Is Joe Biden on the Way Out?/ GOP Scores Big in US House

It looks like Joe Biden may be on the way out even though he has not even been declared the winner of the presidential race by the Electoral College.

First, president Trump is going to win a second term when all of this fraud is exposed. And second, the Hunter Biden scandal is suddenly in the news again, but not just in the conservative media. It has jumped the wall into the mainstream media. There also is a story about a probe in Pennsylvania into Joe Biden’s corrupt brother James.

This could very well mean that Democrats, who are assuming the Biden is going to be sworn in on January 20, are already planning to get rid of Ol’ Joe, which was their plan all along, in order to install radical Kamala Harris as president.

GOP Scores Big in US House Elections was probably the only commentator in America to predict that the US House of Representatives would go back to a Republican majority in the 2020 elections.

The Fake News media were predicting that Republican seats in the House would drop as low as 182 while Democrats would have 253 seats. But lo and behold, the GOP almost did win majority control, which is 218 seats.

With all of the Republican House gains in the November 3 election, Republicans now are reported to hold 213 House seats compared to just 222 for Democrats as of December 11. This is being reported as the smallest margin in the House in 80 years.

This is great news. It shows that the alleged Biden victory was just one more stolen election. Because Biden never could have won with so much strength for Republicans in the House and with president Trump getting 11 million more votes in 2020 (74 million) than he got in 2016 (63 million).

The Fake News media were assuming that Trump would get millions fewer votes because they said that Trump was unpopular. They said the same about Republican House members.

Republicans are now expected to take back the House majority in 2022.

So here’s a message to the Fake News media from who has consistently been vastly more accurately than they have… go to hell, you bunch of fraudsters. I know much more than you do, and I am just an amateur commentator. I even predicted as far back as 2011 that Trump was going to be elected president.

And here is more good news about the House. One of the winners in November was Republican Nicole Malliotakis of Staten Island, NY, which is the only conservative part of New York City.

Malliotakis is a future superstar in the Republican party. Her father comes from Greece and her mother comes from Cuba. She is forming a conservative “squad” of Republican women House members to counter the communist group surrounding Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Go Nicole!

More Bad News about Dominion Voting Machines

Jeff Carlson at The Epoch Times reports:

Behind the current controversy surrounding the integrity of results from the Nov. 3 presidential election in Georgia are years of court battles over an outdated voting system and the controversial $107 million purchase of new touchscreen machines from Dominion Voting Systems in July 2019.

A review of court documents and sworn expert testimonies raise troubling questions about the Dominion voting system and its rushed implementation by the State of Georgia.

Among the many issues raised was the inability to accurately audit Dominion’s systems in order to verify that votes were cast as intended. Audit and cybersecurity experts also demonstrated to the court how the Dominion system inherently prevented the successful use of risk-limiting audits (RLA)—a method employed by Georgia during the recount.

Cybersecurity experts provided evidence to the court that Dominion’s QR system wasn’t secure, was subject to duplication, and that the ability to generate fake QR codes existed. A nationally recognized cybersecurity expert also found that during Georgia’s August 2020 elections, servers at two county election offices he visited “enabled unsafe remote access to the system through a variety of means,” including the use of flash drives.

This same expert found that in one of those counties, “server logs were not regularly recording or updated in full and that Dominion’s technical staff maintained control over the logs and made deletions in portions of the logs.”

This is what we need – more scrutiny of this Dominion system. There even are going to be US Senate hearings on the election which will certainly address Dominion.

At the same time, pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell (a woman) has been working to expose the Dominion machines as rigged.

Powell has been out of the limelight in the past two weeks, but believes that she may be preparing to expose Dominion. Powell claimed back in November that a Dominion server in Germany had been seized with all of the US voting information on it. Could Powell be preparing to drop a bomb about what she knows, with the actual data to back it up? Maybe. And that would change everything about this election. It even could lead to the US Congress refusing to certify the election on January 6.

