How Trump Will Win/ Masks, Lockdowns Don’t Work/ Angry Hillary Lashes Out

If you want to read about one of the many ways that president Trump can win re-election, go to this article in The Epoch Times. It is pretty technical, but it explains the situation well.

Virus Reportedly Surges in States with Stringent Mask Mandates, Lockdowns wonders how the China virus can be surging in states that have had stringent mask mandates and lockdowns. But it really makes sense because of the ultimate truth – these masks and lockdowns don’t work.

We were told by the ‘experts’ last March that we needed two weeks of quarantine to “flatten the curve” of the virus. Remember that? Yet nine months later the virus is reported to be surging again.

It recently was reported that virus cases have risen significantly in Pennsylvania despite statewide mask mandates and some of the most stringent lockdowns in America. In New York state we are seeing reported spikes in cases despite Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo claiming repeatedly that he has handled the virus masterfully.

New York City’s economy is being ruined by a severe lockdown over the last 9 months yet we reportedly are seeing surging China virus cases there.

Thus we need to address several issues about the reality of the China virus and these lockdowns:

*All of the “experts” like Fauci and other pro-mask and pro-lockdown figures, don’t know what they are talking about. Fauci has repeatedly contradicted himself on the most basic issues. He said that the virus is not dangerous and then that it is dangerous; that we shouldn’t wear masks and then that we should; that kids should be kept out of school and then that they are best off in school.

He has contradicted himself in many other ways. And the only conclusion that we can draw is that these ‘experts’ don’t know anything and are just guessing. has been vastly more accurate about the virus than Fauci has been and I have no medical training whatsoever, but only common sense.

Fauci’s incompetence goes back decades. As chief of the National Institutes for Health, said in the early 1980s, at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, that AIDS was going to break out into the heterosexual population and kill millions. It never happened yet he paid no political price for that gross miscalculation.

Fauci also failed to warn that homosexuals could be killing thousands of innocent people by giving infected blood donations for transfusions.

*Shortly after Biden was reported to have won the presidential election, Fox News, CNN and other media outlets stopped posting the reported numbers of virus cases and deaths on their home pages. This shows that the virus is totally political.

*Top Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and California governor Gavin Newsom have been caught breaking the rules that they have demanded for the rest of us regarding quarantines. This also shows that this virus ‘crisis’ is political.

*We have no idea how many real infections and deaths there have been. believes that the reported numbers (over 300K US deaths) are grossly exaggerated.

We know that many people have reported that loved ones who died of other causes like heart attacks and accidents were listed as virus deaths. We know that many who have been listed as virus deaths died of other causes but had tested positive for the virus and so were listed as virus deaths.

But we also know that there are many ‘false positives’ in health testing and thus that the numbers of reported infections is certainly vastly lower than listed. We also know that most of the people who have died of the virus are in their 70s, 80s and 90s, are in nursing homes, and had other major health problems that killed them and should therefore not be listed as virus deaths.

The most significant travesty about this virus, however, goes far beyond misinformation and disinformation from the left. It is that the virus came from the communists in evil China, which the US Fake News media haven’t mentioned since the beginning.

No, they blame all of the virus problems on president Trump, on conservatives, on family gatherings, on bars and restaurants and anything else they can do to deflect attention from the real culprit.

Communists Infiltrate New York University China Branch

The Epoch Times reported:

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) unit at the New York University Shanghai has grown to over 70 members, according to a leaked database of CCP members in the Chinese megapolis.

Located in Lujiazui, Shanghai’s wealthy financial hub, NYU Shanghai is a joint venture between New York University and East China Normal University (ECNU), one of the 76 institutions directly owned and managed by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Founded in 2012, the university boasts on its website as “the first Sino-U.S. joint venture university,” a model that has since been adopted by other American schools such as Duke.

The presence of a CCP unit at NYU Shanghai is no surprise, as the party’s constitution requires any institution or organization with three or more members to form a cell. The ECNU, which oversees party activities at NYU Shanghai, has also been publishing information about the units’ leadership changes over the years. Its size and the identity of its members, however, remained unclear until recently when a database containing the personal information of nearly 2 million Shanghai-based CCP members was shared to the Daily Mail.

According to the database, which was reportedly retrieved from a server housed in the British Consulate in Shanghai, NYU Shanghai has employed some 71 CCP members, among which are at least two faculties. All CCP members swear an oath to “strictly observe party’s discipline, protect party’s secrets, be loyal to the party, work hard, fight for communism for the rest of one’s life, always be prepared to sacrifice everything for the party and the people, and never betray the party.”

This is no surprise. There are probably more communists in their New York City branch than in China.

Hillary Lashes out at Trump (Again)

Biden appointed a female named Jennifer O’Malley Dillon as his deputy chief of staff for his alleged presidency. Dillon had called Republicans a “bunch of f***kers” in an interview.

As if this language was not bad enough and a perfect example of the crudity of Democrats, Hillary Clinton tweeted about her comment:

“People who stood by Donald Trump for the last four years are now claiming to be offended that a Democratic campaign manager used a curse word? I don’t think so,”

This makes no sense at all. We conservatives have rarely if ever made crude comments about Democrats in comparison to the mountain of brazen expletives aimed at president Trump and his supporters.

So Hillary should keep her mouth shut. But she cannot. She is an angry, crazed woman who has been cheated on and betrayed by her philandering husband for decades. So we can expect the worst.

There is a huge difference between disagreeing over policies and using personal insults and crude language. Democrats specialize in the latter.

