Major Pa. Paper Endorses Trump/ Fake Fox News Terrorism Report

The Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Post-Gazette endorsed president Trump’s re-election. The Post-Gazette has not endorsed a Republican since Richard Nixon in 1972.

The paper endorsed the president because they know that Biden and the Democrats will destroy the Pennsylvania economy with their plan to ban ‘fracking’, which is a major industry in Pennsylvania. It is reported to employ 1 million people directly or indirectly in getting natural gas out of a huge shale formation under the state. Biden also wants to ban oil and coal from our economy. Coal is another major industry in Pennsylvania. has been predicting for weeks that Biden’s plan to kill the carbon fuels industry would bring down Biden in Pennsylvania and nationally.

‘Fracking’ is short for hydraulic fracturing, which is an oil and natural gas drilling method. In the fracking process, cracks below the earth’s surface are opened and widened by injecting water, chemicals, and sand at high pressure into the wells. This greatly increases the flow of oil and natural gas from areas about the well.

Fake Fox Report on Terror

President Trump has warned repeatedly about Fox News drifting to the left. has noticed it on their website. The apparent reason is that Fox has been taken over by Fox founder Rupert Murdoch’s liberal son Lachlan.

Fox still does some very good work on its TV channel and website, but increasingly we are seeing reports like this:

A Greek Orthodox priest was shot Saturday while he was closing his church in the French city of Lyon, and authorities locked down part of the city to hunt for the assailant, authorities said.

The priest, a Greek citizen, is in a local hospital with life-threatening injuries after being shot twice in the abdomen, a police official told The Associated Press. The attacker was alone and fired from a hunting rifle, said the official, who was not authorized to be publicly named.

The reason for the shooting was unclear. It happened two days after an Islamic extremist knife attack at a Catholic church in the French city of Nice that killed three people, and amid ongoing geopolitical tensions caricatures mocking the Muslim Prophet Muhammad published in satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

French anti-terrorist authorities were following the case but not investigating Saturday’s shooting. The interior minister activated a special emergency team to monitor the manhunt, and the Lyon prosecutor opened an investigation for attempted murder.

“No theory is favored, no theory is ruled out,” Lyon Mayor Gregory Doucet told reporters at the scene. “We don’t know at this stage the motive for this attack.”

OK, notice how they say “The reason for the shooting was unclear…” and that “French anti-terrorist authorities were following the case but not investigating Saturday’s shooting.”

After attacks on French citizens, including a teacher and three Catholic worshippers, in the last two weeks by muslim terrorists, you would think that Fox might just suggest that this was a terror attack on the priest. Instead they walk on eggshells not to link it to terrorism or muslims.

Even the mayor says “We don’t know at this stage the motive for this attack”, but then again that mayor is in the Green party, i.e., he is a communist who hates France and French Christianity. Remember the Golden Rule: Green (environmentalism) is the new red (the communist color). This is why environmentalists are called ‘watermelons’ – because they are green on the outside and red on the inside.

This is precisely why we continue to have riots and looting in the US and muslim violence in Europe; because the media and the politicians want them. These mayors who allow riots to continue in the US are far-left wingers who hate America. They hate the people in their own cities. Most importantly they hate themselves.

Here is Associated Press blaming France for the terror attacks:

Many countries, especially in the democratic West, champion freedom of expression and allow publications that lampoon Islam’s prophet. So why is France singled out for protests and calls for boycotts across the Muslim world, and so often the target of deadly violence from the extremist margins?

Its brutal colonial past, staunch secular policies and tough-talking president who is seen as insensitive toward the Muslim faith all play a role.

Earlier AP posted and then deleted a tweet saying:

Why does France incite anger in the muslim world?

On the same day as the report about the shooting of the priest in France, Fake Fox News reported this headline on its home page – Trump-backers fight counterprotesters at rally.

This obviously suggests that the Trump supporters started the the fight. But knows about this situation from personal experience. We have held Trump rallies in Massachusetts and twice have been attacked by a violent activist from ‘black lives matter’ who has suffered no consequence under a left-wing pro-criminal district attorney.

Trump supporters act peacefully but are the objects of constant attacks from the left all over the country. Fox News wrote about the rally:

The Beverly Hills (California) Police Department declared an unlawful assembly Saturday after fights broke out between Trump supporters and counterprotesters.

The “USA Freedom Rally” was planned for 3 p.m. PT featuring multiple Republican California congressional candidates.

A group of protesters, mostly clad in black, marched from Roxbury Park to the site of the USA Freedom Rally.

“A couple of the members got into a violent attack on a pro-Trump member. It was at that point that an unlawful assembly was declared,” Lt. Max Subin of BHPD told Fox News.

