Trump Really Won and Republicans Did Great

President Trump got 9 million more votes in 2020 than he got in 2016. He got 72 million votes so far in 2020 versus 63 million in 2016, with more votes to be counted. This once again blows away the media narrative that Americans hate Trump. This election proved the total opposite.

And we all know that millions of votes were certainly stolen from the president, or were never cast because we all know that Democrats steal elections every single time that they can. If you asked 1 million Americans to honestly say who commits voter fraud, 95% would say Democrats.

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said recently that she already has 500 sworn affidavits that allege 11,000 incidents of voter fraud. And this number is certainly going to grow. These affidavits have been filed just in the last few days.

Meanwhile the Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) Board of Elections has voted to allow ballots to be counted that were not properly dated when they were mailed in.

Is this legal for them to decide that? We must look into it. This is just one of hundreds of stories that need to be investigated.

Did you notice how few problems there were with ballot counting in the conservative states?

Yes, we all did. But that does not mean that there was no fraud in the conservative states. There certainly was, primarily in the cities. Because Democrats wanted to defeat our president at all costs, by any means necessary, in any way possible.

An Oklahoma man posted on his Instagram page a story about ballots that he found in the trash after a wedding reception at a church hall where voting took place earlier in the day.

Chase O’Shea showed a table with torn up ballots that he pulled out of the garbage can. All but one of the ballots were for President Trump.

So it is plain to see that voter fraud is rampant even in a ‘red’ state like Oklahoma. Dinesh D’Souza posted the video on Rumble.

Here’s more. Here is CNN reporting before the 2020 election:

In a sweeping victory for Democrats, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued three significant rulings Thursday that extended the deadline for absentee ballots, allowed more ballot drop boxes and removed the Green Party candidate from the presidential ballot.

The rulings come following court challenges from the state Democratic Party, which has been aiming to ease Pennsylvania’s absentee voting procedures amid the pandemic and a surge in mail-in ballots and to have the Green Party off the ballot due to its potential to take votes from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The Green party candidate Jill Stein in 2016 won more votes in Pennsylvania than Trump won Pennsylvania by. If she had been kept off the ballot in 2016, Trump probably would have lost Pennsylvania since most of her votes would have gone for Hillary. So it is easy to see why Democrats would want her off the ballot in 2020.

And thus they used the same Pennsylvania supreme court to rule against the Green party as they used to extend the deadline for mail-in ballots. This is all totally outrageous. This is how Democrats use the courts thousands of time to circumvent the will of the people.

Interestingly more statistics are coming out that Republicans did amazingly well in this election despite all of the fraud. Democrats and their media cronies were claiming before the election that Republicans were going to lose 4 or 5 seats in the US Senate and 10 to 15 seats in the US House.

That never happened. Republicans may end up losing two Senate seats – one of which could be a result of fraud in Arizona anyway – and they actually gained seats in the US House. When all the votes are tallied, Republicans could take over the US House majority and will almost certainly maintain their Senate majority.

There is even a US Senate seat in Michigan which Republican John James appeared to have taken away from the incumbent Democrat. But that seat was called for the Democrat after the usual voter fraud kicked in in Detroit and other corrupt Democrat-controlled cities in the days after the election. When all of this fraud is exposed, James will be declared the winner, believes.

Look at this good news from New Hampshire. Breitbart News reported:

Republicans emerged from the November 3, 2020, elections with control of the New Hampshire Governorship, House, and Senate.

New Hampshire, with the state motto “Live Free or Die,” is home to renowned gun maker Sig Sauer.

The Center Square reports that Gov. Chris Sununu (R) won a third term “handily” on November 3, receiving “more than 65 percent of the vote.”

New Hampshire voters also “elected Republican majorities in the state House of Representatives, Senate, and Executive Council.”

The Dartmouth (newspaper) reported the victories by noting that they flipped state House and Senate control from Democrat to Republican. Democrats had “a 14-10 majority in the Senate, a 230-157 majority in the House, and a 3-2 majority on the Executive Council,” but that is now gone.

Sununu has been pro-Second Amendment during his time in office.

On February 27, 2017, Breitbart News reported that Sununu signed a bill which immediately abolished the requirement that state residents obtain a permit before carrying a concealed handgun for self-defense. It was already legal to open carry a handgun without a permit and and Republicans argued that requiring a permit just because a shirt or jacket covered a gun was a step too far.

