bush. Or in the debate when he said that he would shut down the oil industry.

How to Debunk ‘Global Warming’ Easily

Here is a quick way to debunk ‘global warming’ using simple common sense:

In case you don’t know, the ‘warming’ alarmists come to their conclusion by taking temperature readings all over the globe from satellites hundreds of miles above the earth. They use infrared measurements since straight temperature readings are not possible. They then feed this satellite data into computers. The computers are programmed to analyze the temperature data. And then someone analyzes the computer data to arrive at the conclusion that the planet is burning up.

But to debunk this whole thing, think about this: Who says that the satellite readings are accurate? Who says that the computer programs are accurate? Who says that the people analyzing the output of the computer are competent and unbiased?

So there are three separate ways that this data can be corrupted. After all, in the famous ‘Climate-gate’ email scandals of 2009 and 2011, top ‘warming’ alarmists were found to have been discussing ways to cover up for the fact that their numbers were not adding up.

Now let Nikitas3.com tell you how to counter this hoax with direct observation:

To debunk ‘warming’, just look with your own eyes at actual events going on all over the world today, like snow in China this past Summer; like record cold temperatures all over the world over the last 50 years; like the coldest, snowiest Winter in 100 years in New England (USA) in the Winter of 2018; like snow in places like Iraq, Israel and New Orleans; like Calumet, Michigan which got 25 FEET of snow in 2020. Here is Associated Press reporting on May 26, 2013:

A Memorial Day weekend storm has dropped three feet of snow on a New York ski mountain near the Vermont boarder.

Whiteface Mountain spokesman Jon Lundin says 36 inches of white powder has blanketed the nearly 5,000-foot tall mountain in the Adirondacks. That has forced the Olympic Regional Development Authority to close Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway on the backside of the mountain.

Here is another from Fox News on October 26, 2020:

A major early-season winter storm is spreading snow and freezing rain into the Plains on Monday…

The storm system that dropped snow over the Rockies over the weekend is bringing extremely cold air, snow, ice, blizzard conditions and flooding rainfall to parts of the Southwest into the central and southern Plains.

OK, so you get the idea. There are thousands of stories like this all over the internet.

‘Global warming’ is a carefully constructed myth that is contradicted by direct observation. And direct observation is infinitely more accurate and reliable than the calculations of the alarmists with their satellite readings, computer analyses and biased points of view

Here is more direct observation from NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration), a federal government agency, which reported in 2015:

A new NASA study says that an increase in Antarctic snow accumulation that began 10,000 years ago is currently adding enough ice to the continent to outweigh the increased losses from its thinning glaciers.

The research challenges the conclusions of other studies, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 2013 report, which says that Antarctica is overall losing land ice.

According to the new analysis of satellite data, the Antarctic ice sheet showed a net gain of 112 billion tons of ice a year from 1992 to 2001. That net gain slowed to 82 billion tons of ice per year between 2003 and 2008.

This satellite data is actual photographs directly observing the ice. On the other hand, the IPCC is a ‘climate change’ alarmist organization that is part of the United Nations. It wants to use ‘global warming’ and “climate change” as an excuse to control all of the world’s people through a global government.

Here is another telltale sign about the fraud of ‘warming’. Al Gore said in 2007 after he won the Nobel Prize that “global warming is settled science”. Period. End of sentence. It was definitive.

Yet by 2010 environmentalists had shifted to the term ‘climate change’ since very cold weather all over the globe was debunking their claims. In fact Al Gore kept getting laughed at, like the day he gave a ‘warming’ lecture in New York City on one of the coldest days in decades in the city, which New Yorkers directly observed.

This “Gore Effect” is a known phenomenon described like this on Wikipedia:

Citing the crowdsourced Urban Dictionary, Peter Scowan of The Globe and Mail reported the term (the Gore Effect) as “the phenomenon that leads to unseasonably cold temperatures, driving rain, hail, or snow whenever Al Gore visits an area to discuss global warming”. Erika Lovely of Politico described it as occurring when “a global warming-related event, or appearance by…Al Gore, is marked by exceedingly cold weather or unseasonably winter weather”. The phenomenon was reportedly first observed in January 2004 when a speech by Gore to a global warming rally held in New York City met extremely cold winter weather…

Hilarious, but true. What about “rising sea levels”? Can you name one coastal city anywhere in the world that is underwater?

No. Enough said…

‘Sympathy Vote’ for Trump?

Democrats have told us conservatives for decades that we must never insult, demean, criticize or even question any Democrat candidate or that that candidate will get a ‘sympathy vote’ from Americans.

They especially enforced this concerning Obama. They told us that any criticism of Obama would be “racist” and they succeeded in scaring some Republicans with this charge.

Well, the shoe is on the other foot today and Democrats don’t seem to be much concerned about attacking president Trump every single minute of every day, without letup, since the day he announced his candidacy in June 2015. They have called the president every name in the book.

And no, according to Democrats there could not possibly be a ‘sympathy vote’ for president Trump since everyone allegedly hates the president and since he is a white man and a conservative.

But you just watch… Nikitas3.com believes that president Trump is going to get hundreds of thousands of votes, maybe even millions, based on sympathy alone among people who realize that they were all wrong about him, and they are going to vote for him out of feeling sympathetic or even bad for thinking terrible things about him when he is in fact a very decent man.

Female Military Pilot Crashes in Alabama

Fox News reported:

The two crew members who died when a U.S. Navy training plane crashed in a residential Alabama neighborhood on Friday have been identified.

U.S. Navy Lt. Rhiannon Ross, 30, and 24-year-old U.S. Coast Guard Ensign Morgan Garrett were the two-person crew piloting a U.S. Navy T-6B Texan II trainer aircraft when it crashed in Foley, the Navy said in a statement Sunday.

Ross was an instructor pilot from Wixom, Mich., while Garrett, who hailed from Weddington, N.C., was a student aviator.

The plane had taken off from Naval Air Station Whiting Field, about 30 miles northeast of Pensacola, Fla., on a routine training flight before crashing in Foley around 5 p.m. local time.

This is what happens when women are allowed to fly military planes under affirmative action when they may not necessarily be qualified.

Does the name Kara Hultgreen ring a bell? Here is Wikipedia describing her:

Kara Spears Hultgreen (5 October 1965 – 25 October 1994) was a lieutenant and naval aviator in the United States Navy and the first female carrier-based fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy. She died just months after she was certified for combat, when her F-14 Tomcat crashed into the sea on final approach to USS Abraham Lincoln.

So it sure looks like Hultgreen was not qualified but they let her fly anyway because they were so politically desperate to have a woman pilot in the Navy.

Thus Nikitas3.com has a proposal since liberals love affirmative action so much. A Silicon Valley billionaire like Mark Zuckerberg should finance the establishment of an airline called Affirmative Air. It will fly the Silicon elites between San Francisco and Los Angeles and New York and anywhere else that they need to go. It will adhere strictly to the liberal principle of affirmative action.

In other words, the pilots for Affirmative Air will not be advanced based on their skill, experience or merit but on their skin color, sexual orientation, gender, political ideology, etc.

But we all know that not one single Silicon Slimeball would dare set foot in an Affirmative Air plane. Never.

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