Update: Powell said on December 10:

They designed and developed the Smartmatic and Dominion programs and machines that included a controller module that allows people to log in and manipulate the vote even as it’s happening. We’re finding more and more evidence of this. We now have reams and reams of actual documents from Smartmatic and Dominion including evidence that they planned and executed all of this.

We know that $400 million of money came into Smartmatic from China only a few weeks before the election, that there are George Soros connections to the entire endeavor. Lord Mallach Brown was part of it along with the other people from Dominion. Eric Coomer, the person who also holds patents on some of the software… We have evidence on how they flipped the votes, how it was designed to flip the votes, and that all of it has been happening just as we have been saying it has been.

Woah… look at that again:

We now have reams and reams of actual documents from Smartmatic and Dominion including evidence that they planned and executed all of this.

Awesome. Powell is going to blow this case wide open. You just watch. She added:

There’s no explanation for the way the FBI has treated witnesses, I mean good American citizens who’ve been brave enough to come forward with direct evidence of things like thousands of ballots moving from one state to another in the middle of the night to do what is called ‘backfilling’ into the machines so that they can perpetrate their fraud because President Trump won so many votes, he blew up their algorithm. The American people blew up the algorithm they created before the election to shave votes from [Trump] and give them to [Biden]. And we’re now seeing direct evidence of that happening in multiple counties in multiple states and we know it happened across the country…

Zachary Stieber at The Epoch Times reported:

The Senate will hold a hearing next week on irregularities that took place during the 2020 presidential election.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said in a statement, “I am mindful that many of the issues that have been raised have been, and will continue to be, appropriately resolved in the courts. But the fact remains that a large percentage of the American public does not view the 2020 election result as legitimate because of apparent irregularities that have not been fully examined. That is not a sustainable state of affairs for our country,”

“The only way to resolve suspicions is with full transparency and public awareness. That will be the goal of the hearing.”

The committee will hold the hearing on Dec. 16.

This is good news. This election was stolen and now even the US Senate is looking into it.

Meanwhile 106 House Republicans have joined Texas in calling for the Supreme Court to intervene in the election. Texas and 18 other states are alleging that the ‘swing’ states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia corrupted the election by changing their election laws through illegitimate means, and not through their state legislatures.

With 106 House members now on board, this scandal is vastly bigger than Democrats think. Stay tuned.

Giuliani Doing Fine after Alleged Virus Diagnosis

Trump lawyer and former New York City major Rudy Giuliani allegedly contracted the China virus recently. Giuliani is 74 years old, the same age as president Trump.

By the hysterical coverage of the virus by the Fake News media we would have expected Giuliani to die, like Trump was expected to die of the virus when he got it. But just a few days after being hospitalized, Giuliani was released from the hospital and said he is “better than ever”.

So we must wonder if Giuliani really had the virus to begin with. He was admitted to the hospital after more than a month of nonstop activity on behalf of president Trump’s re-election. Did he really have the virus or was he just worn out? Or did the virus affect him because he was run down, as we know it attacks people who are older, weak and sick? Was his positive virus test real or was he a ‘false positive’ as we can assume that millions of people have been?

Elon Musk took four virus tests in a row. Two came back positive and two came back negative. So we don’t really know what is going on with this virus except that China gave it to us intentionally.

Meanwhile Republican US senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who is 87 years old, tested positive for the virus last month but was not even hospitalized. So we must wonder if he really had the virus or if he had a ‘false positive’.

Then there’s Democrat New York governor Andrew ‘Killer’ Cuomo, whose policies on the virus led to as many as 13,000 deaths of elderly people in the state’s nursing homes.

Cuomo complained recently that many people in his state are balking at the idea of taking the vaccine. Yet that is Cuomo’s own fault – Cuomo himself said that he did not trust the vaccine because it was a product of president Trump’s hard work in getting it made.

This shows what a hypocrite and weasel Cuomo is – always blaming someone else for everything that he does wrong. He even is trying to cover up for the nursing home deaths. Ironically he published a book before the election praising himself for slaying the virus in his state, yet the virus has surged again. So this guy is way out of touch with reality.

