Trump Preps for War/ Judges Acting Way Beyond the Law/ More Election Cover-up

President Trump is preparing for political war. He tweeted about the January 6 vote in the Congress that is supposed to confirm Biden’s election:

Peter Navarro releases 36-page report alleging election fraud ‘more than sufficient’ to swing victory to Trump A great report by Peter. Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election. Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!

This is great. Never give up on Donald Trump. He is a winner. Four more years!

The Navarro report is here. It is fascinating reading. This report has 148 footnotes to authenticate the information.

Judges Acting Way Beyond the Law

There recently was a story on the internet that US Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts did not want to take up the Trump Texas election case because he feared that riots might ensue if the Court took sides in the 2020 election.

This story was never confirmed, but it brings up an interesting point: How many legal decisions in the United States are no longer based on the law, but on social considerations that a judge has about other issues, (i.e., fear of riots, fear of adverse public opinion about the judge himself/herself, political correctness, political expediency, favoritism toward one group or another, corruption, etc.)

The answer is that far too many legal decisions are based on issues other than the law and that that number is growing daily as our nation drifts to the left. And this is precisely what American law has always been intended to prevent.

The United States is “a nation of laws”, meaning that we have laws and must abide by them and not go outside of them. It means that our freedoms will not survive if we steer away from the law and toward extraneous considerations.

This is precisely what corrupt nations have done for millennia. It is another branch of tyrannical government.

As America has moved away from the Constitution, we have seen left-wing judges ignoring their duty to interpret laws as written. One of the prime examples is the Supreme Court. Over the last 30 years, cannot recall a single major case like abortion or guns when Democrat-appointed justices veered from a liberal opinion in order to consider the legitimacy of a case based strictly on the legal merits. They have never sided with the conservatives.

In the story below about the census, note that none of the three liberal justices voted with the majority against counting illegal aliens. This is typical. This is a very important case. It is even surprising that conservative turncoat Roberts voted with the majority.

On the other hand, Republican-appointed justices have often interpreted the law as written, which is what judges are supposed to do. They have sometimes sided with the liberals on very important cases, like Reagan appointee Anthony Kennedy siding with the liberals in 2015 on gay marriage.

This politicization of the law extends to every area of jurisprudence down to the local level. In Portland, Oregon the district attorney has simply decided that he will not prosecute the crimes of most of the rioters in the city, ignoring laws established to address such crimes.

In another instance “sanctuary cities” have ignored federal law and allowed illegal immigrants to live without fear of deportation, including criminal illegals. believes that the Supreme Court did decide to not intervene in the Texas case so as not to get involved in the election. They remember the severe adverse public reaction among Democrats and the media when the Court intervened in the 2000 election.

But if truth, the efficacy of elections and the entire American electoral system is to be maintained, then the Court should have taken up the case. We then would deal with the consequences, whatever they would have been. Because no consequence is more important than doing what is right and upholding the rule of law.

Georgia Officials Worked to Prevent Election Scrutiny

Simon Veazy at The Epoch Times reported:

Georgia’s elections director in November sent a memo warning counties that voting machine software was not subject to open record requests as public demand was growing for transparency over Dominion software and other electronic poll book data.

“Multiple counties have reported receiving Open Records Requests asking for data information such as, copies of original software for the voting equipment, copies of any software patches performed on Dominion voting machines in the State of Georgia prior to the November 3, 2020 General Election, as well as copies of any thumb drives provided to you containing software or software updates.” states the memo from Chris Harvey, Georgia Elections Division Director.

“Under the Open Records Act, providing copies of software, software updates, or thumb drives containing software or software updates is not subject to open records requests,” the memo says. “In addition, information that could harm the security of election equipment cannot be provided.”

The memo was made public on Dec. 17 by a local voter integrity campaigner.

The secretary of state’s office declined to comment on the matter, but did not deny the authenticity of the letter when contacted by the Epoch Times.

It was sent to county election officials and county registrars.

This action is obviously part of a bigger cover-up of corruption in the election.

Friends, there is a coordinated nationwide plan to hide 2020 election fraud from the public. This includes not only elected and appointed officials in both parties, but judges too. It is not coincidence that the Trump campaign has seen virtually every one of its legal challenges dismissed.

In another instance, The Gateway Pundit reported:

The Maricopa (County, Arizona) Board of Supervisors has voted 4-1 to refuse to comply with legislative subpoenas to turn over Dominion voting machines for a forensic audit.

Instead of supporting transparency and making sure there was a free and fair election, they will be filing a complaint in Superior Court.

Subpoenas were issued for the machines by the Arizona Senate Judiciary earlier this week.

“The goal is to verify the machines did what they are supposed to do,” Senate President Karen Fann said.

The subpoenas had set a deadline of 5 p.m. Friday.

This is more stonewalling. What are they afraid of? If there was no fraud, then there is nothing to worry about, right?

Right, but these Democrats and election supervisors know that the Trumpsters are on to them and their fraud.

The Dominion machines are used in 28 states. has suggested that Trump campaign computer analysts get as many states as possible to submit their machines for inspection, even states that president Trump won. After all, the same software is used across the country.

It should be carefully scrutinized wherever possible so that investigators can piece together what really happened. Hundreds or thousands of machines need to be inspected to get The Big Picture.

Big Trump Victory on the Census

The Epoch Times reported:

The Supreme Court ruled that the federal government may remove illegal aliens from the 2020 Census count, which eliminates that population from the process of allocating congressional seats and Electoral College votes that officially determine the presidency.

The 6-3 decision in Trump v. New York issued Dec. 18 is a victory for the Trump administration.

Placed on a judicial fast track because various census-related deadlines are nearing, oral argument took place telephonically before the nine justices on Nov. 30.

The Trump administration wanted illegal aliens removed from the decennial census count to prevent them from having an impact on the apportionment of political power among the states.

States and local governments, including so-called sanctuary jurisdictions, which refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials, sued to prevent the administration’s plan from moving forward. They argued that President Donald Trump, a Republican, was attempting to interfere with the count and prevent Democratic-leaning areas with large illegal-alien populations from gaining congressional seats.

But the high court found that their challenge was premature because they could not demonstrate any so-called concrete injury they might suffer. The ruling apparently leaves open the possibility of further challenges in the future and acknowledges the Trump administration may have difficulty implementing its policy.

This is another big victory for the Trump administration that got little coverage in the Fake News media. Those who said that Trump would not rule as a conservative were wrong, wrong, wrong.

Far-Left District Attorney Shows his Stripes

George Gascon is the new Soros-backed Los Angeles district attorney. One of his first actions was to end the use of cash bail for most crimes.

Gascon then was overheard saying, “It’s unfortunate that some people do not have enough education to keep their mouth shut so we can talk.”

He said this as a family member of a tortured and murdered victim yelled at him.

This shows how judges on the left have contempt for everyone.

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