More Democrat Fraud/ Fox News Cut its Own Throat; Will Trump News Replace It?

There is growing fraud that is being recorded all over the US. The Republican party of Nevada tweeted:

Our lawyers just sent a criminal referral to AG Barr regarding at least 3,062 instances of voter fraud. We expect that number to grow substantially. Thousands of individuals have been identified who appear to have violated the law by casting ballots after they moved from NV.

This is just one example of thousands of cases of suspected fraud across the US. This is how Democrats are trying to steal the election. Even in rural Trump-friendly areas, Democrats are stealing it. In northern Michigan, which is Trump Country, a postal worker said that his supervisor told him to backdate mail-in ballots to November 3.

Democrats are trying to steal this election everywhere across the US, even in conservative states like Texas. You can be sure that they have stolen millions of votes nationwide, maybe 5 million or more.

When you add up 17 votes here, 98 votes there, 1,116 votes there, it adds up over 50 states. This is how Democrats are stealing it. After all they have been famous for stealing elections for 200 years.

Democrats have a special technique for winning elections that they have used for decades. When they are losing they suddenly “find” ballots that they need to win as they are doing in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Just The News reports:

Virginia Democrat Spanberger surges ahead after ‘overlooked’ ballots found on flash drive:

Virginia Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger has now surged ahead in her tight race with a Democratic challenger after officials reportedly discovered thousands of “overlooked” ballots on a flash drive.

Spanberger, is a former CIA official who was part of the 2018 Blue Wave that gave Democrats control of the House. Her victory ended the GOP’s stronghold on the state’s 7th congressional district seat. Her challenger this year is Republican Nick Freitas.

The election-watch group Virginia Public Access Project tweeted late Wednesday afternoon that Spanberger was down by about 1,350 votes following a canvassing effort by county officials.

Less than an hour later, however, VPAP reported she had jumped considerably ahead of Freitas, in part the result of an infusion of over 14,600 previously “overlooked” ballots found on an Henric County county flash drive.

The memory stick had been “mislabeled as ‘provisional ballots’,” the group said.

Oh, gee, isn’t that convenient. We all surely have noticed that they never “find” ballots favoring Republicans. And mail-in balloting has given them a special path to ‘finding’ thousands of ballots at a time.

Here is another interesting story from Benjamin Wetmore at The Gateway Pundit. These stories are popping up all over the US:

At least seven Michigan voters were sent live absentee ballots whose voter registration records their birth year as prior to 1902. As of Monday, five were recorded as having been returned and counted.

The oldest recorded living person is currently 117 years old, meaning that the seven who were sent live ballots either constitute the oldest seven people on the planet who are currently living without the honor, or these are cases where ballots are being requested and cast in the name of people who have passed away, or the state voter file is either not properly removing people who have passed away or recording the birth year incorrect which would cause problems if a voter wanted to vote in-person.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Democrat, was criticized earlier this year when she was repeatedly sending out ballot applications to people who were clearly deceased. This led many Republicans to accuse Democrats of planning to cheat the election results by putting more voters in the mail. One mail vendor, who requested to be anonymous because he regularly interacts with the Secretary of State, said that it appears that Benson reverted the work that a prior Republican Secretary of State had done to clean up the voter rolls.

Former Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson worked to remove dead people from the voter rolls.

William Bradley, registered as having born in 1902, last updated his voter registration in 2002, and cast his first ballot in 2020. His son, also named William Bradley and lives at that address, reached by phone he says that he was sent a ballot for both himself and his deceased father but that he threw the other ballot away. “My father passed away in 1984, and I was born in 1959, I voted absentee but I’m quite sure I threw the other ballot away. I am William T. Bradley and my father didn’t have a middle initial.”

Here are three examples of anti-Trump election tampering, intimidation and fraud that noticed just in my area in Massachusetts:

*Virtually every Trump yard sign in my county was stolen.

*In my town, Biden-Harris was listed first on the ballot. Then came the Libertarian and Green candidates. Then Trump-Pence last. It seems that the incumbent president would be listed first, or that the two most likely candidates (Trump and Biden) would be at the top of the list. But no. This is just another example of subtle ballot tampering.