Cuomo is Planning to Screw New York State… Again

New York is an increasingly ultra-liberal state. It has a huge, bloated state budget and perennial state deficits. This is due to Democrat control of the state and out-of-control spending. The pandemic has made the situation much worse. reports:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo told New York state residents Wednesday that income tax increases are coming, even if the state receives aid from a coronavirus relief bill.

“If Washington gives us some of it, then we’re going to have to redo a budget, we’re going to have to raise taxes—I believe we’re going to have to raise taxes, at the end of the day, in any event,” Cuomo said.

Republicans have said they oppose such increases, and business groups have warned that raising taxes on the wealthy could prompt some of them to leave the state. Mr. Cuomo’s budget director, Robert Mujica, has previously noted that about half of the state’s personal income tax revenue comes from the highest-earning 2% of taxpayers.

“New York is one of the highest taxed states in the nation, and raising taxes will result in the continuation of the exodus from this state,” Senate Minority Leader Robert Ortt, a Republican from Niagara County, said in a statement. (WSJ)

So Cuomo wants tax increases and they will be big ones, you can be sure. Cuomo just loves taxing people. Yet he himself has badly mismanaged the state. Since Cuomo was first elected in 2010, the state has gone down, down, down and more and more productive people are fleeing. Any increase in taxes will cause it to go down further.

Cuomo contributed significantly to the state’s budget woes by severely locking down the economy in response to the China virus.

Of course Cuomo could ask state employees to take a pay cut in order to help to solve the huge budget deficit. They are all overpaid bureaucrats anyway who have suffered zero pain in the pandemic. But he never will ask them to make any sacrifice; socialists never give up anything in a crisis.

At the same time Cuomo and his Democrat cronies in the state legislature have banned ‘fracking’ for natural gas in New York state. There is a massive gas deposit under the Southern Tier region on the border with Pennsylvania.

This gas could provide billions in revenue for the state and help to increase the US energy supply, but Cuomo does not want ‘fracking’ because the ‘green’ extremists do not want it.

So he should stop whining about his budget deficit. It is all his own fault. heard a Christmas fundraiser on an Albany, New York radio station on December 11. It was intended to help poor kids who are suffering under the Cuomo economy and the Cuomo lockdown. It also mentioned that these kids often live in houses that are cold in the Winter. Yet Cuomo and the Democrats are blocking the natural gas that could help to keep heating costs down. Awful.

Another Pervert at The New Yorker Magazine

It is amazing how many perverts are on the political left. One of the reasons that Democrats hate president Trump is that he is cracking down and arresting hundreds of people over child sex abuse, child sex trafficking and human trafficking in general. Most of these people are on the political left (i.e., Jeffrey Epstein).

Now Fox News reports about the ultra-liberal and revered New Yorker magazine:

A cartoonist famous for his work in The New Yorker was arrested Wednesday on child pornography charges, state police said.

Rhinebeck (NY) resident Danny Shanahan, 64, was charged with possession of a sexual performance by a child, cops said in a statement.

The kiddie porn was allegedly found on his computer after Village of Rhinebeck Police obtained a warrant to search it, the Daily Voice reported.

Police didn’t say what prompted the investigation or provide any details about the case.

Shanahan — whose work most recently appeared in the magazine in February — was released and issued a ticket to appear in the Village of Rhinebeck Court on Jan. 20.

Earlier this year, the famed illustrator’s son, Render Stetson-Shanahan, was sentenced to between five and 15 years in prison in the brutal 2016 stabbing death of his Queens roommate Carolyn Bush.

These are sick people. Yet they hate president Trump whose own children and grandchildren are all well-behaved and hard-working. That is no surprise. Perverts hate well-behaved people.

Another pervert who worked at The New Yorker is Jeffrey Toobin. He is the CNN legal commentator who was caught exposing himself sexually on a live internet feed.

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