Dec. 14 Electoral Vote Deadline is Arbitrary, Must be Overturned/ Fake China Ballots?

We pro-Trumpers have been concerned that the December 14 deadline for the Electoral College vote count is coming up fast. And that if attorneys Giuliani, Powell and others cannot make the case for fraud by then that Biden will be declared president-elect and that it will be impossible to undo.

Not so fast. This deadline can and should be pushed back since we are in extraordinary circumstances. Just the News reports:

The Amistad Project of the non-partisan Thomas More Society released a white paper on Friday making the case that current Electoral College deadlines are arbitrary and not set in stone, contrary to what most news outlets have reported.

The white paper says that these deadlines — Dec. 8 for disputes to be resolved and Electors to be determined, and Dec. 14 for the Electoral College to meet in person and vote in their respective states — are a “direct impediment to states’ obligations to investigate disputed elections.”

According to the Amistad Project press release, the paper examines the history of Electoral College deadlines, which “are not only elements of a 72-year old federal statute with zero Constitutional basis, but are also actively preventing the states from fulfilling their constitutional — and ethical — obligation to hold free and fair elections. Experts believe that the primary basis for these dates was to provide enough time to affect the presidential transition of power, a concern which is fully obsolete in the age of internet and air travel.”

Phill Kline, the director of the Amistad Project, argues in this paper that the Dec. 8 “safe harbor” deadline does not apply when there have been “flagrant violations of state election laws” that have “affected the outcome of the popular vote.”

The Amistad Project has filed litigation in several of the swing states, where they argue that “more than 1.2 million potentially fraudulent ballots” were the result of illegal conduct by state and local officials. They say that in each of the disputed swing states “the number of potentially fraudulent ballots far exceeds the margin separating the leading presidential candidate.”

According to the white paper, the only date in the election process set by the Constitution is “the assumption of office by the President on January 20.”

“Because the U.S. Constitution places ultimate authority for designating presidential Electors in the hands of state legislatures,” the paper argues, “it is the responsibility of the people’s elected representatives to judge the relevant facts and appoint an appropriate slate of Electors, subject only to the sole deadline set forth in the U.S. Constitution — 12:00 noon on January 20, 2021.”

This is great news. And it makes sense. We have never exposed as much apparent fraud as we have seen this year. We must not let the arbitrary deadline prevent us from finding the truth.

There is more good news. The December 14 vote count is not even legalized until January 6 when a joint session of Congress votes on it. So there is lots of time for the truth to come out, as it is pouring out every day.

And don’t think that these cocky leftists are not taking note of the situation shifting toward the president. They are starting to write things like ‘I’m not Saying Donald Trump is Planning a Coup, but He’s Doing Exactly What Someone Would Do if They Were Planning a Coup…’

In other words, the “coup” refers to fraud being uncovered and the left cannot stand it, that Trump seems to be beating them again at their own game once again. No, they expected Trumpsters to roll over and lose, but Donald Trump does not do that. He knows that there is something historic going on here and he is going to fight to victory.

It gets better. reports:

Dozens of Pennsylvania state legislators sent a letter Friday asking the state’s congressional leaders to dispute Pennsylvania’s 2020 election results before the U.S. Congress meets to count electoral votes on January 6.

Two other letters—one addressed to the state attorney general requesting the assignment of an independent prosecutor to review election proceedings and another addressed to the state inspector general asking for a full review of the Pennsylvania Department of State’s handling of the election—were also signed by dozens of state lawmakers.

The letter addressed to congressional lawmakers, which was signed by 75 members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, has since been removed from the Pennsylvania Republican Caucus’ website after some members said their signatures were added in error.

In the letter initially addressed to congressional lawmakers on Friday (December 4), members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly pointed to changes election officials made to ballot collecting and counting processes, which they said conflicted with state election code revisions agreed upon in 2019. One change the letter took issue with was a decision to extend the time that election officials could receive mail-in ballots, a change that was implemented in response to the influx of mail-in ballots received due to the coronavirus pandemic. The letter also alleges that poll watchers were blocked from “meaningfully observing” the ballot-counting process.

In a news release issued by the Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus, House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff acknowledged that state House Republicans could not intervene with the election results directly but encouraged the state’s congressional representatives to do so.

