Democrats Want to Eliminate Oil(?!)/ Trump’s ‘New American Order’

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both have said that they support eliminating the oil industry and the super-efficient practice of ‘fracking’ that significantly increases oil and natural gas production. They also want to eliminate coal.

Extremist environmentalists have advocated these ideas for decades, along with militant communists who want to destroy the world’s most productive capitalist industry – the international oil industry. This industry is based totally on technology invented in the private oil companies in America.

The world’s annual economic output is $85 trillion (pre China virus). Virtually all of that wealth is based on the use of oil, coal and natural gas, which are known as ‘carbon fuels’.

If we eliminate carbon fuels, the world economy will collapse, which is what the left wants. Yet still Biden said that he wants to get rid of the oil industry. This guy is insane, but we knew that already. His statement is going to kill his chances of winning the electoral votes in energy-rich Pennsylvania, which has a huge natural gas ‘fracking’ industry and a big coal industry.

Oil, coal and natural gas are concentrated fuels. They pack a wallop. One single gallon of gasoline will power a 1.6 ton Toyota Camry for 30 miles at 60 miles per hour. So just imagine how much power it would take for a team of horses to pull that car that far that fast. You get the idea. The horses would get so tired that you would have to change them out ten times over 30 miles. Heck, a horse gets worn out running the Kentucky Derby with just a jockey on it back.

Environmentalists claim that windmills and solar panels will replace carbon fuels. This is utter nonsense. Solar and wind can never replace carbon fuels. Solar and wind are grossly inefficient. Windmills also cause climate change when they interrupt the free flow of the winds.

The ‘greenies’ claim that oil is bad because the burning of oil puts carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, which is allegedly a pollutant and a bad thing. But this is false too. Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring compound that has been in the atmosphere since the beginning of time.

Oil, coal and natural gas are crucial elements in our economy and are highly profitable industries. They employ 10 million in the US alone in high-paying jobs, and pay hundreds of billions every year in taxes and royalties to governments all around the world. They create large amounts of wealth for their stockholders too.

Solar panels and windmills, on the other hand, are the opposite – they cannot survive without 100% government subsidies. They suck money out of the government.

So if solar panels are so great and give us “free” energy, then why is solar energy so expensive, uncompetitive in the marketplace, and unable to survive on its own? Good question. Germany has the highest concentration of solar panels in the world and it has three times the electricity rates of the US as a direct result.

Meanwhile here is a recent news story from CNN that makes renewable energy look really important:

The clean energy revolution just hit another major milestone. Solar and wind company NextEra Energy dethroned ExxonMobil as America’s most valuable energy company.

NextEra Energy (NEE), the nation’s largest renewable energy company, briefly surpassed Exxon in market capitalization on Friday, according to UBS. That made NextEra the most valuable company among all US energy and utility stocks. It’s a stunning feat given that Exxon was the most valuable publicly-traded company on the planet as recently as 2013. By Monday afternoon, Exxon (XOM) had a market value of $142.2 billion, about $1 billion more than NextEra.

The crucial fact left out of the story is that renewable energy only exists because it is supported by taxpayers worldwide, while ExxonMobil stands on its own in a free world market.

Environmentalists claim that “the world is running out of oil”. They have been saying this since the first ‘earth day’ in 1970. Yet the world has more oil than ever today and it is more abundant and easier to find than ever. believes that the world has a virtually unlimited supply of oil, coal and natural gas and that most of the world is unexplored or underexplored.

Since the first modern-day oil well was drilled in Pennsylvania in 1859, the world has consumed 1.1 trillion barrels of oil (a barrel is 42 gallons). This oil not only provides fuel – gasoline, diesel, heating oil, butane, etc. – but the gooey asphalt in crude oil is used to pave our roads while oil is the basic feedstock to make plastics.

We have a major new ‘carbon’ fuel source emerging. Methane hydrates refer to methane (natural gas) that is trapped in ice chunks on the ocean floor all over the world. The methane has leaked out of the earth’s crust. These hydrate reserves are estimated to be as much as 1,000 times greater than known land-based natural gas reserves.

These methane hydrates have never been tapped and ‘greenies’ don’t want us to tap them because that would further debunk the idea that “the world is running out of oil, coal natural gas, etc.”.

Under Obama’s ‘green’ policies, gasoline and heating oil went up $4 a gallon and more, which was very bad for us all, particularly for low-income Americans. This is what happens when environmentalists restrict the supply of oil. Under president Trump and “fracking”, which greatly increases the flow of oil and natural gas from wells, gasoline has fallen to $2 a gallon. Great.

Biden claimed in the second president debate that “the oil industry pollutes”. Yet oil actually has reduced pollution by being so efficient; our American environment is very clean. If you want to see real pollution, just go to China – where Biden will never complain about anything – or look at a lovely mountaintop that is turned into an ugly industrial zone with windmills.

Democrats’ support for eliminating the oil industry is just another of their extremist positions that believes will doom them in the upcoming elections.

