Media are Doing Total Reversal with Biden/ More Voter Fraud

On Monday, November 9 – after Joe Biden was declared by the media to be the winner of the presidential election on Saturday, November 7 – CNN eliminated its China virus totals from its screen which had been there since the start of the crisis. Fox News also eliminated its virus totals from its website home page on Monday.

Gee, we conservatives predicted that the whole virus crisis would disappear if Biden won. And lo and behold, it has. Because the China virus has been totally politicized as a tool against president Trump and now will be ignored if Biden becomes Commander-in-Thief.

On the Fox News TV channel, pro-Trump judge Jeanine Pirro was kicked off of her program on the very same evening that Biden was proclaimed the winner. Rumors say that Pirro will be back next week, but who knows.

Perhaps you noticed that the drug make Pfizer announced a vaccine for the China virus on the same day, Monday, November 9. CNN reported:

Drugmaker Pfizer said Monday an early look at data from its coronavirus vaccine shows it is more than 90% effective — a much better than expected efficacy if the trend continues.

The so-called interim analysis looked at the first 94 confirmed cases of Covid-19 among the more than 43,000 volunteers who got either two doses of the vaccine or a placebo.

Woah! Just the thought of Joe Biden being president has cured the virus! Amazing!

This shows what a fraud that this virus has been since the start, just as has said all along.

The stock market? It rose 1,150 points on Monday, November 9 just two days after Biden was proclaimed the winner. And it just so happens that Pfizer announced its good news that very same day.

Woah! Biden is on a roll! This guy is amazing! He’s already winning! He’s beating the virus and revitalizing the economy without lifting a finger! Just like he won the presidency without even campaigning!

It is just like Obama getting the Nobel prize just two months after he took office for doing absolutely nothing.

Friends, prepare for the media onslaught of unlimited propaganda. Prepare for everything that you have been hearing under president Trump to be flipped 180 degrees overnight. All of the good economic news will now be front and center every day even though it comes from Trump policies. The virus will be cured. Poverty will cease to exist. Auto accidents will disappear. The rising seas will stop rising… (except that they were never rising to begin with).

At the same time Google, Facebook and Twitter went on a censorship lockdown against conservatives. Yet even with this lockdown Americans saw the truth and voted in record numbers for president Trump.

Democrats and the skunks in the Fake News media had better watch out. We are onto them – all 71 million of us who voted for president Trump, and certainly many more if the truth comes out. Because we’re not going to stand for this fraud.

These liberals could not believe that Trump even got 71 million votes. They are shocked; that figure is 8 million more votes than he got in 2016. But there is much more coming to shock them.

By the way, predicted before the election that Trump would get 70 million or more votes. I wrote on September 2, 2020: predicts that Trump will get up to 70 million or more votes in November, that his ‘base’ voters from 2016 will stick with him while millions more will vote Trump. These extra Trump voters will come from people who did not trust Trump but who now believe in him like Democrats, independents, blacks, hispanics, skeptical Republicans and conservatives, pro-lifers, Asians, muslims, etc.

Here’s more on suspicious voter numbers in Virginia:

Data scientist Sarah Eaglesfield was tracking the vote counts in Virginia in real-time after election night on Tuesday morning, November 4.

Eaglesfield noticed a glitch in the vote count.

At 5:12 AM the total count lost 169,000 votes from 5:07 AM to 5:12 AM in the morning.

The screenshot is shown. It went from 3,572,807 to 3,199,065 in just five minutes.

Where did all the votes go? Were they subtracted from president Trump’s total? You can probably guess the answer; this must be investigated. At the same time, at least 20 election observers have gone on record testifying to the corrupt practices of the staff inside the TCF Center (in Detroit, Michigan) on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in keeping observers out of the facility.

Breitbart News reported:

A whistleblower who worked for Nevada’s Clark County Elections Department listed a series of instances of nefarious behavior they witnessed in the days leading up to the election, including poll workers processing illegitimate ballots as well as non-poll workers forming a “human wall” near a Biden/Harris van to block the view of individuals purportedly filling out what the whistleblower believes to have been ballots.

In a sworn affidavit signed November 8, the whistleblower, who served as a poll worker, detailed “concerns over election polling place intimidation and voter fraud.”

Meanwhile powerhouse super-attorney Lin Wood has joined the Trump team. He said:

I was sitting around Tuesday night watching the election returns, I’ve loved politics all my life, since I first voted in 1972. And I saw what I assumed was going to happen. I saw President Trump building up what I believed was going to be almost an historic landslide victory. Then all the sudden every network, including FOX News, started doing what they do best – they started lying to the American public. And they took a victory from Donald Trump and they called it a lie. They took a defeat from Joe Biden and lied and said he won. And they sent you to bed, turning off the count of the vote so you could wake up the next morning like I did and go ‘What happened?’

What happened? When I was asked by President Trump to help him in Georgia and perhaps other places around this country, I said ‘yeah’…

Here’s another story from The Gateway Pundit:

We already know there were at least two system ‘glitches’ in Michigan during the 2020 election. First in Antrim County and then in Oakland County votes were switched between the Republican and Democrat candidates always in favor of the Democrats.

Over the weekend a video was being passed around the Internet and on social media from the 2018 gubernatorial election in Kentucky where votes are swapped between the candidates and captured live on CNN. By slowing down this video, Internet sleuths uncovered votes for the Republican candidate were switched to votes for the Democrat candidate. The number of votes seemed small but in this incident this vote swap was a quarter of the difference between the candidates’ final vote counts.

Now this morning a video has been uncovered from (the) Presidential election in Pennsylvania where the same thing appears to have occurred. Nearly 20,000 votes were subtracted from President Trump and added to Joe Biden, a 40,000 vote swing, live on CNN.

A_Blosssom reported on Twitter:

A friend just sent this video she recorded election night.

Start of video PA total votes are:

Trump 1,690,589
Biden 1,252,537

At the end of the video the totals on the screen are for PA are:

Trump 1,670,631. -19,958 votes
Biden 1,272,495. +19,958

This is a very serious matter that must be further investigated.

Notice how these totals ALWAYS go away from Republicans…

Here’s another case in Georgia from The Gateway Pundit:

Huge news tonight. There are reportedly 132,000 change of address flags in Fulton County, Georgia ballots. These ballots are likely ineligible.

Kyle Becker and People’s Pundit on Twitter announced moments ago that 132,000 ballots in Fulton Country Georgia are likely ineligible.

As noted above, the current difference between President Trump and Joe Biden after days of ballot harvesting by the left is around 10,000 ballots.

If these ballots are deemed ineligible, the state of Georgia is almost certainly won by President Trump and this is before the illegal voter harvesting in recent days is addressed.

Fulton County is the city of Atlanta, where we expect massive fraud. And it looks like we are getting it.

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