Economic Surge Energizes Trump/ Photos Appear to show Hunter Biden Nude w/Child

US economic growth in the 3rd quarter 2020 (July-August-September) smashed all records, which is going to give a huge boost to president Trump’s re-election. The Gateway Pundit reports:

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) estimates that the 3rd Quarter of 2020 recorded the largest quarterly GDP increase in US history. Today’s estimates show the US GDP increased by 33.1% for the quarter.

The BEA released its initial estimates for GDP in the 3rd Quarter 2020 and it’s now official – the US had its greatest increase in GDP in history.

The BEA reports:

Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 33.1 percent in the third quarter of 2020 (table 1), according to the “advance” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the second quarter, real GDP decreased 31.4 percent.

Last Spring the doom-and-gloom Democrats and their media cronies said that the economy would never rebound until at least early 2021 and probably later.

But the rebound actually started in May 2020. May and June employment numbers skyrocketed. And the second- and third-quarter growth figures show a strong V-shaped recovery. This is a result of the fact that president Trump gave us a strong underlying economy before the virus hit.

This rebound also comes even though large Democrat-run states with big economies remain largely locked down by their radical Democrat governors. These states include California, New York (including New York City), New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

If these states weren’t being restrained, the economy would have recovered almost completely. But these shutdowns show what these Democrats will do to harm president Trump – they will destroy their own states and their own people.

Do they care? Of course not. These people are heartless…

Here is CNN reporting the worst news possible about the 33.1% recovery:

The US economy in the summer recovered much of the historically enormous ground it lost in the spring, expanding at the fastest rate on record in the third quarter, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.

Still, the recovery remains incomplete. The economic crisis that Covid-19 brought on is far from over, and the pandemic threatens to plunge the American economy into turmoil again as infection numbers continue to rise rapidly across the country.

So there’s one paragraph of good news followed by one paragraph of bad news. This is typical of how CNN reports about president Trump even when there is good news for the country.

Naturally CNN has not mentioned for months that the virus was launched intentionally on the world from China since China is probably funneling huge amounts of cash to CNN, as it is funneling cash to millions of Americans and their businesses. The Fake News media have blocked any mention of China since last Spring. That is no surprise.

Meanwhile the US and global media continue to promote panic by reporting surges in virus cases in Europe and parts of the US. But there are three important things to remember about these surges:

*They are a result of more testing which produces more reports of infected people.

*99% of all people who test positive for the virus have either no symptoms at all or mild symptoms and they recover fully. Even at age 74, president Trump recovered in just a day or two. His whole staff also recovered.

*Millions of positive virus tests in the US are probably “false positives” but they are never re-tested to prove it.

The global media want to keep the virus story alive for as long as possible to control the world’s people through fear. But president Trump was absolutely correct when he tweeted:

“Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.”

In other words, the fear of the virus is worse than the virus itself. The death rate among healthy people under age 60 is extremely low. Democrats want us to think that everyone is going to die.

Election Update

A Rasmussen poll, which is famous for accuracy, says that 31% of likely black voters said that they would vote for president Trump, who got only 8% of the black vote in 2016.

If Trump gets even 10% or 12% on November 3, then he will win in a landslide. If he gets 15% or more of the black vote, the Democrat party might as well shut down.

Meanwhile Associated Press reports:

Just days before the presidential election, millions of mail ballots have yet to be returned in key battleground states, and election officials warn that time is running out for voters who want to avoid a polling place on Election Day.

At least 35 million mail ballots had been returned or accepted as of early Wednesday, according to data collected by The Associated Press. That surpasses the 33.3 million total mail ballots returned during the 2016 election, according to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

Yet an estimated 1.9 million ballots were still outstanding in Florida, along with 962,000 in Nevada, 850,000 in Michigan and 1 million in Pennsylvania. In most states, the deadline for ballots to be received is Election Day.

These are not polls or projections. These are reported numbers of actual ballots which means that we should pay attention to these figures, particularly since they are in swing states that president Trump needs to win.

It is important to remember that mail-in ballots are going to be used largely by Democrats. So these figures should be alarming to the Biden campaign. Trump supporters, on the other hand, are planning to vote in person, and largely on election day.

Remember the Golden Rule: President Trump only needs to win Florida, Nevada, Michigan and Pennsylvania by one single vote to win the electoral votes of these states. With this huge number of outstanding ballots in these crucial states, it looks more and more likely that he will win these states and the White House, which is predicting.

Update: Tucker Carlson’s interview with Joe Biden whistleblower Tony Bobulinski got a whopping 7.6 million viewers. This is another big blow to the Biden campaign.

Photos Appear to Show Hunter Biden Nude with Child

The Gateway Pundit reports about information that has been retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop computer:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Pictures of Himself Disrobed and Exposed With Certain Minor — Joe Biden Is Lying

Disclaimer: We spoke with our attorney on the explosive nature of this post and delayed its publication. There are more photos of the certain minor in question but we decided not to include them in this report due to legal concerns.

Text messages, videos and pictures were recently discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop that put Hunter and the Biden family in very compromising situations.

Perhaps the most disturbing revelations in the many files on the Hunter Biden laptop is the family’s actions surrounding Hunter’s inappropriate and possibly criminal behavior with a certain minor.

Former VP Joe Biden claimed the controversy with Hunter Biden’s laptop was created by Russia. Evidence shows this is not the case.

Biden does not want you to believe your own eyes. Of course, Joe Biden is the one who is lying.

On Monday we shared five texts related to the Biden family’s cover up of Hunter’s actions with a minor. The text messages involved Hunter Biden and his immediate family and a friend. The text messages confirmed Joe Biden was looped in on Hunter’s illegal activity with a certain minor and attempted to cover it up.

Below are those texts.

