Trump Campaign is Picture-Perfect, Biden’s a Flop

There is an old adage in auto racing that the best place to be on the last lap of the Indianapolis 500 or the Daytona 500 is in second place. And then you pull up behind the leader in his “draft” and get sucked along, and then you ‘slingshot’ around the leader and win the race dramatically at the last minute.

Well, if you look at the media treatment of president Trump, he has allegedly been lagging behind Joe Biden in second place.

Until now, that is, when he is doing that last-minute maneuver to win the race with ease and grace, as if it were naturally ordained.

But if you really think about the Trump campaign, president Trump has been ahead the whole time. He has run a picture-perfect campaign and seems destined to win re-election, which has predicted for months.

It all started last Summer when the Democrats ran the most disastrous convention ever under China virus restrictions. They took the term “virtual” seriously and appeared to put every speaker on a Zoom call. It looked like a high-school English course with each student broadcasting from his or her bedroom. What a joke.

On the other hand, Republicans held a classy convention that may be a model for the future, to replace the old-fashioned in-person conventions. In case you don’t remember it, Republican speakers appeared on the stage of an elegant venue with regal columns behind them. That was The Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC, and the Republican convention put the Democrats to an embarrassing shame. The GOP convention was well-mannered, well-dressed and mature.

Since that convention, president Trump has been almost perfect in his campaign with few flaws to be seen.

When it seemed that the China virus was going to eliminate his mega-rallies in city arenas, they were replaced with even bigger and better rallies at airports with tens of thousands of attendees either at the rally or waiting outside. This worked well because it eliminated the possibility of anti-Trumpers and other thugs attacking rally-goers in city streets.

Perfect… And the arrival of Air Force One at these airport rallies added a touch of glamor and stature to the president’s entrance like no other thing possibly could.

His rallies have been flawless. The president is energized and happy. He looks fantastic. The crowds adore him. And in the closing week, he added big video screens to show Joe Biden repeatedly defending China and promising to shut down the oil, coal and natural gas industries, which would be a disaster not only for Pennsylvania, but for the whole nation.

But it is not just the president himself who has been perfect. Across the country, Trumpsters by the tens of thousands have turned out for self-organized boat parades, car caravans and street-corner rallies. Virtually every event has been peaceful and upbeat except for a few where anti-Trumpers incited problems.

Who could ask for more? But there is more. The president has had a sterling list of surrogates out campaigning for him like Melania, Ivanka, Donald Jr., Lara, Eric, Tiffany, Mike Pence, Karen Pence, Ben Carson, Nikki Haley and other political luminaries.

It has been a great show. And with the election rapidly approaching, polls and public sentiment are turning strongly in the president’s favor. Democrats are wringing their hands over things like the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Post-Gazette endorsement of president Trump, its first Republican endorsement since 1972. Even a Saturday Night Live sketch portrayed Hillary Clinton warning that Trump could win, which increasing numbers of Democrats are panicking about.

Perhaps you have noticed that no liberal commentators on CNN, MSNBC, etc., are laughing about Trump and dismissing his campaign. Because they know the truth this time around. They learned their lesson in 2016.

President Trump has gotten endorsements from groups that he never knew supported him like Amish folks in Pennsylvania, Orthodox Jews in New York City and Vietnamese in California. It is a virtual tapestry of America, and every group is in high spirits. No riots. No looting.

But the president did stumble twice in his picture-perfect campaign. His confrontational first debate performance was like a bungled pit stop in the Daytona 500 while his China virus diagnosis kept him off the track for a week. But he has bounced back from both as if they never happened.

Trump’s supporters have been doing creative things that hit on all cylinders in ways that we usually associate with the left, like dreaming up hilarious internet memes and erecting two separate TRUMP signs along California freeways that perfectly resembled the famous HOLLYWOOD sign. When a Trump car/truck caravan ran alongside a Biden campaign bus in Texas and surrounded it in a funny show of political strength, a Biden staffer got so rattled that he called 911. What a jerk…

As president Trump was conducting his flawless campaign, Joe Biden was hiding in his basement and conducting the absolute worst campaign in American history. And when he ventured out, he was making such a mash of things that it seemed like he was trying to lose. He slurred his words, refused to answer reporters’ questions, said crazy stuff (“I don’t need you to get me elected…”), got angry and lashed out, and addressed miniscule crowds.

When Obama went out to campaign for Sleepy Joe, a tiny crowd showed up, which was an utter humiliation for Obama. At another Obama appearance, the microphone failed. When Obama introduced Sleepy Joe, Joe did not appear. It was bizarre. There were reported to have been 179 cars at the rally. Meanwhile Trump was reported to have had 58,000 at a Pennsylvania rally.

At another Biden speech, Sleepy Joe got rained on badly. Heck, the rock music superstar Jon Bon Jovi even made an appearance on behalf of Sleepy Joe and hardly anyone showed up.

In short, the whole Biden campaign looks like a loser. To make things worse, Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal reveals a Biden offspring living one of the most corrupt lives ever.

So just imagine how we conservatives would feel if Joe was our candidate. Then you get the idea of how bad it is for Democrats.

Biden’s worst moment probably was in the second debate when he promised to shut down the oil industry. If there was one moment that we could peg for a Trump victory, that was it. That statement was shocking to tens of millions of Americans, including in crucial Pennsylvania.

Biden’s campaign has never appeared to be even somewhat organized. It is reminiscent of the presidential campaign of Republican Bob Dole in 1996 when nothing seemed to go right and Dole lost in a landslide to incumbent president Bill Clinton. In other words, you could see Clinton’s victory coming every day.

In short, there are two campaigns. One is flawless and energized while the other is looking amateurish and doomed. And we know who is going to win. After all, appearances count.

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