The pro-Trump protester had injuries to his face and was treated by the Beverly Hills Fire Department.

That is totally disingenuous to say that “fights broke out between Trump supporters and counterprotesters.” It even explains in the story that “A group of protesters, mostly clad in black, marched from Roxbury Park to the site of the (Trump supporting) USA Freedom Rally…”

So obviously the anti-Trumpers went there to start trouble as they do all over the country. And then the media blame the Trump supporters. This is all a setup.

Update: Fox News had a change of heart and changed the home-page headline to
Calif. police declare riot after ‘violent attack’ on pro-Trump demonstrator

Aw, gee, thanks, Fox…

The anti-Trump, anti-Christian media want these attacks to continue, both here and in Europe so as to destabilize our society and harm good people. Fortunately the media skunks themselves are the ones who are being destabilized. Trust in the media has sunk into the basement here in the USA, and newspapers all over the country are shrinking or closing. Good. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

Update: Here’s one more BS story from Fox News to make Trump supporters look bad:

Supporters of President Trump riding in trucks surrounded a Joe Biden campaign bus on a Texas highway Friday, prompting alarmed staffers to call 911 and cancel at least two stops scheduled later that day, according to reports.

People in several trucks formed a so-called “Trump Train,” waving flags and honking horns while surrounding the bus as it traveled down Interstate 35, bound from San Antonio to Austin, videos show.

Biden campaign officials said afterward that they feared the Trump devotees might run their bus off the road.

The FBI is investigating the incident, according to the Texas Tribune.

It was unclear if anyone broke the law, however. The FBI office in San Antonio said in an email to Fox News that the agency will release a statement by 1 p.m. local time Sunday.

More Virus Fakery

The Fake News media are doing everything in their power to frighten us about the China virus. Their narrative is much like the narrative about so-called ‘global warming’. They try to gin up as much hysteria as possible in order to control us through fear and to tell us that we can’t drive our cars, use gasoline, go on vacation, etc. (while they continue to do all of those things).

Last Spring and Summer, the media went koo-koo when the states of Florida and Georgia, under Republican governors, opened up their economies after their virus lockdowns. The media claimed that there were going to be major new outbreaks in those states, but it never happened.

But they sure keep trying to create frenzy every day. One radio station out of Albany, New York reports every single positive virus case in that area even if they are harmless or even false positive. Meanwhile The Wall Street Journal reported on November 1:

Advances in Covid-19 treatment have shortened hospital stays, easing capacity strains. But doctors and health-care disaster experts say the gains are not enough to meet a sustained rise in hospitalizations, particularly in remote pockets of the country that have smaller hospitals and fewer medical professionals.

Nationally, a spring surge of Covid-19 hospitalizations peaked in mid-April and was followed by a second wave in late July. The latest rise began in late September, data from the Covid Tracking Project show, with the number soaring 60% from the low point that month. People hospitalized with Covid-19 in the U.S. and its territories reached 46,095 on Thursday.

Treatment of the disease remains limited and too many patients with lengthy stays can still overwhelm available doctors and nurses and swamp emergency departments and intensive-care units, they say.

OK, this is fear, fear, fear. This is the media narrative all over the world, just like they warn us over and over about ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ or whatever else they are calling it these days. Yet they ignore the fact that virus infection numbers are certainly being grossly overstated through millions of false-positive tests that are never re-tested and discovered.

When president Trump contracted the China virus the media were certain that it was over, that Trump would die and that the horror of the virus would be exposed, along with Trump’s stupidity. Yet the president recovered quickly. But you can just imagine how excited the lefties were when Trump had it, and how sad they were when he recovered.

Last March the city of New York went into full hysteria about the virus. New York state governor Andrew Cuomo said that the City needed 5,000 ventilators and president Trump sent the Navy hospital shop Comfort to the scene, with 2,000 beds. Thousands more beds were set up in the Javits Center, a cavernous convention space, to accommodate the crisis. But none of that was needed. Zero.

So in order to keep the hysteria alive, The Wall Street Journal reported:

Those (virus) risks are greater now as fatigue with restrictions on public life is complicating efforts to stem contagion. The virus is also reaching more sparsely populated regions of the U.S. where many hospitals are small and farther apart. Coinciding with the latest surge, the nation has entered flu season, which typically fills hospital beds each year.

“It’s just a numbers game,” said Dixie Harris, an intensive-care doctor in Utah, who is anxiously making her own calculations for how long beds will remain available at her hospital in Salt Lake City.

