ALERT: Many Voter Fraud ‘Smoking Guns’ Have Been Found Already – Many More to Come

There has been obvious voter fraud all over America to elect Biden. predicted a big victory for president Trump, but the vote totals appear to contradict that on account of widespread fraud.

This fraud has been out in the open, like huge numbers of Biden ballots appearing suddenly in Wisconsin to Republican poll watchers being banned from watching as ballots were counted in Philadelphia.

This comes on top of biased news coverage, fake polls, Google/Facebook/Twitter censorship, stolen Trump yard signs all across the nation, intimidation of Trump supporters. And much more.

But it only took three days for a very serious and provable form of Democrat fraud to be exposed. And thanks to a great website called The Gateway Pundit for showing us this corruption.

President Trump is going to fight this fraud and win a second term. Because we have something that looks like the “smoking gun” to prove that Democrats have committed fraud. One case involves 6,000 votes that were stolen by a computer program from president Trump in just one single county in Michigan. And it looks like this case can be extrapolated across the USA. The Gateway Pundit reported:

A so-called computer ‘glitch’ (repair) in one of Michigan’s counties has led to 6,000 votes (being returned from) from Joe Biden to President Trump. The Head of the Republican Party has asked for an additional 47 counties be recounted after the (repair) since these 47 counties also use the same Dominion software.

A so-called computer glitch has been uncovered in Michigan today and it resulted in (returning) 6,000 votes from Joe Biden to President Trump.

Dominion Software is used in 28 US states including ALL OF THE BATTLEGROUND STATES.

The Dominion software “glitch” ONLY took votes from President Trump and Republicans.

Dominion is used in EVERY SWING STATE!

And NUMEROUS COUNTIES in Georgia also used the software!

And two counties in Georgia that used the software shut down for two hours on election day.

And Dominion uses Chinese computer parts in their machines.

Friends, if the Republican party and The Gateway Pundit have uncovered this single glitch, then that is all that president Trump needs to win re-election. And you can bet that more is coming. Much more.

Here is an update from notoriously liberal confirming the story:

A technology glitch that halted voting in two Georgia counties on Tuesday morning was caused by a vendor uploading an update to their election machines the night before, a county election supervisor said.

Voters were unable to cast machine ballots for a couple of hours in Morgan and Spalding counties after the electronic devices crashed, state officials said. In response to the delays, Superior Court Judge W. Fletcher Sams extended voting until 11 p.m.

The counties use voting machines made by Dominion Voting Systems and electronic poll books — used to sign in voters — made by KnowInk.

The two counties are Trump counties.

So there you go. And it gets better for president Trump. Update from The Gateway Pundit:

(Conservative attorney) Sidney Powell and Tom Fitton (head of Judicial Watch) joined (TV commentator) Lou Dobbs on Friday night (November 6) to discuss the latest developments in the 2020 election.

Sidney told Lou’s audience about the Hammer and Scorecard software that was used to steal Trump votes in Michigan.

Sidney Powell: “They need to investigate the likelihood that 3% of the vote total was changed in the pre-election voting ballots that were collected digitally by using the Hammer program and the software program called Scorecard. That would have amounted to a massive change in the vote. It would have gone across the country and it explains a lot of what we’re seeing. In addition they ran an algorithm to calculate the votes that they might need for Mr. Biden in specific areas. It happened in Michigan where a computer glitch resulted in a change in votes in I believe 5,500 in favor of President Trump just in one of 47 districts. All of those districts need to be checked for the software glitch that would change the vote for Michigan dramatically. The same thing is happening in other states. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of ballots appear for solely Mr. Biden which is statistically impossible as a matter of mathematics. It can all be documented it is being put in files that we will file in federal court.”

Michigan Republican Chairman Laura Cox spoke to reporters Friday about a software glitch in Antrim County that took about 6,000 votes from President Trump and GOP Senate candidate John James causing the normally red county to show a majority vote for former Vice President Biden and Democrat Sen. Gary Peters. Cox said the same vote tabulating software is used in 47 counties in Michigan and called on those counties to examine their vote counts.

Later today the state corrected the glitch in ONE COUNTY that gave 6,000 more votes to President Trump!

There are 47 more counties where the program was operating.

This is calculated fraud by the Michigan Democrat Party.

Look for Michigan to go for Trump!

Sidney Powell and Tom Fitton are very serious and highly respected people. They would not be getting involved in this issue if it were not genuine.

No Fake News media outlets like CNN are reporting this explosive story because they know that it is very likely the beginning of the end for Biden.

Meanwhile The Western Journal reported further about Michigan:

An apparent issue with the election infrastructure in one Michigan county resulted in a Republican candidate having a tally of only two votes Wednesday.

Now, it’s been revealed that the program at fault could be in use in dozens of other counties across the state.