On August 20, 2019, Breitbart News reported that Sununu vetoed a Democrat-sponsored bill expanding of background checks. WMUR reported that he vetoed a second bill that would have put in place a three-day waiting period on gun purchases, and a third bill which would have outlawed carrying a gun on school property for self-defense.

By the way, Sununu was born in New Hampshire, but neither Democrat US senator from New Hampshire was born there.

New Hampshire is a famously conservative state that hundreds of thousands of out-of-staters have flocked to over the last few decades for its strong economic policies and low taxes. These transplants, who are largely Democrats, are flipping New Hampshire ‘blue’ after fleeing their failed ‘blue’ states. It is sick how Democrats do this all across the nation.

At the same time, The Gateway Pundit reported:

Disgraced philanderer Cal Cunningham on Tuesday conceded to GOP US Senator Thom Tillis after Decision Desk HQ projected a GOP win in North Carolina.

President Trump and Senator Thom Tillis won their races in North Carolina, Decision Desk HQ projected on Tuesday.

President Trump won North Carolina on election night, however they dragged their feet for one week and refused to call the race.

Democrat Cal Cunningham last month admitted to exchanging sexually charged text messages with a California based PR strategist, and wife of a Veteran.

The married father of two ran against incumbent Thom Tillis on his ‘religious’ and ‘family man’ record.

The Fake News media claimed for months that Trump would not win North Carolina and that Tillis’ seat was threatened. This was another form of election fraud, this time from the biased media.

Meanwhile Republican Michelle Steel defeated Democrat incumbent Harley Rouda in Orange County, California’s 48th US congressional district, which is a conservative Southern California district in the largely liberal state.

Rouda voted 100% with Nancy Pelosi and he lost. Rouda only won the seat in 2018 under suspicious circumstances where a group of Democrats won California congressional seats when Democrat ballots magically turned up after Republicans appeared to have won.

Rouda said in his concession speech:

“We are not Republicans. We are not Democrats. We are not enemies. We are Americans. All of us. Even when we disagree. And we ought to have a political system that is built on facts, rewards honesty, and strengthens the bonds that tie us to each other, rather than ripping them to shreds…”

This is disgraceful. After Democrats have attacked president Trump ruthlessly for four years, they are acting like they want us all to get along.

It ain’t gonna happen… We are going to start by calling them what they really are – cheaters.

In Upstate New York’s largely rural and small-town 27th US Congressional district, Republican Claudia Tenney won back a seat that she lost in 2018. Go Claudia!

Here’s more about Democrat fraud in the election:

The Trump campaign tweeted a photo of a list of Republican poll watchers on a “no entry” list in Philadelphia. Included on the list was Corey Lewandowski, a senior advisor to the campaign, who was denied entry.

The Trump campaign has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to stop elections boards and the state from certifying results that were tabulated while Republican election observers were denied entry. Good. This election was stolen.

Vengeful Democrats Show their True Totalitarian Stripes

Breitbart News reported:

Left-wing Democrats and Never Trump Republicans appealed Friday for assistance in compiling lists of Trump supporters to they could be held “accountable” for supporting President Donald Trump after the election.

“Democratic socialist” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tweeted: “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

Michael Simon, who describes himself as a former staff member in Barack Obama’s administration, replied in the affirmative, linking to what he called the “Trump Accountability Project”:

Jennifer Rubin, a Washington Post columnist and Never Trumper, tweeted that anyone challenging the 2020 election results should not only be disqualified from holding public office, but ostracized from society.

“Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into ‘polite’ society,” she tweeted. “We have a list.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes has joined those calling for “thousands” of Republicans to be held accountable. Others continue to promote the “accountability” project. He tweeted:

If you know anyone who supported Trump, please add their names to our database.

They will be dealt with in due course, once the appropriate legal framework can be put in place.

Do you see how sick these people are? These are nazi-like tactics. They want to criminalize our political beliefs.

Perhaps you noticed that we conservatives never act like that. We did not riot after Biden was declared the winner like leftists did over Trump. We did not scream at the sky. We did not compile ‘lists’ of Clinton supporters to punish them after Donald Trump won the White House.

The Washington Post should fire Jennifer Rubin but they won’t because it is a totally corrupt publication. To make matters worse, the Post published a fake story that a Pennsylvania postal worker who alleged fraud over the election had recanted his story.

The worker himself, Richard Hopkins, posted a video denying that he had recanted his allegations.

The Washington Post had better watch out what it publishes. It could come back to haunt them.

Rubin is Jewish. She should not be talking about singling out people whom she does not like. After all, that has happened to Jewish people throughout history with tragic results.

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