Hunter Biden sent the following text to a family friend where he shares that someone is accusing him of being sexually inappropriate around her daughter. This is why Hunter claims he is not allowed to be alone with that person:

(Text shown)

In another text message from Hunter to a family friend, Hunter shares that his mother, Jill Biden, propagates the claims that Hunter is sexually inappropriate around the children and VP Joe Biden is aware as well:

(Text shown)

In a third text message sent to Hunter Biden from his Uncle Jim Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s brother, Uncle Jim shares that both he and former VP Joe Biden are upset with accusations of impropriety but they don’t believe them. Jim and Joe Biden want to discuss with Hunter so they can all get their stories straight:

(Text shown)

In an email to colleague and fellow board member on Burisma, the now felon Devon Archer, Hunter explains how he is not allowed to be around a certain person without his father, Joe Biden, being there:

(Text shown)

And a fifth text message shows Hunter explaining to a certain person that her mom told former VP Joe Biden that she would call the police if Hunter tried to see that person:

(Text shown)

These texts paint a horrible picture of what is going on behind closed doors in the Biden family.

More importantly they reveal how the Biden family looked the other way and defended Hunter when they found out he may have been acting criminally with a certain minor.

Today we have uncovered pictures that back up the texts above.

As we reported above, Joe Biden told a reporter just two days ago that the controversy with his son Hunter “was a hell of a lie!”

We now have proof that Hunter was exposing himself for naked selfies with a certain minor in the same room!

This first picture (that has been heavily redacted) shows Hunter taking a photo of himself again fully exposed with a certain minor in the room on the bed.

This second picture shows Hunter in bed. The certain minor is next to him the bed in the photo.

The Biden household has many secrets. Some secrets involved Hunter and a minor. Why was this hidden from the public or from the police?

Was this because it would tarnish Joe’s political image? Most importantly, is the child safe now?

This is not Russian disinformation.

It’s coming from the Biden nuclear family.

There are no records that any of this was brought to the attention of the police by the Biden family.

The redacted photos are on the Gateway Pundit website. They are shocking and disgusting. They will probably lead to criminal charges against Hunter Biden. After all, the Trump administration is engaging in a major crackdown on human sex trafficking and child sex trafficking and abuse.

After president Trump was elected in 2016, there was a scandal promoted by internet sleuths called Pizzagate, which involved allegations of child sex trafficking out of a pizza parlor in Washington, DC. Powerful people in Washington were said to be involved.

The Fake News media quickly denounced Pizzagate as a crazy conspiracy theory, but the truth about Jeffrey Epstein and Hunter Biden shows that there is probably a lot of truth in the Pizzagate case, which is explained in many YouTube videos.

At the same time the Creepy Joe Biden videos on YouTube showing the former vice president groping and kissing young girls – and even putting his hands on the undeveloped breasts of two very young girls – is further evidence of something very alarming going on.

The evidence dug up about Pizzagate is very disturbing, including repeated references to men and their sexual interest in children.

Friends, powerful political and economic elites have been sexually abusing children for thousands of years. Today is no different. believes that the Hunter Biden photos are going to crack open more and more perversion on the elite left.

Europe Must Wake up to Terrorism

There was yet another terror attack in France, in a Catholic cathedral in the city of Nice. reported:

A knife-wielding attacker shouting “Allahu Akbar” beheaded a woman and killed two other people in a suspected terrorist act at a church in the French city of Nice Thursday, while a gunman was shot dead by police in a separate incident.

Within hours of the Nice attack, police killed a man who had threatened passersby with a handgun in Montfavet, near the southern French city of Avignon. He was also shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest), according to radio station Europe 1.

In Saudi Arabia on Thursday, state television reported that a Saudi man had been arrested in the city of Jeddah after attacking and injuring a guard at the French consulate.

The French Embassy said the consulate was subject to an “attack by knife which targeted a guard,” adding the guard was taken to hospital and his life was not in danger.

Nice’s mayor, Christian Estrosi, who described the attack in his city as terrorism, said on Twitter it had happened in or near Notre Dame church and was similar to the beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty in an attack this month in Paris.

Estrosi said the attacker had repeatedly shouted the phrase “Allahu Akbar,” even after he had been detained by police.

One of the people killed inside the church was believed to be the church warden, Estrosi said, adding that a woman had tried to escape from inside the church and had fled into a bar opposite the 19th century neo-Gothic building. ​ “The suspected knife attacker was shot by police while being detained, he is on his way to hospital, he is alive,” Estrosi told reporters.

“Enough is enough,” Estrosi said. “It’s time now for France to exonerate itself from the laws of peace in order to definitively wipe out Islamo-fascism from our territory.”

That quote from Estrosi is on the mark. believes that more and more Europeans are seeing the truth about the muslim onslaught in Europe. believes that the Notre Dame fire of April 2019 was a terror attack, since Notre Dame has been a terror target for years. No final report has been issued about the Notre Dame fire which suggests that a terror cover-up is going on among the communist, atheist and pro-muslim French elites who support unlimited immigration into France in order to destroy the country’s culture.

Europe must start expelling large numbers of dangerous muslims back to their dark and oppressed homelands. They have been tolerated for long enough. Why are they coming to Christian Europe? Answer: They want a better life in Christian nations, that’s why.

After he was elected, president Trump launched an all-out US military air assault on ISIS terrorists in Syria. He obliterated them by the tens of thousands and sent the rest home. This was easy to do with precision weapons. Obama could have done it but he did not do so because Obama wanted the muslim extremists to take over the Middle East.

President Trump appears to be on the verge of creating a Middle East peace deal for one main reason – all of the countries in that region, except for Iran, are terrified of the terrorists taking over. They want to settle their differences with Israel and work together to kill off the terrorist threat.

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