“While we constitutionally cannot act as a Legislature to fix these problems at this time, there is action that can be taken to ensure the integrity of our election is upheld and the voice of Pennsylvanians is heard,” Benninghoff said in the release. “I hope that the law enforcement entities and our members of Congress take these letters with the seriousness and concern they deserve to ensure the rule of law is followed and the people of Pennsylvania truly have access to free, fair and secure elections.”

Speaker of the Pennsylvania House Bryan Cutler also spoke in the release against what he said was an “activist court” that “created confusion and delays” for voters as a result of the changes surrounding the November 3 election. “These letters are a continuation of actions the Legislature has taken for months to restore our election law, and the public’s trust in our election process,” Cutler said.

On Friday afternoon, a reporter with Pennsylvania Capital-Star reported that at least five signees said their names were added to the letter addressed to congressional leaders by mistake. One of the state representatives, Chris Quinn, confirmed to Newsweek that his signature was not supposed to appear on the letter.

“There was a clerical error in Harrisburg,” Quinn told Newsweek. “They made a mistake and they have since pulled the letter.”

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar formally certified the state’s presidential election results on November 24. The certification means Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes will go to President-elect Joe Biden. Media outlets called the national race for Biden on November 7 and the General Services Administration officially recognized him as president-elect on November 23.

President Donald Trump has yet to concede the election. Instead, his campaign filed lawsuits in battleground states across the country, several of which alleged that votes were cast or counted illegally in Pennsylvania.

Democrats and their media cronies never expected anything like this, and it is growing every day. Meanwhile The Epoch Times reports about just one of many cases that need to be investigated. This is the original case that raised suspicions about the Dominion vote tabulation system:

A judge in Antrim County, Michigan, has authorized a forensic audit of 22 Dominion Voting Systems machines, according to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

“BIG WIN FOR HONEST ELECTIONS,” (Giuliani) wrote on Twitter on Dec. 4. “This is where the untrustworthy Dominion machine flipped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Spiking of votes by Dominion happened all over the state.”

It is unclear which of the several election lawsuits the order originated from. The public dockets in four of the major election lawsuits in Michigan did not feature an order Giuliani described. Giuliani did not immediately respond to an emailed request for clarification.

This is more good news. If we can find fraud in one state then we can find it everywhere since these Dominion machines are being used in all of the ‘swing’ states and 30 states total.

Some officials have known for years that Dominion is suspicious. The state of Texas decided on three separate occasions going back to 2013 not to use Dominion, and three Democrat US senators wrote to the company in 2019 with concerns about the security of the system.

World Net Daily then reported:

Officials in three states have discussed, or have been pressured to consider, asserting their constitutional authority to select the electors to the Electoral College without being bound by the popular vote.

Now lawmakers in one of those states, Arizona, are calling for an independent audit of the Dominion software and electronic voting equipment used by Maricopa County in the 2020 general election.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and House Speaker Russell Bowers were joined in the request by incoming Senate Government Chair Michelle Ugenti-Rita and House Majority Leader Warren Petersen.

“As a longtime advocate for improving and modernizing our election system, I am pleased to learn that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is supportive of conducting an independent audit of their voting software and equipment,” said Sen. Ugenti-Rita. “It is important we maintain all of the voting public’s confidence in our elections and this is a positive first step in the right direction.”

Great. The more states that investigate Dominion machines, the quicker the system will be exposed. And remember that if these machines are shown to be rigged, it could affect the US Senate elections like the ones in Arizona and Michigan, both won by Democrats.

At the same time, The Michigan Star reported:

A new lawsuit claimed that over 20,000 ballots were cast in Georgia by voters who don’t meet residency requirements. The suit included data analysis from the Voter Integrity Project (VIP) and an affidavit from the Census Bureau Deputy Director for Data Benjamin Overholt.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by over 12,600 votes – less than the number of votes that the lawsuit flagged as potentially fraudulent.

According to VIP’s data, an estimated 20,312 votes were cast by individuals who no longer met Georgia’s residency requirements. The voters were flagged because they’d either filed an out of state National Change of Address (NCOA) or subsequent voter registration preceding the general election.

In addition to Georgia, VIP noted that the other contested states had potentially thousands of ballots cast by individuals who no longer met residency requirements. Their team flagged over 5,700 votes in Arizona, over 13,000 in Michigan, over 8,400 in Nevada, over 14,300 in Pennsylvania, and over 6,800 in Wisconsin.

