Michigan Story Sums up Democrats’ War on Freedom

Here is a very disturbing story from Fox News:

The two Republicans on Michigan’s Wayne County Board of Canvassers claimed in signed affidavits Wednesday (November 18) that they were bullied into siding with Democrats and have now rescinded their votes to certify.

The two Republicans — Monica Palmer and William C. Hartmann — were involved in a brief deadlock in the county’s election certification process Tuesday before initially voting to certify.

Wayne County, which includes Detroit, is Michigan’s most populous county, with more than 1.7 million residents.

Both Republicans say they were called racists and subjected to threats for raising concerns about ballots that Democrats said were from predominately Black communities, Jenna Ellis, a lawyer for the Trump 2020 Campaign, told Fox News on Tuesday.

Hartmann said in the affidavit that he observed about 71% of Detroit’s 134 Absent Voter Counting Boards “were left unbalanced and many unexplained.”

He said he voiced his concerns and said if the votes did not match, there should have been some kind of explanation. Powell said she spotted the same discrepancy.

“I voted not to certify, and I still believe this vote should not be certified. Until these questions are addressed, I remain opposed to certification of the Wayne County results,” Hartmann said in his affidavit, according to JustTheNews, which was first to report on their decision to rescind.

Palmer said in her affidavit that she faced “accusations of racism” and threats to her family.

“After the vote, my Democratic colleagues chided me and Mr. Hartmann for voting not to certify,” she said, according to the affidavit obtained by Fox News. “After the vote, the public comment period began and dozens of people made personal remarks against me and Mr. Hartmann. The comments made accusations of racism and threatened me and members of my family.”

OK, this story sums up the way that people on the hard, threatening and violent left are coming out of the shadows. And it shows the danger that we Americans face.

Just look at the global protests – some violent – after Donald Trump was announced as the winner of the 2016 election. On the day that Trump was inaugurated, riots broke out in Washington, DC. And who was punished for the riots? Nobody.

After president Trump’s 2016 victory, many Deep State members in the federal government in Washington sought to disrupt his transition and then accused the president falsely for more than two years of colluding with Russia to steal the election.

This story was proven to be bogus, but the Fake News media did not skip a beat. They simply moved on to another line of attack on the president.

But then when good Republican citizens witness with their own eyes severe voting irregularities in 2020 in places like Detroit, and with clear evidence that the voting was rigged in many states – and probably all of them – we are being rushed into accepting the results and certifying Joe Biden as president.

This comes after a Summer of violence in cities across the US in which an estimated $1 billion to $2 billion in damage was done. In other words, there are two sides in this fight: Those of us who build things up and who want the law obeyed, and those who want every law broken and property destroyed.

And this is the greatest threat to our liberty, perhaps ever in our history.

Those on the left never want to abide by the law. That is why they relentlessly side with criminals, terrorists and rioters. That is why judges all over urban America are expressing their power in releasing criminals who have attacked out freedom-loving principles, burned businesses and threatened those who disagree with them.

This War on Freedom has been building since the 1960s and it really ramped up when president Trump was elected. The Fake News media have accused him baselessly of multiple crimes, while Joe Biden received zero scrutiny for his ties to Russia, Ukraine and China through his cocaine-addicted son.

These media skunks have fueled this war with their incendiary rhetoric. Meanwhile those of us who have stood up against ‘black lives matter’ and ‘antifa’ have found ourselves the victims of widespread intimidation, assault and worse. Lee Keltner in Denver and Jay Danielson in Portland both paid with their lives for being good patriots and supporting the president.

At our roadside Trump rallies in Massachusetts, ‘black lives matter’ counterprotesters showed up every week and harassed, intimidated and even attacked our law-abiding group on three different occasions.

This goes along with the riots last Summer against innocent people and hard-working businesses. The left has an endless appetite for destruction and they are rarely called to account.

We risk losing our freedoms as these goons continue to threaten us as they threatened law-abiding vote canvassers in Michigan. One audiotape exposes an anti-Trump Detroit poll worker instructing her fellow workers to call the police if Republican observers got too close.

In short, the left is waging a hotter and hotter war on our freedoms. But when this election scam is exposed, then president Trump should launch an all-out effort in his second term to take down these goons legally and serve them with long prison terms.

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