*’Black lives matter’ protestors intimidated, provoked and attacked our peaceful Trump rallies on three separate occasions.

Fox News Cut its Own Throat

President Trump has been increasingly critical of Fox News. has been too. I have noticed a distinct drift to the left on the Fox internet site with more and more stories critical of Trump and conservatives, and favorable to Democrats. And while there are still good people and stories on Fox, they are becoming fewer and farther between.

This is said to be the result of Fox founder Rupert Murdoch’s liberal son Lachlan taking over.

But the Fox News TV coverage of election night may have killed the network. Its smarmy, condescending coverage of president Trump – particularly from Chris Wallace – along with a premature call that Arizona had fallen to Biden, angered the conservative base that built Fox. Some conservative are openly protesting Fox and this is going to grow. This should be alarming to the top brass at Fox.

Fox even announced around 9 o’clock on election night that Democrats would maintain majority control of the US House, yet this was totally baseless. There was no way to know that at that hour. Yet the same Fox waited hours to call Florida for president Trump even though he clearly had won the state by a huge margin.

Notice also that Florida and Texas got their votes counted on time. So don’t believe this malarkey that the system got overwhelmed in other states.

Friends, Fox News is slowly becoming another CNN. This election night coverage really was the last straw. It looks like Fox is going to go the same route as the National Basketball Association, whose viewership tanked after it drifted way over the black-power left. The NBA may never recover. And Fox may not either.

This has happened all over America in the last 50 years. Stable, dependable, patriotic and conservative institutions like churches, education, sports, the arts, the courts, Hollywood, etc. have drifted off to the activist left.

Even allegedly ‘conservative’ commentators like George Will have jumped ship. believes that Will is being paid off with tens of millions of dollars to switch sides, some of it coming from China.

The only entity that is going from liberal to conservative is the American people. Perhaps you noticed that rich people used to voted Republican and working people voted Democrat. But president Trump has flipped this script.

So what will come along to replace Fox News?

Well, there’s, of course, and other great sites like The Gateway Pundit, which is the most informative conservative site on the internet.

But we can hopefully expect a brand new phenomenon called the Trump News Network (TNN) which ideally would be a conglomerate of radio, TV and internet. It could draw in commentators from all over the conservative media like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson of Fox. And the Fox & Friends morning program. TNN would have president Trump as its leader and chief commentator.

Trump News Network would be a powerhouse. It would be global. There are billions of people all over the world who are hungry for the authenticity of conservatism, and the desire to have truth, peace and prosperity. They know that the left is destroying all of them.

But we must really wonder what has driven the hysteria against president Trump in the first place. And the answer is that that mania has been incited by a few dozen wealthy media people in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, New York and Washington, DC. This anti-Trump frenzy did not organically rise up from “we the people” as conservatism has. It has been incited from the top down.

After all, Americans would not naturally oppose a president like Donald Trump with a law-abiding, hard-working family; a president who strengthened the economy, controlled illegal immigration, negotiated better trade deals, turned the US into an energy exporter and reformed our prison system. Americans are not naturally opposed to a leader who has cracked down on human sex trafficking, sided with the police and expelled thousands of dangerous illegal immigrant gang members from the US.

No, there is something much bigger going on here. The anti-Trump frenzy is being incited by wealthy elites who want president Trump to fail. This is why they hated Fox News (when it was conservative) and why they they are taking it over.

These elites are angry that they have lost control of the media and thus the country. And they had better watch out because president Trump is inspiring tens of millions of people to fight back against this corruption, and this fight started in 2016 and it is just beginning.

These elite skunks have used every tactic in the book to undermine common sense and to destroy free and fair elections like using fake polls to show Democrats winning; reporting fake news that president Trump had colluded with Russia; smearing candidates like Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh and Alabama US Senate candidate Roy Moore; covering up deadly behavior by black criminals and terrorists; and advocating for open borders.

Every single Fake News media poll was wrong about this election by a large margin. On the other hand, was totally correct – that Trump really won if the votes were counted fairly; that the US Senate would remain under Republican control; and that the US House of Representatives would go to Republican control if the Democrats had not committed the massive voter fraud that they are engaging in today.

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