Dr. Harris saw firsthand the consequences of overwhelmed hospitals when she volunteered in New York in April. “You don’t want to be in an ICU without enough nursing,” she said. “When you don’t get good nursing care, it’s harder to survive.”

The rise in hospitalizations is troubling but doesn’t fully reflect the risk to hospitals and patients from the latest wave, health-care officials and disaster-response experts said.

So there you go. Panic, panic, panic. It never stops. It is like the frenzy over every tornado, hurricane, rainstorm, heat wave and flood that are immediately linked to ‘global warming’. And you wonder: What the heck is wrong with these people?

Answer: They are weak. They are insecure. They live in fear. And worst of all, they hate someone like president Trump who brushed off the virus without breaking a sweat.

They despise people who are confident in themselves since people on the left live in a constant state of anxiety, rage and uncertainty. Here is the Journal panicking further:

Cases are also surging across rural regions of the country. The total numbers of Covid-19 hospital patients are smaller but so too is the number of hospitals in remote areas, Mr. Greene said. Without another hospital nearby, more outside aid is needed.

In Red Lodge, Mont., the local 10-bed hospital is now often over capacity, placing overflow patients in beds normally used for those needing temporary observation, said Kelley Evans, chief executive of the hospital, Beartooth Billings Clinic.

The Red Lodge facility is one of 14 small hospitals owned by, or have agreements with, the Billings Clinic. The small hospitals, separated by as many 470 miles, typically transfer sicker patients to the flagship Billings Clinic hospital in Billings, Mont.

But as coronavirus cases surge in the state, the 290-bed flagship hospital is sending Covid-19 patients to Beartooth, which also continues to care for local patients. As occupancy across the region rises, Beartooth and other hospitals are swapping staff to fill emergency shortages when health-care workers enter quarantine after being exposed to the virus.

OK, this stuff goes on and on. It is intended to strike fear into all of us.

Dr. Fauci, president Trump’s disgraced advisor on the virus. has been all over the lot. He said that the virus was not serious and then that it was. He said not to wear masks and then to wear them. This guy has no idea what is going on and yet the Fake News media love him.

In the 1980s, Fauci was the government “expert” who said that AIDS was going to break out into the heterosexual population and kill millions. It never happened.

When thousands of non-gay people were infected and died in the early 1980s from tainted blood transfusions from homosexual blood donors, Fauci never took responsibility for that. He should have stopped the gays from donating blood immediately.

Fauci never recommended back then that homosexuals should quarantine themselves to stop the spread of AIDS. The reason is simple; he knew that they would laugh at him. And they paid a steep price. It is estimated that 700,000 homosexual males have died of AIDS since 1981. If that number were extrapolated to the general population, it could mean that 65 million Americans would have died. That should give you a feeling for how serious the AIDS crisis has been to the gays.

And you can rest assured that gay males are terrified of the China virus. Millions of them still have AIDS, although the media do not discuss it. They have weak immune systems. They therefore don’t want to take any chances with the virus.

Meanwhile it is being reported in El Paso, Texas that the city’s hospitals are seeing a big surge in virus patients. But almost nobody is talking about how many of them are coming from over the international bridge in Juarez, Mexico. Certainly the Fake News media are ignoring these border-crossers in order to make us fearful that our nation is under siege but KFOX 14 in El Paso revealed the truth:

El Paso is making international headlines for the COVID-19 outbreak.

As emergency responders are being recognized across the nation, El Paso’s first responders may be facing more danger from COVID-19 than anyone else.

El Paso firefighters in the trenches of the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot talk on the record about the number of people they are picking up every day from El Paso’s international bridges (connecting to Juarez, Mexico).

But a whistleblower inside the fire department spoke to KFOX14 exclusively on condition of anonymity.

“There’s some days where it’s only three or four times and other days when it will be 13 or 14 responses. You’ll be there for one patient and [CBP] customs will let you know, hey there’s another one right behind them and another one sometime there are four or five waiting in line,” said the anonymous source.

As a result of what appear to be escalating ambulance responses at the international bridges by the El Paso Fire Department, KFOX14’s source insists the city of El Paso is being left in a dangerously vulnerable position.

KFOX14 anchor Erika Castillo was at the Stanton Bridge in downtown El Paso when a firetruck picked up a person from Ciudad Juarez and crossed back to El Paso to send the person to the nearest hospital.

So perhaps El Paso should stop taking sick people from Mexico. But don’t tell that to the open-borders crowd.

We are lucky that president Trump did two things to reduce the spread of the virus: He stopped flights from China at the first sign of the virus. This probably has saved 1 million US lives. And he cracked down on illegal immigration before the virus started. If he hadn’t, there would be a vastly greater virus load in the US today.

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