The discrepancy was discovered Wednesday morning in Antrim County, according to Michigan’s Interlochen Public Radio.

Triston Cole, a Republican state legislator, cited the fact that Representative Jack Bergman received only two votes, according to county tabulations.

“I can guarantee that there were 6 [Bergman votes] in my immediate family alone,” Cole told IPR.

Election results posted to the county website have been taken down since the discrepancy was found.

“Early this morning, the Antrim County Clerk, Sheryl Guy, became aware of apparently skewed results in the Unofficial Election Result tabulations,” county officials said on their Facebook page.

Here’s more from Breitbart News:

In Michigan and in Georgia the number of votes for Biden far exceeded the number of votes for the Democrat Senate candidates in these states. But for President Trump the Republican Senate candidate was very close to the President in votes recorded. This is typical in Presidential races that the down ticket is often carried by the Presidential candidate. But for some very odd reason, which even Joe Biden can’t explain, Joe Biden received tens of thousands of more votes than the Democrat Senate candidates:

Pattern in swing states w/ Senate races.


Trump: 2,637,173
GOP Sen: 2,630,042
Dif: 7,131

Biden: 2,787,544
Dem Sen: 2,718,451
Dif: 69,093

When you account for 3rd party vote, seems like tens of thousands of mysterious Biden votes w/ no down ticket votes.

In Georgia, it’s even worse.

Where they’re currently “finding” new Biden votes.

Trump: 2,432,799
GOP Sen: 2,433,617
Dif: 818

Biden: 2,414,651
Dem Sen: 2,318,850
Dif: 95,801

Again, after accounting for 3rd party vote, HUGE amount of mysterious Biden votes w/ no down ticket.

For comparison, check out a non-swing state, like Wyoming.

Trump: 193,454
GOP Sen: 197,961

Biden: 73,445
Dem Sen: 72,720
Dif: 725

No massive flood of mysterious empty Biden votes.

It’s fraud.

Here’s more from Just the News:

More than 90 of the 400-plus voting wards in Milwaukee County, a key Wisconsin battleground where Joe Biden beat President Trump on Tuesday, recorded voter turnout of over 90% of registered voters this year, a remarkable outcome in a nation where 68% turnout this election will set a 120-year record.

Astronomical voting rates are often red flags for U.S. voter fraud watchdogs, who see highly elevated local turnout as a possible sign of election malfeasance. But Milwaukee itself is an unusual voting machine, at least for the last two presidential elections. There were many 80%-plus voter turnout wards in 2016 as well, with some over 90% that year too. And no one questioned it then.

Here’s more from The Gateway Pundit:

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) directed the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections to review the statewide election amid concerns over a massive midnight ballot dump for Joe Biden.

“I am directing the committee to use its investigatory powers under Wisconsin SS 13.31 to immediately review how the election was administered. With concerns surfacing about mail-In ballot dumps and voter fraud, Wisconsin citizens deserve to know their vote counted,” Vos said in a prepared statement. “There should be no question as to whether the vote was fair and legitimate, and there must be absolute certainty that the impending recount finds any and all irregularities.

“I encourage citizens to volunteer to participate in the recount in their respective communities and take an active role in ensuring fair elections.

“Wisconsin’s election system is one of the best in the country. We have well-trained staff that finished counting the ballots well before most other states. However, we can always look for ways to improve it even more. I hope the committee investigates the inefficiency of Milwaukee’s central counting of absentee ballots, as well as the removal of voters from the rolls who no longer live here.”

Recall, President Trump was crushing Joe Biden on election night in Wisconsin when all of a sudden the state stopped counting ballots.

Shortly after Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden early on Tuesday night, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania all stopped counting ballots.

Then all of a sudden a massive ballot dump of over 100,000 ballots in Milwaukee in the dead of the night went 100% to Joe Biden.

Here’s more from The Gateway Pundit:

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel mentioned 2,000 votes in Oakland County (Michigan) that were for Republicans but were given to Democrats.

McDaniel told the media that on the morning of Nov. 4th, at the TCF Center, where absentee ballots were being counted, a whistleblower, who was not a Republican, but an election worker, was instructed by their supervisor to take a bundle of ballots that were not marked with any evidence of the date they were received and to enter the date of either Nov. 2nd or 3rd.

“Election workers became angry with the whistleblower and blocked this individual from the election process. According to the whistleblower, all of the election workers were given the same guidance.” She continued, “Reportedly, one of the individuals was a city contractor and former Director of Elections, Chris Thomas.”

McDaniel cited a number of shocking incidents reported to them by poll watchers, including threatening and intimidating behavior by election workers.

