Terrible Nov. Employment Numbers/ Prediction: Trump Will Win as Widespread Fraud is Exposed

The US economy added only 245,000 jobs in November, half as many as economists had predicted. This is a terrible number and it brings to a halt the improving economy of the last 6 months under president Trump.

Obviously the idea of Joe Biden becoming president is already throttling the economy. And it is going to get much worse if Biden takes the oath of office.

But Nikitas3.com believes that Trump will take the oath on January 20…

Prediction: Trump Will Win as Widespread Fraud is Exposed

Nikitas3.com believes that president Trump will win this election battle and will be sworn in for a second term on January 20, 2021.

There is a growing mountain of evidence and even proof that major acts of voter fraud have been committed, including a shocking video from Atlanta of suitcases full of ballots being opened up and counted after Republican election observers went home when they were told that vote counting in Georgia was over for the day.

In that case, the governor of Georgia appears ready to order an audit of the votes. This is what we need all over the country. An “audit” is different from a “recount”. An audit is a closer investigation of the election, not just a recounting of ballots that already may be tainted by the tens of thousands.

On election night, November 3, the very same vote-counting center in Atlanta reported a “burst pipe” which led to election observers being sent home. This was on the national news. Yet there is no indication that any pipe burst. This appears to all be part of the same nationwide fraud.

Update: New video reveals a ballot counter feeding the same ballots through a counting machine THREE TIMES! What the heck!

In the Pennsylvania case, president Trump probably is going to prevail. The US Supreme Court will probably rule in the president’s favor in a case involving hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots in that state. If Trump wins in the Supreme Court, he will win the Pennsylvania electoral votes, which will be a body blow to Biden.

The Trump campaign is also filing lawsuits in Michigan, Nevada, Arizona and Wisconsin where it appears that hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes were submitted and counted.

Meanwhile the Dominion voting machines, which Trump operatives have questioned from the start, are being exposed.

There is even a Dominion internet server in Germany that has allegedly been seized. This server is said to contain all of the vote tabulation information that could prove widespread fraud by shifting millions of votes to Democrats all over the country. This alone could be the key to the Trump re-election and to election corruption in 30 states where the Dominion machines are used.

There is increasing testimony and affidavits about alleged fraud from hundreds of witnesses including a truck driver named Jesse Morgan who said on the Hannity TV show that he drove hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots from New York to Pennsylvania in October under very suspicious circumstances.

This is all adding up. Republican legislators in several states are talking about holding up certification of the election results. This was not even being considered just one week ago. This shows that the momentum is going to president Trump.

Meanwhile the Trump campaign has had public hearings in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. That is an amazing accomplishment in just over four weeks since the election.

The Trump campaign even produced a detailed booklet on the Dominion voting machines and the people behind them.

The booklet includes these details:

*In a sworn affidavit, a former high-ranking Venezuelan Military Officer states that the Smartmatic (Dominion) software was designed so that votes could be changed without being detected, and was set up so that there would be no public evidence of tampering with votes

*Dominion is also tied to the Clinton Foundation, as well as several state-run Venezuelan software and telecommunications companies, which had been involved with rigging elections for authoritarian leaders, like Hugo Chavez, and Nicolas Maduro

*In 2014, Lord Malloch Brown became the chairman of the board of SGO Corporation Limited, a holding company based in London whose primary asset is Smartmatic electronic voting machine technology. Lord Malloch-Brown is a member of the British House of Lords, and a former vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds, and former vice-president at the World Bank.

*Dominion voting machine components are made in China, subject to possible manipulation.

*Dominion’s instruction manual explains how votes can be wiped away in an instant, with the capability of “dragging and dropping” votes to a separate folder, then deleting that folder entirely.

*Brian Mechler, who conducted an inspection of Dominion electronic voting machines for the Secretary of State of Texas in 2019, said in an affidavit that the Dominion systems are so outdated that they are not even supported by Google from a security standpoint. For this reason, the affiant cites that it is unclear how Dominion could have met its obligations to maintain adequate security practices, or secure any faith in this system or its results.

Meanwhile Fox News reported about Georgia and the failed 2018 Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams:

A group at the center of the investigation into voter fraud recently opened by the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger hired contractors who were found to have forged ballot applications in 2014.

The group, The New Georgia Project, was founded by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to help register new voters. Ultimately, the 2014 investigation found no wrongdoing by the group, but did cite 14 people for forging 53 voter applications. All those cited were working as independent contractors, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

On Wednesday, Raffensperger announced an investigation into several progressive organizations he alleged “sought to register ineligible, out-of-state, or deceased voters” for the Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections. Among those named are Vote Forward, The New Georgia Project, Operation Voter Registration GA and America Votes.

“I have issued clear warnings several times to groups and individuals working to undermine the integrity of elections in Georgia through false and fraudulent registrations,” said Raffensperger in a statement. “The security of Georgia’s elections is of the utmost importance. We have received specific evidence that these groups have solicited voter registrations from ineligible individuals who have passed away or live out of state. I will investigate these claims thoroughly and take action against anyone attempting to undermine our elections.”

The New Georgia Project, which was led by Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock until February, is accused by Raffensperger of several election violations. Almost all of them involve sending voter registration or absentee application mail to people who were either deceased or ineligible to vote.

The Trump campaign has done all of this amazing work just since the election on November 3. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton claimed for four years that the 2016 election was stolen from her yet she never provided a single witness or a single shred of evidence that that had happened.

Friends, hang in there. Don’t ever believe the Fake News media spin that the Trump campaign cannot win. It can and will. It is getting stronger every day.

A Great Letter to the Editor

Here is a great letter to the editor sent to a local newspaper from Patrick Fennell of Great Barrington, Massachusetts:

To the Editor;

On the radio today at least three holiday charities are looking for more money. I went by the St. James food pantry and it was very busy. Since March everyone in the private sector has made great sacrifices, too many small businesses are no longer around and people’s wallets are much lighter. To many families this year the holidays will be stressful and in many cases sad.

Meanwhile no elected politician in Massachusetts have made a SINGLE sacrifice. They continue to get paid, haven’t lost a benefit, or perk, and in many cases have made more money through at best sleazy means.

Between the local towns, states and the Swamp (Congress), all of our taxpayer money has either been mismanaged, stolen, gone to the wrong people, places or causes, or just been wasted. As Representative Pignatelli, Senator Hinds, Congressman Neal, Senators Markey and Warren say nothing, these same holiday charities have asked for bigger donations, more toys, and more help for Christmas.

So what have they done to help the poor, veterans, elderly and disabled? Poverty, crime and poorly educated children have gone up, especially this year, yet always these politicians get a free ride and great press or barely are held accountable for raising our taxes and giving us little to nothing for our money. Remember everyone pays taxes, between sales taxes, user fees, and dozens of other ways for government to separate citizens from their hard earned money.

Perhaps our elected officials can sacrifice their raises, perks and benefits to help a starving child, disabled veteran or a patient in a nursing home. However they won’t.

So keep helping the charities of your choice, drop off food to a Food Pantry and donate a toy, because as always BIG Government is AWOL.

Patrick Fennell

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