President Trump Creates a New American Order

President Trump is truly changing the face of American politics. For instance, Barack Obama won the electoral votes in the state of Michigan in 2008 over John McCain by 825,000 votes. So when Trump won Michigan by 10,000 votes in 2016, Democrats said he won by a small margin. But he really shifted 835,000 votes over the 2008 vote. That is quite a feat and it marked a major change in voting patterns.

Obama beat McCain in Pennsylvania by 621,000 votes but Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 by 44,000 votes. So that was another major shift.

In other words, president Trump is re-making the political map in many ways. He is creating a New American Order.

There recently have been rallies and car caravans among Orthodox Jews in New York City and among Amish farmers in rural Ohio. This is fascinating. These two groups have never been seen as overtly political, but they are openly expressing their preference for Trump. This is a major change and is part of the New American Order.

An interesting phenomenon is happening. Throughout the 20th century rich people voted Republican and working folks voted Democrat. Under president Trump, that has been largely reversed. And this is why president Trump has been so successful in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

There are massive car caravans all over the country for the president as election day approaches. We had one in our neck of Massachusetts on Sunday with 20 cars. One caravan in Utah was reported to have been six miles long. This is not the wealthy elite supporting the president. These are the regular folks who built America; lots of pickup trucks in these caravans. Meanwhile Biden supporters are hiding in their mansions in Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley or on the other hand they are rioting in the streets of Portland and Seattle.

Aspen, Colorado is a ski resort that is patronized by some of the wealthiest people in the world. Aspen is super liberal just like Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Southampton, New York and dozes of other elite gathering places. President Trump got just 9.7% of the vote in 2016 in Manhattan, the main part of New York City with some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world.

And you can be sure that Democrats are terrified of this ‘red wave’ of support for the president among middle class and working people because there are so many of them.

White working-class people all over America are shifting from Democrat to Trump and the Republicans. Northern Minnesota was a Democrat stronghold among unionized workers for 100 years in a rural iron mining region. But these folks are switching to Trump since they have watched the Democrat-allied environmentalists trying to put them all out of work with regulations and general opposition to mining.

These folks are also patriotic and they are disgusted with the anti-Americanism of the Democrat party. They also are very impressed that the president said he would control illegal immigration and has done so. Illegal crossings of the Mexican border are way, way down since 2016.

Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore, who is very wealthy, was born and raised in Michigan in a working-class union family. He warned in 2016 that Donald Trump was appealing to working people in that state in unprecedented ways. He has warned that this is happening again in 2020.

Political pundits are predicting that president Trump is going to get 15% of Bernie Sanders supporters to vote for him on November 3. Why? Because Trump and Sanders are both “economic nationalists” who are speaking for the interests of white, working-class Americans against the globalists who have been shipping American jobs overseas for 50 years.

Out of the nation’s 800,000 to 900,000 (estimated) police officers, they usually voted Democrat in the past since they were government workers and often unionized. But they and their families have swung strongly to Trump after the riots of Summer 2020 when Democrats sided with the rioters over the police. believes that these riots frightened Americans and pushed millions of independent and Democrat voters toward law-and-order Trump and that this swing is permanent.

Even poor people who traditionally voted Democrat are voting Trump, including poor whites, blacks and hispanics. They saw the huge improvements in the economy under Trump before the China virus hit. They liked it. They had never seen that before under decades of liberal/globalist rule. predicts that Trump is going to get many more votes in ‘blue’ states like California, Massachusetts and New York than he got in 2016. This will be another sign of the New American Order.

Human Trafficking Crackdown Continues

In case you do not know, president Trump has been cracking down hard on human sex trafficking, child porn and child sex abuse. This is one of the reasons that the perverts on the Democrat left hate Trump. Here is some good news from NBC Chicago:

A total of 45 missing children were rescued during a month-long anti-human trafficking operation coordinated by the U.S. Marshal’s Service in southern Ohio, according to a news release from the state’s attorney general.

More than 50 law enforcement and non-government agencies partnered for “Operation Autumn Hope,” which focused on recovering missing children and rescuing victims of human trafficking.

During the month-long operation, 109 human trafficking victims were found and referred to social services. Additionally, the rescues of 45 children were among 76 missing and exploited children cases cleared across southern Ohio.

As part of the operation, police found a 15-year-old girl missing from Cleveland whose recovery linked her and other possible victims to an individual in Columbus suspected of human trafficking. Additionally, officers discovered a 15-year-old male with two warrants who is a suspect in multiple shootings and a homicide.

A 14-year-old girl who was reported missing by the Lancaster Police Department was recovered in Columbus within six hours of being reported missing.

The Mahoning Valley Human Trafficking Task Force, in the Youngstown area, and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force apprehended 22 individuals seeking to have sex with a minor, the news release stated.

Those arrested and charged with felony counts of importuning, attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, possession of criminal tools and other felony charges include a pastor, students, and a rehabilitation resident advisor.

“These predators shamelessly target the most innocent and defenseless members of our community,” Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin said in the news release. “Operation Autumn Hope is sending a loud and clear message: We are watching, we will catch you, and we will protect our children.”

In Cuyahoga, Franklin and Lucas counties, 157 men were arrested on charges of soliciting and other crimes.

Those arrested were charged with soliciting and other charges included a fireman, an attorney and a motivational speaker, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office stated.

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