Here’s more from PJ Media:

In Oakland County (Michigan), another glitch temporarily toppled an incumbent Republican. County Commissioner Adam Kochenderfer narrowly lost in the initial count, only to have a glitch discovered Thursday that had switched over 1,200 Republican votes to Democrat. Once the votes were properly attributed, Commissioner Kochenderfer went from loser by about 100 votes to winner by over 1,100. According to the Royal Oak Tribune, Oakland County uses election software from Hart Intercivic. Hart uses a proprietary system called Verity. Eleven Michigan counties use Hart’s systems.

It’s troubling that both glitches switched Republican votes to Democrat despite apparently occurring in different underlying systems. All told, 59 of Michigan’s 83 counties may be affected by these two glitches.

The Michigan Legislature late Friday announced it will be holding a joint oversight hearing to “ensure the integrity of our state elections.”

So there is another faulty system (Hart) that is rigged for the Democrats. Here’s more obvious fraud from Just the News:

Mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania so far this year have been accepted at almost 30 times the rate predicted by historical rejection numbers, raising potential questions in a state in which Democratic challenger Joe Biden is maintaining a lead of just several thousand votes.

A county-by-county review by Just the News of accepted and rejected mail-in ballots throughout the state of Pennsylvania show that, when added up, the state only rejected 951 of 2,614,011 mail-in ballots this year, or a rate of 0.03%.

That is significantly less than the historical rate of mail-in ballot rejection, which generally hovers around 1%. For first-time mail-in voters the rate can jump as high as 3%.

In 2016, the state saw about 266,208 mail-in ballots; just under 1% of them, 2,534, were rejected, roughly in line with historical expectations, according to the 2016 Election Administration and Voting Survey.

At that historical rate of rejection, around 26,000 mail-in ballots would be rejected from this year’s final Pennsylvania tally. Such numbers would not have been unexpected: Last month, for instance, the Bucks County Courier Times estimated that, based on predicted vote-by-mail turnout, around 28,000 Pennsylvanians might have had their ballots pulled, rather than the 951 that were ultimately dumped.

The Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment via email and phone on Friday afternoon regarding the abnormally low rejection rate.

Mail-in ballots are rejected for a variety of reasons

The Gateway Pundit also reported (with video):

President Donald Trump’s Director of Election Day Operations shared an alarming video on Friday of Philadelphia “volunteers” handling absentee ballots in the basement of the counting center.

When confronted about their bizarre actions, the woman claimed that she is “just a volunteer” and does not know the name of her supervisor.

The woman refused to explain what they were doing in the basement with the ballots or why their supervisor was not present.

Trump’s campaign has sued Philadelphia County’s Board of Elections after election officials were “intentionally refusing to allow any representatives and poll watchers for President Trump and the Republican Party.” The campaign is also challenging a ruling in Pennsylvania that would allow votes received up to three days after the election to be counted.

Here’s more as Democrat voter fraud is exposed all over the country. The Gateway Pundit reported:

A SECOND Pennsylvania (Post Office) whistleblower has come forward to (conservative watchdog) Project Veritas claiming the Postmaster ordered late ballots to be picked up and separated to be backdated (to election day November 3 so that they would be counted officially).

Late Thursday night, Project Veritas released an undercover bombshell video of a Pennsylvania USPS whistleblower exposing his anti-Trump Postmaster’s order to illegally back-date ballots.

“The fraud is happening as we speak…they are going to be collecting and back-dating ballots in Pennsylvania TOMORROW (Friday) according to our whistleblower,” O’Keefe said.

“Ballots that are coming in today, tomorrow, yesterday, are all supposed to be postmarked the 3rd” the whistleblower said.

Now this….

A second Pennsylvania USPS whistleblower told (Project Veritas’) James O’Keefe, “If we find any ballots… we were to collect them”

This same thing was reported in Michigan and is certainly in many other states. After all, the Post Office is a heavily-unionized, pro-Democrat operation. Meanwhile The Gateway Pundit also reported:

Matt Braynard, the executive Director of Look Ahead America and former data chief and strategist for Trump for President tweeted out today that he has at his finger tips, the data for everyone in seven key states who requested an absentee ballot or voted early. AZ, GA, MI, NC, NV, PA, WI.

Matt added, “Discovering just a *few* matches to the Death List would indicate a much bigger problem as ABS/EV requests of dead voters would be incidental to a larger fraud operation.”

** Matt is asking for donations to fund this venture.

For the record — I spoke to an associate of his and he attests to Matt’s ability and record.

On Friday far left GoFundMe shut down the Voter Fraud Detection Page after raising over $220,000.

A new campaign was launched at!

This was posted on their new campaign:

We raised $220k on GoFundMe before we were deleted for “Prohibited Content.” None of the money was disbursed to us. This is the same platform that raises money for bail for terrorists. Help us out by 2x’ing what you gave before to help make up what we lost.

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