Swalwell Must Go

Eric Swalwell is the Democrat California congressman who vigorously promoted the Russia hoax involving president Trump. Now Swalwell has been caught in a Chines spy scandal involving a female communist sexpot. Worst of all, Swalwell is on the House Intelligence Committee. The Gateway Pundit reports:

GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) this week said he has asked the FBI for a briefing on Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell’s ties to Chinese spy Fang Fang – and twice it has been canceled by the FBI.

“Swalwell is a national security liability. This is too important for the FBI to continue to stonewall,” McCarthy said.

A Chinese spy raised money for Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA) and planted an “intern” in his congressional office.

A Chinese national named Fang Fang, AKA, Christine Fang targeted politicians in California between 2011 and 2015 at the direction of China’s internal spy agency and even had intimate relationships with two Midwestern mayors, according Axios.

McCarthy said Swalwell should be removed from the House Intel Committee and ultimately removed from Congress.

OK, this should be a no-brainer. Swalwell should not only be kicked off the Intel committee but he should be kicked out of Congress. But with far-left Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House, this will not happen. Pelosi and dozens of other Democrats in Congress are deeply involved with China.

This shows that our nation is in mortal danger because China is a very dangerous and devious nation. Worse, the FBI appears to be ignoring calls to probe Swalwell. This is even more dangerous. We can no longer even rely on the FBI or the Department of Justice to protect us.

If you wonder what happened to the FBI and CIA, look no further than the Church Committee of 1975. Chaired by Idaho Democrat US senator Frank Church, the committee declared in very public fashion the post-World War II CIA and FBI had become dangerous institutions that employed extreme tactics.

Yet these agencies were protecting us in a period of maximum danger. Since 1975, however, the left has used the pretext of the Church Committee findings to take over the FBI and CIA. weaken them, and exploit them for their own political purposes, like using the FBI to try to drive president Trump from office.

These Deep Staters are bad people. And Swalwell is one of the worst. He must go.

Whistleblower Calls out Dominion CEO

We have all seen many stories about the Dominion voting machines throwing the election to Biden. A Michigan witness, Mellissa Carone, who worked as a subcontractor to Dominion, testified about her affidavit on Dominion and her work at the TCF Center in Detroit:

“I have 19 things in my affidavit. I was at the TCF Center for 27 hours. I am a mother, I have two children, and I have two degrees,” Carone said in a video shared by President Donald Trump on Twitter. “I don’t know any woman in the world that would write an affidavit under oath just to write it. You can go to prison for this. So anyways, I want to make this very clear. My, I was initially supposed to work at the Detroit Department of Elections building. That was an order by my manager … part-owner of Dominion. I have it all in emails. … I was trained on the adjudication and tabulation process. … I know for a fact there was illegal activity going on there. People have pictures of people carrying ballots out of that place.”

Carone did not have to testify. She in fact put herself in danger to do so since some of these whistleblowers have been threatened by Democrats. But still she testified because she is honest and wants truth.

The Dominion CEO also testified. The Gateway Pundit reported:

Mellissa Carone is the courageous whistleblower who came forward to allege major systemic voting fraud at the TCF Center in Detroit on election night 2020. This week, the CEO of Dominion Voting Services, John Poulos, testified before the Michigan Senate.

Poulos was papering over the dozens of witness statements that allege there was an active conspiracy to fraud the vote from President Donald Trump on election night. Poulos, by most mainstream media accounts, delivered an impressive job generally answering the questions from Michigan’s state Senators.

There were no steel ballot boxes underneath the tabulating machines at the TCF Center catching ballots as they were counted, as Poulos has claimed.

Ties to Smartmatic software – Carone says internal documents from Dominion reference its software pedigree as descending from Smartmatic, which was designed to help fraud the Venezuelan elections in 2004, even though Poulos has tried to say this is nothing but a ‘disinformation’ campaign.

Dominion is a far-left company, whose employees and owners were making ‘countless’ anti-Trump and anti-Republican statements on election night, as the votes were being tabulated. Even though Poulos claims they are non-partisan, Carone says they were left-wing extremists.

Seattle Lefty Calls Cops after Wanting to Defund Them

Breitbart News reported:

Seattle City Councilwoman Lisa Herbold voted to defund the police and then called these same police to report a misdemeanor crime she basically wants to see legalized.

According to local media, this left-wing lunatic called the police last week after a man reportedly threw a rock at her living room window.

She told the police (the same police she voted to defund) that “she was on the west side of the living room near the kitchen when she heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot and dove into the kitchen for cover.”

All good, except…

Herbold has proposed a bill that would give the man who allegedly hurled this rock what amounts to a free pass from prosecution, a bill that would effectively legalize the crime committed against her.

The model on which Herbold’s proposal is based would tell….

….prosecutors to consider dismissing charges against a suspect “experiencing symptoms of a behavioral health disorder” while they committed the crime. What is considered a behavioral health disorder? Well, a lot, as defined by RCW 71.05.020:

‘Mental disorder’ means any organic, mental, or emotional impairment which has substantial adverse effects on a person’s cognitive or volitional function.

In other words, you could claim you experienced symptoms of anxiety during the crime. But how could the prosecution prove otherwise? Scott Lindsay, former public safety adviser to Mayor Ed Murray, noted in a white paper that “there is no practical way for a prosecutor to disprove a defendant’s claim that they are experiencing symptoms of a mental disorder.”

These ‘defund the police’ crazies are destroying their own cities. But they don’t care.

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