The lawsuit cited Georgia’s Code which states that an individual loses residency if they register to vote in another state or undertake certain measures indicative of changing residence. It also claimed that there was a significant lack of signature verification for absentee ballots. The lawsuit cited lowered rejection rates discovered through an analysis expert comparing previous elections to this year’s general election, with further explanation provided in an attached affidavit.

The affidavit came from Overholt, an M.S. and Ph.D. in Applied Statistics and Research Methods and a previous election results analyst for the Voting Rights Section of the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.

Overholt claimed that Secretary of State (SOS) Brad Raffensperger provided “misleading” and “flawed” information when claiming that it increased absentee ballot rejections based on signature matching. He explained that Raffensperger’s office applied different standards between elections to calculate its rejection rates.

“For the 2020 Primary Election, the SOS Analysis divided total rejection by Accepted ballots only,” he said. “For the 2020 General Election, the SOS Analysis divided the number of Rejected ballots by the total of all Accepted, Rejected and Spoiled ballots (the method employed in this analysis). That was correct, but the SOS Analysis for the 2018 General Election minimized the percentage and maximized it for the 2020 Primary Election.”

Overholt added that there were further anomalies with the Georgia elections, including nearly 500,000 more votes cast than ballots on record in the state datafile.

This is all very energizing. The truth is coming out. In just four weeks since the election, the Trumpsters are exposing major fraud with hundreds of documented cases. Look at that last sentence…

Overholt added that there were further anomalies with the Georgia elections, including nearly 500,000 more votes cast than ballots on record in the state datafile.

This is shocking and astounding. This is why we need to put off the December 14 Electoral College date. Meanwhile NTD reports:

(Pro-Trump attorneys)Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have raised the question of counterfeit election ballots from China.

In an interview with Sean Lin from Brave Hearts, Sidney Powell confirmed that she’s collected evidence related to fake Chinese ballots.

“We heard a video of somebody ordering ballots from China. We have evidence of a significant planeload of ballots coming in, and we have a witness that has said that they continue to come in because they intend to run counterfeit ballots in any runoffs or if they need them in recounts, too. So it hasn’t stopped,” said Powell.

Powell went on to say that they also have videos of ballots being transported across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Here’s more from The Gateway Pundit:

As reported last weekend at The Gateway Pundit — video was released on Friday in Mandarin Chinese of a phone call request for fake ballots customized by (a) Chinese factory.

The manufacturer is reportedly in Kwangtung, China.

In the video a caller is heard requesting a bulk order of ballots to ship to the United States.

Here is the video with the translation.

FYI- Our Mandarin speaker confirmed the translation is accurate.

The order was reportedly for 5 million votes.

Two readers noticed that at the 0.54 second mark you can see “Charlotte County Florida” on the ballots. (video shown)

Here is a sample ballot from Charlotte Votes…

Since our original report we spoke with the creator of this video. His name is Venice.

And the story he told us is explosive!

Here is the original report reported in Taiwan. (video shown)

Here are more photos of the alleged printing house and samples of the Nor. (photos shown)

Here are templates of the Mississipi counterfeit ballots printed in China.

And Mr. Vinness A. Ollervides confirmed this information during a phone call.

Here’s one more from The Gateway Pundit:

On Monday, (conservative activist) Charlie Kirk interviewed former Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline of the Amistad Project, on his Got Freedom show. The interview starts at the 41:00 minute mark, but a bombshell is dropped by Kline at the 43:15 mark, where he reveals how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s contributed $400 million to a leftist group that was used to give Democrat-stronghold areas, especially in critical swing states, an advantage in the November election.

In the video, Kline reveals how the Democrats stole ballots from Americans. He explained how “third parties,” specifically Rock the Vote, were given “front end access” to voter rolls by Democrat Secretary of States where they actually had the ability to add names to the voter rolls.

Kline explained to Charlie Kirk that Rock The Vote signed an information-sharing contract with PA Democrat Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and MI Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. They gave them full access to their state’s entire voter rolls. According to Phil Kline, their contracts gave them the ability to freely enter data into the poll books. Kline explained that he isn’t saying they added voters, but they are getting access to information showing that voters who don’t exist voted in our elections.

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